Secret Agent Stepdad (2020)

by - October 16, 2020

 Starring:  Emma Hix // Tommy Gunn 
Directed by: 
Runtime: 32 mins.

Scene Breakdown //
In this scene, Emma Hix hasn't seen her stepfather Tommy gun in a little over a year. It is via narration that she go on to explain that Tommy is in the military, and is a secret agent. She says that her mother says that he is a regular James Bond - minus the accent. Emma says that Tommy has been away on some sort of secret mission. Somewhere exotic. She also goes on to confess that she has a crush on him, saying that he is so hot. She cannot help but to touch herself when she thinks of him. She goes on to do so, as she unbutton and unzip her tight denim shorts. Prior to she sliding them off, along with her panties underneath. It is then, that she proceeds to touch herself, as she stare at a picture of her stepdad on her phone. Soon enough, the rubbing of her clit, transitions to the deep fingering of her pussy. However, just as the pace of her finger banging begins to pick up steam, she unexpectedly finds herself interrupted, when who would arrive home? None other than Tommy himself. He has arrived to pick up Emma, as the two of them are to go away on a camping retreat in the desert. This,to spend some quality time together. Emma hurries as not to keep her dad waiting, as she quickly get dressed, and then head out. Both Tommy and Emma load up in Tommy's huge military grade vehicle, and then head out to their destination. Once arrived, the two of them find themselves all alone out in the middle of the desert, as the two begin to set up. After doing so, we see the two of them start things off by having a great time, riding up and down the sandy hills on an ATV - with Emma seated at the back of Tommy, who drive. It's next however, that the two of them engage in a little shooting, and it is much to Tommy's surprise that his stepdaughter Emma has not lost a step, when it comes to her aim with a firearm. He says that she knows how to handle a weapon. It's a compliment that Tommy did not know would spark up the sexual tension between he and Emma. But indeed, it does. This, as Emma asks Tommy if she may handle his "weapon". Tommy is a bit shocked when then, she reaches down and grabs his manhood. Nonetheless, Emma moves rather quickly, by getting right down to business, as she go down on him to suck his cock, right then and there.

Positions Seen //
reverse cowgirl
doggy (x2)
standing sidefuck

The Review //
MY FAMILY PIES, the site from the NUBILES PORN NETWORK, that not only deals in taboo, in-family sexual relations, but also creampies, presents to us, this fun, and adventurous scene, featuring the ever-rising starlet, Emma Hix and long-standing porno vet, Tommy Gunn. Here, Tommy is the step dad, to Emma's stepdaughter.  It is via the story told, that we learn that it has been some time since Emma has last seen her stepfather. More than a year, to be exact. It's because of this, that Emma is eagerly awaiting some valuable father/daughter time with him. Especially seeing as she has a secret crush on dear old dad. Just the thought of him does wonders to set her off. The father/daughter time that she so crave is upon she, as she is set to spend the weekend with Tommy, out in the desert - just she and him, his huge truck, and other toys. For she, it is the opportune time to make a move. It's a move that she has dreamed of for awhile now. However, little does she know that her father, also has similar feelings toward her as well. We the viewer, learn of this via well played audio narration, which plays over the footage, as the two are in Tommy's truck and are on the way to their weekend destination. It is here, that we hear the inner thoughts of each character. First, beginning with Emma, and then to Tommy. Emma is heard admiring her stepfather's big, veiny muscles, before then pondering about the size of his cock. And then likewise, Tommy goes on to confess his sexually-charged feelings towards his stepdaughter. This, very brilliantly setting the stage for what was to come soon. It's after this, that we go on to progress with the story. Once the two of them arrive at the destination, we see Tommy and Emma go on to set up shop, if you will, before going off, riding on an ATV. It's then on to shooting guns. Something that Emma proves to be really good at. It is after the fact that the brilliance of the storytelling continue on. Tommy admires the way that Emma happens to handle a weapon, this as the story smartly goes on to add Emma going on to ask her dad if she may handle his weapon. And we all know what "weapon" that is! What an excellent transition in the story. This, as Emma then goes on to show her dad exactly how she would handle a big, thick weapon such as the one that he is packing in his trousers. Tommy plays off of this well, character-wise. This, as Emma goes on to go to work on his dick.

