June #DPofTheMonth Review- Abella Danger DP

by - July 07, 2020

#DPofTheMonth June Recap:
When I polled fellow fans on what type of DP they would like to see a review of I gave them the choice of a Double Vaginal, Double Anal, or regular DP scene. This was the perfect month to try this formula and I got surprising results. The scene that took the highest voting percentage was with Abella Danger, one of the industry’s most popular performers. I was surprised that regular old double penetration won out of the other specialty types of DP. The #DPBattle is a fan movement that is focused on double penetration, in all forms.  But I've noticed a leaning trend towards DAP (double anal penetration) as the favored style to watch among our ranks. Results like these are what I live for, I run these polls anyway I can, to collect data that is interesting to me. Now, these calculations have a new home here at Black Halo Adult Reviews. Every monthly poll for #DPofTheMonth will now yield a new review to be posted here on this blog.

The other scenes that were nominated were Kristy Black’s DAP centered Legal Porno update from June 17th. It was a scene that was ultimately hardcore with a version even containing “waterworks”. It is a no-frills fuck fest of a scene that bears that Legal Porno seal of approval.

 The second specialty scene nominated during the voting process was Kianna Dior’s double vaginal scene filmed for her Darkko directed showcase entitled 'Kianna Dior Busty Asian Cum Slut'. The Evil Angel venture had two dicks filling up her pussy for the Double Vag menu item on this month’s poll.  Finally, the regular old one in each hole took the most votes with this Abella Danger scene under the Jules Jordan banner being chosen for review.  Each month a poll will be debuted on Twitter (@mutantmo) to determine a monthly #DPofTheMonth review. This Abella Danger scene with Jax Slayher and Prince Yahshua will be the first of this new system.

Scene breakdown:
This is a 46-minute scene curated by the porn production house Disciples of Desire in tandem with Jules Jordan Video. A welcome duo of quality when it comes to bringing top stars doing everything from anal to a DP like you have here with Abella Danger.  As of this writing, I can only find the scene on the Jules Jordan member site.  Maybe one day you’ll see it pop up on a DVD. That would make sense since Disciples of Desire have a gonzo feature for the franchise entitled “Bad Cop, Bad City” already out on DVD. I could see this being a scene from a potential sequel. The introduction with Prince Yahshua and Jax Slayher fits that theme. Prince is giving a noir opener about life on the hard streets as a cop. The rookie partner that is being preached to is Jax and he is busy with a box of donuts. Prince's character is all about giving lessons to this rookie cop on the beat and has a special lesson that will lead them to put the donuts away and get down to business.
Enter Abella Danger, with a feline-like stride she prowls into frame wearing light purple lingerie that has her booty leaking out. The scenery is a bedroom that looks all too familiar as this porn scene is setup.  Dreamlike music cues in Abella’s entrancing tease. Her eyes lock with the camera as she breezily rolls around on the bed. Slow-motion twerking occurs as Abella’s killer arch protrudes out in shapely brilliance.

After the montage of moving beauty is over both plainclothes cops welcomingly walkthrough Abella’s door. She kisses and greets both Jax Slayher and Prince Yahshua as she leads them in by the badges hanging on their necks. This is the lesson for the eager rookie, Abella Danger as today's sexual treat. She grips both of them to lock faces and passionately kiss them.  Instantly the dongs are
dropped out for Abella to feed on. A double blowjob ensues as she has a cock in each hand to suck.  As Abella juggles their wieners between her lips. During this Prince will speak lines of wisdom to his pupil, Jax Slayher. The camera keeps up with Abella’s ninja-like blowjob skills. They pull her top off so her adorable tits are in view while she sucks some dick.  

Once everyone is stripped of their clothing they initiate a spitroast where Abella is being humped in doggy by Prince. Jax is railing her mouth on the other end of it. The camera will move over to Abella getting her head fucked by Jax’s javelin. Prince urging on Abella to take care of this rookie as her face and pussy are impaled. They flip it around allowing Jax to jab Abella’s puss while Prince is now poking her mouth. After another round of a double blowjob, Abella will finally climb on top of Jax in cowgirl to start fucking these two cops. This happens while she still has Prince’s dick in her mouth as she leans over to suck it. While Prince is plowing her in cowgirl Jax will stand up on the bed in front of Abella to keep a cock in her mouth.  It is semi-airtight for a few moments if you want to count Prince Yasua’s finger in Abella’s butthole.

They finally set up the DP on a purple couch. Abella will ride the rookie in reverse cowgirl as he fucks her butt. Prince watches in approval before he steps in himself to turn the reverse cowgirl into double penetrating. Abella is singing moans of pleasure as both men pump her holes.  She is urged to spin around in regular cowgirl to face her anchor, Jax. Prince steps out to praise what he sees before him with more approving phrases. Prince Yahshua does this out of frame before he steps back to start pounding Abella’s himself. They trade her off as she is on top of him in cowgirl being rocked now. Abella is lead to the window facing the outside city by Prince Yahshua. He rails her in standing doggy here with Jax close by them to get his cock jacked by the hand of Abella.  She makes sure to suck his dick which causes another spitroast with Prince still pushing away in standing doggy.

A handoff to Jax starts a sunlit stance of standing cowgirl as Abella is hoisted up and fucked. Abella is then laid back down on the bed in missionary so Prince can start penetrating her again. Jax’s dick is again close by to her face to be sucked and jacked.  A quick fade edit brings us to more double blow jobs with a good face fucking for Abella again.  Back on the bed Prince has her laying on top of him for more thrusts into a cowgirl grapple. An intense vaginal creampie happens here with the growling Prince Yahshua inseminating Abella’s snatch. Then a glob of cum will drop out of it and on to Prince’s abdomen which allows Abella to lick it off of him. She crawls over to Jax Slayher to get a load dropped in her mouth to complete this practically DP-less scene.

Compared to other scenes that I've watched and reviewed this scene barely contains any double penetration. They dipped into DP then dipped out after that reverse cowgirl session of it. Don't get me wrong, this is a great Abella Danger scene but as a DP scene, it is lacking. If you're going to use the fetish tag of "DP" or "double penetration" make sure it lasts longer than a few moments or have more than one segment of it in the scene. This is a great threesome scene at best but I don't find it engaging as a registered DP scene. I can watch a Legal Porno scene or a Hard X scene with twice the amount of double hole filling than this one here from Jules Jordan/ Disciples of Desire. I don’t blame them for going after an Abella Danger DP like this, who wouldn't? It is smart to use the namesake of a top performer to boost demand. But as a seasoned DP fan, I'd look elsewhere.

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