EvilAngel.com: Sophia Lux: Gaping Anal Brat (Anal Brats 7, 2020)

by - June 04, 2020

Starring: Sophia Lux // Mark Wood
Directed by: Francesca Le // Mark Wood
Runtime: 41 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
We begin the scene with a tease from Sophia Lux. Sophia is wearing a yellow plaid bikini, as the camera first pan up to reveal her body. It's from here that she sways, as she tease with her tits, bouncing them with her hands, as the camera keep focus on them. We then get a view of her from the back, as the focus is then her ass. As she did with her tits prior, she does the same with her ass cheeks, as she jiggle them for the camera. We then go on to see her seated on the couch, with her legs spread, before she is seen on all fours after. There is then a view of her as she then position on her side, on the couch. However, after this, she once again gets to her feet, where she then go on to show off her perky tits for the camera as it zoom in. We eventually see Sophia in a state of fully undress, as she then touch and rub her pussy. This soon leading to a conclusion which sees the cutie blow us a kiss, as we move on to the next stage of the scene.

The next stage of the scene, first sees Sophia on the couch with her legs spread wide, she is fully nude, and she is touching herself for the camera, which is operated by co-director Francesca Le, who encourages she to touch herself. It isn't long before Sophia gets out a toy, which she has brought along with her for the day. Francesca is happy to see that she has come prepared. The toy is a pink clit stimulator. One that she is quick to apply to her happy spot. Sophia goes on to say that she does not want to squirt, as she wants to save it for the right time. However, to counter this thought, it is Francesca who encourages her just to relax let things occur as a may.  It is with that said, that Sophia lets out some squirt almost immediately upon touching her clit with the vibrating toy. It is something that Francesca loves. Francesca then, has Sophia get up on the couch on her knees to show off her ass - show us what they are going to get into today. It is here that Francesca goes on to have Sophia spread apart her ass for the camera.  It's also during that Sophia manages to plant 3 fingers into her ass. Francesca says that she cannot wait to see the inside of Sophia's asshole. It is not long after this, that Mark Wood, just cannot help himself but to get involved as he soon comes into frame.

Things begin with he offering his hard cock for Sophia's mouth. It's from here, that we see things get a little sloppy, as Sophia proceed to spit on the cock. We also see she have her face fucked by Mark as well. However, next the action then goes to the couch. This, as Mark takes things into doggy as he begins things by fucking Sophia's pussy. This is where he continues, eventually half straddling her to go deep and hard. This is followed up by Mark eating Sophia's ass with her encouragement to do so. It would be shortly after that, that Mark follow up by putting his cock deep into her ass to fuck it. Sophia uses her toy on her clit, as it is again that he has an increasing pace. The anal then continues next in cowgirl as we see Sophia climb on. It is here a combination of bouncing from Sophia along with some hard fucking from Mark. The next position is missionary, as Sophia is positioned on the arm of the couch, while on her back. It's here again that Mark takes charge with an increasing rate of fucking. Things would transition over to piledriver next, and it is the position that open us up to a reveal of Sophia's growing gaping hole. After this, we would be led to reverse cowgirl. Here, Sophia has her feet planted, as she is first fucked by Mark.  This, before she then bounce, prior to she once again being fucked hard. It is then to spoon, before we are taken to doggy on the floor. It is a position which sees Mark, fully straddle Sophia's ass, to fuck, and toy with it. This leading to Mark soon having Sophia suck him off until he reaches the point of climax. As a result, Mark then shoots his load, aimed at Sophia's mouth for the finish.

The Review //
It is been awhile since I last reviewed a scene from LeWood Productions, the husband and wife team of Francesca Le, and Mark Wood.  But it only took one scene for me to realize not only how much I'm missing, but also how much I've missed them.

The scene that I review today from EVIL ANGEL, is a scene that is taken from the DVD release titled, "Anal Brats 7". The scene featuring a lively young performer by the name of Sophia Lux, who craves a healthy anal fucking. Well, for that I say that she came to the right place, putting herself as well as her asshole, into the capable veteran hands of Mr. Mark Wood. This anal showing begins in typical fashion, as we open with a teasing segment involving the young starlet, as she not only look good in a tight bikini, but also as she go on to show us what she's got, as she strip down for us. That in itself, then followed by a moment of self pleasure, as co-director Francesca Le, encourages Sophia to touch herself. This would involve the use of a nice vibrating clit stimulator toy, that she uses between her legs. There is also a brief moment in which Sophia goes on to ready her ass by inserting three of her fingers inside. However it is all after this is said and done, that we move into the sexual material of the scene.

