Nikki Sweet Fucks In Order To Get the Babysitting Job (2020)

by - October 02, 2020

Starring: Nikki Sweet // Ryan McLane
Directed by: King Razor
Runtime: 38 mins.

Scene Breakdown //
The scene sees Ryan McLane and his wife in the market for a new babysitter for their kids. It is something that they are doing jointly. However, the wife has given Ryan the final say in the decision. The scene finds Ryan interviewing a third candidate for the job - one Nikki Sweet. Nikki is new in town, as she has just recently moved, in order to attend school next semester. She has come into town early, as a way to make some money during the summer months, and it is with one look at her resume that Ryan finds herself to be highly qualified for the job in question. This, as Nikki has lots of experience working with younger children. After the interview portion, Ryan, of course, goes on to show Nikki around the house. He shows her the children's rooms, then followed by a room that the two parents have designated for she for the nights that she must stay over, and so on. Nikki seems pretty pleased with the room. It is here, as Ryan is introducing she to said room however, that he receives a call from his wife. Ryan tells his wife that he is in the process of interviewing Nikki. That is of course when the two spouses begin to talk about the previous candidates. Especially one that the wife seems to favor. It is at this point that Nikki, overhearing the conversation, begins to tease the married man, Ryan. She begins to touch herself, both at her breasts, and down below, from underneath her skirt. During this, Ryan does his best to maintain his composure. He goes on to mouth to Nikki that he is married. This, while subsequently showing she his wedding ring. However, that is nothing to stop Nikki, as she continues to pour on the seduction. She first gets her perky tits out. However, that is not all, as she goes on to unbutton and unzip Ryan's pants, and next pulls out his cock to suck. We then find Nikki on her knees, slowly sucking the married man's dick, as she is very determined to secure the job.

Positions Seen //
- stand up doggy
- missionary
- cowgirl
- reverse cowgirl
- doggy(x2)
-lazy dog

The Review //
For today's review I take a look at another scene from NAUGHTY AMERICA. In this scene from their series called "I Have A Wife", Ryan McLane is the married man in question, and he's looking for a new babysitter. The quest for a caregiver for their children was supposed to be a joint effort between he and his wife. However, in the end it is but one candidate who turns that all around, when it turns out that she is down to do whatever possible to get the job. That candidate being portrayed by Nikki Sweet. The stage is set for a sexual encounter between the two, once Nikki learns two things: the wife favors someone previously interviewed for the job. And secondly, the wife has left the final decision in the hands of her husband, Ryan. From there, Nikki is essentially on a mission to ensure that she herself gets the job. It's during this conversation with his wife, that Ryan finds himself having his dick sucked right then and there by the babysitting candidate. It is, but only the start of a very high energy sexual romp between them. 

When it comes to the storyline portion of the scene, I have to say that it is executed quite well. I really love the dynamics of the story, from the subject of hiring a babysitter, to Ryan's interview of Nikki, and what it eventually amounted to. The way which the storyline developed into the sexual side of things, was just great. I thought it was so fucking sexy, how Nikki slowly teased, and otherwise reeled in her prey. It was just so steamy!

