Webcam Invite (2020)

by - October 07, 2020

 Starring:  Jessie Saint // Johnny Castle
Directed by: 
Runtime: 33 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
The scene opens up with Jessie Saint looking cute in a pair of pink and white striped cat-decorated, fuzzy knee-high socks. She is sprawled out on the couch with her legs spread wide as she perform a special web cam show for an audience of one. It appears as though the person on the other end is a loyal supporter, as Jessie begins things by thanking him for a recent gift that he had sent to she. This, as she starts by massaging her clit. She continues by taunting the viewer, saying that they are such a sick fuck for loving to watch her play with her clit. Her self pleasure would then graduate to she sticking fingers deep into her pussy, and moving them in and out at a steady pace. She would then go on to eventually incorporate the use of a flexible purple dildo. It's also during this act that she go on to demonstrate her own flexibility, as she hold her legs high and wide, while making the dildo take the plunge. As things progress, she moves on to a very quick pace, moving in and out of her slit with speed. This, as her pussy is seen visibly creaming. It continues as Jessie soon, and finally fuck herself to hard orgasm. 

The opening masturbatory session with Jessie Saint, I must admit that it is really hot. Totally in POV, it's as if young Jessie is talking directly to us as she get off. It creates lots of sexual tension as she go on to rub her clit even harder and faster, and so on. The camera has a nice sense of awareness as she go on to not only fuck herself with her fingers, but also a long purple dildo. I just love the moment in which the camera gave us an extremely close up of the penetration, just as Jessie's pussy began to oozed with cream. It was so sexy. Just excellent camera. It is then after that we finally move into the main area of the scene

With that, it is the end of the web cam session. However, not for Jessie and her viewer. This, as she goes on to invite the viewer over for a little one-on-one fun. It is soon that Johnny Castle arrives at Jessie's door. This, as he and Jessie, who appears to have been playing video games, as she has a controller and is wearing a pair of cat-eared headphones, go right into a sexual encounter.

Positions seen
- reverse cowgirl(x2)
- doggy
- cowgirl(x2)
- missionary(x2)

The Review //
In this scene from PORN PROS, titled "Webcam Invite", the ultimate fantasy for any porn fan plays out, as Jessie Saint, is a camgirl to Johnny Castle's loyal porn fan. In the scene, Jessie Saint, portrays a camgirl who is putting on a show for one of her most loyal supporters in Johnny Castle. She begins the scene, by talking directly to us the viewer in POV, getting down to business, as she masturbate. The petite Jessie looks really cute here, wearing a pair of fuzzy high socks, as she spread her legs and fuck herself. While doing so, she is communicating directly to someone. However, it is not just us, as it turns out, when a pan out from the camera, reveals that Jessie is actually on her laptop. She is performing a private camera show. Well, we watch the show play out, until Jessie not only cream, she also comes to hard orgasm in the end. The storyline though, would continue with Jessie then still hungry for more, inviting the mystery person over for a little hands-on action in the flesh. Her caller would be one Johnny Castle, and after he arrive, it is a scene that quickly gets underway.

