Emma Is Hot For Her Bull's BBC Picture (2020)

by - July 29, 2020

Starring:  Emma Hix // Slim Poke 
Directed by: Paul Woodcrest
Runtime: 34 mins.

Scene Breakdown //
The scene begins with Emma Hix getting dressed in a sexy suit of white lace lingerie, one that is complete with a pair of nude colored stockings. Now that Emma has gotten fully dressed and is ready, she asks for the opinion of her husband who is off camera. Emma says that she cannot wait for what is to come today, as she has been paired up with someone that the husband met online. And it is his big black cock, that Emma has only seen in a picture, thus far. However, it is made her especially excited for the occasion. From there, Slim Poke soon arrives, as we next get underway with the sexual encounter. As we, are under the guise of the husband watching on candidly.

Things begin with Emma getting Slim's cock out. She works on getting it nice and stiff for her mouth as she go on to in tandem, stroke as well as suck. This, all while being able to maintain a steady amount of eye contact with her husband. who is watching in straightahead POV. The action then go to doggy after this. Slim Poke, beginning with a steady pace, briefly going on to half straddle her ass, before quickly reverting back to the straightaway format. He would continue his steady pace from here, before eventually picking up the pace, as he go much harder. This is then followed up by Emma going on to ride the cock in cowgirl. It's from here that we see a position of Emma steadily bouncing and grinding on the cock, prior to Slim Poke taking over to fuck her deep and hard. All of this, while Emma's tight ass jiggles on the dick. Emma would once again go on to suck cock. However, it is only briefly, as next we see Emma once again riding, only this time she reverses the position, as it is next reverse cowgirl. Initially, Emma sits upright as, she bounce on the dick. This, as the camera eventually zoom in to take a closer view of things. We then briefly see Emma have her feet planted on Slim Poke's legs, before she is leaned back and sprawled out, as he pulls back on her legs and drills her. However, next Emma is off the side of the chair, and folded up as the action then go to piledriver. This, as Slim Poke, proceed to drive his cock in deep, as we watch the reaction come across Emma's face. This, prior to the action next going to missionary, as we have a nice transition.  From here, Slim Poke keeps with his even pace, continuing on until he builds himself up to climax eventually. This, as he narrowly pulls out in time, as he quickly go on to decorate Emma's pussy with his load.

The Review //
For this review, I review a scene that was released as part of the NEW SENSATIONS DVD release, titled "A Black Bull For My Hot Wife 4". It being a scene featuring the sexy blonde Canadian, Emma Hix, as she finds herself challenged by the long black cock of one, Slim Poke. The scene is also a part of the company's unique "Hot Wife" series. It is unique, in that  it features a storyline set up by the wife's husband, who then watches as they are fucked. This, as we the viewer essentially serve as the "husband", as a part of a scene, which his very POV-centric. This, as the scene approaches the sexual encounters with a focus on first-hand POV. It is almost as if we are in the room with the two of them, as things get hot and heavy. It is something that is further aided by the fact that during, the female performer, who is in character, fully acknowledges her "husband". This, as she often encourages he/us to get off on what is happening to she. I must say as someone who had not yet seen any of the material for this series, that I really like the concept a lot.

When it comes to the storyline portion of the scene, we are presented with a scenario which sees the husband going on to set up his wife with a well hung black man, which he found for her online. When we meet Emma at the beginning of the scene, we watch as she gets dressed. This, before she going on to express her overall excitement for the experience which she has been waiting for. Because, up until that point, she had only seen a picture of the guy, Slim Poke's" big cock. Nonetheless, she is stoked to finally see it up close and personal.