The sex begins with Nikki administering a blowjob. She is first on her knees, as Ryan sit on the bed to receive. But eventually, Ryan is up on his feet, as things continue. This also including he fucking Nikki's face. The next transition I really enjoyed seeing. It would be as the two performers go into the very first position. That being stand up doggy as Ryan take Nikki from behind, while subsequently, pushing her up against a dresser. It's from this position that we see Ryan maintain a steady pace, with his in and out increasing in speed, as he palm at Nikki's ass. This view in particular, was just so hotly intriguing. We would next see Nikki on the bed, as she lie on her back with her legs open. This, as Ryan goes on to demonstrate amazing cunnilingus skill. Things from here look great, as Ryan just goes to town with his mouth and his tongue. Nikki's clit being his target. He is really good at this, and Nikki's reaction to it, is more than enough proof of that. As is the fact that he is successful in bringing her to orgasm as well. It's after the fact that things next naturally transition over to missionary as Ryan then go on to penetrate Nikki. It's from here, that we see Ryan fuck in several stages. However, the storyline has a nice plot point, when Nikki goes on to suck Ryan's wedding ring off of this finger and spit it out. This was a very nice moment for the storyline. I liked seeing these two performers keep their characters in mind for the scene's entirety. It would seem that Nikki doing so had an effect on Ryan, as he just went on to fuck even harder than before. It's here that we see Ryan completely drill the pussy at a quick pace. It is at this moment also that we see him apply a chokehold around Nikki, as he pound it in. This is enough action to make Nikki once again come to hard orgasm. Again, this is scorching stuff. Next up, we would see both of them on the bed. Ryan takes to his back, as Nikki go on to straddle him to ride the cock. The position is a combination of she bouncing upright on the dick, and also Ryan plowing her deep and hard, as she lean forward to take it. The key moments of this position was definitely the times that Ryan fucked the pussy hard and fast. Boy, what a sight Nikki's nice round butt jiggling is! Things would continue with the position then reversing, as Nikki take to reverse cowgirl, as she once again straddle with her legs spread wide. The view is also good from this position as well. Especially, as we see Nikki's pussy from here slammed down hard on the cock. It's action, so good that we get the sense that Ryan could barely hold back his nut. This, as the action has to stop abruptly for Nikki to go on to once again suck his cock. But it is soon after this that Ryan says that he wants to fuck Nikki some more, and so the reverse cowgirl from there, recommences. It is from the return that we see Ryan then go on to fuck the pussy good and hard, with a quick in and out. The next order of business for the two, would be doggy, as Nikki is seen, next face down and ass up. Ryan begins with the straightaway, but quickly changes to a half-straddle approach to fucking. His pacing from here, is steady. However, in my opinion, things became most interesting, once the doggy turned to the lazy dog variation of the position. It's there that we see Nikki lie flat on her stomach, with her legs close together, as Ryan go on to straddle atop of she, and pound the pussy by thrusting forward. Here, we see Ryan pound it in deep. This positioning would soon graduate for a brief time of Ryan performing the push-up method, as he really slam his cock in. But, before it is all said and done, we are then back to standard doggy positioning, as Nikki is then on her knees, as she get it from behind. It's from here that Ryan is able to maintain his pacing, as he finally builds himself up to climax. The scene comes to an end, with Ryan jerking his cock to shoot a load, aimed at Nikki's open, and eager mouth. The storyline of the scene then comes to a close, with of course, Ryan calling up his wife to say that he has hired Nikki for the job. This, as he tells his wife that this decision is final, and that he does not want to hear otherwise. This setting on course for the two, he and Nikki, to have this type of sexual fling more often. This was a great end to an otherwise very energetic sexual outing. I love the fact that they threw in the little detail of the last babysitter that the wife hired, stealing Ryan's watch as being the reason as to why Ryan has the final say this go around. What a nice way for the story to come full circle.

What a really enjoyable scene this was! From the storyline, to the sex. It all came together very nicely, to be a memorable one. The storyline itself was fun. As I said above, I really like the way that Nikki ended up seducing Ryan in the end, in an effort to persuade him to give she the babysitting job. The way which Nikki teased him, before ultimately going on to suck his dick was amazing. I also really liked what Nikki was wearing here under her skirt. A rainbow striped onesie top, with snaps at the crotch. It was just so sexy, once she started to come out of it. Which was gradually. Of course after Nikki services Ryan, it's up to he to reciprocate, and that he does. I actually found Ryan's pussy eating work here to be second to none. It's just great(Everyone should hire this man!). It was really nice watching Nikki as she squirmed and shuddered, on the verge of, an after cumming. The missionary that would follow, demonstrated action that would mirror for the rest of the scene. The scene consists of lots of action that is nice and hard. You could almost say that it is even a little bit on the rough side. Ryan puts in tremendous work here. And to Nikki's credit, she does very nicely in encouraging, and aiding him along. She telling he how much she enjoys taking his big dick, or have deep he is and so on. It is all essentially fuel to the fire, if you will. As for Nikki Sweet herself, she is just damn hot. This is actually the second scene in which I have reviewed her, and I must say that I am quite taken by her. She is just glowingly sexy. Her presence during scenes being undeniable, to say the least. She also happens to make some of the sexiest faces during sex that I have seen. The way she grits her teeth as she takes it deep, just makes the viewer want her themselves.

It is with that said, that I would say that I highly recommend checking out this scene. It's a scene with much energy and enthusiasm. Two attributes that come across easily on-screen. I love action like this! 

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