It's OK, I'm Your Stepmom (2020)

by - November 19, 2020

 Starring:  Jordan Maxx // Leo Valentino
Directed by: Big J
Runtime:  23 mins.
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Scene Breakdown //
The scene begins with Leo Valentino being interrupted by his stepmother, Jordan Maxx, as he is on the couch studying for an upcoming test that he has in the morning. Jordan has just came back from a shopping trip at the mall, and with bags in hand she says that she wants Leo to take a look at a few things that she has bought, and for he to tell her if he likes them or not. She says that she got some new lingerie that she thinks that his father will love. Initially, Leo cannot be bothered, as he is just too focused on his studies. However, it does not take long for he to find himself pressured into the situation by mom. She says that with his father not interested in taking a look, than he must, as he is her stepson. Eventually, Leo reluctantly agrees. This, as Jordan goes on to then try on the new outfits, beginning with a yellow set of lace lingerie, cutely accented with bows. Leo just cannot believe that he is watching his stepmother change right before him. However, it is something that Jordan stresses is ok, because he is simply her stepson. After that lingerie is tried on and modeled by Jordan, she then goes on to try on the next outfit. This time that being a lacy, white ensemble. Leo looks on, as he comes to notice one thing that startles him, the fact that Jordan's pussy is practically out, as the panties can barely contain it. However, Jordan does not seem to be bothered by it. This, as she go on to try on a third and final outfit. An orange swimsuit thT she says that she plans to wear on the beach. It is then as Jordan is waiting for her stepson's approval, that she comes to notice one thing, that watching she change, seems to have made Leo rather excited, as he sports a huge buldge in his shorts. Leo is of course embarrassed, as he tries to hide the evidence, shielding it with his textbook. But, it is then that Jordan eases the pressure, by assuring her son, that it is a normal thing to have happen. This, as she of course then go on to offer to "help" him with it. It's from there that she go on to get Leo's hard cock out to stroke it. But of course, the stroking soon leads to more than that.

Positions Seen //
- reverse cowgirl
- cowgirl
- spoon
- doggy
- inverted piledriver

The Review //
Today, I'm back again with yet another review from BANG BROS. This time, it is a scene of the MILF variety, as we have two newcomers occupying the roles of stepmother and stepson respectively. Them being Jordan Maxx, and Leo Valentino. This being a vignette oriented scene, the story begins with Leo hard at work, as he study for an upcoming test. However, his study time would be cut short, as he is interrupted by his mom, who has a specific task for him. Having just bought some new outfits at the mall, she wants his opinion on them. Of course Leo first, is unwilling to break from his studies, but Jordan is his stepmother, and what she says goes, apparently. The story then goes on to show Jordan showing off a series of three new outfits. The first two being lingerie, while the final outfit being a swimsuit. For Leo, it's obviously an awkward situation, to say the least. However, Jordan calms the tension, by saying that everything is ok, because after all she is "just" his stepmother. Leo simply does not know what to say, so he does not say anything at all, he just goes with it, and needless to say he is shocked the entire time. This, as he sees his mom's nude body, right before his eyes. The sights that he sees, unfortunately soon causes him embarrassment, when it is noticed by Jordan that her stepson is fully erect underneath his shorts. This of course, being the catalyst to what would be coming next. Yes, another taboo-themed sexual encounter between stepmother and stepson.

