Big Booty Anal Appointment (2020)

by - May 20, 2020

Starring:  Bella Jane // Oliver Flynn
Directed by: Maestro Claudio
Runtime: 43 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
The scene begins with Suzanne welcoming Bella Jane to PERV CITY, the petite blonde cutie, who is rebellious from the start.  This, as she proceeds to put her sneakers on the couch. Not only this, she performs a full split across it, showing very nice flexibility. Bella Jane says that she likes to be called her nickname, which is "BJ". It is then that Suzanne is prompted to ask her if there is anything else that she likes to be called.  It's when Bella Jane isn't quick to respond, that Suzanne goes on to ask her if she likes to be called a "dirty whore". Initially, she says that it's kind of mean-spirited. However, almost as quickly as she says this, she takes it back, saying that again, she prefers her nickname but if they wish to call her a dirty whore, then that is fine. It's then that we hear the voice of Oliver Flynn, Bella Jane's scene partner, from behind the camera, it is  again that he asks Bella Jane if she is a dirty whore.  This is then followed by he having Bella Jane show off her ass, in her denim, short overalls.  Bella Jane then shows her tits after.  Following this, there is teasing by Bella Jane. as she goes on to pull down her shorts. She make sure not to peel down her blue panties, as not to give us too much right away she says. However, when she does finally remove them, she says that she has a surprise for Oliver. It is a surprise in the form of a sparkly buttplug, which is lodged deeply into her asshole. OLiver initially has Bella Jane spread her ass wide, as he obviously likes what he sees.  This, as he goes on to toy with the plug. First, he slowly removes it, prior to going on to use it, to go in and out of Bella Jane's ass.  However, it is after this, that Oliver goes on to have Bella Jane remove her shoes and socks, prior that she positioning herself in a seated position on the couch, as she spread her legs wide. It is here that Oliver proceeds to suck on Bella Jane's toes, before having her move towards the edge of the couch, from which Oliver proceeds to tongue at Bella Jane's pussy while simultaneously manipulating the butt plug.  Next up, Oliver turns Bella Jane around, as she is next positioned on her hands and knees. It's here that Oliver then goes on to slowly remove the buttplug from Bella Jane's tight pink ass.  He follows this up by fingering Bella Jane's ass, before simultaneously also fingering her pussy.  A blowjob follows, as Bella Jane drops to her knees to administer a thorough blowjob.  It is during that we also get a nice camera view from underneath. Next up, we have all the way back on the couch and raises his legs, as he invites Bella Jane to eat his ass. Something that she does gladly, as she dives right in. Action then gets underway as Bella Jane goes on to climb on top for cowgirl. It is from this position that we see both Bella Jane slammed down on the cock, as well as she going on to ride hard as she grind. It is following this that we have our first instance of ass to mouth, as Bella Jane goes on to throat the cock. Doggy from the couch then follows up, as Oliver goes on to fuck Bella Jane's ass at an increasing pace which only becomes faster over time. More ass to mouth this seen after before the action goes to missionary.  This as the action from the couch finishes up with Bella Jane also giving a foot job, as she slip Oliver's cock between her feet to stroke it. They then take the anal to the floor as Bella Jane is next face down, and ass up, as Oliver continues his steady pace of fucking. It is here, that we get several gape reveals, which soon lead Oliver to fuck until he must cum. Bella Jane is barely able to turn around before Oliver pops. This, as Oliver deposit a load on Bella Jane's face for the finish.

The Review //
For today's review, I am back visiting PERV CITY to check out another scene from the director Maestro Claudio. The scene in question, welcomes to the city of the perverted, performer, Bella Jane.  A cute and petite flexible blonde, as she takes part in an all-anally exclusive scene for the brand. One that pairs her up with male talent, Oliver Flynn.

