Kickboxing (2020)

by - July 22, 2020

Starring: Lilly Hall // Johnny The Kid
Directed by:
Runtime: 37 mins.

Scene Breakdown //
A playfully giggly Lilly Hall welcomes us to her workout. She says that today, she is going to do a little fitness. This, while saying that she hopes that her tight blue spandex workout gear is sexy enough for us. She begins things by stretching. She likes to stay limber and lose, as she completes a series of stretches, as she asks us if we are ready to see her kick some ass today. She says that today she is going to show us the moves that she uses when someone gets out of line. This, before she goes into the final stages of her stretches, as she performs some yoga poses. She then goes into a workout routine, as she lays a series of punches into a punching bag. She says that today she is also focusing on martial arts. This as she also goes on to include some kicks with her punches. Lilly punches and kicks the bag hard. After some time in doing this, Lilly must take a break to drink some water, as she says that it is important to stay hydrated. After this brief moment, she once again resumes the workout(Round 2, she calls it), and it is during this time that she brings out a workout dummy to use and abuse. It's during this, that Lilly takes time to pause saying that since we have been good and have been paying close attention to her demonstration that she will give us a little treat. This, as she goes on to pull her skin tight workout shorts down midway past her ass. Lilly goes on to say that even though her ass is now showing, that she can still fight like this. We then see her go on to lay in more punches and kicks to the dummy, as she work up a sweat. The next stage of her workout is then jumping rope. She says that it is a good way to improve your cardio. It's here that she go on to jump the rope, soon working up a quick speed, all while her bare booty jiggles about. After the jump rope exercise, she then finally calls on to her workout partner Johnny The Kid. Soon, in comes Johnny, wearing protective gear on his chest, which Lilly is to use to spar. Like before with the dummy, Lilly is quick to attack, and it is a lot for Johnny to handle. So much so, that Johnny is quick to change the subject to wrestling. Johnny asks Lilly if she wants to wrestle. Lilly thinks that, that is a great idea, seeing as she has an upcoming ground sparing competition soon. The two of them then going to wrestling, with each of them getting the upper hand at certain points in their tussle. It is also during this time that Lilly goes on to grab Johnny between the legs, while he raises her tank top and proceeds to suck on her breast. Lilly eventually gets Johnny in a headlock before he takes her down to the ground, where he would mount her. This, before getting out his throbbing hard cock. It's almost with no hesitation that Lilly go on to put in her mouth to suck. As things would continue, Johnny soon goes down on Lilly, as she prop up a leg on a punching bag. Eventually, Johnny would take her from behind as she is on all fours down on the mat. It's a position that would see Lilly also momentarily slam back on the dick. The position finishes out with an overhead POV view from behind, showing skin smack skin, as Lilly's nice big ass slam against the cock. Following this, Lilly is seen briefly sucking on it before she go on to ride the dick in reverse cowgirl. From here, twerking goes to full on bouncing, as she works up a quick speed. The camera eventually changes angles to show the detail in this, as she continue. The action then goes to reverse side fuck. Lilly's ass is well lubed as we both see Johnny fuck the pussy deep, as well as Lilly bounce back. This side fucking would transition to missionary as we have an overhead as well as a side view during this time. It is as Johnny is deep that he soon builds himself up to come. The scene would come to an end with Johnny going on to half straddle over little just prior to he shooting a load onto Lilly's face for the finish.

The Review //
For today's review, we join Lilly Hall in the gym as she work on her fitness. Especially her cardio, before she is to compete in an upcoming competition. It's a workout routine that consist of stretching via normalized ways, as well as those of the Yoga variety. We even see Lilly work on her punches and kicks, whether in involve a punching bag, or a workout dummy that she has affectionately named "Bob". This solo workout would conclude with she even jumping rope. It's after this however, that she continues the day at the gym, by getting a hand from a training partner in one Johnny The Kid. However, the session, which begins with sparing, soon turns to wrestling. It's during said wrestling, that things get a little bit hands-on if you will. This, as sexual tension mounts - and so does Johnny, making way for a sexual encounter to begin.

