Neighbor With No Tan Lines (2020)

by - September 12, 2020

Starring: Nikki Sweet // Tyler Steel
Directed by: Tyler Steel 
Runtime: 42 mins.

Scene Breakdown //
In this scene, ever since Tyler Steel's parents have let Nikki Sweet and her mom rent out the side space of their lavish home, which is located on the water, every day around the same time he has been getting quite a show from young Nikki. Because, as it turns out Nikki is quite the exhibitionist. On this day, Tyler happens to be ready however, as he is armed with his camera hoping to capture her every move, as he hides in plain sight. Tyler narrates his video as the time of day comes around, and it is like clockwork that Nikki appears, and is prepared to relax under the sun. Tyler first watches as she takes to a hammock to lounge a bit topless, as she keeps her pink bikini bottoms on, up until this point. However, as things progress Tyler watches as Nikki also remove those as well. This, as she contemplates getting in the pool. Now with Nikki fully unclothed, we see her go about lounging in a chair in the pool. It is at that time that, Tyler feels that he should seize the opportunity, and approach his unsuspecting target. He then goes around to where she is located, before finally approaching her. Nikki cannot believe it. She is startled by the fact that Tyler has been watching her the whole time, as she believed that she was all alone. Tyler confront she about being nude in the back yard, saying that everyone could see her - all of the neighbors, including himself. Nikki then goes on to stress that she believed that she was alone, in her effort to tan without getting Tanlines. Tyler then moves in for the kill, as he threatens to not only tell her mom what she has been doing, but also his parents, as well. This of course, having the possibility of she getting kicked out of the residence. Further taking advantage of the situation, Tyler goes on to propose a deal to Nikki saying that she knows exactly what he wants. Nikki confirms this, as all it takes is one look at the bulge that protrude from underneath Tyler's shorts. To escape being found out, Nikki quickly agrees to what Tyler has put on the table. This, as a sexual encounter between the two of them get underway, as Nikki dropped to her knees to suck Tyler's cock.

Positions Seen //
- standard cowgirl(x2)
- reverse cowgirl(x2)
- solo masturbation
- missionary(x3)
- doggy

The Review //
Today, I'm back at TEAM SKEET for a review for a scene taken from their series "POV Life". It is a series, as you probably guessed, which focuses on scenes of a POV shot nature. In the scene, we have a storyline featuring Nikki Sweet and Tyler Steel. Per the storyline, Nikki Sweet is Tyler Steel's new neighbor, if you will, having she and her mom rented out a space at Tyler's huge pad. As it turns out, Nikki is quite the nudist, who likes to take it off by, and in the pool. It's prime ingredient, which prompts Tyler to spy on her. It is because of this, that we the viewer are afforded the chance to get a bird's eye view of Tyler's voyeuristic adventure, as we essentially peek over his shoulder, as it all unfold. Here, we find Tyler spying on Nikki, as she lounge about the pool, as she is soon fully nude. It is this sight of this real-life Barbie as he calls her, that gets Tyler quite excited in the pants. Enough to urge him to get the courage to approach her in the bare. It's from there, that the storyline goes on to feature one of the classic plot devices. Of course, it's here, that Tyler has caught the young tenant in the nude. For Nikki it is a rather compromising position. One, that she surely does not want to get back to Tyler's parents, and additionally her mother. Because of this, Tyler indeed hold it above her head, in order to get what he wants. And of course, we know exactly what he wants as the viewer. When it comes to this storyline, I have to say that going into it, I didn't know exactly how much fun and enjoyable it would be, but I gave it a shot. And it is a chance that in the end, I have to say that I am really happy with taking. This storyline was quite fun, actually. I did like the way that it progressed on. The material with Tyler and Nikki, as Tyler plot to get inside his tight young neighbor. But for as much as the storyline was enjoyable for me, as I went into the featured sexual encounter, little did I know that I would soon find something even more worthwhile.

