The Interview (2020)

by - June 24, 2020

Starring: Nella Jones // Xander Corvus
Directed by:
Runtime: 36 mins.

Scene Breakdown //
The scene begins with a journalist Nella Jones, showing up at the lavish residence of porn superstar Xander Corvus, where she is to conduct an interview with him. Things begin with Corvus making a very nice impression from the beginning. As he shows up greeting Nella with a rose from his rosebush outside - it's a very humble start, as the two go on to get comfortable, as they begin the interview questions. Nella goes on to field a series of simple questions. How long has Xander been in porn, and what is it like to be a "porn legend"?  Xander tells Nella that he got into porn 11 years ago, at around 20 years of age. On the second question, we get the sense that being a "porn legend" is something that Xander does not think too hard about, or at least let get to his head. He says that at the end of the day one must just focus on the fact that you are creating a product for others to enjoy. After this, Xander goes on to answer a third question, and that is what was he doing before he entered the business? Xander here says that before porn, he worked in mainstream, and was also a server, and bartender. But it is after this question, that something rather awkward occurs, creating a high-level of sexual tension between the two of them. It is in this moment that the bathrobe which Xander is wearing just so happens to "mistakingly" ride up, revealing his erect penis standing at attention. Nella is obviously embarrassed after this. However, Xander on the other hand, sees it as no big deal. After all, at this point, it would seem that Xander is less interested in the interview, and much more interested in Nella herself. This, as he turns the tables, asking her a few questions of his own. Does she like porn - specifically his work? When she answers yes to both of these questions, he then goes on to ask she about sex in particular, when he asks her what her favorite position is? It is with this, that she hesitates for a bit before answering that she does indeed enjoy doggy. It's with that, that Xander goes on to push the question even further as he asks the journalist if she also enjoys sucking cock. Nella goes on to state that she is not that experienced in doing so, but that she does, in fact enjoy it. It is then that Xander wants Nella to demonstrate. This, as he sticks a finger into her mouth. She is able to get the majority down with no problem. This prompting him to persuade Nella to next, move on to something bigger.  That being his hard cock. This, as things get underway with a blowjob.

From here, Nella takes it into her mouth briefly, before Xander goes and has a seat on the couch, to where Nella then crawls over to. It's then that she go on to resume her work on the cock, with a combination of licking, slurping and sucking. Nella then goes on to take off her skirt, prior to moving her black panties aside, to spread her ass, showing off both her pussy and asshole. It's then that things go into reverse cowgirl with she sitting down on the dick. It's from here that we see her bounce on it, as she look back at Xander, while he penetrate her. Next up, Xander is on his back, as the action would then move to standard cowgirl. From here, Nella's upright position, soon sees her leaning back to take the cock steadily. After this it is to side fuck/missionary as Xander go on to continue keeping up a steady pace of fucking in POV. For the next position, Nella reverses herself, placing her legs underneath Xander's, as she then proceeds to rock back.  Xander also from here eases out, only to have Nella's pussy swallow him whole consecutively.  After Nella tastes herself on the dick after this, the action then makes a return to cowgirl.  First, Nella is upright in this position for a time, until Xander instructs her to plant her feet on the floor, giving herself balance, for he to fuck her at a quick and hard pace. This lasting until she reverses herself, as reverse cowgirl soon follows. Here, she is again straddled, before she eventually finds herself in a sidesaddle position, as Xander continues to drill quickly. This is a position that would soon lead things going into doggy to finish things out.  It's a position which sees Xander settle into a steady and even pace. One that eventually leads him to cum.  It's then that the scene wraps up with Nella under Xander in an upside down position on the couch.  This, as he jerk is cock to shoot his load all over Nella's face, as well as her glasses.

The Review //
This storyline driven scene from MOFOS, sees Nella Jones portray a journalist, who is seemingly given a simple enough task, and that is to interview a famous porn star in one Xander Corvus.  He who is essentially playing himself here with a level of confidence and suave. In the story, Nella arrives at Xander's lavish estate.  Her job? - An interview, which begins with Xander charming her right off the bat, as he presents to her a single rose(The Bachelor vibes, anyone?). However, little did we know that soon enough, he would charm the pants right off of Nella, quite literally. This as an interview consisting of rather simple questions, designed to get information from the star, soon turns to sex, as Nella is a journalist who becomes fortunate enough to gain some hands-on experience within the here and now. This courtesy of Xander, who deals her the dick.

Yes, the storyline setup of this scene is simple, yet fun. At least in my opinion. As I said, here we have Xander Corvus essentially portraying himself. A popular porn star, with whom Nella Jones's publication looks to run an interview with. We find Xander to be laid-back and cool, and most importantly, he seems to be confident in both himself, as well as his accomplishments.  This, not coming off as arrogant, but rather as factual. This, while on the other hand Nella's character seeming a small bit intimidated, while at the same time, obviously curious. This, as luckily for her, in the end, she gets to experience what it is like to be with as she called him, a "legendary pornstar".

