Anally Reamed In Her Jeans (2020)

by - July 02, 2020

Starring: Kagney Linn Karter // Scott Nails
Directed by:
Runtime: 26 mins.

Scene Breakdown //
The scene begins with a pre-scene tease from the voluptuous beauty, Kagney Linn Karter, who is dressed in a beige crop top and a pair of tight blue jeans, which hug her curves.  She tease us as she caress her body, with her top first pulled midway above her big tits. she also has a yellow rose in her hand. As the teasing continues, Kagney eventually has her jeans pulled down below her ass, as it then becomes the camera's focal point. This would go on to include also, she applying oil to said backside. This, before we eventually, and in addition see a bejeweled buttplug planted firmly into said ass. Along with including she popping her ass for the camera, we also see she move the plug, in and out of her butthole.  This, being a short time prior to we moving on to the scene.

Kagney, first approaches Scott Nails, who is initially seated on a couch.  It's from here that Scott goes on to toy with the buttplug, which is placed in Kagney's ass.  Both her ass, and pussy would get attention from Scott's hands here, as his fingers penetrate them both. After this, Kagney then goes on to treat Scott to a blowjob, as she take him deep into her throat. This is an act that would also include Scott, who fucks her face for a time. Following this, we see a moment of doggy. From the position, Scott initially approaches things, going nice and slow.  However, after a moment of seeing Kagney also bounce back on the dick, his pacing increases. The action would next go to side fuck. From here, Kagney positions herself up in a chair and on her side, with her jeans still remaining below her plump ass. It is from here, that Scott goes on to proceed to fuck the ass nice and steady. It's a time that sees Kagney spread her ass during the process. The next position is sidesaddle, as Scott is in a seated position, while Kagney goes on to squat down on the cock. It is here, that Kagney herself put in work, as she has Scott remain still, while she bounce up and down on the cock. In between this, there is a break in the action, as it is ass to mouth, with Kagney sucking Scott's cock clean. This, before sidesaddle resumes. It is then followed up by Kagney riding the cock, as it plunges into her ass, from reverse cowgirl. Here, Scott maintains a steady pace, eventually bringing Kagney to several hard orgasms, which happen to make her squirt. This is then followed by another moment of sucking, which then takes the anal to standard cowgirl. It's then back to doggy from the chair, as Kagney is up on her knees. It is from here, that Scott is able to work up a steady pace going deeper and harder as things progress, and as she encourages. It is action that lasts until Scott must pull out to cum. The scene comes to an end with Cagney eagerly awaiting underneath him as he jerk off to cover her face with his load for the finish.

The Review //
What do yellow roses, buttplugs, oil and anal sex, all have in common? They all happen to be part of porn superstar, Kagney Linn Carter's first scene for BRAZZERS, since making her triumphant return to porn.  I would say that Kagney, here makes no "butts" about it, but she does indeed.  This as she brings us this all-anal encounter featuring male talent, Scott Nails for a scene that BRAZZERS calls, "Anally Reamed In her Jeans".

As said title would suggest, this scene begins with a tease segment involving Karter, as we are welcomed to the scene. Not only do we get a nice fill of Kagney's curvy body during this tease, she makes sure that her ass is something that we surely get an eye full of as well. This is as the previously mentioned oil and buttplug are prominently featured. The sexual material of the scene then gets underway, as Kagney approaches Scott who is sitting on the couch. This, as she asks the man if he wants to play with her ass. It's a question that is of course rhetorical. This, as Scott quickly takes she up on her offer. Scott likes what he is seeing, as he is immediately drawn to Kagney's well-oiled booty.  This as he gives it a rub down, prior to he going on to manipulate the inserted buttplug, pulling in and out. Finally, he goes on to remove it completely, as he proceed to replace the plug with a finger which she embeds deep within her crevice. Personally, I have to say that I absolutely loved this moment during the beginning of the scene. Yes, it is something as simple as a man fingering a couple of orifices, but it's hot. Here, we see Scott go from one finger, to two of them, and then he having one finger in the butthole, and another in the pussy, simultaneously as he move them in and out. I don't know why this is sexy to me, but it just is. It was very nicely captured, and during, we have much encouragement from Kagney, who is very vocal.

