LethalHardcore.com: Adorable Teen Leda Lotharia Wants Stepdad's Cum Inside Her (2020)

by - July 11, 2020

Starring: Leda Lotharia // Stoney Curtis
Directed by: Stoney Curtis // Jerry Kovac
Runtime: 39 mins.
Check it out here: Lethal Hardcore

Scene Breakdown //
The scene begins with Leda Lotharia coming into her parents room, where she finds her stepfather, Stoney Curtis lying on the bed.  Leda has just come home from school, and likewise her dad says that he has returned after himself running errands.  The two discuss the departure of Leda's mother - she'll be gone all weekend. They have the place all to themselves. This, as they go on to discuss something that Leda wanted to ask her stepfather about. Leda goes on to say that the night prior, she was trying to fall asleep while finishing up an anime. But, unfortunately, she just could not do so, due to the loud noise coming from her parents room. She has a suspicion that the two of them were fucking. However, she just can't believe that it was something that lasted an hour, to an hour and a half. That's because Leda's current boyfriend, or the one before him were only able to last about three minutes, if they were lucky.  Leda just cannot believe that her dad is capable of lasting as long as he does. She is obviously curious.  Leda wonders if sex is like wine, if it only gets better with age. That's when her dad says that he guesses that she'll just have to wait until she is with an older guy.  However, Leda says that she doesn't like waiting. In fact, she was wondering if he could show her. This, as she reaches over to rub his leg.  He calls her a tease.  But, Leda isn't teasing, because she then pull down her white tank top to show him her tits, before getting completely undressed.  It's at the sight that has daddy, give in to his stepdaughter's desires.  This, being as he has she position herself on the bed, where she spread her legs, and subsequently touch herself. It is soon after this, that Stoney take Leda into missionary. From here, the camera gives us a nice close up view from behind at a low angle, which perfectly demonstrates the penetration. This, as Stoney is consistent. The action of missionary would continue as the camera view change to a side view. It is also here, that Leda would go on to hold up her legs for a time, while Stoney continue to plug away. After this, we see Leda go on to administer both a blowjob, and a rimjob, with the eating of Stoney's ass being prominently featured.  Leda here, goes on to bury her face in deep. The action then would return to the bed, as Stoney take Leda from behind. Here, he would remain consistent, as he go deep, his cock plunging in at an increasing pace, as Leda encourages him with dirty talk. It is after this that the two briefly return to missionary where, Stoney would there, fuck until he creampie her, depositing a load deep within Leda's pussy. After Leda is able to push the remains out, the action would go on to continue next in a reverse cowgirl position, as she climb on to ride dick. It's in this position, that her pussy is again fucked deeply. We next see the spoon position, prior to a brief moment of 69, which would eventually take us to the final position, being standard cowgirl. It's from said position that Stoney, manages to keep a steady pace, before finally having to pull out, as he go on to shoot a load onto Leda's ass for the finish.

The Review //
Today's review is for a scene taken from the LETHAL HARDCORE DVD, title "Stepdaughters Creampied 7". A release, which of course features a number of scenes, in which stepfathers lay one deep inside their stepdaughters. The scene that I am checking out, happens to feature one Leda Lotharia. This scripted vignette, features Leda, as a very curious stepdaughter. She is one who, just could not help but overhear her parents have sex the night before. Ever since then, she has just been intrigued by the fact that stepdad Stoney Curtis, was able to fuck mom for over an hour. Which definitely outlasts all of her boyfriends - meaning that they are, and were only able to give her a few minutes of pleasure. Leda is a teen who loves the sex, and she would just love to be pounded the way that mom was. It's something that  she desires, and after she returns home, she actively pursues, as she finds dad home alone, with her mom nowhere in sight, as she is scheduled to be away for the entire weekend.  It's Leda's chance, and she takes it. Of course Stoney is at first hesitant to act on the temptation of said situation. However, once Leda strips down out of her clothes, it is just something that he cannot refuse.

