BlackAmbush: Jane Rogers (Sept. 19, 2020)

by - October 22, 2020

Starring: Jane Rogers // Isiah Maxwell
Directed by: ExCoGi Steve // Jay Phoenix 
Runtime: 1 hr. 31 mins.

Scene Breakdown //
At the beginning of the scene, Jay finds himself driving along dirt roads, as he go to pick up the latest BLACK AMBUSH victim, a young, newbie starlet by the name of Jane Rogers. It's as Jake continues to drive that we are treated to a series of pictures that Jane submitted prior to the shoot, on-screen. Jay finally reaches his destination, a ranch where Jane lives with her boyfriend, along with his parents. It isn't long before Jane goes on to meet Jay, as she is accompanied out by her boyfriend. This according to Jay, who is quick to make a joke about Jane going off to fuck a stranger. Jane is carrying a duffel bag, one that she calls her "stripper bag". Yes, as it turns out Jane is a stripper. However, due to the recent Covid 19 outbreak, she has not been able to go to work at the club. And so, she decided to go into the next best thing. That of course being full-fledged porno. Once in the car, Jane and and Jay go on to engage in conversation. We come to learn that Jane first had sex at 14, and ever since then, she has been a bit of a nympho. She says that she likes having sex in various places. She talks about how she and her boyfriend go off on an ATV, and have sex in the middle of nowhere. In another story, she details the time, during which she and a friend, who later became her girlfriend for a time, went on sort of a "Tender hunt" as she calls it. This, as the girls would each have a different guy every day - and Jane herself, sometimes two. Jane confesses that she has probably had sex with about 80 different men, in her young, 22 year life. Her craving for sex, obviously insatiable. It is at that point that Jake goes on to take advantage of the situation, as he asks Jane, whether or not she happens to enjoy giving head. She does. In fact, it is her very favorite thing to do. Jay goes on to ask, if she would like to suck his dick. It's from here that she does not hesitate as she soon go in on Jay's cock. Jay is quite surprised by Jane skill in giving road head. Jay goes on to employ the view of a smaller camera, which he goes on to place behind Jane. Thus, giving us a nice view of her ass, as the front view, of course details the act of giving head from the front. As this, continues Jay would go on to reach around the back of Jane, to pull her panties aside to get a feel of her tight young pussy. It would be after this, that he would have she to remove the panties, prior to he surprising she with an Hitachi vibrator, shortly after asking if she enjoys masturbating. It's from there that we see Jane go on to use the toy on her clit. It's after a lengthy session, that the toy manages to send her to orgasm

It is then that we would soon would go on to the next step of the scene, as the cameras are turned off, until the two of them reach their destination. Once inside the hotel room, Jane is still under the impression that she is to have a scene with Jay. However, that is of course, not the case. They start by shooting a series of photos of Jane, prior to talking about the preparation for the scene. Jane who is allergic to both latex and silicone has brought her own lube. This lube that the two directors say is okay for she to use. It's at this point, that Jay does his best to lure Jane into the bathroom where of course they have Isiah hiding out. However, their initial attempt fails, when Jane reveals that she has brought her own towel. It is then that Jay goes on to ask for a towel of his own, which of course would see she spending time in the bathroom. Once she enters the bathroom initially, she is not aware that Isiah is even there. However, once she turns around, she finds Isiah staring right back at her. She is of course at first, a bit startled, However, she soon goes right in, by touching Isiah's cock, as he grants she permission to play with it.

Positions Seen //
- doggy(x2)
- standing cowgirl (x2)
-missionary (x2)
- cowgirl
- modified cowgirl
- spoon

The Review //
After featuring her at BACKROOM CASTING COUCH, as well as EXCOGI, all that was left, was to feature starlet, Jane Rogers on the network site, BLACK AMBUSH. The website that features performers thinking that they are in for one type of scene, but instead getting something much bigger. Bigger, by means of a big black cock. Only on this occasion, we are in for double the treat. That's because, prior to this scene, a big black cock, was something that she had never had! That's right, Jane thought that she was to simply shoot a scene with the director, Jay, but she would instead, be crossing off a first from her list. As with all of the scenes from BLACK AMBUSH, it's all about the surprise. The scene begins in the car, during the ride back to the destination, where they were to shoot the scene. However, it is during this time, that we not only have Jane confessing to being a nympho, with an insatiable sex drive, she also sucks Jay's dick, with no hesitation whatsoever. However, once the two arrive at the hotel room, the stage is set, as Isiah waits in the bathroom, with his dick on hard. The reveal coming, as Jay asks Jane to fetch a towel. As Isiah go on to reveal himself, Jane is startled, however, not hesitant to take Isiah on. In fact, they get things started right away, as Isiah has Jane take to her knees.

