Petite.XXX: Doctor Helps Petite Babe Handle Big Cock (2020)

by - June 10, 2020

Starring:  Anna Claire Clouds // Steve Holmes
Directed by:
Runtime: 20 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
In this scene, Anna Claire Clouds gets on the schedule of Dr. Steve Holmes,For a therapy session, as there is something that is making her very depressed. It's that Anna Claire is so petite and small, that basically every guy that she has ever been with has just been too big for her very small, and very tight pussy.  She doesn't quite know what to do about her problem.  However, luckily for Anna Claire, the good doctor does. After hearing of her traumatizing story, Holmes is quick to diagnose her as having a condition known as "Petite Pussy Syndrome". He then asks Anna Claire to show him the pussy in question.  This, as he says that he wants her to imagine riding a big, throbbing cock. This being as the doctor can be seen stroking his own. It's then like a magnet to steel, as the sight of Steve's big cock, draws Anna in, as she takes the initiative in receiving some hands-on treatment from him, as she goes on to first suck Steve's cock.

It is here that she goes on to handle the cock with skill, sucking and slurping, while also` stroking as well. It would continue to show Steve also fucking Anna Claire's face, as he stand up. Following this, he returns the favor, going down in between Anna Claire's legs. He first goes down on her with his mouth, making her cum, before inserting his cock to take things into missionary next. It's here that he proceeds with a steady in and out, this has he also rub her clit simultaneously. This featuring also a round of long, slow strokes.  Anna Claire, then goes to suck Steve's cock and balls soon after, before things continue. After this, the action then moves to doggy, as Steve bends Anna Claire over to take her from behind. It is here that he begins things, tonguing at her ass briefly, before once again putting his cock in to continue. This followed up by the action going to cowgirl, as Anna Claire climbs on to ride the cock. From here, Anna Claire's ass pops on the dick, bouncing, as Steve fucks at a pace that is quick and hard. It is the same pace that he would continue to maintain as this action go to reverse cowgirl next. This occurring for a time, as Anna Claire's legs are opened wide as she's fucked. It is before the action make the transition over to spoon soon after. Finally, we then see Anna Claire rush to tongue and suck at Steve's cock and balls. This time, as he vigorously jerk his cock. This, with the end result being that he eventually erupt with cum. It's a load that drips down into Anna Claire's mouth, as the action arrives to its finish

The Review //
Size issues can be a real drag, especially when you're petite. This we learn from this scene from the PIMP.XXX site, PETITE.XXX. in the scene, Anna Claire Clouds has an issue that is pretty embarrassing for her, and so she has scheduled a therapy session with her trusty Doctor in Mr. Steve Holmes. The scene begins with Anna Claire opening up about the condition that ails her. Anna Claire is a girl who is petite and small, therefore she says that her pussy is also small and very tight.  Thus, making virtually every guy that she is ever been with just far too big in the pants. It is just something that depresses she, and it is a problem that she hopes that Steve can help her with. He goes on to diagnose her with a condition known as PPS, or "Petite Pussy Syndrome", as it is called in the trade he says. It is a condition that we get a sense is fairly common, as Holmes talks with a level of confidence and know-how when it comes to the subject. He begins his treatment by having Anna Claire expose herself, as well as touch her pussy, while she imagine riding a big, throbbing cock. However, we assume that a verbal treatment is just not enough, as it is soon that we see Anna Claire proceed to suck Steve's hard cock(a cock that he had already pulled out while he listen to her story). It is from there that Steve chooses to get hands-on when it comes to curing Anna's case of petite pussy.

From the PIMP.XXX network site which specializes in all performers petite, here we have yet another silly story to take in, and this time, I have to say that the scripted setup is actually quite funny. Here, tattooed and petite cutie, Anna Claire Clouds comes to her Doctor, portrayed by Steve Holmes, as she has a rather humorous condition. Simply speaking, her pussy is just too tight to take the big cock that she has been reeling in as of late. As Anna Claire goes on to tell her story, we are treated with a montage featuring a series of the men which she has been with. And what's funny about this particular moment, is that those men just so happen to be male talent in the industry. Yes, here we have cameo appearances by; Danny Mountain, Charles Dera, and Rob Piper. It was great to see these guys made a part of this in a comedic sense. Especially, since I did not expect to see them here. The story continues to be funny from there, as Steve goes on to diagnose Anna Claire with a completely made up condition known as "Petite Pussy Syndrome".  Man, these stories never cease to amaze me. They are pure entertainment indeed. Rounding things up however, after she tells her story things get litteral, as Steve goes from saying to actually doing, when it comes to rectifying Anna Claire's depressing problem. It's a sexual encounter that is actually pretty damn good within the confines of this short 20 minute offering.