When it comes to the sexual encounter between the two, it is one that gets off to a fairly nice start. I really liked the way that Nella slowly crawled over to Xander who is seated on the couch, going between his legs to get to work on his cock after already beginning while he was on his feet. It was the start of more sucking, slurping and of course face fucking. This being all before Nella would proceed to strip out of her long business skirt, and move her black panties aside to go on to set on the dick. It's from here, that Nella soon works up to a steady bounce on the cock. But, as she soon urges Xander to fuck her harder, we eventually see him take charge to pick up the pace, going just as she wanted. It's during this, that we have a nice view from the camera. I have to say that I did enjoy the view of Nella's bare backside during this cycle. More POV oriented shooting would be next from the couch, with Nella going on to straddle him in cowgirl, we first see her sitting in an upright position, as she bounce on the cock. However as things progress, we see Nella leaned back as she prop herself up.  This, as Xander soon keeps a steady pace of fucking. During, Nella asks him if he likes her tight pussy.  Nella is then on her back after. This being as things begin in sort of a side fucking position. prior to it transitioning over to more of a missionary one, as Nella hold her legs up high, while Xander drills her pussy at an increasing pace.  it was at this point in the scene, that I wasn't quite sure about where the scene was going, seeing as the first three positions were handled in POV. I assumed that the rest of the positions seen would be pretty much the same. If this was to be the case, then I didn't exactly see the scene being great in the end. Luckily enough however, it would be after the side fuck/missionary combo, and a moment of nice looking modified reverse cowgirl, that things would take a turn for the better. This, as whoever was directing the scene, sort of stepped back, letting the veteran Xander, essentially take the reins so to speak, as he would guide the sex for the remainder. We then would also have more of a view as the camera pulled back to show Xander in the frame. The first position from here being cowgirl. As she did in reverse previously from POV, we here have Nella in the frame as she bounces steadily on the cock. Her ass also looking good this time around as well. It's a short time during this, that Xander gives direction, as he have Nella straddle him, putting her feet on the floor to balance herself.  This, as he go on to thrust forward into her pussy with a pace, both fast and hard as he pummel it. It's action that I must admit, looked damn good on camera.  This position would soon reverse itself, as the action then go to reverse cowgirl following this. The position first sees Nella plant her feet upon Xander's legs. However, it isn't long before he holds her up in a side positioning that soon resorts to full-on sidesaddle, as he continues to fuck the pussy consistently from there.  Here, Xander keeps up up a steady pace, and things still look good on camera.  This, as they eventually set up to go into the position that Nella said towards the beginning of the scene was her favorite position of all. This of course being doggy. Here, Nella assumes the position on the couch, as Xander goes on to take her from behind. It is here that he work up a steady rhythm with his in and out plugging of the pussy at a swift pace. It is during said action, that the camera also momentarily treat us to a close up of this ongoing penetration. This is good coverage from the camera, which demonstrates Xanders cock punching Nella's pink hole quick and hard.  It is this position that would be the finale, as Xander maintains until he builds himself up to climax. The scene itself would come to a very nice conclusion. It is just another moment that looks great on camera. All throughout the scene Nella tells Xander that she wants him to blow his load all over her - specifically all over her face. Well, Xander is indeed a pleaser, as he goes on to do just that. I must say that I did really like how they chose to end things. The final moments in the doggy position were shown with an overhead view from the camera, and it is with this that things remain. This, as Xander goes on to pull out and proceed to jerk his cock. All while Nella positions herself underneath him in an upside down position. It is then from there that Xander go on to drop his load, not only on Nella's pretty face, but on her black framed glasses as well. A lot of the time, I'm all about things looking good on camera, and indeed this was a moment which things looked absolutely great. Not only was this moment unique, in that Nella was positioned in an upside down position as Xander popped, he went on to deposit that load partially on her face and sexy glasses. It indeed looks hot. Especially seeing as Nella went on to keep the glasses on as she go on to ask him one final interview question after Xander reminds her of why it is she was there to begin with. This as in character, she was so dick drunk that it had slipped her mind. What's the question you ask? She wants to know The number of women that Xander has had sex with. After thinking about it, Xander says that he guess that it is about 1,500 women.  Well, 1,501 as he goes on to count Nella herself.

Overall, this was a fairly fun scene overall. I did like the storyline component of the scene, and the whole, 'interview of a famous porn star' scenario. A scenario, which soon sees a journalist but more importantly a fan, going on to experience the real thing for herself. The end result is sexual content that as mentioned. got off to a relatively slow start in my opinion.  However, eventually things did get much better, as things rounded out to be a much more positive viewing experience. It could have been a scene that resulted in far worse.  But the good thing is that instead  we have a scene that, in the end, I would say is very good. It's worth a look. The way in which Xander went on to take charge during the latter part of the scene to guide it, fully demonstrated his experience.  I thought that he and the beautiful Nella Jones did good work together here.

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