Yes the sex scene here, begins with Johnny on top of Lilly as he mount her in an offensive move during the wrestling session. It is at that point that his cock is rock hard, and ready. Also ready here is Lilly, as she go on to suck Johnny off. It initially takes place with the two of them staying put. They are even able to work in the workout scenario during this, as Johnny has Lilly perform sit ups, as she suck his dick. This is both humorous, but appropriately fitting with the theme of the scene. Also during this, things would get extra hot, as we see while in the process, Johnny reach back to rip open Lilly's shorts at the crotch and then proceed to finger her pussy. He mounting on top of her was already good enough. However, this made the whole sequence that much sexier in my opinion. After this, we would see the blowjob continue on with Lilly then on her knees. It's from here, that she has a single handed approach, prior to Johnny instructing her to use no hands. This while we also see him fuck her face for a time. There is a small break from here as Johnny goes on to set up some mats, for what is to come. It is during this that he has Lilly speak with the cameraman, identified as "Tony", as she go on to playfully strip down for his camera. It is during this that we see Lilly once again make her butt jiggle very nicely. Once the camera picks up the action once again, we have yet another great looking view as we look on. This, as Lilly leaves herself wide open for the taking, as she stretch out her leg, propping it up on a punching bag. This, while Johnny goes down on her with his tongue and mouth, sucking and licking on her clit. Something that happens to drive Lilly crazy. It's after this that the two performers take to a mat. Lilly is from here, on all fours, as the action then go to doggy with Johnny eventually coming around to take her from behind. It is from a half straddling stance that Johnny go on to proceed with a steady pace of in and out. This particular action would also include seeing Lilly throw her ass back on the dick, before Johnny once again and eventually resume. It is during this time of doggy, as the camera change to an overhead view, that we get our first hint of what would come, lots of bouncy booty, as it slam against the cock. The view from overhead is just fantastic, I have to say. It's after this, that we would find that the action would just get more interestingly great from here. That's because next up Lilly and Johnny end up in a position that would have us believe that things would next go to a 69 formation. However, this is not the case. That's because Johnny is then seen lying prone on his back, as he leaves Lilly to use him as she pleases. It's very nice stuff from here, as Lilly go on to twerk upon, and ride his hard cock in the reverse cowgirl position. It is at this point that Lilly goes on to show us her tremendous skill in riding. The view is just absolutely amazing here, as Lilly go on to pop her ass up and down on it. Only to go even faster as she continues. It looks almost automatic, as she is relentless in punishing that cock. It is as this continue on that the camera then change to a close up view, as it detail Lilly's fantastic riding. It just looks fucking great! After Johnny gets his dick worn out by Lilly, we see him position Lilly in a reverse side fuck position, as her oiled up ass, faces the camera. It is during this, that we are presented the combination of two things; Johnny fucking her deeply, and Lilly fucking him back, no matter what. It is at anytime from this position, know that during which, Lilly's ass looks amazing once again. This action naturally transitions to an open legged missionary position, as Johnny continues to steadily plow the pussy, while Lilly beg for it, screaming out in pleasure. He keeps up with this pace, before finally reaching his own moment of climax. Today's workout would come to an end with Johnny eventually half straddling over Lilly, to jerk is cock and soon shoot his load onto the side of her face. It is also get another moment which the performers are able to tie in the theme of the scene as Johnny asks she if she is ready for her "protein shake"

First, I would like to say that Lilly Hall is one performer that I have been familiar with for some time. Yet for some reason, I just had not got around to reviewing her, until now. Fortunately though, I have to say that I could not have picked a better scene to spend my first time with her, than this one. Sure, the opening segment involving a workout with Lilly at the gym, is sort of fun. However, it is nothing compared to the sex scene that would await us after said workout. For the sex scene, Lilly finds herself paired with young stud, Johnny The Kid, and a high energy, passionate scene it is. It begins with the two of them wrestling as part of the workout. However, it soon gets underway rather quickly, when Johnny finds himself getting the upper hand, as he mount his opponent Lilly(although I could hear she whisper to him, as she tell him to take her down to the ground. - What can I say I watch professional wrestling on a regular basis!). The sex between them gets off to a hot start from there, and it doesn't let up, not in the least bit. As a viewer, I was actually surprised to find the level of energy that the two of them had together here. What enthusiasm. What chemistry! Here, it is essentially one thing after another, that keeps things going with a nice flow. Interesting enough to keep the viewer's eyes glued upon the performers in front of them. I really liked how the scene progressed. From Lilly, first sucking good dick, and Johnny going on to return the favor. It was only up from here. As Johnny go on to fuck fast and hard, and Lilly going on to ride the dick in the same sentiment. I happened to really enjoy the moment in which Johnny just more or less, submitted to his female counterpart. It was during, that we see Lilly ride the dick like no ones business. I will say it again - this girl has skills. She can definitely ride a dick. Oh my God! With that said, it does not end with Lilly there, as not only can she ride, she completely gives herself to the scene. She is definitely one of the more vocal performers that I have reviewed in recent times. It is here, that she feels every inkling of pleasure, and she is sure to let us know. This, as she scream out in delight. It's during the sex that we hear Lilly use a handful of expletives. Yes even the word, "motherfucker". One of my favorites.  You just know the dick is good, when a girl cusses almost involuntarily.

Collectively, this was a really great scene, I have to admit. Going into it, I did not expect to get a scene that was this good, honestly. But it is indeed a scene in which the two performers; Lilly Hall and Johnny The Kid, truly put it all out there for the scene. So, this is why that it is no real struggle to readily recommend this scene to you. It is just great stuff! You just have to enjoy the raw energy and passion that these two brought forth.

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