Yes, this is a scene that progresses at a fairly quick pace.  However, I was happy to see that it is one of those kinds of scenes that is successful at packing a lot into a short amount of time. The positions come and go rather quickly, however one does not feel cheated by what they see here. The scene is edited well, but more importantly, the sex between the talent is even better executed. As a viewer, I truly felt the chemistry between young Anna Claire, and the much older statesman and veteran Holmes. It's action which sees the two of them get right down to business, as Anna Claire goes straight for Steve's cock. It is here that we see she suck it with precision and skill, as she slowly slurp upon, and take into her mouth. This, as she makes great eye contact with her scene partner. The action from here also sees Steve fuck her face nice and good. He would also go down on her next. I have to touch upon here that I felt that the view from here was really magnificent. It's here that we have Anna Claire seated up in a chair, as she hold her legs up high. The view and positioning here really giving us a sense of just how petite she really is, as her high heel-clad feet are fully in frame of the camera. I really loved this particular view.  It looked really fucking sexy. It is from this position that Steve goes down on both Anna Claire's pussy and ass, as she is spread.  As Steve focuses on her pussy, he is eventually successful at making her cum with his talented cunnilingus skill. What I liked about this was that Steve was aware enough to incorporate the storyline into this particular moment.  He tells Anna Claire that the reason that he allowed her to cum at this point, is that after an orgasm, the vagina actually tends to loosen up. The scene definitely gets extra points for being able to do this. Keeping the storyline in mind, and actually having it make sense. This would not be the only time that the two performers reference the ongoing storyline. Another reference would happened next as the action go to doggy, with Steve taking Anna Claire from behind. Here Steve makes note of the fact that she is wearing a pair of black high heels. The good Doctor, going on to tell his patient that she should always wear the heels during her sexual activity, because it makes her the ideal height, when it comes to she receiving big cock. It is also before that, that Steve briefly tongue at Anna Claire's tight asshole. It is then that he makes a comment saying that in the future, she may need to schedule another appointment, so that he could also treat her other tight hole. I felt that these two references to the storyline were just brilliant in how they came about. And the thing is that Steve Holmes is just great in his delivery of them. It's from this doggy position that Steve goes on to fuck, and essentially open up the pussy, as he proceeds with a steady pace of in and out.  Eventually, we also see Anna Claire back up on the dick, as she is successful in taking it all in. It is a real proud moment for patient Anna Claire Clouds. The hot and fast pace action from here would continue on with standard cowgirl as well as the reverse variety of the position. It's from the first position, the standard variation that we continue to get some very pleasant views. Anna Claire's nice ass just looks fantastic, as it bounce on Steve's cock. We also see Steve fuck the pussy at a nice and hard, quick pace from here.  Boy, did it ever look great! It is this thought that would continue as the position reverses. Again, Anna Claire's small stature comes into play as she is once again in full view of the camera. It looks so hot as Anna Claire is here, at times split across as she take the dick, as her legs are spread wide for the taking. Again, this looking just fantastic and drool-worthy. Anna Claire is just sexy. The continuous flow of the action of the scene continues on, as the action from here makes a seamless transition to some tight-spaced spooning. It's from this position, that Steve is again successful in making Anna cum.  It's after, that Steve once again go down on her, prior to the action making a return to missionary. It is this position that soon leads him to his own raging climax. This, as he jerk is cock, and as a result draining his balls into his patient's eagerly awaiting, and open mouth.

As I said above, this is a rather quick 20 minutes scene. However, I am glad to say that it is a scene that I left feeling fulfilled by. Here we have a fun, humorous story.  One relayed to us from very enjoyable acting performances by Anna Claire Clouds and Steve Holmes. When speaking of the acting, this being especially true when it comes to Steve, as the scene's storyline more relied on the delivery of his character. On that, he does great, and we get a feeling that Steve really enjoys playing these types of funny, and outlandish characters. Anna Claire also does her part when it comes to this.  However, I felt that she was a real force when it came to the sexual activity of the whole thing. As I mentioned, Anna Claire is just really sexy. This truly comes across during this particular scene. I loved the way that she sucked cock, and how eager she seemed while receiving the nice hard dick. The way that she kept eye contact with her scene partner, Steve Holmes was just damn hot.  And speaking of her eyes, I really enjoyed the moment during missionary in the chair, as Steve went on to deliver long strokes to Anna Claire, as he was in and out of her pussy. If you look at Anna Claire's face from here, then you will see that with ever forward thrust by Steve, her eyes steadily rolled back into her head with each. How sexy is that? I'll answer my question - very! Anna Claire's sex appeal, is actually continuous throughout the scene, as we also have a healthy dose of in-sex dialogue from she as well. Not only at times, do we hear Anna Claire tell Steve to "take it", when referring to her pussy, my favorite line comes when she says that she wants to be his "petite little cum slut". That alone would be fuel enough for any man to plow hard! It's things like this, as well as everything else that I have made note of, which make this scene very much a joy to witness. Steve Holmes is an experienced proven veteran, who continues to prove himself regardless. While Anna Claire, is a relative newcomer, who I feel is definitely going places in this industry. Not only is she a great performer already, she is also proving herself to be a writer and storyteller with great potential. She has definitely become favorite of mine rather quickly.

It's together that these two performers worked to create what I feel is a very hot scene. One that both entertains you, as well as turns you on without skipping a beat. Again, it is a quick scene, but in the same breath, it is definitely hot, and it's because of this, that I do not hesitate in the least bit to recommend checking this one out. Steve Holmes is the Doctor, and he has the cure for extra tight pussy!

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