Petite.XXX: Little Petite Girls Need To Be Taken Care Of (2020)

by - June 03, 2020

Starring: Spencer Bradley // Charles Dera
Directed by:
Runtime: 25 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
In this scene, Charles Dera, just loves his "precious petite little cargo", as he calls Spencer Bradley. He is so protective of her, that he even attached a small carriage to the back of his bicycle, as he forbids her from having a bike of her own. The scene begins with the two of them riding around on the bike, with Spencer in the carriage. It is after a short time that Charles comes to a stop. He brings up the idea of going to get ice cream, possibly a rainbow swirl for Spencer. However, Spencer is a little fed up, as she make herself heard, as she says that, she is just tired of riding around in Charles' little carriage. She wants her own bicycle. Although Charles will not have it. He says that last time, she nearly killed herself, and that her little feet can barely touch the ground. He says that she is just too small. Spencer also goes on to reveal that, ever since their first date, that Charles also makes her sit in a baby seat when in his truck. Charles stresses that it is not a baby seat, but rather a "transport restrainer". He says that it is for Spencer's own protection, and that he does not want his precious little cargo getting all banged up. It is then that the word "banged" triggers something in Spencer. This, as she says that, that is not what Charles says when his big cock is in her tiny pussy.  Words that of course get Charles all hard.  It's as a result, that the the two hurry home to get down to business.

Things begin with Charles lifting Spencer up in his arms as the two kiss, and he kissing her neck, as well as lifting up her shirt to suck on her tits. Next, Spencer stands on the bed, and bends over, as Charles briefly tongues at her pussy. This would continue next with she on her back, and with her legs held high and close together. It is here, that we see Charles run his thumb up and down Spencer's slit. He would then have Spencer remain in the position, as he go on to next insert his cock. It's from this position that he maintains a steady pace as Spencer looks into his eyes, as it is front facing spoon. However, following this, Spencer goes on to suck and slurp on Charles' cock, before the two go into standard spoon. Missionary then follows, before Charles then sits across from Spencer, continuing the missionary, as he plunges forward. It's after this that the action then move on, as Spencer is against the wall. It's first that Charles from here, fucks the pussy from standing side fuck, as Spencer stand on one leg to take it.  Charles then sucks on her tits, and then fingers her hard, as she stands upright. The next position is doggy, as Charles takes her from behind.  He then fuck he briefly in an upright standing position, lasting until he goes on to take the initiative to lift her up, and carry her, as it is next to standing cowgirl, immediately followed by standing 69 soon after. It is then back to the bed as they go as it is next to front facing spoon. It's here that Charles continue steadily until he must cum. It happens as he pulls out and does so on Spencer's ass for the finish.

The Review //
Today, I am back with a review for the PIMP.XXX network website, PETITE.XXX. if you have been keeping score, then you should know that the PIMP.XXX network is known for presenting scenes that are rather silly in nature.  When it comes to this scene starring the petite Spencer Bradley, and Charles Dera, that is exactly what we have here. The scenario presented here is just downright silly. In fact, I had to watch the beginning segment multiple times just to take it all in. But with that said although it is indeed silly, it's fun. I just cannot believe that someone would think this up. To explain it, in the scene, Charles Dera and Spencer Bradley are a couple, and in the relationship, Charles is really overprotective of his petite girlfriend. So much so, that he has taken safety measures to ensure that his petite girl doesn't get hurt. Case and point, the scene opens up with the two of them riding a bicycle. Well Charles is doing the riding. Spencer is actually seated in a little carriage with wheels, that he has attached to the back of the bike. Spencer seems to enjoy herself riding in a little carriage. However, at the same time she has grown bored of it, and expresses her want to have her own bike. This is when Charles goes into a humorous dialogue explaining to her why it isn't exactly safe for her to ride a bike on her own, due to she being so small. It's the usual Charles Dera gold. The man is great. It is of course a conversation, that soon leads to a sexual encounter between the couple. One, that sees Charles and Spencer hurry home, as Charles pedals his heart out.

