She Loves The Hustle (2020)

by - October 22, 2020

 Starring: Winter Jade // Jake Adams
Directed by: 
Runtime: 35 mins.

Scene Breakdown //
As Winter Jade would explain, she's all about the hustle. She is all about the money, having gone through hundreds of men in the past. She simply goes in, does the deed, gets what she wants, and leaves. She says that she never thinks about any of her clients the morning after. However, this day would be an exception to that. The scene begins with Winter, freshly coming out of the shower, and it is when she finds the wallet of last night's conquest, that her mind begins to race, as she reminisce about the night before. She says that she met this guy on a dating app. She says that she was very surprised to find that he actually looked like the picture that he posted on the app. She continues, as she says that the two of them, subsequently met for drinks, and that led to kissing and touching. This prior to they ending the night by going back to his place. As Winter remembers the vivid details, we the viewer, are treated to the visuals, as the scene so plays out before our eyes. We see the two of them come through the front door, as they engage in passionate kissing. It's at that time, that Jake tells Winter that he usually does not do this on the first date. Still Winter insists, as she push on. Jake then tries to disrupt the situation by saying that he has a girlfriend who will be home soon. However, not even a girlfriend will stop Winter's pursuit, as she hike up her skirt, and place Jake's hands upon her pussy.

Positions Seen //
- doggy
- cowgirl
- spoon

The Review //
For this review, I review a scene from NUBILE FILMS titled, "She Loves The Hustle". In the scene, Winter Jade, portrays a woman who knows exactly what she wants. And what she wants is money. She enjoys the hustle side of hooking up, and getting exactly what she wants. It has become a way of life for her, as she continues to go through hundreds of men, in an organized fashion. She has essentially disconnected herself from the men that she hooks up with. The scene poses the question, what exactly happens if Winter just so happens to enjoy a certain connection made with a client? She is faced with this when she just so happens to find her previous client's wallet on her bathroom counter. She had retrieved it from his place, the night before. Finding said wallet, causes she to reminisce about her experience with it's owner. The wallet being the catalyst that would present, the previous night's happenings to us. Though this storyline-driven portion of the scene is all but brief, it is in that time that it manages to effectively set up for the sexual encounter. When it comes to the overall idea, I have to say that I really liked it. It was kind of like Jake, the man in question's wallet, telling us the story. Of course, similar has been done before elsewhere, but I do like the idea, and how it was presented here. Very elegantly. And speaking of elegant, also is the sexual hookup that would follow.