It's during this that we see Jane demonstrate tremendous deep throating skill. This, as she does the seemingly impossible, as she take Isiah's cock all the way down. This was truly amazing. Here, we see Jane essentially conquer Isiah's huge cock, having no gag reflex. She does that shit with ease. What a sight to behold! We even see Isiah go on to fuck her face, with his dick crammed all the way in. The cocksucking would then continue on, with an overhead POV view of Jane's work, as she's soon work over Isiah's cock and balls. It's also during this time, that we see Jane go from a single handed stroke, to a double-handed one. It would be next however, that we would have our first instance of penetration. This, as the action go to doggy, with Isiah taking Jane from behind. In the beginning, we are treated to a very nice overhead view from behind, as Jane's ass looks great. It would cut to a view from behind, until we  are finally greeted with a very beautiful view. It's here that we have split screen, we both have a view from underneath, as well as one from the side. Personally, I really enjoyed the split screen effect, as both views from here were great. Especially the one from underneath, as we have a close up view of Jane's red bush, and her pink pussy, as it endure a steady fucking by Isiah. Next up, following this Isiah would go on to lift up Jane, to take things up in standing cowgirl. It's from this position, that we see he go on to deeply Hammer it deeply. After the deep fucking from there, it's missionary on the bathroom counter, before we go back to standing cowgirl, one last time. Only this time, Jane's legs are over Isiah's shoulders, as Isiah give a much harder pounding than before. Isiah then carries Jane into the bedroom, lying she on her back, as missionary would be seen again. An overhead side view is again beautiful in split screen, as we see the penetration, as well as a reaction of the performer. I really liked the easy flow between cuts. No matter the angle, or split screen that we see here, we do see Isiah go in deep. A very nice view from overhead would see Jane briefly leaned back to take the deep fucking, before it is back to standard missionary. Next up, Isaiah would be on his back, as we see cowgirl. However, it is not just any cowgirl. It's during this, that we see Jane on her right foot, while taking a knee on the other leg, as she essentially half straddle Isaiah to ride. It's here, that we see her be very sexy, as she slowly grind on the cock. It's during this, that we get views from the front, as well as the back. With the latter, detailing the penetration. Following this, doggy would continue, with one major modification. That being as Jane leans all the way forward, to allow Isaiah to apply a choke hold onto her, as he otherwise, nail her pussy deep and hard. It would next once again be doggy, as Isaiah take her from behind. Initially, he does the in and out himself, but he would soon include the use of the Hitachi, as Jane train it on her clit, as Isiah continue to fuck her good. It's after this, that the doggy would continue, and progress with Isaiah going on to half straddle the ass to go deep within Jane's pussy. It is again that we once more have a very nice looking split screen. One is focused on Jane's face, while the other having a close up of the penetration, as Isiah continue to go steady and deep. What a very nice view this was of the ongoing penetration in close up. I just loved it! After this, we have a really unique moment. This, as the two performers, basically take a break. During this, time we see Jane, lie on her side, and is sprawling. All of this, as she goes on to essentially make love to Isiah's cock. It's an instance where once again, Jane goes on to prove herself as being an expert dick sucker. It's during this time, that we see Jane casually hold the cock, as she lick around the head. She briefly also tongue on the shaft and also suck on Isiah's balls. This however, with that seen, it would be on to reverse cowgirl. It's initially, that we see Jane sit upright, as she only allows the tip of Isiah's cock to go in. Here, we also see, a little hip grinding. This soon transitioning to a reverse cowgirl set up, which sees Jane leaning forward, only to slam her ass back on the dick at a steady pace. However, this would become much harder, as Isiah assists her, as he slams her back as well. The two of them would next go to spoon thereafter. This would be a position that would be just Isiah pounding Jane hard, with both she having her legs open wide, or tightly closed. As we continue, a nice moment is when the camera would briefly, and again, close up on the penetration. . For the rest of the position, we have a view from the side, as well as one from overhead, as the scene once again, utilizes the split screen effect. It's from the position of spoon, that we see Isaiah go on to dig in deep, as he keep a consistent, steady pace going in and out. It's at that point that the two of them would then discuss where Isiah is to cum. Jane confidently says that she wants it all over her mouth. So Isaiah goes on to oblige. He quickly jerk his cock, as he hover over, to squirt a load, aimed at her mouth. Some of which, overshoots. What comes next would be a replay of the end of the scene, as well as of course, a bathroom confessional. This as the two directors have the female performer go in to wash up, and then give their thoughts on the experience of the scene that had just occurred. It's here that we see Jane gush about the day's events, while wearing her beautiful smile. This being shortly before she shower and things come to an end.

What an amazing scene this was! It is yet another great scene from BLACK AMBUSH. A site, that I have become such a big fan of. And it's all because of scenes like this one. Personally, I just love the concept. First we have the act of surprise of course, and then it's all down to the well captured, and well performed sex. When it comes to the latter two attributes, this is yet another scene that has both. Prior to this scene, I had been seeing Jane on Twitter often. She seems to be well liked by fans already, and this scene definitely demonstrates why that is. Jane's craving for sex really is insatiable, and it shows. The scene, as I stated above, begins with Jane sucking cock in the car, on the ride to the hotel. This, then followed by she getting herself off with an Hitachi. All of it hot. However that would only ,prove to be merely a warm-up for what was to come. The sex between Jane and Isaiah is just fucking fantastic. This, starting in the bathroom right away, shortly after the ambush goes down. We have positioning, with great camera footage, via several cameras, and from several different angles. My favorite moments from the bathroom, were when Jane was able to essentially deep throat all of Isiah's long cock, without gagging at all. This, as well as the two instances of standing cowgirl. Of those, I thought that it was just so damn hot. The multiple ongoing camera angles, just do wonders for a viewer's eyes. And this was just the opening bathroom segment! Once we get into the bedroom, we continue to see Jane railed, deep and hard in a number of positions. There is a variety here, that is coupled with unique views, making for an exciting viewing experience. Isiah truly handled business here. He has to be without a doubt, one of the very best male performers in the business currently. I really do enjoy watching him do his work. Here, Isiah gives it to Jane nice and good, and she takes it in stride. All while having a smile on her face, for the most part. 

To wrap this up - this is a scene with much energy and enthusiasm. With this scene being a little over 90 minutes in length, with about an hour of that devoted to the sex, it may very well seem to be a lot to take in at first. But let me tell you, it is a scene that is well worth the time. The camerawork and the energy here, being just amazing. It is with that said that I definitely, and wholeheartedly recommend this scene to you. I have a feeling that Jane Rogers is here to stay, for as long as she so shall choose to be! 

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