The set up of the scene is in the simple format. The one which sees a sex scene preceded by an introduction to the talent. In recent times PERV CITY, has kind of experimented with the aspect of having a storyline set up. However, with this scene it is simply not the case, as we just have a simple introduction, followed by the all-anal sex scene, involving the two talents. In the case of the set up here, and when it comes to the introduction, without putting the fault on anyone involved, I have to admit that I actually found this particular introduction to be pretty bad. Simply put, it seems that the crew went right in and recorded things on the fly, without any sort of prior preparation.  The one interviewing Bella Jane from behind the camera, Suzanne, really tried to get some decent answers out of Bella Jane. But they simply were not coming. The overall feeling of this brief segment was pretty aimless, as the "interview" seemed to go in circles, as on two occasions, Bella Jane tells us that she prefers to be called her nickname, "BJ". As for this, one would expect things to be better prepared. It is with that, I went into the sex between Bella Jane and Oliver, just hoping that it would be much better than that.

Having this in mind, my hopes were soon answered, as we go into the sex, and everything is of energy, and of quality. After Oliver first goes down on Bella Jane, the scene truly gets started once Bella Jane drops to her knees to repay the favor, as she suck on Oliver's hardening cock. Right out of the gate, it's Bella Jane, who shows us tremendous skill when it comes to her cock sucking. First, how she slurped on the head of the cock, to how she took it all the way down to the base, basically with ease. We also see her increase her pace, as she stroke and suck in tandem. This, also including she slurping and sucking on his balls and rubbing her face in them.  The blowjob, for a moment, also utilizes the trademark underneath blowjob point of view that The Maestro has become known for. Here, it is a very good view, as Bella Jane continues her vigorous work, and as the spit flies. Next up, following the blowjob, Bella Jane has the same spirit, as she goes on and attacks Oliver's asshole, as he lie back on the couch. It is here that we see Bella Jane, just enthusiastically bury her face in. After Oliver has his ass treated, he goes on to do the same for Bella Jane, as she climbs on next to ride his cock. From this position we see Bella Jane slammed down on, and ride equally. I really liked how Bella Jane here rode the cock really hard. At one point we even see her feet pinned back, as we have a close up view of young Bella Jane's bare feet. It's a round of cowgirl, which sees an increasing pace over time. In this scene, we have several instances of ass to mouth.  However, the instance that would occur soon after cowgirl, has to be my favorite one, as Bella Jane is then able to take Oliver's cock all the way down her throat with little effort. It's actually quite impressive, if you ask me. Oliver would also match Bella Jane's enthusiasm here, over the course of several positions; positions including cowgirl, missionary, and doggy. All of which see Oliver go hard. My favorite example of this, would have to probably be the missionary coming right before the final position, which is doggy from the floor. It's in missionary, that we see Oliver plug away at Bella Jane's ass, steady and deep. However, it is eventually that he goes on to increase his speed to go much faster and harder to finish the position out. A foot job immediately following thereafter. As mentioned, the final position is doggy. It is also one that looks good on camera. It's here, that Oliver positions Bella Jane on her knees, as she close her legs tightly.  Thus making a tighter squeeze for the penetration.  This leading the scene to a very nice finish, as Oliver goes on to maintain his increasing pace, until reaching climax. It is then that he produces a nice load, as he pops on Bella Jane's face.

While I did have a complaint about the opening segment of the scene, I do have to say that when it comes to the remainder, it is actually, a pretty solid sex scene. The work here from both performers is consistent, and enthusiastic, while having a very nice level of energy brought onto screen. The sex scene is more about the hard pounding of Bella Jane's ass, and how it is solidly fucked by the big dick of Oliver Flynn.  Bella Jane brings about nice spirit here, as she is eager to endure a gaping.  Again, I have to say just how good her fellatio skills were, and the way that she handled them.  And as also said, I felt that she  rode the cock really well. On the other end of things, Oliver Flynn truly brings his "A game", or close to it here. There were times here that Oliver was really fucking Bella Jane's ass nice and hard. And as always, I do enjoy seeing that.

With all things considered, this is yet another nice looking scene directed by Maestro Claudio, which I enjoyed for what it is. Coming away from it, I do however have a "what if", and a "why not". The "what if" being, what if Bella Jane just so happened to use the flexibility that she had on display in the opening, during the sex? And the why not, why did we not ever see Bella Jane riding from the front, only in standard cowgirl? On that I am just being selfish, as her little bush looked nice and I would've liked to have seen it more up close. But again this is an enjoyable scene, and on that, I do recommend.

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