Sera Ryder Puts The Vibrator Down And Brings In Her Friend's Dad To Satisfy Her Needs (2020)

by - July 24, 2020

Starring:  Sera Ryder // Bobby Beefcakes
Directed by:
Runtime: 35 mins

Scene Breakdown //
The scene opens up with Sera Ryder beginning her day with a little morning masturbation. This, as she quietly pulls out a small pink vibrator, as she slip out of her lounge shorts, and pull her panties aside. She go on to apply the vibrator to her clit, while also simultaneously fingering her pussy. It is a masturbation session which sees she both on her back, as well as on her side. It's during the latter, that she also go on to finger her butthole briefly. She abruptly has to finish on her back, when she is soon interrupted by Bobby Beefcakes, her friend Britney's dad, who calls them into the kitchen for breakfast. Sera then hurries to answer, as she quickly get dressed once again. Bobby has made enough for the three of them. However, Sera is quick to let him know that his daughter is away. She has went into work to do a double. As their conversation continues, Sera goes on to bravely seize the opportunity, saying that there is something that she would like him to help her with. This, as she comes on to her friends father. It is obvious as to what she wants, as she goes on to mention that she knows that Bobby is recently divorced from Britney's mom. She also goes on to say that the both of them could benefit each other. That they could help each other out. Bobby is understandably taken aback by Sera's proposition. He hesitates, as she is of course his daughter's best friend. And for the fact that he practically watched her grow up. He makes any excuse he can, such as to say that he thought that Sera had a boyfriend. However, it does not work as that is not the case. Sera is not willing to take no for an answer, which causes Bobby to soon enough cave to temptation. This, as before he knows it, Sera is leading he into the bedroom with her. Bobby obviously cannot believe what he is doing, but he goes for it.

Once in the bedroom the two embrace, as the two begin to kiss slowly and softly. However, it's not long after this, that we see Sera go on to suck Bobby's cock. Here, she works things up, eventually making things sloppy, as spit piles on the shaft. Sera is then on her back after this, as Bobby first goes on to finger her tight pussy, prior to the action officially beginning in missionary. It is here that we see Bobby go on to reach a steady pace, as the camera closes in on penetration. This, being as the action then naturally transition to side fuck with Sera's legs held tightly together. After this, Sera would not only go on to again suck cock, she would also eat Bobby's ass for a time, before climbing on for standard cowgirl. It's from here that Bobby shoves fingers into Sera's ass, while she's on the dick. From here, not only do we see Bobby steadily fuck the pussy, Sera would also take over to bounce and grind on her own. There is then a brief pause in the action, while Sera goes back to sucking dick. Bobby is seen at the same time, fingering Sera's ass once again as well. The next position is doggy as the camera begins with an overhead POV view. However, as things continue there is also a moment, seeing Bobby, grab a hold of and pull back on Sera's arms, in an effort to fuck her deeply for a time, before returning to the standard formation of things. Side fuck follows after this. Next up is return to missionary, what would be the final position. This action soon leads to Bobby wanting to reach climax. The scene comes to an end with Sera sucking on Bobby's balls, while he in the meantime vigorously stroking his cock. All of this leading to he eventually giving Sera a facial, as he shoot a nice load over her face for the finish.

The Review //
For this review, I take a look at a scene from the NAUGHTY AMERICA series, My Daughter's Hot Friend". It's a scene consisting of a storyline, featuring Sera Ryder and Bobby Beefcakes. Bobby of course, being the father of Sera's best friend, while she being the "hot friend" in question. After we see Sera go at it solo during a scene opening masturbation session, the real story begins, as Bobby calls both his daughter Brittany, and Sera into the kitchen for some breakfast. However, Britney is not present. She actually went into work, unbeknownst to Bobby. This, of course leaves the two of them alone, and it is an opportunity that Sera is not willing to waste. She knows that Bobby is now at a crossroads, after recently divorcing. For she, there is no time like the present, as she go on to flirt with the older Bobby, in an attempt to lure him into the bedroom. Bobby cannot believe it, as he finds himself met with a ton of hesitation. Because, after all, Sera is his daughter's best friend. He knows that the situation is so wrong on many levels. Yet, at the same time, it feels so right, as it has been a long while since he felt the pleasures of sex. So, of course in the end, the younger Sera is successful in her attempt to seduce him.