The production values of the sex scene are very high, and very slick. This, as the visuals are crystal-clear. Of course, the sex gets underway as the two of them go over to Jake's place following a date, made possible by a hookup app. The passionate kissing, would eventually lead to Winter sucking Jake's cock. I liked the way that the scene had Jake's character sort of hesitant in the beginning, thinking of any excuse he could, to get out of the initially awkward situation. Of course, none of the excuses work for him, as Winter is fast at work. When it comes to Winter's cock sucking skill, I have but one word. Phenomenal. This girl can really suck a dick! It's here, that we see she stroke and suck, while also gripping it. This single-handed approach, would soon double up, as she soon has both of her hands around Jake's cock. However, this is not before she go in and also suck on Jake's balls. At one point, even managing to cram both of Jake's balls into her mouth. I also have to come to mention that there is a lot of spit involved in this play, she even goes on to use it as lube, as she continues to stroke the shaft. After this, is when the two of them then take to the bedroom, where the rest of the scene would play out. Things in the bedroom start with a long stint of Jake going on to pleasure Winter, as she lie back, eventually holding her legs back, high and wide for Jake's taking. And that he does. He begins by licking up Jade's pink pussy, prior to going on to slowly insert some fingers from there. As this progressed, Jake would go on to build up a nice rhythm, as he finger-bang the pussy hard, eventually driving Winter to orgasm. The big thing here during this, is of course the eye contact from the two performers. Eye contact in a sex scene is valuable sometimes, and this would of course be an apt occasion. I loved the connection via the eye contact. And personally, I also enjoyed the nice footage of Winter's feet as well. She's of course petite so, her feet were often in frame, as she had her pussy treated right. Next up, Jake would continue to treat the pussy nicely, as Jade would turn over. This visual was absolutely fantastic, as Jade go on to lie flat on her stomach, with her legs left wide open. Jake then come in from behind, burying his face into her ass and pussy. It's so damn hot, as Jake, tongue at her ass, and then her pussy. Additionally, also fingering it. This view is just great. Winter's ass just looks amazing. For the next order of business for Jake, would remain behind Winter. As he again take her from behind. This time in doggy. It's a position, which sees Jake starting off slowly, before eventually, and and finally, settling into a pace, which sees him go deep and hard, at a swift speed. Winter just loves the way she is fucked from here, as Jake pound away at her pussy, and one point, pulling back on her hair for leverage. This position would both see Winter flat on her stomach, and also on all fours momentarily, it's again something that lasts for a good amount of time. However, after this, the action would then switch to another position. That position being the cowgirl position, as Jake is on his back. This, of course setting up for Winter to sit on his cock. It begins with Winter, supporting herself, as she prop up on her hands while leaning back. She go on to steadily bounce on the cock, moving it in and out. It's this action that would soon also see Winter go on to slowly grind her pussy on the dick. This in particular, being really sexy, if you ask me. All of this would continue next, as Winter go on to lean forward, as she looks directly into Jake's eyes as the two of them communicate. This as she is fucked during. Again, this scene was, and is, all about the connection between the scene partners. The next position after this, would see Winter and Jake take to spooning. It's here that Jake would go on to employ an increasing pace over time. This, urged along by some dirty talk by Winter, as she tell Jake to get deep into her, and for he to use her pussy. This would see Jake improving his pace, going faster and harder, as he get balls deep. The end of the scene would be near next, as Jake would go on to lie back, with his back facing the camera. It would be from here that we see Winter, take to cock sucking once again. This time, she is concentrated, as she is determined to get the cum out of Jake. It's with this, that we see she briefly work over the cock, in good fashion. Also making his balls a priority. However, altogether, it would soon lead to Jake reaching climax, which was the ultimate goal. This has he end up letting loose his load directly into Winter's mouth. It's an occasion where we don't even see the cum, as Winter swallows it, right away, thus leaving no evidence. This was definitely a very nice finish as is. However, my personal preference would probably had liked to have seen a popshot, or at least a sign of evidence. But that's just me.

When it comes to this scene from NUBILE FILMS, I must admit that I did enjoy it for the most part. Up until now, it has been a long while since I had reviewed from this particular brand, as I felt that the scene that I last covered, was just far too short with nothing to build upon. But in the case of this scene, things are definitely different. Here, we have a very nice idea, and plot device, as well as a great sex scene that follows. It is presented quite well on-screen. I like the way that Winter's thoughts about the guy belonging to the wallet, led us into the sex scene. When it comes to the sex scene itself, it got underway very impressively, as it first showcased Winter's great fellatio skills. It's when they reached the bedroom, that Jake would have time to showcase his own handiwork, as he go on to nicely eat pussy in return. It would of course lead the action to doggy, and I happened to really enjoy that. I loved the rough and hard nature of it. It was very passionate. This, as Jake go on to really hammer Winter's pussy. This passion goes back and forth. I enjoyed the way that Winter would return the favor, by riding Jake's dick. That slow grind from her. Oh man! However, that eye contact would remind us that the main objective of the scene is indeed the connection between these two performers. Because of this, we find them in many situations that would allow them to engage in deep eye contact with one another. This explaining why the scene ends the way it does, following a round of spoon. This, as we see Winter stare into Jake's eyes, as she slowly, and methodically work over his cock with a purpose. I enjoyed this act, and it looks really good on camera. But as said, I still kind of wish there would have been a visual to signify the end. With this in mind, this is a really great scene for what it is. The action featured is really energetic and passionate, showing great chemistry between Winter Jade and Jake Adams. It looked so good here. My only real complaint would be that I wish that it were longer. It was so hot, that I wanted more of it! A good amount of time is dedicated in the beginning to oral sex on both sides. However, beyond that, the action is fast paced and steamy. Jake Adams is no question, one of my favorite male performers. And on the other hand, we have Winter Jade, who herself is amazingly sexy! Those eyes. That mouth, and everything else. I'm a fan! Check this scene out for yourself. I recommend it.

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