And speaking of up close and personal, that is pretty much the entire approach to the scene overall. It's an idea that it wants us to believe, that we're there in the room. Because of this, we are delivered very tight camerawork as it always seems to have an eye on Emma. It almost reminded me of a female version of the type of scene that the site SEE HIM FUCK releases. Obviously, with the gender switched. Yes, the focus is on Emma, as she begin things by hardening Slim Poke's cock for her mouth. This consisting of she, both stroking and sucking. Eventually, we see her make things extra sloppy as she spit on the shaft, as she soon. also test out her throat taking Slim Poke's hard cock down her throat, as deep as she possibly can. I loved the way in which Emma's head was consciously in the game, so to speak, with the idea of having her husband in the room, I just loved the way that Emma maintained eye contact throughout this whole stage of fellatio. It was so hot, the way she looked at us, as she was either stroking or sucking. Before it is all over and done with, we also see Slim Poke go on to fuck her face a little. However, its following this, that Slim Poke goes on to take her from behind in doggy. Here,  he would go on to maintain a steady pace, prior to sporadically building up his speed. Going much harder, and especially deeper, while Emma is seen face down, and ass up. It's from here that Emma looks for the approval of her husband, sticking to the story. It's following this position, that the action would then go next to standard cowgirl, and I have to tell you that it is a wonderful sight from here. Emma goes on to quickly straddle Slim Poke, prior to sitting down on his cock. During this position, Emma's ass in this view, just looks fantastic, I must admit. It first consists of she bouncing slowly and steadily. However, before long, Emma takes it upon herself to improve her speed, as she pop and grind on the cock. This, as she has both a solo effort, and as Slim Poke, goes on to fuck her hard and fast. Again, I really enjoyed the view of Emma's tight round ass, just jiggling away. It's very hot! After breaking, for Emma to once again suck cock, the scene itself continues to move along, as the action is then on to reverse cowgirl, as Emma once more go on to straddle the dick. Only this time, it is in the reverse variation of the position, as she faces the camera. It's positioning that would see Emma taking charge for a moment, as she once again slowly grind on the dick. It is at this point in the scene that she basically loses herself in the action. The position would later continue, seeing Emma's feet being planted on Slim Poke's legs. That, in itself looking very good. The final stage of this reverse cowgirl would see Emma leaning back to spread her legs wide. Thus, leaving her wide open for the taking. From this position Emma is initially upright on the cock, as she bounce on it. The camera getting nice and tight in on the action, as it is up close, eventually. I really liked the look from here, as the camera sort of tilts at an angle, as it perfectly capturing the moment during reverse cowgirl. Things would continue with Emma then propping her feet up on Slim Poke's legs. This allowing his big dick to plow deeply for a time. Next up, the position, progresses to show Emma leaning back with her legs spread wide. It's from here that Slim Poke nicely plug the pussy good and hard at a nice speed. It also going on to briefly take up a full nelson hold, as well as one seen during side fuck. After the lengthy round of reverse cowgirl, we are then treated to piledriver, as Slim Poke, positions Emma off the edge of the chair, as she is bent over backwards. It's from there that he go on to penetrate her for another round of sex that looks amazing on camera. As Slim Poke from here, works to keep a steady pace, as he maintains the in and out. As it occurs, the action is nicely captured. This as it also include Emma's reaction to being fucked so deeply. It's after this, that we then reach the final position of the scene. It is action that seamlessly transitions to Emma being on her back for missionary. This, as she hold her legs up high and tight. It's from this position that Slim Poke proceeds to get it in deep, eventually working up a steady, even pace. This, as he also simultaneously palm her ass, as he gets in every inch that he can. It's enough action, that has Slim Poke soon building up to climax. Leading he go on to glaze Emma's bald mound with a nice load. This bringing the fairly fast paced action to an ultimate conclusion.

When it comes to this scene, I have to say that, going into it I did not know exactly what I would be in for. Because again, as I said I had never seen any of the previous scenes from the Hot Wife series. And so with that said, the overall idea of "the husband watches" was something that I was not previously aware of. But with this in mind, I do have to say that I enjoyed this idea. I thought it was fun, but most of all it's the camera work here, which has the mind to keep focus on Emma Hix herself.  The camerawork is just superb, as It captures the material in a way that keeps us interested, and at the same time, making sure that the focus is squarely on the talent. Overall, the sexual material was very nice here, with times of some nice, hard action to balance things out. It was prior to this scene that it had been a while since I last reviewed Emma Hix in anything based on pure sexual performance. I do believe that the last scene that I reviewed her in, was a release from BAM VISIONS(aside from her "Under the Bed" episode). That was some time ago, if I am not mistaken. The point which I am trying to make here, is that with this scene, I found myself being impressed with her, as if it was my very first time seeing her. Because as it was, I barely remember anything from that material which I had seen previously. I have to say that this was a scene that flowed very nicely, going from one position to the next almost effortlessly, as each set up bring with it its own level of energy continuing on, up until the very nice conclusion, a near creampie finish. It is with this said, that I would definitely go on to recommend this scene. I really enjoyed the enthusiasm, especially brought forth by Emma Hix, who definitely rides the BBC with abandon at times. She during this act is definitely eye candy for sure! I do look forward to watching her more often. 

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