To open up my talk about the sexual content of the scene, in a few words, I just have to say that this scene overall is a really nice accomplishment when it comes to the POV element. Man, this was a really good scene! The sex begins, with Nikki quickly agreeing to Tyler's stipulation, as she get on her knees to suck him off. It's during said act that Nikki goes on to display tremendous skill in the art of cock sucking. The camera maintains both an overhead POV view, along with a view from the side. I really liked the camera work's showing here, as it steadily capture Nikki's gaze into the camera, as she look up with her big beautiful eyes, as she go to work. Nikki is really great at engaging with the camera, as she is fully aware of who this content is for. Us. The act of fellatio is rather lengthy, as she work over the cock. Initially, she has a single-handed grip on the cock, as she suck in a concentrated manner. I really liked the way that she did things here, as she basically use her mouth as a tool while jerking Tyler off with it. Beyond that, the position also features a brief time of Tyler also fucking Nikki's face back. Following the blowjob, would come the position of cowgirl, as we see Nikki go on to squat down on the dick to ride it. It's here that we here are faced with even more good-looking stuff. I just really loved the way that the camera followed along during Nikki's act of squatting. We are right there with she, as she sits on the cock, and we see it go all the way into her tight pink slit. Immediately following, this she gets down to business, bouncing steadily on the cock, as it deeply plunges into her. The camera, going on to gauge her reaction, as it pan up during the bouncing. There is even a time here that sees Tyler go on to gain authority, as he fuck hard and fast. It is then again that the camera does not miss a beat, as it then zoom in on the penetration as Tyler slams into the pussy. The view from here is immaculate, as we see Nikki's beautiful pussy fucked hard for a brief period. This being before that quickly go back to Nikki bouncing. During this, you just have to like the look of pleasure upon Nikki's face. Her beautiful eyes focused, and her expressive lips curled as her teeth are in grit, as it helps her endure. After this, Nikki wants Tyler to do some work, so he has she reverse herself, as the action then go to reverse cowgirl soon after. It's from here, that we see Tyler fuck the pussy, while also spreading apart Nikki's buttcheeks, so that we may have a better view of things. After, Nikki is back on the cock, sucking it, before the action then go on to take place in the pool. Things from the pool, begin with a great show of masturbation, as Tyler has Nikki lie back in her pool chair, to pleasure herself. It's from here, that she goes on to spread her legs wide in the chair. This, as she touch herself, rubbing her clit in a circular motion. I have to say that, personally for me, this was one of the key moments of the scene. Boy does it ever look good. Nikki just lying back and freely getting herself off, is just hot to witness. As this plays out, her rubbing gets quicker and vigorous. She is on a mission. A mission to get herself off, and soon she does. As she soon sends her bells chiming. We see her eyes roll back as she twitch. So sexy. Almost immediately, Tyler is then in control, as he positions Nikki on the edge of the chair as soon, the action take to missionary, right after her hard orgasm. This is another great view here, as we see Tyler move on to fuck at a quick pace. This, only improving in speed and tone over time. What a great position transition this was - From out, and inside of the pool. The next order of action would see them leave the pool, eventually bringing things to doggy. It's from here, that Nikki is positioned on a long reclining chair of some kind. In the position, Tyler of course, takes her from behind. This, as we have a straightaway POV view of the action. Tyler fucks the pussy steadily here, with the view again being, as Nikki's round butt is pushed out towards the camera. Eventually, the camera would pan back a small amount to be able to capture Nikki's reaction as she is fucked. It's at this time that we see Tyler also simultaneously spread Nikki's ass to dig in deeply. The position would also feature a very nice high overhead view from the camera as well. The two of them then stay with the chair, as the positioning sees Nikki next on her back, as we once again see missionary. Only from this location. It is again a moment of missionary which sees the camera really honing in on the penetration, and in my opinion it is just glorious. What a great view of, Nikki's pussy. Complete with a low trimmed bush, it's a view that Tyler just can't help but to talk about himself. This position offered some really enjoyable, close-range action. Here, Tyler really drills the pussy hard, prior to the action then going on to the next phase. However, not without Tyler first having Nikki taste herself on his cock. The next phase then would then see the two taking the action back to the edge of the pool, as Tyler is on his back for Nikki to ride once more. Here, it is in the same order that she rode previously. First, taking up standard cowgirl, before it is then to the reverse variation of things, beginning with the dick, again taking the deep plunge. The camera, also resuming its vision of the close penetration at hand. It's next when the action goes to the reverse position that I have to say, things took an interesting turn. Things are just looking great as they begin in this position, with Nikki planting her feet to slam down her plump ass on the cock. Yes skin smacks skin here, as Nikki bounces at a quick pace, while her pussy is pounded hard. This is followed up by she relaxing for a bit, reverting back to the positioning on her knees. However, the scene would not finish out without she making a return to the stance on her feet. What a way to finish things up as the view is here, seeing as Nikki is leaned forward in said position, as Tyler goes on to fuck deep. The sight to see her, is he spreading apart Nikki's ass. In doing so, he gives us, the viewer, a choice view of the ongoing penetration. Everything here, being in the clear. I just loved the way that Tyler proceeded to slowly pull his cock in and out of the pussy. This, as we essentially see it swallow all of the cock, as Tyler reaches his goal of being balls deep into Nikki. It's just great stuff I had a smile on my face for the entire position, as I felt that it was a brilliant way to end things. This moment was truly a highlight of the scene. It is of course that we soon would go on to finish the scene out. They soon briefly return to missionary for a third time, During this, Tyler fucks Nikki to another orgasm. Simultaneously, this would also lead Tyler to jerk his cock, with the end result being Nikki's face catching a heavy load. And it is with this, this scene leaves on a very high note, as Nikki receives a very nice facial.

When it comes to this scene, I have to say that it is one of those scenes that just comes as a surprise. When I went into it, never did I expect the scene to be this good. The scene is a fucking great one, actually. The premise/storyline here is straight to the point, and fun, with the keyword being the latter here. And then there is the sex. First of all, it is a sexual encounter that is very nicely captured via capable and steady camerawork. The camera work here is obviously practiced and not just done up on the fly. Here, we have crisp, clean views. Not to mention that the one holding the camera(who I assume was most of the time, Tyler Steel) knew exactly where to put it, at just the right time. I mean, here, the stuff that we see up close is just fantastic. Quite a few moments of very nice panning, in addition to there being a lot of penetration/vagina shots. I for one, really enjoyed the many views of Nikki's beautiful, and obviously tight pussy as it was being stretched. This is essentially a very tightly wound collection of many well captured positions and views. I really enjoyed it. Both Nikki and Tyler should be really proud of their accomplishments with this scene. It really is great stuff to see, and it is because of this fact, that I do not hesitate to recommend it to you. Nikki Sweet is really fucking hot, and if you happen to be a fan of POV scenes, then this one is a must see, for sure! 

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