Case No. 7906117(2020)

by - July 28, 2020

Starring:  Lily Glee // Tommy Gunn
Directed by: 
Runtime: 57 mins.

Scene Breakdown //
This case file begins with the comic store's head of security, Tommy Gunn, bringing a visibly confused Lily Glee into the store's back office. Tommy sits Lily down and then proceeds to ask her for a form of identification. Lily is of course confused as to why he would need such, which is when he goes on to explain that he has footage of she shoplifting in the comic book section. Lily just cannot believe it, she is unable to produce an ID however, as she says that it is not in her bag, and that she did not expect to be in a position such as this. Tommy then goes on to ask Lily what exactly she was doing today in the comic book section. Lily says that she was looking for the latest addition of "Archie". Lily of course, denies being responsible for any type of shoplifting. But, Tommy is of course adamant about what he saw on the security footage. Tommy then soon leaves the room to gather more paperwork, and it is at this time, that he also leave Lily alone to think. During this alone time, Lily is initially sticking to her story of being innocent. However, she soon becomes anxious, when she seems to come clean about things to herself, revealing that the comic, just so happens to be folded inside her bag. Tommy, eventually comes back to the room, where he would go on to inspect Lily's bag for evidence. He of course, then finds the comic book in question. He is convinced that this is enough evidence to charge her with theft. However, Lily does her best to play it off. This, as she says that the reason that she had came to the comic book store today, was to get the follow-up issue to the comic that she already had. The one found in her bag. She simply states that the comic book already had belonged to her. That she seeing no reason, as to why she is being suspected of shoplifting. Tommy is still however, not convinced, saying that he has enough evidence to call in the cops. Lily is really surprised by the fact that she can get arrested over an item that costs just a dollar. It's something that she believes to be utterly ridiculous. But Tommy assures her, that this would be the case. Tommy continues on with what he calls "store policy", as he proceeds to snap a series of pictures of Lily as she stand with her front, side, and then her back facing the camera. Lily has no idea as to why he would need such, but she goes along with it anyway. She also go on to cooperate when Tommy then wants to give her a pat down. This, although feeling a little uneasy. It is after this, that Tommy is not finished, as he goes on to spin a story about he needing to do a thorough search. Because, after all if she happens to get away with anything today, it would be something that would put his job as head of security at risk. It is at that point that Tommy has Lily also remove her yellow top, along with her black skirt. Lily, who is wearing no bra underneath, now has her breasts exposed, as she attempts to cover them. Now standing in just her white panties, Tommy gets right down to it, asking her to remove those as well. Lily is for a brief moment, hesitant to do so, but like before, eventually complies. It's obvious that she feels humiliated at this point. As Lily once again take a seat after this, Tommy continues to talk about possibly ringing the cops to come down. Something that Lily obviously does not want. It is here, that we see Tommy going on to seize the opportunity, as he tells Lily that there have been times where he has given people opportunities to get out of such situations. He saying this, making Lily even more confused. However, it is when Tommy goes on to place Lily's hand on his hard dick, over his pants, it all begins to make sense. Lily is absolutely appalled that Tommy wants she to touch his dick. However, that is where they are. This, as Tommy reassures her that this would be better than she having a permanent blemish on her record. It's from here, that we see a reluctant Lily go on to oblige when she stroke, as well as she put her mouth on Tommy's cock, after he pull it out. Initially, she is obviously still hesitant to do so, as she first nibble at the head, and shaft before finally administering a blowjob.

When she is finished, Lily is again surprised when Tommy informs her that it isn't over. This, as he has she bend over against the table as he takes her from behind for doggy, as we see the footage from his phone. After, Lily is on her back and up on the table as we then see both missionary and side fuck consecutively. It would be then, followed by Lily sitting on the cock, for a time of reverse cowgirl. It's during, that we see Lily steadily bounced up and down on the dick. This, being prior to Lily going on to drop down on her knees on all fours. It's here that we see a return to doggy as Tommy takes her from behind once again, this time as he move down to the edge of the chair. It's here, that we see Lily slam herself back on the cock, in between times of Tommy steadily fucking. It would be this position, that Lily to the finish as Tommy eventually go on to jerk his cock over Lily's face, after which she would shoot his load onto her mouth and chin, for the finish.

The Review //
Lily Glee has been caught red-handed in this scene, which I review for the TEAM SKEET site, SHOPLYFTER. Yes, Lily has been caught stealing, Jane's Addiction style, at least according to Tommy Gunn, who claims to have footage of Lily lifting a comic book from his store, via close circuit television. The scene begins with Tommy bringing Lily to a back room to question her about her suspected wrongdoing. Of which Lily of course, denies. It is then followed up by Tommy having she undergo a series of "store policies". This, including a pat down, followed up later by having she strip down to her bare essentials. The latter in an effort by Tommy to perform a "thorough" search for merchandise. Long story short - and it is indeed a long one, it eventually comes down to Lily doing one of two things. Fucking Tommy, or going to jail. Of course the young and outgoing Lily has no choice, but to choose the first option.