It's very nice work indeed. Personally, I loved the way in which Emma proceeded here. For most of the action seen here, she has a no-handed approach, as she take Tommy's cock deep into her throat. I like the way that the nice camerawork went on to showcase Emma's skill. The camera approaches in a way that shows Emma taking virtually every inch of him down. It would also feature some face fucking, courtesy of Tommy, as well as some handwork additionally from Emma. But it is certainly the no-handed cocksucking, that really had me hooked from the beginning. I would very much be hooked for the remainder of the scene also. Next up, the action would then take to the back of Tommy's big truck, in the flatbed trailer. The camera is at a side view, as Tommy is first on his back. Emma goes on to straddle him for a round of standard cowgirl. Emma's Jordan-clad feet, are here planted firmly, as we see her then proceed to slowly bounce up and down on Tommy's cock. Boy, oh boy, was this an amazing view to take in! The high height of Tommy's trailer, giving us a likewise ideal height for the camera to capture the action. At the start of the position we have a great view that shows underneath Emma, as her pussy take dick. This, as Emma slam herself down for a time. This being Prior to Tommy then taking over to jab his cock in at a quick and hard pace. The camera would then journey to the back a bit, to showcase, also her ass from here, as it bounce. Let me tell you, Emma's ass looks absolutely phenomenal, as it slams down, while she take the cock, balls deep. This is followed up by Emma, once again going on to briefly suck Tommy off, before she once again straddle him. This time however, it's in the position of reverse cowgirl. It's from here, that Emma has her legs spread widely, with her feet still planted firm. From this position, we once again see her bounce on the cock. She looks great doing so. However, she looks even better, when Tommy goes on to eventually throw it back, keeping with his quick and steady pacing of in and out. The focus from here, being Emma's deliciously pink pussy. After the reverse cowgirl, come some 69 soon after, and it is yet another moment of very nice deep throating by Emma, who manages to take Tommy all the way down to the base. To follow up, Emma and Tommy would then go to the position of doggy. From here Tommy takes Emma from behind as she bend over to be dicked. It's after a brief moment of Tommy eating pussy from behind, that the doggy position, would progress to continue, as Emma goes on to be face down, and ass up. It would be a short time later, that during this, that the camera would take the most beautiful view of the penetration in close up. The most excellent thing about this, would be that the camera surprises us, as it stays in this close up view, not even budging, as Emma would go on again go to suck the dick. Not only this, the close up does remain, as it next go on to the missionary position with Emma on her back. So here, we have three separate transitions captured via a single camera angle that has no cuts. Just one continuous shot. When I tell you that this seamless transition between the three was absolutely beautiful, I am not hesitating whatsoever. This is something that we hardly ever see from any porn production ever - the long, continuous shot in close up. I have now reviewed hundreds of scenes during my now five-year tenure, and I am not so sure that I have ever seen anything like this. This alone is only one of the reasons why this scene will remain in my memory for who knows how long. I give major credit to the director, who was also likely running this camera. You just don't see this type of thing. I'm simply amazed by it. The action from here, would then pick up, as the camera then switch to an overhead view, as missionary continues. The view from here is nice once again. This, as Tommy proceeds with a steady pace of fucking. I also enjoyed the added fact that Emma herself lifts her butt up off the ground, as this go on, as she enjoy taking what Tommy is giving her. Emma however, next would want to be fucked while standing up. This would see Tommy oblige to doing so, as the action would then take to a standing side fucking position. Our view from here, is in the reverse, as Emma's ass faces the camera, as we see the penetration of her pussy. And yes, again it does look nice from here. What a great view it is. I liked the fact that we see Emma put her foot up in the netting, that Tommy has in the back of his truck. It's so hot. The only regret that I have, is that we did not get a view from the front as well, while this position was going on. I know that they took a photo from the front, as it is the one that they use on the website as a thumbnail for the scene. However, when it comes to the actual video footage, we don't get a frontal view of this particular position. The rest of the action surely excuses this, but it would have been a nice addition. The scene goes on to then finish out, after this as Emma and Tommy then decide to make a return to missionary. However, it's under very different circumstances. This, as Emma patiently tells Tommy to cum inside of her. It is a development that Tommy does not hesitate with, as he go on to fuck Emma at a steady pace, before building himself up to cum, and then doing so. The action from the back of the truck then concludes, as we see Tommy deposit a nice, warm load deeply inside of Emma. It is exactly what she wanted, thus pleasing her. So much so, that we see her go on to spread apart her pussy, as the camera zoom in to show her pushing out Tommy's seedly remains. However, if you thought that that was the end of the action, think again. That's because soon after this, Emma and Tommy go out to use the shower, which is located at the side of the truck. It's there that Tommy, still hard, goes on to again fuck Emma from behind in doggy, as the running water rain down upon them. It's brief but it's kind of sexy, and it leads to Tommy once again shooting a load. 

When it comes to my reaction to this scene, only one word immediately comes to mind, and that is "incredible". What an incredible fucking scene this was. It's truly a scene that really caught me by surprise. Going into this one I just assumed that it would be the typical, fun little vignette-driven thing. And while it is exactly that when it comes to the storyline portion of the scene, the sexual encounter to which it leads, makes it amount to so much more than that. I had so much fun with this set up of Emma and Tommy portraying stepdaughter and stepfather respectively. This, coupled with the exotic location, and especially the use of Tommy Gunn's own vehicle. Yes, the vehicle used in the scene, actually belongs to Tommy himself. I really have no idea what kind of truck it is, but it has so many bells and whistles. It's like the Swiss Army knife version of a truck. Whatever the case may be, it happened to be a tremendous asset to this porn scene. It ended up being simply the best set piece, in each and every way. Not only was it first different than anything else. It also provided an avenue for the director to expertly capture the sexual positions in a way that was very, very appealing. Each and every position here just looks absolutely amazing. I mean, each and every one of them. Truth be told the action here was so hot that I had to pause and take a break from the scene at one point. Both Emma and Tommy should definitely be applauded for their performances here. Emma is just a picturesque beauty, as she performs here with Tommy. I especially enjoyed the opening round of the cowgirl position, which saw she plant her feet to slowly slam down on him. Her ass looking just fantastic during this position. While Tommy on the opposite end, delivers the best performance that I have seen from him in quite some time. Definite chemistry between he and Emma is apparent here. There are so many things that I did enjoy about the scene. So much so that I can go on and on about it. However, I will instead cut myself short by saying that this is a scene that I absolutely, in no way hesitate to recommend to everyone. It's also that I say that this may very well be my favorite scene to have reviewed this year Which of course says a lot, given my output. You should definitely check this one out for sure!

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