Tennis (2020)

by - August 28, 2020

Starring: Adira Allure // Oliver Flynn 
Directed by: Laurent Sky 
Runtime: 49 mins.

Scene Breakdown //
Adira Allure, is a teen Who is used to having everything handed to her in life. In fact, as she says there might be some consequences along the way. But for now, she is comfortable, just living the life that she has been given. After all, her father is a very successful lawyer. A career that affords her anything that she wants. She has no need to work. She allows her father to tend to all of her wants and needs.

The story begins with Adira coming down the stairs, as she is dressed and prepared to go out for today's tennis match. It is then that she calls upon her father, saying that the two of them are going to be late. It's there that Adira finds her father instructing his latest intern, Oliver Flynn as to what to do for the day. He wants the briefing to be completed by the end of the day, saying that he will not be returning home until at least 7PM. This, as he has some business meetings to attend to following his Tennis match . The story then takes us to sometime later in the day, as Adira returns home to find the working intern, Oliver. Adira goes on to say that, what she would do next is something that she does seemingly regularly when it comes to daddy's young male employees. It's then without hesitation that Adira proceed to attempt to get the attention of Oliver, as she bend over, and strip out of her white cotton panties in front of him. Oliver is hushed, as he obviously can't believe what he sees. Adira, knows exactly what she is doing, as she goes on to retreat to her bedroom. Thus leaving Oliver with her moist panties. Panties, which he quickly slips into his pocket. Adira is then seen in her bedroom, changing into a sexy suit of lingerie. This, as Oliver is seen making himself a cup of coffee. However, it is at the same time that it is revealed that Oliver just can't shake what he had seen earlier. The sexy young, teenage daughter of his boss stripping down right before him. He chooses to relive this moment by his deeply inhaling her scent from her panties. Adira, eventually makes her way into the living room, positioning herself, sprawled out on the couch, when she calls on Oliver to join her for what she calls a "lunch break". Adira acknowledges just how hard that Oliver has been working for her father. She also says that she notices how he looks at her. She acknowledges that he has some self-control. But at the same time. she says that she bets that he wishes that he could just bend her over, and move her panties aside. It's at this moment that she does just that. Moving her panties aside to further tease him, before finally inviting him to get a taste. It's then that Oliver goes in between her spread legs, going down on her, as a sexual encounter between the two of them begins.

The action begins with Oliver going down on Adira first, before she take charge to momentarily ride his face from the position. This is followed up by she returning the favor. going on to suck Oliver's cock while using her discarded pair of panties as a device of manipulation. After the blowjob, comes reverse cowgirl, as Adira sit back on the cock, to first ride and bounce on it, prior to Oliver eventually taking charge to fuck deep and hard. It causes she to squirt, after which, she goes on to taste on the cock for a time, before it is next on to standard cowgirl. It's more of the bounce and grind, before Oliver once again digs in deep and hard. A brief moment of again sucking cock would bring things to doggy next. A position that sees Oliver eventually half straddle to pound deep. The action is then to missionary, before the hard fucking from here, taking things lastly to standard cowgirl, once again. Not lasting long from here, Oliver lasts until he must cum. The scene ends with Oliver hitting his climax, shooting his load deep inside of Adira, effectively ending the scene in a nice creampie.

The Review //
What does, one being a sex god, a cock penetrating one's belly button, as well as another being one's cream filled donut, all have in common, you might ask? Well, the answer is that, although a variety of things, they all happen to be just some of the things that female performer, Adira Allure happens to mention, as she is fucked during this scene. An energy-filled sex scene with VIXEN MEDIA contract boy, Oliver Flynn.

Yes, in the storyline driven scene from VIXEN.COM, titled simply "Tennis". Adira portrays a spoiled little rich girl, on account of her father being a highly successful lawyer. The mentioned sport of Tennis, just so happens to be a favorite pastime of she and her dad. It's also after the day's match, that the curious cat, Adira finds herself alone with her father's latest cute young intern. Of course, the opportunist Allure takes full advantage of said situation, and it's obvious that she has done this before. It's after teasing he by pulling off her panties rather seductively in front of him, that the proverbial stage is set, if you will. This as soon, Adira emerges from her bedroom dressed to kill in a hot suit of lingerie, which she says that she picked out specifically for Oliver.

