Diary Entry (2020)

by - August 29, 2020

Starring: Aria Banks // Logan Lucky
Directed by: 
Runtime: 42 mins.

Scene Breakdown //
It is in this scene, that via flashback and narration, that Aria Banks relive the time when her older sister finally moved out of the house, after the rocky relationship with her parents became just too much to bare. Aria's sister, just one day decided to pack up and move in with her new boyfriend with whom Nikki says she is in love. It is a time that Aria obviously dreaded, but to her sister it was inevitable. As we see, it is despite Aria begging her to stay, and for things to remain normal, that Nikki believes is the logical thing to do.

It is after this, that we move forward in time a few months after her sister's departure. It is then that Aria has been asked by her mother to clean up Nikki's room, and to throw away anything that she may have left behind. But as Aria explains, she found that discarding anything belonging to her sister was just a difficult thing to do, as she believed that she just might return for it someday soon. It is during this cleanup, that Aria makes a discovery when looking through a few books. She just so happens to find her older sister's diary, and there is a private article in it, that she just cannot help herself but to take a look at. It is after no one is home, that she decides to dive into her sisters writings. It is then that she comes across a rather explicit dairy entry. One that details a sexual experience with her new boyfriend, Logan lucky. It is an account so detailed, that Aria just can't help but to touch herself in the process of she reading of such a steamy sexual encounter. She goes on to explain that the words were so descriptive, that it was as if she could feel every touch in her own right. It is then of course, that Logan Lucky, the new boyfriend, miraculously appears in the frame with Aria, he touching and caressing her body. This following she touching and fingering her pussy while reading.

Logan keeps Aria's shorts to the side, as he goes on to rub and finger at her pussy, as he is positioned on his side. With he being already in the position, things then go naturally into spoon. This lasting for a time, until Aria then go on to work on Logan's cock, as he lie flat on his back. It is here where she both stroke and suck it. After a lengthy time here, Aria go on to climb on for cowgirl, as her legs are spread wide, while she plant her feet, as to bounce and rock on the dick. The positioning, also seeing a moment of Logan fucking back at a quick pace. This, before the action goes to reverse cowgirl, as for the most part, Aria's ass faces the camera. It is following this that the action take up in doggy and then lastly in missionary. It is during the final position that Logan is at a steady pace of in and out. This, until he finally reaches the point of orgasm. It is an opportunity which Logan does not pull out. Thus, letting loose a load deep into Aria's pussy for the finish.

The Review //
For today's review I head back to TEAM SKEET, to check out a scene from the series"Teen Pies". This scripted vignette, begins with a fun scenario. It's a story which sees the scene's star Aria Banks, and Nikki Sweet, as sisters. Nikki being the oldest, she has finally decided to move out of her parents' home after her relationship with them has gone south. Always arguing, Nikki believes that it is time for her to go, and there is no place better for her than to move in with her new boyfriend, Logan Lucky. As it is explained by Aria, it was a rather rough transition for her. However, as she reveals it wouldn't be long before she finally comes to realize just why it is that her sister was so eager to move in with the boyfriend. This, when things takes a rather supernatural approach, when Aria, the younger sister just so happens to come across older sister Nikki's private diary, while cleaning up her old room. All alone with no one around, Aria ventures on to find a particular diary entry that more than catches her attention, it has her experiencing the details - literally. Yes, she comes to find an entry detailing a sexual experience between her sister and Logan. It is one that is so vividly told, that we see Aria go on to have the experience herself, right before our very eyes. What begins with Aria touching and fingering her pussy herself, soon features the participation of Logan, as he eventually appears in the bed with her.