Ok, so this was my very first time ever reviewing something for SHOP LYFTER, although I had seen two previous episodes prior. One of them actually being Lily Glee's first appearance for the brand. So, going in, I kind of knew what to expect. However, looking at a scene such as this one with a completely different pair of eyes - the eyes of a critic, I have to say that I am just that. Very critical of it. When it comes to the overall story set up. The scene does happen to improve upon Lily's first appearance. She visibly having much more confidence in her acting ability this time around. She does well. However, at the same time, it's obvious that the direction, by whoever it was that directed this, was very loose. So loose in fact, that it is somewhat very apparent that the two performers were left to carry this one, for the most part in terms of the progression of the story. They just have to adlib their way through it. When it comes to Lily in particular, she is very good, when it comes to acting out roles. I mean, she enjoys the acting aspect of things. She has told me this herself. And she is actually in the very scene that I consider to be my favorite of the year so far. So with that said, I do not doubt her acting ability at all. But in this particular case, I fault the director for not having a better control of how things went. First of all, the opening segment between Lily and Tommy, in which Tommy is accusing she of shoplifting, and putting her through the tests, it all just runs for far too long. I'm talking, a full 30 minutes before the sexual encounter even begins. It is indeed a slow drag, and unfortunately, there is just not enough to keep things interesting in between the "dead air" if you will. Take for instance, the time which Tommy's character leaves the room, leaving Lily unattended. This, as Lily goes on to basically talk to herself, and to admit her guilt, after flat out denying it. At this point Lily has really nothing to go off of, it's so obvious. And so she was faced with a difficult task of making things up on the fly. I essentially saw this as she grasping at straws, so to speak. Because, again, she had nothing to go off of to feed her performance. They really put Lily in a difficult spot here, and I really do not see it as fair. So on this, I have a hard time judging. But, it needs to be pointed out. Instead of having she struggling to keep the storyline afloat during this moment, the footage should've been trimmed down to keep it at a minimum, and to keep the story at an even flow. After the very long opening segment, we then finally reached the sexual encounter between Lily and Tommy. This, as Lily's character gives in to Tommy's authoritative demands, in order to stay out of hot water with the cops.

Things begin with of course Lily going on to, in character, reluctantly suck Tommy's cock. Lily is really good at playing the part of being basically repulsed by what it is she is doing. It's a start that is expected of this type. However, I must speak on the action that would then follow after. Lily would of course continue to play up her character, acting out a reluctance. She plays off of pain, and the fact of being forced into doing something that she does not want to. It is exactly what she was required to do in this scene. But, I have to be honest. For the most part, the action seen here, is pretty much dull and boring. Both in camera set up(steadycam, handheld, and phone footage), as well as the chosen positions. Neither of them are very imaginable, leaving the main focus for the viewer, to be that of the pain and anguish of Lily's character. This can also be attributed to Tommy portrayal of the creepy head of security. Or that is at least how the scene wants us to view Tommy. In my opinion he was just not believable enough. For instance, he did not make my skin crawl in the way that Tommy Pistol did, when he portrayed Lily's sleazy and authoritative stepdad, who in the end, takes advantage of her. That portrayal still sticks in my mind, because it is, and was very powerful. Although Lily had much of the same pain character-wise in that scene, she also had Tommy to work off of. In the case of this scene however, I felt that Tommy did not supply enough to bridge that gap, if you will. So with that, all we have here is Lily's pain and struggle. You feel more concerned rather than creeped. Things truly begin with Tommy taking Lily from behind in doggy, before he instructs her to get on the table, where the positions of missionary and side fuck would be scene. The final two positions would be the best looking. They being reverse cowgirl, as Tommy has a seat, and as Lily sits on his dick, as well as a return to doggy only this time with Lily on her knees. When speaking of the latter, I have to say that it is the best position seen. As a matter of fact, it is also the only position, which sees Lily have some sort of control over the sex. From this position, we see a combination of Lily throwing her ass back, as well as Tommy pumping her from behind. It is somewhat nice, the way that Lily rock her ass back, also throwing a little grinding in there as well, for good measure. It is then after that, that Tommy sets up for the parting popshot. It is another moment, which we see Lily fully embrace the character. This, As Tommy eventually lets his load go on to her chin. She is quickly repulsed, mentioning just how warm his jizz is. The look on her face says it all. However, of course disgust soon makes way for relief, as Tommy then go on to say that she could now leave with no repercussion.

Overall, while this scene offers Lily Glee, ample time to showcase her genuinely good acting chops, it is also a scene that is unfortunately, not tightly wound, running overlong unnecessarily. With that said, the sexual encounter that it would lead to, was honestly not worth the wait. It's one that saw Lily having to maintain the character, and not inject some of herself into it. So, in other words she was required to not enjoy it. Or at least pretend not to. This of course creating a disconnect. Especially seeing as, I felt that Tommy did little to support the acting of Lily. Again, I found most of the action here, in a word, boring, spare for the scene's final position. Although I hate to ever be overly critical of something, I'd recommend you passing on this one. When it comes to Lily Glee, there are much better scenes out there. 

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