This is of course the start of the sexual fling between the two performers, and I have to say that I found that things here got off just right. I loved the way that Adira, slowly, and methodically teased Oliver, as she reeled his character in. Her positioning on the couch, was just sexy. Her feet up on the couch as she prop up on them, spreading, and touching herself between the legs. Adira simply has a pair of the most welcoming blue eyes that I have ever seen, and her talk, which is playfully dirty, is enough to make any man fall hook line and sinker. It is only the start, but boy is it seductive. Things would then continue with Oliver of course, going on to go down on Adira, as her panties are pulled to the side. Oliver begins things by tonguing, and sucking at Adira's clit. Yet her dirty talk once again comes into play, as she urges Oliver to stick his tongue up her pussy, in those exact words. Things would get that much more interesting, as we see Adira essentially ride Oliver's face from the seated position, as she thrust into his face. It's really hot, I have to say - just watching her cram his face full of pussy. It's obviously a good time for her, and because of this she eagerly goes on to next return the favor, as she get Oliver's cock out for some extracurricular activity. It's here that we see her proceed to slowly work on the dick. She even goes on to employ her previously discarded white pair of panties, wrapping them around the shaft, before she does the same to Oliver's balls. It is a moment during the scene that is definitely visually appealing. It's almost as if it is like a little girl playing with her dolls. Adira just has so much fun with cock, and it shows. After some time there, we do see Oliver get to his feet, and Adira to her knees. It is during this time that came one of my favorite views of the scene. It comes as Oliver is seen fucking Adira's face ever so slowly. While he does so, he has a hand underneath her chin. This, as he guide her into his cock. Meanwhile, she gaze up at him with her beautiful, sparkling eyes. It's next however, that Adira is back in charge, as she tells "good boy", Oliver to have a seat on the couch. It is from there that she goes on to straddle him to sit down on the cock to ride it in reverse cowgirl. The scene stays with that, as the position sees Adira maintain control initially for a short while, as she both grind and bounce on the dick steadily. It's hot as she keeps up the dirty talking during this. She mentions riding Oliver's dick like a roller coaster, and otherwise she wanting him to "hit her spine" with his cock. This arousing dirty language, making way for Oliver to eventually pick up the pace, fucking the pussy hard as she urges it along. After some false happenings, the hard fucking, does so happen to eventually lead Adira to squirting orgasm, to which she is quick to lick up, and suck from the cock next, as things go to another blowjob. Only, this one being self-tasting. It's after this that Adira is again on the dick. However, this time in the reverse variation of the previous position, as things go to standard cowgirl. She first sitting upright, before her weight is leaned forward, while Oliver works up a pace, to pound her deeply. A close up view of the camera soon shows Oliver also spreading her ass in the process of this. Another visual moment comes when Adira follows up again by cleaning the cock with her mouth. Now, it is a rather simple detail, but I just really enjoyed the look of Adira keeping one leg propped up on the couch, while being on her remaining knee as she suck cock. It's just a nice look, rather than she being on both knees while doing the act. However, next up, Adira wants the cock again. When Oliver obliges, she says that although it has not been long, his dick is so good that it felt as though it was an eternity that she was waiting to feel it once again. It's this, as the action go to doggy. A position that would see Oliver go on to take up an increasing pace, getting faster and harder over time. Yes, he eventually half straddles Adira from behind, as he soon go harder and faster, as his female counterpart begs him for more. She definitely likes what she feels here as she regulates Oliver as being a "sex god" during, and she being his "Aphrodite". It's the type of action that once again sees Adira squirting again. And speaking of squirting, we see much more of it in the next position that features Adira on her back, as it is to missionary. next to last. It's from this position that Oliver steadfastly pumps his long cock deep into Adira, while she fuel him by mentioning just how wet her pussy is. It is also during this period that she gives the hint that she wants nothing more than for Oliver to cum inside of her. It was so hot that she referred to it as a "white explosion". Fuck yeah! It's from this position of missionary that we see Oliver keep it up, fucking the pussy, up until he nearly loses it. It's at that moment that Adira quickly instructs Oliver to let she ride him once more. She then again saddles up in standard cowgirl. And it is from this position, that it isn't long before it is all over. This being as Oliver fucks steadily, until he erupts with a nice big load deep inside of her, just as she asks. The scene then finally comes to an end with a happy Adira wearing a big grin on her face, as the hot, white remains drip from her pulsating pussy.

When it comes to this scene, I have to say that I really enjoyed it. The opening storyline segment was a nicely played one. A storyline that was nicely acted by the performers. This is especially true when speaking of Adira Allure, who seems to have had a lot a fun with her given role of a spoiled, and privileged teen. Her line delivery is very good, especially when it comes to the in-scene dialogue. She does a fantastic job here remaining in character for the entire length of the scene. In fact, many of her words here seem to have been pretty much made up on the spot. If this was indeed the case here, it's quite impressive, how she was able to keep with her character and have it all make sense, while she having her pussy drilled. I did mention a few of the naughty things which she in fact speaks here, yes, but I could possibly fill the whole review midway, had I listed each and every thing she happens to say. Her dirty talking is pretty brilliant, if you ask me. She was saying things during the sex that I did not expect to hear out of her. Things like calling Oliver a sex god, or near the end mentioning how her character had wrote in her journal about she wanting to get with Oliver, and also how she had been wondering how big his cock was. All of the talk was just so nicely fitting, and truly additive of the action. The action itself gets harder over time, and as a bonus we have quite a bit of squirting seen here. I found this scene to be one of high energy and much communication. Two crucial ingredients. Again, I enjoyed it a good deal, and it is because of this that I would definitely recommend this scene to you. Both performers come together to create a very nice scene overall. Adira Allure is definitely a performer that you should be watching. She definitely brings it here in this scene showing great skill when it comes to dirty talk. However, with that said. the beautiful thing about Adira is that, although this scene is one of much energy. This is only Adira at about half of her potential, which is the remarkable thing. If you have not seen her previously, what I mean by this is that she is definitely capable of, and has more of a liking to getting much more hardcore than what we see here. Keep in mind that this is only one of her holes being pounded! 

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