Kagney being vocal would be a common thing seen throughout the entirety of this 26 minute scene. This, starting with the scene's opening blowjob. Yes, as Scott approaches Kagney with his cock out, she playfully asks, "are you ready to have your nutsack in my mouth, Scott?". It is from there, that she confidently goes into blowjob mode, while also of course, tending to Scott's balls. When it comes to the scene as a whole, one of the things that I felt made things work so well, was indeed the communication by the two performers over the course. Yes, for the entire scene, both Kagney and Scott keep open very good communication between one another. There is a lot of talking between the two of them, whether it be concerning the pace of which Scott fuck her ass, or Kagney on the other hand, encouraging her scene partner for a job well done. At the start of the anal sex, which comes by way of doggy, we could hear Scott say that he is going to take it easy initially. However, it is in the middle of this position, that Kagney herself give him the okay to go harder and faster. Personally, I loved hearing this type of communication between two performers. This as it became apparent that Scott is someone that Kagney trusts. Kagney would also keep up her dialogue by as I said, encouraging Scott, as he plow her asshole. I liked the fact that she would always refer to him by his first name during. This as she encourages he to "take", and say that her ass is his. Otherwise, she would just say that he is "the man", for the way that he fuck her ass so well. See, it's all about communication during the scene. It's following the doggy that we would next go to side fuck, as Kagney lie on her side up in a chair. From here with her jeans still down past her ass, Kagney pushes it out for Scott to take it. This is a positioning that looks really good on camera, as Scott go on to once again penetrate the ass, soon settling into a steady pace. After, Kagney serves up more good visuals, as next, we have yet another position that looks great to the viewer. That being she taking up in sidesaddle. It's from here that she once again communicates to Scott, telling he to lie back from here, to allow she to work for him. This as she goes on to take the initiative to bounce on the cock from the position, as Scott remain still. It is from this position that we see Scott's hard cock plunge deep into Kagney's asshole, as she bounce at a steady pace. As things progress from here, we also see Kagney go on to spread her ass as Scott fuck it back. While there would be several instances see of ass to mouth, following this position would be the first occasion, as Kagney goes on to enthusiastically suck the taste of her ass from the hard cock. After this, there would be a return to the same sidesaddle position, prior to the anal sex going on to take up in the reverse cowgirl position. It's from here that for the most part, the camera takes an angled view, as Scott would from here, go on to plow into the ass at a quick and steady pace.  The dick goes deep inside of Kagney during this, which would happen to bring her to several raging orgasms during. Orgasms, that has her letting out a little squirt. This, as the camera zoom in on the act. This was one of the really good moments of the scene. The loud moaning/screaming by Kagney during this is just a turn on, that it is only exclaimed by the fact that she is seen squirting.  Scott brought it out of her, quite literally! After once again going on to suck the cock clean, Kagney is once again on the cock, except for this time, she reverses herself from the previous position, this time being in standard cowgirl. It's from this position that we have another combination of bouncing and fucking for a time. This, prior to the action once again making a return to doggy, with this instance seeing Kagney positioned up on her knees in the chair. It's here that Scott, once again plugs himself in. This, as he continues at a steady pace of plugging deep. It is here that Kagney keeps up her encouraging dialogue for Scott, as she surrender her asshole to he. As things progress from here, we see Scott pulls back on Kagney's arm, as she simultaneously spread her ass apart. Scott continues to drill the ass all the way until he must cum. With this being the finale of the scene, Scott quickly pull out. This, as Kagney go on to position herself underneath him, as he jerk off and sling a nice big load over her face. It is a facial that leaves Kagney with a smile on her face as we soon fade to black.

Overall, in comparison to most BRAZZERS scenes, I would consider this one to be relatively short, as it comes in at just under 30 minutes in length. With that said, it is a scene that gets going rather quickly as we have the short tease that is followed by the sex. Sex that the scene gets too immediately. Here, there is no fancy storyline or characters. Just two performers having sex. And as I said, it seems that these two had already been well acquainted prior. Because, the overall vibe of the scene is one of comfort.  Again, one must appreciate such communication during a scene, as serious as an anal scene. That's because it takes a lot of trust, especially from the female's perspective. As you find here that not only does this dialogue keep the scene running smoothly, it is also utilized as a way to keep things extra saucy. With that being said, I thought that all of Kagney's dialogue here, was indeed just that. For me, it showed me just how much of a veteran in the trade of sex that Kagney truly is. Throughout the entirety of the scene, there is absolutely no second-guessing when it comes to Kagney's ability of being aware of her surroundings. Being aware of the environment. The position of the camera, and what it is that she needs to do for it to get the best possible shot. As a result, this being a scene that flows extra smoothly.

Though the scene itself is quick into the point, it is one that definitely has a viewer come to realize just how much a talent such as Kagney Linn Karter is indeed missed after some time away. I for one, am definitely glad to have her back. As here, she does not miss a beat, owning the scene, as if she had never left. Communication between two performers is key, and this scene featuring Kagney Linn Karter, and Scott Nails, is a good example of that. I recommend this scene, while at the same time eagerly anticipating what else Kagney has in store. Her return is indeed off to a great start here!

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