Honey Tonk Hottie (2020)

by - May 26, 2020

Starring:  Alexis Fawx // Chad White
Directed by:
Runtime: 39 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
The scene begins with Chad White out having a good time with a friend at the local honky tonk spot. He is dressed to the nines in his best cowboy attire, including hat and cowboy boots. He even has a red Dixie cup, full of drink, as he and his friend(who just happens to have miraculously brought along a camera) look out into the small crowd of patrons. However, it does not take long for Chad's eyes to wander as the talk turns to picking up a honky tonk honey. First, Chad has his sights set on a petite cowgirl up in front. Chad quickly works up the courage to go ahead to shoot his shot, as he approach her. Initially, things appear to be going good, as they engage in a dance. Chad speaks to her softly as the two converse, he even spins her around as he lift her, much to her delight. However unfortunately not to her delight, is when Chad takes it upon himself to complement the woman on her nice, ass, complete with a spanking.  She is truly offended much to the surprise of Chad, who finds himself rejected. However, Chad as much as he is confused by it all, once again finds himself a reject for a second time when he tries the same bit with another unsuspecting woman. It is after this, that Chad is just about set on giving up. But, before he can do so, his eyes just so happen to catch sight of a rather shapely blonde entering the floor.  Seeing as she was quick to flirt with another upon her arrival, Chad sees it as his opportunity, as she seems to be after the same thing. Luckily for him, she is. This, as the two of them hit it off immediately. The conversation would eventually lead them to the bar, where they waste no time in going at one another. It is then that passionate kissing at the bar leads to much more between them.

Following the passionate kissing, eventually Alexis is on her knees as she goes on to suck Chad's cock and balls. This, before the action carry over to front facing side fuck, as Chad remains seated in his chair. This then transitions straight to cowgirl next, as Alexis straddles to plant her feet on the chairs alongside of her. It's here that we see both a combination of bouncing by Alexis, and fucking by Chad.  We next see Doggy, with Alexis propping her leg up on a chair in front of her. It is then to standard doggy, as well as standing side fuck, before it is back to Alexis having her leg propped. Missionary follows this, as Alexis lies back on a chair, spreading her legs wide. This continues as things end up in side fuck, as Alexis eventually has her legs closed tightly, before things are back to doggy again briefly. This is followed up by Alexis once again riding the dick, this time, in reverse cowgirl. Again Alexis has her feet planted, as she straddle across two bar chairs. The action makes a return to missionary, as Chad finally builds himself up to cum. The scene comes to an end with Chad jerking his cock over Alexis' big tits as he drop his load onto them.

The Review //
In this scene from REALITY KINGS, titled "Honey Tonk Hottie", Chad White is looking for love in all the wrong places, when he is out and about at the local honky tonk. Chad is dressed in his Western best; jeans, cowboy boots, cowboy hat and all. Well, it must be  liquid courage that was in his Dixie cup, because soon Chad is on the prowl, as he tries his hand at picking up a country chick.  Unfortunately for him however, it does not work out the first two times, as he finds himself striking out twice, when two ladies reject him at the point of he slapping their asses. The saying, "three strikes your out" then comes into question.  Luckily for Chad, he does not strike out on his third attempt. In fact, he hits a home run, when he meets self-proclaimed regular Alexis Fawx, who is turned on, seemingly boozed up and ready to go!

Obviously speaking when it comes to porn, I have seen a lot of scenes. Therefore, I have seen a lot of setups and scenarios. But when it comes to this scene in particular I must admit that the setup for this one is silly, yet at the same time is one that is unique. Now someone at REALITY KINGS, must've watched URBAN COWBOY starring John Travolta recently, because this scene is all cowpokes, slow dances and hot sex(Though I know that this had to have been shot a little while ago, due to Alexis' hair being blonde). I have to say that it is quite humorous, as we are along for the adventure, as Chad White finds himself on a quest to pick up a hot country gal.  First, not only is seeing Chad all dressed up in the cowboy duds funny enough. Even more so is his approach to picking up the ladies. You see, he is a sweet talker at first, but once he feels that he is reaching the point of settling in, he just can't help but to smack a girl on her ass. Something that they obviously do not take too kindly to. So yeah, watching him get rejected is comedy in itself. Predictably though, he does of course, eventually find a kindred spirit in the fast character portrayed by Alexis Fawx. The story eventually sees them going to grab a drink at the bar.  However, things move rather quickly, as passionate kissing soon moves on to all out fucking out in the open. And in keeping with the humorous nature, the bar's patrons continue on dancing, and chatting it up in the background, being completely oblivious to the X-rated content going on actively behind them. It is something crazy, and something that would only happen in a porn scenario. It is like when in a video game, random people and objects being placed about, not to be interacted with.

