The Horniest Stepdaughter (2020)

by - November 17, 2020

 Starring: Bailey Base // Preston Parker
Directed by: Big J
Runtime:  35 mins.
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Scene Breakdown //
In this scene, Bailey Base's stepdad Preston Parker, has a bit of a problem, as he always seems to run into his stepdaughter while she is masturbating. No matter where in the house that he may be, Bailey is right there, and she's rubbing one out. The scene picks up with Preston catching her in the midst of her latest three compromising positions. First it's in the shower, as she stimulate her clit, using the handheld shower head, then it's in the kitchen as she has her hands down her shorts. And then later, it's in his plant area. It is there, that she has a hiked up  denim skirt, with no panties on underneath. Preston is just confused. He just does not understand why his daughter doesn't do something so private behind closed doors in her own bedroom. It is then that he joins she on the couch for a little talk, about what is exactly going on. Bailey confesses that while yes, she does have the Internet, and access to porn, it just makes her far too horny. This, as she brings up the fact that she has not even seen a penis in real life. It's a fact that Preston has a hard time believing. In fact, she just recently had a guy over. But it was a friend, who Bailey stresses, is just that. The situation between stepfather and stepdaughter is an awkward one indeed, and as a bit of sexual tension builds, Preston goes on to break the ice so to speak, by offering to show Bailey his penis. Of course, Bailey is initially hesitant, being as Preston is her father - however Preston then obviously justifies it by saying that he is "just her stepdad". Things then proceed here with Preston pulling it out, with Bailey subsequently asking for permission to touch herself, while she look at it. As things continue, Preston strokes his cock steadily, as Bailey sit across from him, as she steadfastly rub at her clit. However, this is simply not enough for the horny young girl, as she further inquire, asking if she can lick it. Permission is then granted by her stepdad, but it is quickly that the licking, soon turns to a full-blown blowjob.

Positions Seen //
- cowgirl
- doggy
- spoon

The Review //
In this vignette style scene from BANG BROS, Bailey Base portrays a more than your average horny stepdaughter of insatiable proportion. Yes, no matter what, it seems as though she is always prompted to scratch that sexual urge, if you will. Her horniness is so out of control, that it has become somewhat of a problem for her stepfather, portrayed by Preston Parker who seems to be the one to always come upon her as she is doing the deed for herself. The storyline set up of the scene I have to admit, is pretty funny. I really enjoyed its comedy. Preston's reaction, as he just so happens to discover his stepdaughter once again masturbating, just made me laugh each of the three times that he does so here. It is just that " not again" reaction, if you know what I mean. Well, it is after catching her a third time, after first doing so in his bathroom shower, and then in the kitchen, that he sit her down for a little talk about what exactly is going on with her. You know where that leads to. Bailey confesses to being really horny, despite she never have seen a penis. Preston of course, shows her his, and we are off from there. That in a nutshell, is the set up for the sexual encounter between the two.

Things get underway, with Bailey asking to first, touch and then to lick it. But of course, Bailey just cannot help herself, but to go all the way. This, as she go on to administer a well captured blowjob. We see as she lick along the shaft first, before slowly taking it into her mouth, it's before we know it, that she is fully working over the cock. Slurping, and sucking on it, as her hand also get to work. After servicing the cock, the storyline further continues with Bailey then asking her stepfather if she may then put it inside of her. It's here that the action then go to cowgirl, as we see Bailey then straddling the cock. From this position, we see the action then proceed at a slow and steady pace, as Bailey bounce up and down. This however, would also see she proceed to grind on the cock. It's with this that things have an increasing pace, as she eventually rides the dick hard. Bailey Base, really knows how to ride a cock, and this is great proof of that. I liked that here, the pace was ever-increasing, prior to she grinding on the cock hard, with some very nice hip action. This is followed up by Preston then placing Bailey on her back, on the couch, where the next position is missionary. Preston here, begins with a slow pace, as he is in and out of Bailey with long strokes. But as things progress, so does his pacing, to one quicker. During the position, we have 2 views from the camera. A view from the side, as well as one from overhead. Personally, I really enjoyed the one coming from the overhead POV. It was a great view, with which we saw the petite Bailey in full spread. Unfortunately however, the view from here is brief, as a choice is made to return to the previous view from the side, for more of the same. The action then takes up in the position of doggy as Preston has Bailey position herself on her knees, as they are held close together. It's from here, that Preston then go on to hit the pussy from behind, as Bailey's ass is pushed out and it's looking good. Preston approaches things here with a steady, even pace from the beginning, as we see Bailey's pussy take every inch of him. It's during this, that there is a funny moment, that happens when the in and out, causes Bailey to queef. It causes she to laugh, and it is at that moment, that Preston brilliantly works the occurrence into the storyline. In story, seeing as it's Bailey's first sexual encounter, Preston in character, decides to introduce queefing to the inexperienced Bailey. You know? "this is called queefing..." This was great, and a nice way to make light of the situation, while also working it into the story. Just brilliant. Following the doggy, the action would then quickly pick up to transition to spoon, which would happen to be the scene's final go around. Preston from this position, is still consistent in his steady way of fucking. This, lasting for some time until he builds himself up to climax, eventually. The scene then comes to a close with Bailey getting to her knees, as Preston tells she to get low. It's at that point, that Preston go on to jerk his cock from a distance, until finally shooting his load, as he aims for Bailey's mouth. Honestly speaking, I have to say that I thought this was a terrible finish to the scene. What a really bad popshot this was. The situation saw Bailey not even ready for it. In fact, she even gets choked up. The two of them do their best to play it as part of the comedy once again, such as they did earlier in the scene. However, this time it simply does not work, and comes across as being completely sloppy, and careless by the director. It's on that note that I come to talk about the scene as a whole.

When it comes to this scene, I have to say that I wasn't all too impressed with it in the end. The scene got off to a very nice start with the comedy, as well as the two performers who played it up well. Unfortunately though, that would be the most fun that the scene would be altogether, as the sexual encounter that it led to would leave a lot to be desired by the viewer. Yes, when it comes to the sexual material seen here, there is just not much to it. Like the storyline portion before it, the beginning of the sex does pique interest, as the masturbatory beginning, featuring stepdaughter and stepfather, was actually hot. Bailey Base herself, being hot anyway. She looking at Preston's hard cock, while she rub her clit, was really sexy. Even her blowjob was ok too. I really liked the closeup work by the camera during this moment. It would be followed by, as I said, Bailey then showing off great riding skill from the position of cowgirl. This, before, it all go by the way of normalcy, and dare I say it, "dullness". The rest of the action, is just so routine, and unimaginative. I kept looking for things to improve, and get a little more heavy. Unfortunately, that was just never meant to be. This, as things are this way, all the way to the end. The finale, meaning the really bad cumshot, was just the proverbial nail in the coffin for me. Don't get me wrong, I am really impressed with Bailey Base, having reviewed one of her very first scenes prior to this. She is truly sexy, and has undeniable staying power. She has a great presence on-screen. Unfortunately though, I found myself a lot less impressed with this scene than I am with her. It's because of this, that I have to say, pass on it.

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