As they reach the bedroom, beginning would be the sexual encounter between the two, as kissing leads to Sera going on to suck Bobby's cock, as part of a very nice looking blowjob. It's a moment in which Sera displays very nice skill, as she soon make everything sloppy. Personally, I thought it was a very nice look, the way that Sera went on to spit, as well as drool on the cock. Soon enough, the cock was covered. It was very nice, I'll say! Bobby then follows this up by positioning Sera on her back, as she go on to spread her legs, allowing him to finger her, prior to going on to insert himself as missionary begins. This is a position that sees Bobby eventually settle into a steady pace. When it comes to this positioning, I felt that it was generally fine. However, when it comes to the camerawork, during this, we have a lot of close up coverage of the penetration, with very little focus on the full frame view of said action. So, in other words I felt that there was too much of the goings-on featured in close up. I would have much rather enjoyed the missionary, had we had both performers in full view, rather than just the dick going into the pussy. Missionary would then change up soon after, as we see Sera's legs turned to the side, and closed tightly, as Bobby transitions to fucking her during a moment of side fuck. This particular time looking better, as we do here have more of the full scope that I had wanted previously. After Sera is fucked in these two positions, we see her go on to return the favor. This, as she crawls in between Bobby's legs, once again administer very nice stuff. This also sees Bobby go on to shove her head down, in an effort to have her take the cock deeply down her throat. Sera however would also have some authority as she additionally go on to suck on his balls, and also dare to eat his ass. It is the latter which surprises Bobby, as it is something that he obviously didn't believe Sera to be dirty enough to do. But he was indeed wrong, as Sera seems to take pride in doing such. It is definitely a sexy initiative. It's the rimming that of course next leads the way for the action next to go to standard cowgirl as Sera eagerly climbs on to ride the dick. It is during this action that we see Bobby proceed to shove a few fingers into Sera's asshole, as the action takes place. It's a position that sees Bobby attempt on several occasions to take over a steady pace. However, the definitive moments here, are indeed as Sera has control; popping, bouncing, and grinding on the cock. It is after the cowgirl, that Sera once again goes back to sucking Bobby off. It's a moment that doesn't showcase the sucking, but rather, it is the fact that Bobby once again goes on to deeply finger Sera's tight little asshole that gets the most focus. And rightfully so, because it does look pretty fantastic, if you ask me. The action would then continue in doggy, as Sera is then face down, and ass up, and Bobby goes on to pull her to the edge of the bed before taking her from behind. It's a position that takes some time for Bobby to fully settle into his pace, with his highest point coming when he takes charge, as he grab hold, then pull back on Sera's arms for extra leverage in his plowing pursuit. As I said, it takes him a little time to take charge, but I do have to say that the moment that he finally goes hard during this position, is without a doubt, his finest moment of the whole entire scene. It's the type of stuff that the scene leaves you waiting for almost the whole while. It is during this brief moment, that Bobby fucks Sera's pussy both deep and hard, and it is something that she seems to really enjoy receiving. They briefly return to side fuck, before Sera is once again on her back after this. This, as we see Bobby once again, deeply finger her pussy once more. This time making her squirt a little. This is then followed up by the two of them making a return to the missionary position. The position with which the scene began. This time around, we see Bobby go on to maintain a steady pace of fucking. This, while simultaneously concentrating on his rubbing of Sera's clit. This would be the final position of the scene, as it is the steady in and out, that eventually would have a hand in Bobby reaching his climax. The scene comes to an end after a lengthy time of Bobby stroking his cock hard, all while Sera sucks on his balls in the process. Things finally come to an end, when Bobby soon reaches orgasm. This, as he splatter Sera's face with a nice big load.

When it comes to this scene, I have to say that I really enjoyed how the storyline portion of the scene played out in the beginning. Starting with a solo masturbation session featuring Sera Ryder. With this scene serving as my introduction to Sera Ryder, the performer, this was a very nice beginning to things. This, as Sera looks really hot, while attempting to get herself off, using both a vibrator, as well as her fingers. This of course led us to then, the material involving Sera scene partner Bobby Beefcakes. It also an element of the scene that was very nicely plotted. Here, we had Sera make her way into the kitchen wearing skimpy sleep clothes. Sera looking good. This being as she go on to seduce Bobby as part of the scripted scenario. It is a scenario that I really got into, I thought it was really sexy, how Sera came on to her friend's dad, and even more naughty in the manner in which he ultimately took her up on her offer. It was execution that definitely had me anticipating what would come next, which is exactly the type of reaction that any such story should hope for. So next up, of course comes the sexual encounter in question. How did I enjoy it, you ask? Well, now that I come away from it, the word that I would use to summarize my general feeling of the scene would be, "underwhelmed". Now, don't get me wrong. This is a sex scene that has some great moments. However, in the end I was left looking for more, which never materialized. To get straight to the point and explain what I mean - quite simply, I expected a lot more from the male talent, Bobby Beefcakes. I say this, because over the course of the scene, I kept waiting for him to mount an offense, and take charge. There were a number of occasions here that he could have. But unfortunately, never do we see he really turn it on, if you will. The only moment during the scene that came remotely close to delivering what I wanted to see from the scene, was the moment during doggy, which saw he pull back on Sera's arms for leverage that I mentioned above. It was during this time that Bobby finally really laid it into her. I wanted to see more of that stuff throughout. It is Sera instead however, who has much more of a control of the scene here. Not only does she administer a great looking blowjob to start, there is also the rimming seen, as well as the great looking grinding on the cock that she does during the act of standard cowgirl. So yes I found this scene to be a little bit one sided, opposed to one of equal balance of pull between the two performers. But I will say that I did enjoy the ass play. This, as Bobby manages to finger Sera enough to, in the end, produce a small gape. Props to Sera being game enough to allow both of her holes to be played with.

So, to sum things up. Although it is a very nice introduction to Sera Ryder, who I find to be really sexy, it is one that unfortunately left me wanting more from it. So much more could have been done. Could have been seen. While it isn't a great scene, not all is bad, which is why I deem it just ok.

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