So, that is how it all goes down on the setup side of things. It of course leaves us with the sex to follow. It is on that, that I have to say that, despite my initial assumption that I would be in for a rather chaotic and distracted sex scene, that the resulting encounter was actually a fairly solid one. This is a scene in which Alexis Fawx and Chad White, truly work together to make the scene what it is. The scene is fast paced, and in my opinion, I found it to be a scene that is very visually appealing. It all of course, begins with a blowjob. It's here that we see Alexis completely attack the cock with precise skill.  It looks nice, as she slurp and suck on Chad's big cock.  This, as her big tits hang out.  A wise Chad does not let those titties go to waste either, as we see some brief titty fucking as well. And speaking of not letting things go to waste, affording the scene the most visual of moments, is the very resourceful use of the bar chairs. But first we see a round of frontal standing side fuck, as Chad's cock first take the official plunge into Alexis' pussy. It is after this however, that things really start to get interesting. Here, the chairs come into play as the action go to cowgirl. It's during this that we see Alexis straddle the cock, as she is spread out across two of the chairs, with a boot clad foot being planted on each. Boy, does this ever look good on camera. Over the span of several reviews of Alexis, I have made many a mention of just how much I love her ass. It is simply one of the best in the business.  Nice, tight and firm. It's all of the above, and it looks magnificent from this position, as she straddle the cock, as it slams into pussy, at a pace that only gets quicker as things progress. It is then after Alexis goes back to servicing the cock with her mouth, that the visuals keep on coming, as the action next go to doggy. However, it does not start out as any doggy style position.  That's because here we have Alexis showing off her flexibility, as she go on to stand on one leg, while propping the other one up high on the chair. This really putting into perspective just how long Alexis' legs are. We would see this action continue from here, as it go from standard variation, standing side fuck, and back again.  The leggy spectacle continues on then, as we see things go to missionary, with Alexis on her back with her legs spread wide for the taking. This would soon go into side fuck, prior to she being back on Chad's dick. This time it occurs in reverse cowgirl, once again with she gloriously spread across the two chairs, with her feet planted. It is from this position that Chad steadily pumps the pussy full of cock at a rather quick speed. The final position sees the action return to missionary. It's from this position however, that Chad is consistent as he keep with a quick pace. This maintained until he must climax.

Overall, I have to admit that this scene is actually surprisingly good. It was definitely a lot better than I expected it to be going in. Sure, the storyline set up is one that is very silly in nature.  But, one thing that I could say about it is that it's fun. Both Alexis and Chad make it fun. The two performers seem to be a little bit out of their type in these characters, but they make it work in an enjoyable way. What can I say, the scenario gave me a little chuckle. However with that said, it is when it comes to the sexual content of the scene that it truly does shine. Despite the setting of the scene, which could have easily become a distraction to all of it, these two performers were able to isolate themselves to focus on performing. And performing they do well. First, I will talk about Chad White, as he gets things going here with his flirting ways, and subsequently humorous rejections. After he plays the part of the hopeful cowboy looking to score, he truly does.  Chad then puts in some very good work, as he is consistent throughout the scene, most of the time drilling the pussy at an increasing pace, only getting quicker over time.  This as he fucks Alexis like the pro that he is. As for Alexis, she comes on the scene as the "fast" girl at the bar.  Flirting with the first guy that she sees upon her arrival at the honky tonk. This of course being something that Chad takes notice of, as she becomes his target, if you will. It is then when these two characters meet, that Alexis plays off of Chad nicely, as she pours on the most comedic charm that a bar slut can muster. And then of course next is her involvement in the sex scene. And what can I say?  She is great.  I have already elaborated on a lot of things involving she in the scene above. It is during the sex that she shows very nice flexibility, and she looks very sexy in doing so.  I really loved her energy and enthusiasm during the action.  This including she urging Chad on with a little bit of dirty dialogue.  It's hot. Alexis Fawx is honestly still one of the sexiest females in all of the industry currently, in my opinion.

So, it is with all of this said that I would not hesitate to recommend this scene to you. Yes the storyline portion of the scene is a bit silly. But at the same time, I believe that if one has a sense of humor, it  should be viewed as fun. This, the story portion, combined with the sexual content, making for an enjoyable scene that sees both performers putting in very nice effort together.

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