The sexual encounter begins with Aria's fingers being replaced by Logan's own, as the two lie back to stomach. This is something that naturally progresses to spoon soon after. This spoon seeing Logan proceed slowly but surely, with the in and out plugging, before eventually finally picking up his pace. This would then be followed up by Aria going on to service Logan. This by she sucking and stroking his cock. It is a moment of sex which sees Aria put in nice work, taking Logan's cock down her throat, while either stroking the shaft with either a single or double handed approach. Although it does indeed look good, with moments featuring a POV view, as Aria look right up at the camera as she do the deed, in my opinion I have to say that I found this blowjob to just go on far too long. It basically just lingers with no progress. It's an act that sees Aria do all the work. with Logan lying prone. This getting things off to a rather slow start. Slower than I feel that it should have been. Following this long opening, the action finally progresses, as it goes to cowgirl, with Aria straddling Logan to ride hid cock. It begins with a straight ahead view, as we see Aria plant her sneaker-clad feet on the bed to bounce up and down. It would also be accented with some grinding on the dick, as well as some rocking. The pace of it all, truly picking up as she sits upright to bounce down. Aria then leans forward to take it some more, as the camera then moves to a side angle view. This time of cowgirl - all variants of it, does have its moments. But, it is the start of a habit taken up by the camera, obviously under the direction of the director. This, as we see the camera continue to linger on certain views, while cutting short, views that are far more interesting and appealing, in my opinion. We would see this once again, as the action then see Aria, eventually spin around, taking to the opposite variation of the action, as it goes to reverse cowgirl. I have to say that Aria looks good in this position with her feet pinned behind her, as she bounce and rock on the dick. The view from behind here is really nice, being as she has on her pink pair of Converse sneakers. I have always liked the sneaker look for some reason, when it comes to porno scenes, and again the idea looks nice here. However, it is unfortunate that just as we get into the action from behind, as we see Aria's nice, round booty bouncing away, that the camera decides to take to a side view that is not always best. Another good thing about the positioning however, is that towards the end, we see Logan finally turn it on, putting forth some energy to the fucking. We would also see another flourish of energy from him during the next position, which is doggy, seeing Aria from behind. It's a position beginning with Aria being face down and ass up. However, once she gets up on her knees and the standard formation, does Logan happens to reciprocate with an increasing pace. One that gets even harder as he pulls Aria's arms back, pulling she into him. It's during this, that you just have to love Aria's dirty talking, as she tells Logan to "take her pussy", and to "beat her pussy up". The last position comes with Aria on her back, as things go into missionary. The action lasts, with Logan plugging away, until he finally must cum. It's an occasion with which he does not pull out, going on to fill Aria's pussy up, ending things in a creampie. It's with the creampie, also that I have a complaint, as it is one that was clearly faked. I just don't understand why a company would want to do such. It's porn's equivalent of CGI effects in mainstream film, I guess. I don't like either, really.

When it comes to my liking of the scene, I have to say that I am kind of indifferent about it. Although I did not feel that it was all bad, I did find myself being bored at times with what I was seeing. I do not know if this can solely be attributed to a lackluster showing from the male talent Logan Lucky. A lesser level of joint passion between both performers. Or the direction itself, so I'd call it a combination of all three of these things. For the most part I felt that Aria was responsible for keeping things as interesting as they were. From her dick riding, to her moments of dirty talk, I felt that they were the most enjoyable moments throughout. Yes, I did make mention of the times that Logan took charge, showing any sort of authority on his part. However, I felt that his performance for the majority, was just okay. And then it is on to the direction, which I took note of in the beginning of the review, saying that the  blowjob just went on too long and was approached in a manner that just became uninteresting. I have on occasion faulted the direction from whomever it is that directs for TEAM SKEET. I'm wondering if it is the same particular director that I reviewed not too long ago, as I said some of the very same things about the direction in that scene, as I do here. However, due to it being a TEAM SKEET scene, I have no way of knowing this, as they do not credit their directors openly. Thus, giving me no one to blame essentially.

This is a scene that, despite getting off to a good start, was somewhat bland when it came to the actual sex. I did like the story introduction, and even the bit  of supernatural flare, which made it plausible for the sexual encounter to take place. However, I have to be honest when I say that, although the set up was one of imagination, the sex itself was not. It could have been much more, and it's because of this I say that I find the scene to be just ok in the least.

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