Water Balloon Prank (2020)

by - June 08, 2020

Starring: Winter Bell // Peter Green
Directed by:
Runtime: 25 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
The scene begins with Peter Green explaining to his friend with a camera, how he has come up with a surefire way to pick up chicks. Inspired by a video that he saw online, Peter outlines a plan involving a series of balloons. Two of them filled with air, while a third, filled with water. Initially, the friend has no idea what Peter has in store, but as they go on to later approach a hot girl in the form of Winter Bell, it all comes together. Peter goes on to explain to Winter that he wants she to participate in an online challenge. Winter is first a bit surprised by the proposal, but as Peter continues by offering her $100 if she wins, she goes for it. Because after all, who knows? She just might go viral. Peter hands Winter a bobby pin, saying that if she is successful in popping all three balloons when he throws them into the air, then the one hundred dollar bill is all hers. Unfortunately however, little did she know of course, that the final balloon has been filled with water, and not air. Winter is of course, able to pop the first two balloons with ease. However, then comes the water balloon. It is a balloon that she is also able to pop while in the process, seeing herself drenched all over. Needless to say, Winter is not happy about it. She says that she was meant to meet a friend for lunch, but unfortunately now, she finds both her clothes soaked, and makeup ruined. With Peter's plan having backfired, he looks for some kind of a quick escape. This, as Winter asks the two for a towel. While Peter wants to leave as soon as possible, the friend is a little bit more compassionate to Winter's condition, and offers to take her back to his place in order to get cleaned up. Once there, we see Winter dry herself off in a bathroom while Peter talks to her from behind the camera. It's in the process of she drying herself off, that Winter happens to remove her shirt. A fact that shocks Peter, who stands stunned on account of what he sees. He did not expect Winter to get into any state of undress in front of him. After responding to him nonchalantly, Winter goes on to invite Peter to touch her tits.  He does so, and more. This is as Winter goes on to say that she believes that he should make it up to her somehow. It's then that Peter goes on to say that his friend, will not be returning for about 30 minutes, as he asks Winter if she wants to go up to his friends bedroom with him. Winter agrees, and so that is where they go next. It is a once they are in the bedroom that Winter waste no time as she says that she needs to get out of her wet shorts. Winter does so, fully revealing a pair of pink panties underneath. She follows this up by sitting back on the bed, spreading her legs, as Peter go on to move the panties aside, to get a look at her shaven pussy. This is then that he proceeds to massage her clit from there.

That is soon followed up however, when Winter drops to her knees to return the favor by sucking off Peter. It is from here, that she takes the cock into her hand, as she strokes the cock, while simultaneously working it with her mouth. Eventually taking it all the way down her throat. This is a blowjob that would soon pick back up, as Peter lies on his back on the bed. It is here that we see Winter continue deepthroating, as well as Peter fuck her face.  Winter at Peter's encouragement, also takes a double handed approach to her stroking. The action then continues on, with Winter going on to sit on the cock during reverse, and standard cowgirl. Both positions seeing Winter bounce and grind, as well as Peter fucking at a quick and steady pace. The action then continues in the doggy position, followed by spoon shortly thereafter. It is during these two positions, that Peter once again maintain his steady pace. Things finishing up with Winter, once again return to sucking and stroking Peter's cock. This soon leading him to jerk off over Winter's face, as he soon shoots a load aimed at Winter's eager mouth for the finish.

The Review //
Almost anyone will do anything for money. At least that is the notion that Peter Green hopes to prove, when he along with a friend, experiment with a balloon challenge prank that Peter happens to find on the Internet. The prank, which involves three balloons; two of them with air, one not. The other filled with water instead.  It was designed to reel in unsuspecting girls, who end up going back to the pranker's house after finding themselves surprisingly soaked with water. In this case, the unsuspecting girl  being Winter Bell. Winter is actually on her way to a lunch date with a friend, when Peter and his pal stop her on the street. It is when they approach her with the challenge that she accepts, on the promise that if she wins, she would then be rewarded with $100. Of course, after popping the first two balloons, Winter finds herself absolutely drenched with water, after which the two guys find themselves in some trouble. Winter is not too happy, as she demands that the two of them do something about it. The friend behind the camera is the much bigger man, as he offers to get her all dried up. This, of course leading the three to go back to the friend's place. Where it is there that the stage is set for a sexual encounter between Winter and Peter. It is as Winter is cleaning herself up that Peter says that his friend has stepped away, going downstairs to find something to warm her up, such as soup. It is during this that Winter finds herself half dressed in front of Peter. This, as they cannot let their temptations rest. It is that eventually, that they find themselves going upstairs to the friend's bedroom for some intimate time between them.