When it comes to the sex what we have here, is one that gets off to a very quick start. We of course begin with a blowjob, and it is a sloppy one. Here, there is lots of spit play as Sophia spit onto Mark's dick and then they play with it. Also during this time, we also see Sophia suck the cock using a no hands approach, as instructed by Mark himself. The work from here, also including he taking charge to fuck her face hard. And speaking of hard, that is exactly how Mark gives it to her next, as we see Sophia on all fours from the couch. It's from that point that Mark goes on to enter Sophia's pussy first from behind. The action from here is great. It's from this position that we see Mark begin things by fucking the pussy straightway. However, the best moment comes when Mark chooses to half straddle Sophia's ass, and to employ a manner of hard fucking, that only becomes harder as the fucking progresses. During, the topic of conversation soon becomes Sophia's butthole, and I have to say that I just loved hearing Sophia encourage Mark to go in and eat her ass. This isn't the only thing that caught my attention. As during this, as Mark has his face buried deep into her ass, Sophia's even aware enough, to also encourage Mark to stroke his cock while doing so. That was great stuff there. The act of anal then officially begins shortly thereafter, as things remain in doggy as Mark goes on to ease his cock in to fuck nice and slow. As things continue here, Sophia again brings out her favorite clit toy, to place it on her pussy, as Mark fucks the ass simultaneously. It's after this that the action then go to cowgirl, as the anal continue. This position sees Sophia sit on the hard cock, as she first bounce on it, as it plows into her asshole. However, things to do pick up next in a very nice way, as Mark take over to fuck Sophia's asshole good and hard. It is as her butthole is slammed, that Sophia lets it be known that she cannot believe how well her ass is taking the dick. The nice workflow of the scene continues, as we then move on to the arm of the couch, were Sophia finds herself position on her back with her legs spread wide. When Mark goes on to reinsert himself into Sophia's ass he finds that it is an easy task. This is because her ass is already so open that his cock just slides in.  From here, things begin at a steady pace but before long Mark once again taking up his fast and hard plugging of Sophia's ass. This, continuing with both she with a wide open spread of her legs and also as she hold them high and together. It's after the thorough fucking from here however that things smoothly transition into a piledriver position, as Mark takes Sophia over the arm of the couch. It is from this position that Mark becomes particularly fascinated with the sight of Sophia's gaping butthole. It is here that Mark fuck it in an effort to grow the gape, as we come to see a couple of gape reveals. It is after we see this, as well as another instance of ass to mouth cocksucking, that the two go on to set up once again on the couch as the action then goes to reverse cowgirl. From this position we see Sophia with her long legs spread wide as her feet are planted. From here, she is open wide, as Mark once again resumes thrusting his cock in deeply at a steady pace. I really liked the look of this position, especially seeing as Sophia's legs are so long and pretty. It would go on to get even more intense, as Mark then has Sophia fuck him back, as she slamm herself down. But then again, the position's most intense moment comes from Mark, whom once again, completely drills Sophia's ass at a very fast pace. And lastly before this position is concluded, we also see Sophia nicely grind on that cock as well. She would also once again get out her vibrating toy. And it is that very toy that she would also go on to use in the next position which is spoon. It is here that we watch as Mark first fuck the ass, as Sophia has her legs open. It is during this action that Mark goes on to say that he is jerking off with her ass. Things continue here with Sophia briefly having her legs closed, before they are open once more. Next up, Mark not only wants more ass to mouth, he also wants his balls sucked, and his ass eaten. Sophia obliges for both of them, as she essentially dives right into it. It is something that Mark seems to enjoy a great deal. Next we see doggy from the floor. Things look very nice here on camera, as Mark from here, full on straddles Sophia's ass. Mark takes up a nice and steady pace from here, until he for a moment, toys with the asshole as he pull his cock out, and put it back in several times, essentially dipping into the gaping butt. Things next go back to Sophia sucking cock, as Mark stand upright. However, this time it is indeed with a purpose, as Mark wants Sophia to get his cum out of him. Sophia once again sucks the cock well, eventually working Mark up to the point of climax. The action finally coming to an end with Mark jerking his cock to soon spray Sophia's face with a nice load.

As I said in the beginning of this review it had been a long while since I last reviewed an offering from the production company known as LeWood. However, after my seeing this scene, it is very nice to see that Francesca Le and Mark Wood are still jointly producing fantastic content. I have to say that I thought that this scene was a great one. Mark has always been one of my favorite male performers, as this scene can definitely serve as an example of just why that is. For this scene we have Sophia Lux. She is a performer that I had not seen perform any times prior to this. However, I was more than pleased to find that she was someone who was more than willing to indulge in sex of an anal kind. It is as a result of this, that we the viewer are rewarded with a sex scene that is magnetic, and one with a very nice level of high energy enthusiasm. I really enjoyed the fact that the action here was pretty much continuously fast paced, as they essentially went right into things here. First, beginning with Mark fucking Sophia's young pussy, nice and hard. As said it, was the same kind of energy that Mark would carry on throughout the course of the scene. I must say that I loved just how hard Mark fucked Sophia's tight asshole, making her gape. As mentioned, it was my very first time seeing Sophia Lux in a scene, but after this, I would not be opposed to seeing her in many more scenes! She is definitely a cutie.  One who reminds me a little of Zoey Monroe, actually.

When it comes to recommending of this scene, I would have to say that this is one scene that I would not hesitate to recommend to you. This was great stuff. Here we have an equal amount of energy from both performers, who both put forth very nice work. But, as hard as Mark's pounding was, one of the best parts of the scene was definitely the fact that Sophia just did not merely lie there and take it. She actively participated in things vocally, and was very much aware for the entire scene. You just have to love her dirty talk, one of the key elements that makes this scene one to see.

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