We then go into the sexual encounter involving the two, as things get underway rather quickly. This, as we see Charles lift little Spencer into his arms, as he give her a few passionate kisses, while also sucking on her nipples. It's brief as, soon he has Spencer stand up on the bed and bend over. This is when he peels down Spencer's denim shorts, prior to going on to sucking, and tonguing at her clit from behind. This too is brief, as he would continue on doing so as Spencer lie on her back, with her legs held high.  I have to say that in this moment, I really enjoyed the fact that, eventually the camera scaled back a bit, to give us a nice view of Spencer's bare feet.  We see Charles then take things into frontal spoon, as he has Spencer, maintain her position with her legs up.  The action here is good, due to the fact that the two maintain eye contact.  Spencer also adds to it with some sexy dirty dialogue, as she asks Charles, if he likes the way that her tiny little pussy "hugs his cock".  If that isn't both sweet and hot, then I don't know what is. However, that is not all that Spencer says. One of the things that stands out about the scene is that not only do these performers maintain good eye contact during its entirety, there are times that the two openly communicate with each other during the activities. For example the action then after that, seamlessly transitions over to spooning. It is here that Charles goes on to occupy a pace that is steady, and it is something that Spencer encourages, by telling he to "keep pumping that tiny pussy". The design of the scene has the mind to keep the idea of Spencer being little/small in our minds as we watch. Following the spoon position, we then see Spencer go on to do something that she is really good at, and that is sucking cock. I once said that when it comes to Spencer performing fellatio, that she essentially "romances one's cock". Well, that is again the case here, as she takes Charles' stiff one into her mouth. Here she maintains a steady gaze at the camera, as she make love to, and treat the cock.  She spits on it, before taking it deep into her throat.  I am usually not a big fan of the blowjob parts of scenes, but I must be honest that Spencer truly does make me one. Watching her suck a cock is just something great. It would then go on to see Charles take charge to fuck her face. However, the true highlight of this is indeed Spencer doing all the work. After Spencer services the cock, it is in my opinion that the scene go on to take a monumental turn for the better, following a round of standard spooning. It begins with missionary, as Spencer lie flat on her back. Charles maintains a steady pace from here. However, it is in my opinion, that things get more interesting next. This as Spencer stays on her back, while Charles sits directly in front of her, to simply thrust his cock into her from here. This particular positioning just looks fantastic on camera, I loved it. Because, not only is Spencer left wide open for the taking, it also sees her looking directly at Charles, keeping that all-important eye contact between the two. Charles from there, only being encouraged to go even deeper. Following this, things are so hot, as Charles instructs Spencer to go stand against the wall. It is here, that he goes on to stuff Spencer's white shirt into her mouth. A shirt that he had ripped from her body during the previous action on the bed. It's as Spencer stand against the wall, that Charles goes on to take things into standing side fuck. Spencer stands on one leg, as Charles holds the other up, as he go on to plow the pussy deep. It is again another position that just looks great in front of the camera. Positioning, eye contact between the performers - all of it. It is after this that we get a sense of just how wet things are making Spencer, because next, she is standing upright, as Charles goes on to finger her pussy deep, and hard. During this, the sheer wetness of Spencer's pussy is unmistakably audible. After this, the action continues with Charles taking Spencer from behind while she remain standing up against the wall. Charles maintains a steady in and out from here, as he also play with Spencer's butthole with his thumb in the process. During which Spencer makes a cute reference to her "button-like" butthole. I did like the fact that the action from here was seamless, as they next go into a upright standing position as Charles fucks the pussy, as Spencer looks right at him. However, next would come probably my favorite moment during the scene. That is because it involves two very nice positions.  This, as the action first go to standing cowgirl, and then without missing a beat, Charles flips the petite Spencer around, an upside down as the action then effectively move to standing 69. This of course being as Charles eats Spencer's pussy, and Spencer suck his cock. Sure, this latter moment is brief, but boy does it look good on camera! The two of them, then go back over to the bed, as Charles lie Spencer flat on her back, as she hanging over the edge of the bed in an upside down position. This sees he seizing the opportunity to fuck her face from said placement. The scene then nears it's end, as we see the sex make a return to  front facing spoon. It is of course, here where Charles fucks the pussy with a purpose, lasting for a time until pulling out to pop onto Spencer's ass.

As I made mention in the beginning of this review, this is a scene that presents to us a story/scenario that is just silly. As I said, I had to rewind things a few times to fully take in the colorful opening. I found this scenario to be a little odd, yet strangely endearing, as Spencer just looks so damn cute in her wheeled carriage.  The look on her face as she rides along with Charles, is simply adorable. While at the same time, the overall goofiness of Charles that we have come to know and love via his many scenes, and other material, is just funny to see. I mean what is he wearing here? A red and white striped long sleeved shirt.  One that He must've borrowed from "Waldo", from "Where's Waldo" fame. Whatever the case may be, it just makes things that much more comical.

Now, I must talk about the sexual material that unfolds between Spencer and Charles, as we get a live demonstration of just what it is like when Spencer's "daddy" fucks her tiny pussy. I have to say that the action between them here, is quite good. Though, I must admit that at the beginning of the scene, I was a little worried as I felt that there was slightly a little too much action being seen from the spoon position whether it be the front facing variety, or the standard. However thankfully, things would later improve. Not only did I like the moment during which, Spencer and Charles are directly in front of each other.  This, as Charles go thrust forward.  This position, as I mentioned that looks good on camera, and the two were able to maintain steady and healthy eye contact with one another. But it is in my opinion that the action is at it's very best, once Charles has Spencer stand up against the wall. It's here that we are hit with a barrage of action that never lets up. As we see essentially, one hot position after the other. This, as I said, including the positions of standing cowgirl and standing 69. This was so hot to see, especially seeing as Charles manages to transition without a hitch. It all of course leading us to a very nice ending that once again involves the act of front facing spoon.

Overall, as a whole, I did quite enjoy this scene. As said, I felt that it was one that only improved as it progressed, with the latter portion of it being the most strong. Both Spencer Bradley and Charles Dera have showings that are equally nice. I really like the way which they engaged with each other, as well as the energy brought forth by both. Analyzing the scene, at first we have a silly set up that is admittedly fun to watch. However, it leads to a sexual encounter, one that greatly utilizes the petite aspect of the scenario. That in itself ends up leaving a very good impression, as it finishes up strongly. As for my recommendation of the scene, I would say that it is a scene that is very much worth the view. I do recommend checking this one out.

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