It's a sexual encounter that simply begins with Peter going on to rub Winter's clit, as her panties are moved to the side. And it is after this that she would soon go on to return the favor by servicing Peter's hard cock. This is a blowjob that Winter just dove right into, I might add. I was really impressed with her here.  Not only by her enthusiasm to do so, but as well as her efficiency. This girl surprisingly performs the act having no gag reflex whatsoever. To me it was impressive how she, not at one time during this blowjob, both as Peter stand upright, but also as he lie flat on his back on the bed. Not once did she gag on the cock. I think that this even surprised Peter himself. Following Winter working over the cock, we then see her move on to riding the dick. It is first in reverse cowgirl, as she once again moves her panties to the side, making her pussy assessable. It's from here that we see Peter go to work with an increasing pace. One that begin slowly, only to improve in speed. It is here that we get the first taste of dialogue from Winter. This, as she begs Peter to fuck her. Things would continue to flow nicely, as we next see her reverse her positioning as action go to standard cowgirl soon after. From this position, we see Winter spread her rather long legs, as she straddle Peter's cock to further ride. It's from here that she is up and down on the cock, while Peter, is again at a steady pace. What I liked from this position is that we also see her grind back-and-forth on the cock as well. After this, we have a bit of a format change, as the first couple of positions of the scene were in POV. The next two are seen from the side, both as the camera is placed in a stationary position, and also one that is handheld from a side approach. The first position being doggy, as Peter takes Winter from behind, to pound her pussy deep. Once again steady with his pacing, it becomes increasingly faster over time in the midst of Winter moaning in pleasure, assuring him that he is hit the spot, as she scream out the words "right there!" multiple times. The final sexual position of the scene, comes when Winter is positioned on her side, as Peter fuck her in spoon. From here, we again hear Winter moan and coo in approval, as Peter go hard until he eventually works himself up. It is after this, that the scene finishes itself off with Winter jerking Peter's cock as he stand over her, with Peter then finishing himself off, eventually popping on her face. It is after all is said and done, that are storyline also comes to a conclusion, as the friend comes home, only to catch the two in the act. Winter is of course a little caught off guard by it. However, Peter on the other hand, is quite the opposite, as he sees it as a way of proving it to his friend that his plan actually did work after all.

Overall, when it comes to this scene from MOFOS, which runs about 25 minutes in length, I found it to be a fun one for the most part. This, being with the first couple of minutes of the scene, dedicated to the overall setup. It is a set up that I found to be enjoyable. It's one that is simple, with a lighthearted nature. Again, as it turns out, Peter has been watching some videos online, when he comes up with the ultimate scheme to pick up chicks with ease. Because, after all he had seen it happen as part of a viral video involving a water balloon prank. The general idea behind the setup is simply just an easy way to facilitate a plausible sexual scenario. I mean, the real reason for it is to create a need for a sexual encounter, and that is what it does. Here Winter finds herself wet, she then is later topless in front of a stranger in Peter, and then we move on from there. It's not detailed or complicated. As I said, it is simple. In a real world scenario, it may not happen exactly in this order, but sometimes the excuse that "it's porn", just works.  Just because.

Well anyway, that then leads us into the sexual encounter between the two, and as I hinted to above, with the remaining time, it is a sex scene that goes by at a quick pace, firing off a blowjob, as well as a quick succession of sexual positions. Again, I was really impressed with the opening blowjob administered by Winter. I liked the way that she just went for it, showing us how good she is at the art of deepthroating a big cock. This girl had very nice control in doing so, taking Peter down her throat, all the way, without a struggle.  Wow. The first two positions after this - the two variations of cowgirl, are both nice looking.  However, I have to say that my favorite sexual positions were seen after we went from POV to a side view, as well as somewhat of a handheld roaming camera instead. I say that my reasoning for enjoying this time in the scene much more, was that we get the full look of not only Winter's body, but also her face, as we are a witness to her reaction. And speaking of her reaction - I again want to talk about Winter's dialogue. While it isn't a vast vocabulary that she spouts whilst getting banged, there are however two, two word phrases that we do hear Winter recite a number of times throughout the scene.  Those being "Fuck Me" and "Right There", two phrases that only encourage Peter to go harder, and that is exactly what he does, making this a scene that is nicely executed. The scene is not a long and drawn out one, and so it is what it is.  It's an enjoyable one I say, considering what it is that we are given here. The two performers here bring forth a healthy dose of enthusiasm, therefore making this one an easy one to take in.

So with that said, I would recommend the scene as it is. Sure, truth be told, there is a lot better out there in terms of both set up scenario, as well as the resulting sex, but all in all, this one is not bad.  If you have already become a fan of newcomer Winter Bell, or if you are just now seeing her perform for the first time(as was I), then you're probably going to want to see this one.  Again, it's lighthearted and fun.

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