Of course, innocent and passionate kissing would be the start of things. This, prior to Johnny going on to service Jessie as she is then on her back with her legs spread wide for he to take her, as he goes down on her with his mouth and tongue. The camerawork from here is magnificent, as it gives us a clean and crisp view of the proceedings as they happen. I have to say that Johnny here, put in good work with his tongue, and before long we see him working his mouth tongue and fingers, all in tandem. This, as he also goes to shove fingers into Jessie's pussy for a time. It's after this, that Jessie then returns the favor, as she gets to her knees to suck Johnny off. It's from here that we begin with a very nice overhead view of things. Jessie of course, looking up at the camera making eye contact with it, as she take the dick deep into her throat. It's also from this view that we additionally see she attend to Johnny's balls, as she suck them as well. As the blowjob would continue, the view from the camera goes to the side angle. This, would be a view during which, Jessie goes on to demonstrate nice work with her hands, as she cup the balls with one hand, and then stroke with the other. This was very nice stuff to see. Not only that, after this she would go on to employ a double handed approach to her stroking. This, as she not leave any inch of Johnny's cock unserviced. They then follow this up by the two of them being on the bed. Johnny is on his back, as we then cut to Jessie straddling, as she there, take the cock for a ride in reverse cowgirl. The position with which the camera begins with a side angle, soon is seen from a straightaway view, as the camera switches over. It's from said view that we see Jessie steadily slammed down on the cock by Johnny. Much to her delight. While that view was pleasant to me, the next one would be even better. That's because next we see Jessie and Johnny going to the position of doggy. Beginning with an overhead view, we see Jessie on her knees and sprawled, as Johnny take her from behind. It's a position that would go on to show Johnny fuck the pussy at an increasing pace. This view really did look good from the overhead view point. This, as we see Jessie's big butt slam back into Johnny, as he fuck her quickly. And if that wasn't enough, Johnny's efforts would get even more hard, as Jessie puts one arm behind her back, offering it up for Johnny to grab hold of for leverage. And that he does, as he fuck her deep and hard. The camera briefly turns to a ground view of the action, before again returning to the overhead view, showing Johnny not easing up in the least bit. I also like the fact that Johnny and Jessie are then eventually seen hand-in-hand, as Johnny go on to continue to plow the pussy. After doggy is done, it is then to cowgirl, as Jessie once again goes for a ride. This time, as her back faces the camera. It's from this position, that we see Jessie go on to give us an amazing show of riding skill, as she goes on to bounce hard on the dick, riding it roughly. The way that she rode the cock here, is indeed the highlight of the entire scene. My gosh, she nearly rides him raw, and it is action that halts at a slow moving grind, which also looks good. However, that would not be the end of the cowgirl position. as we see Johnny then take over to slam her down. and fuck the pussy steadily. One of the things, besides the action itself that I enjoyed about this position, was the fact that Jessie has a red outlined, heart-shaped tattoo, which reads "the devil made me do it". How great is that to see, as we watch her beautiful ass bounce on a cock?? After this, they briefly return to reverse cowgirl. Only this time, they are positioned in the reverse, as Jessie's back faces the camera as does Johnny. It is loose reverse cowgirl as we see Jessie simply throw her ass back on the cock, while looking back and making eye contact. From this position, eventually however, we see Jessie sitting upright, as Johnny once again pull back on her arms, essentially pulling her into him, as his cock plug deeply. The view would also soon be she leaning forward to once again bounce back on the dick. Like she bouncing upright prior this was a nice sight as well, as we see Johnny's cock come all the way out, only to go back in, once Jessie came down. We next have a return to cowgirl. Only this time, Johnny's back is facing us, meaning that Jessie is spread legged, while facing the camera. It's a position that sees both a combination of Jessie bouncing, as well as Johnny fucking back. It's during the latter, that we see an increasing pace had, as it becomes faster and harder over time. Next up, we see the trademark view of the PORN PROS network. That being the overhead missionary view, as we see the talent gaze up at the camera from the ceiling down. It's action that again improves over time and in speed. It is enough to make Jessie once again cum. I like the fact that Johnny is seen thrusting forward into her as she climax. It's very nice. The next position would be the final one for the scene. They go back to missionary only this time, we are given a lower view from the side, as Johnny once again goes on to work up a good pace of in and out. He goes harder over time from here. This, as we eventually overhear Jessie say to Johnny that she wants he to cum inside of her pussy. And it is exactly that, which he works himself up to. This being as, the action would continue a brief moment more, until Johnny must unload. It's then that the scene comes to an end, as Johnny shoot a load into Jessie's tight pussy to officially end things just as she wanted. This, with a very nice looking on-screen creampie. Personally, I was really happy to see that the creampie in question does appear to have been the real thing, and not one faked - this being something that the PORN PROS network is becoming notorious for. Faked creampies just look goofy and silly. But most of all, they look obviously unreal. I subscribe to the idea that, if you can't have a real creampie finish, then do not have one at all.

When it comes to this scene, I thought that this was one that was overall, pretty solid when it comes to the action alone. When speaking of the beginning set up, as I said above, things begin here with a very nice solo masturbation session from Jessie Saint. It was great. The set up beyond that, with she meeting up with a fan to fuck, it was nice too, although very thin in details. It's pretty much to the point exactly, as we go from one stage to the next. Luckily for us however, that next stage would be a round of well captured sexual intercourse, especially featuring a passionate performer like Jessie Saint. This was actually my very first time ever seeing Jessie perform on-screen, although I have been following her for some time on social media. Where she appears to be extremely popular among fans of the industry. I now can officially count myself as a fan as well, as I did really enjoy what I saw here from this cute young performer. The solo session at the beginning got me, and the sexual performance which followed, essentially sealed the deal. I will definitely be reviewing her more in the future to come. With that said, she and Johnny Castle work well here to create a solid scene. When it comes to the dialogue, I'll be honest there wasn't much in that space between these two. There are times that Johnny wanted to say something out loud to Jessie, however he instead reserved it to a whisper. I kind of would have liked to have heard that communication out in the open. But, as I said, other than that, this was a nice looking, solid scene. I know some people don't necessarily like the style of shooting that PORN PROS has, but I have to say that I am a fan. I actually thought that the camera work seen here was very nice and that the scene itself was well captured. I recommend

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