Things begin with Leda lying back on the bed and touching herself, demonstrating to Stoney, just how it is that she masturbate. This would include, she spreading apart her pussy lips, as well as fingering herself deeply. But, from here it is not long before Stoney takes the initiative, as he pulls her to the edge of the bed, and begin the fucking in missionary. I have to say that I believe that this was a very nice way to open the sexual material of the scene, as it gives the viewer a tremendous view of the penetration. Leda is on her back with her legs spread, as Tony go on to both fully, and half straddle Leda. It's here that the camerawork makes the moment, as it capture the penetration from behind, and underneath quite brilliantly. It is one of the scene's best looks, while at the same time being the very first position of the scene. Following this view, the action would then take a view from the side, which is a more standard one. However, also from here Stoney does not let up on his plugging of Leda's young, pink pussy. It's a position that would later also feature Leda holding her legs up high, and tight, as the cock go deep. There is also a time somewhere in here, that Stoney goes on to spread Leda's pussy, demonstrating its pink for the camera as it close in. After she has her pussy fucked good from here, she go on to service Stoney as part of a lengthy segment. She go on to return the favor, by not only proceeding to suck his cock, but also going down on him and eating his asshole, and sucking on his balls. As I said, this part of the scene is rather thorough, as Leda obviously loves rimming guys.  This, as we see she dive right in quite literally.  She punch her tongue into Stoney's ass, she spit in it, and also go face deep. Rimjob fans are sure to like, as Leda knows how to put on a show. After this, the fucking resumes, as they return to the bed, as the action then take up in doggy. It is here, that Stoney continues to plug away at a pace that is increasing. This as there is quite a bit of dialogue shared between the two performers. During this, Leda goes on to mention that he is deep into the walls of her pussy. It's talk that only serves as fuel for Stoney, he go on to fuck even harder during this time. It is as this position ends that Stoney go on to surprise Leda, when he asks her if she is ready for two cumloads. This surprises Leda, who answers with shock detectable in her voice. "TWO?!?". This particular moment in the scene, reminding me of the many porn comedies that I have seen from the 80s. It was kind of funny - her reaction. However, nonetheless Leda is surprised, but not scared. This, as she is game for whatever should come her way. It is then that she turns over onto her back, as it is a return to missionary. A brief moment of sex that sees Stoney fucking consistently, until reaching climax, depositing his load deep within Leda's pussy. It is a load that she goes on to push out of her pussy, as there is some queefing. Stoney, eventually going on to help her fish it out. This before the action is not over, and it continuing with Leda climbing on to ride the cock in reverse cowgirl. It's from this position that Stoney once again, employs his increasing pace. Going steady, but also having moments in which he go on to momentarily fuck the pussy deep and hard. I loved hearing Leda, as she was getting drilled, say that she loves having the cock up her cunt.(I just love when girls use the word "cunt" instead of "pussy" - it's so fucking hot. and Leda uses the word a lot!). After Leda, then going on to service the cock more briefly, things then turn to spoon, as Leda is on her side, with her legs open wide for the taking of her pussy. Here, Stoney keeps up a nice steady pace. I like that there were moments here in which Leda made eye contact with the camera, as she was being fucked deep. Leda would once again return to eating Stoney's ass, as things are next interestingly in 69. It is here that instead of showing the action from both ends, Stoney eating pussy, and Leda, on the ass, the chosen focus here, is squarely put on the work being put down by Leda. This, as she again vigorously scrub Stoney's ass with her tongue, and like it. Next would come the scene's final showing during the sex, that being Leda once again riding dick. The camera is focused on the back, and more importantly the ongoing penetration of Leda's pussy.  As Stoney teases her ass with his fingers during, he steadily fucking, all the way until the point that he must cum. We see the scene come to a close, with he soon pulling out to unload onto Leda's ass.

It has been sometime since I last reviewed anything from the LETHAL HARDCORE brand. But, if you happen to be a avid reader of my work, then you will be happy to know that from now on, I plan to feature much more. When it comes to the brand, I have other friends who are reviewers, who are not much into it, as they are overly spoiled by their high-gloss porno. I on the other hand, am one who finds much to appreciate with it. LETHAL HARDCORE, is a no-frills brand of porn. Sure, while it attempts to present to us a fun storyline setup, the "meat", shall we say, is definitely in the action that is delivered.  There are no glossy intros, just hard fucking. See, something to appreciate.

It's here, that both Stoney Curtis and Leda Lotharia, give us a scene along these lines, following a scripted beginning that I actually found to be quite hot. Here, we have a young teenage girl, as she's up late at night watching one of her favorite anime shows, when she just so happens to overhear mom and stepdad fucking. It's the kind of action that makes her jealous. So much so, that she is willing to step over taboo lines to experience such for herself. I don't know why, but I just like this. Well, it is a scenario that plays out, just as Leda gets exactly what she wanted. The sexual encounter here, features some nice and hard fucking.  Leda, and her tight pussy takes it as well as Stoney delivers it. All of it while Leda deals a good dirty talk game. In my opinion, I felt that this scene ultimately delivered some solid sex, and it is because of this, that I would definitely recommend. This, if you happen to enjoy straightforward fucking.

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