It all begins with Leo having his cock out, as Jordan begin by stroking it. This which prompts her to offer up her tits for he to suck. Eventually things would get sexy, as the two remaining in character, as Jordan says that Leo is such a good stepson, while he says that she is the best mom ever, just as she go on to suck his cock. The way which Jordan approaches this, also being a turn on. I really liked the way that she first began things using a no handed approach, utilizing just her mouth, she subsequently would go on to stroke using a few fingers, before going on to use her whole hand, wrapping it around the hard shaft. Additionally, she would also briefly pay Leo's balls some attention. This would then graduate to more, as Leo says that he wants his dick inside of her. This, as Jordan would go on to sit on the cock in the reverse cowgirl position. Things from here, begin with Jordan having her legs sprawled wide, as she proceed to bounce steadily on the dick. The action from here, going on to see a combination of this bouncing, along with Leo slamming her down on it hard, as he maintain a consistent pace. After this, the position would then reverse, as Jordan turn around to ride the cock next in standard cowgirl. It's from this position, that Jordan's body looks great, as her back is to the camera, while she is in an upright position, while bouncing on Leo. There is a moment which the camera chooses to focus on Jordan's face. It's a moment during, that she makes delicious eye contact with the camera. I really liked this moment, as it showed that the newcomer already has an awareness to her. The action from this position, would continue by also showing close ups of Jordan's bouncing tits, as well as her ass. They are great views indeed! Leo would also have another time of sucking on the titties, before it is then on to the spoon position from the couch. It's from this position, that we see Leo nicely take the initiative, maintaining an increasing pace during this set up. Beginning steadily, he would eventually go on to increase the pace to one faster, as he go harder into Jordan. The camera accents the position with a close up view of the penetration, as Leo's hard cock goes in and out of Jordan's tight pussy. I also liked the fact that Jordan maintains her character of stepmom, by saying that Leo fucks her "better than his father". It's so hot. Next, Jordan finds herself on all fours however, as Leo then go on to fuck she behind in doggy. In this position, we see a combination of both Leo fucking the pussy, as well as Jordan slamming herself back on the dick. Leo starts out and then it is Jordan. However next, Leo would then go on to take up hard pounding of the pussy. This, as he go even harder, while pulling back on Jordan's neck for some leverage. Next up, It's the biggest surprise of the entire scene. It's a nice little development as, after this, Jordan says that she this time wants her turn. She wants to fuck Leo now. It is then, that a confused Leo does as Jordan instructs him to do, as he get on the floor. It's then that she goes on to position him in what would be piledriver for a female. Yes, here we see Leo bent backwards off of the edge of the couch, as Jordan soon straddle him, for what I will call, "inverted piledriver". This, being as she then proceed to steadily bounce on his dick from the position, while controlling her own steady pace of doing so. I have to tell you that this was truly a unique position. One that you definitely do not always see in scenes. It definitely surprised me. But with that said, it was a pleasant one. What a look this was, to see Jordan, a sexy female, taking charge, as she essentially use Leo for her own benefit during the moment. The hard-hitting doggy previous to this, as well as the inverted piledriver, truly made for a great ending for the scene, as soon, the latter position, would finally bring Leo to his climax. The scene would come to an end with Leo draining his balls, as he jerk his cock. This, as his hot load go into Jordan's mouth, and drip down her chin.

When it comes to this scene, it is definitely one that was geared towards comedy, and due to the nature of the plot, as well as the acting performances, I felt that it worked fairly well. The storyline yes, is silly. Mom comes home with a few new outfits, her husband will not pay her any attention, so she does the next best thing. She goes and gets it from her impressionable stepson. She even goes as far as to interrupt his studying to do so. Only in a porn scenario would you see this. I thought it was pretty funny. Are Jordan Maxx and Leo Valentino professional actors? No they are not. However, it's for that very reason, that I thought things were that much more funny. Mostly due to Leo's over the top reaction to everything. Especially, his put-on stuttering, as his character becomes nervous. I was definitely entertained by the story. And then of course after the story, came the sexual material, it is a sexual encounter that I thought to be very decent overall, for the time allowed. The sex scene only runs about 19 minutes in length, so from the very beginning you know that things will be somewhat limited. However, it's with that said, that I found things to be good. Jordan Maxx, as I said above, started things off by showing nice cock sucking skill(I loved that no handed approach that she had). She also looked great after that, as she bounced on the cock, in both reverse, and then standard cowgirl. What a great body she has! I especially like her long, tanned legs. Leo would also go on to show prowess, as he fuck Jordan hard in the positions of spoon, and doggy, in that order. It was up until that point, that I say that the two performers had equal balance. However, then came the final position, and as I said above, it was a position that I was not expecting to see. That position sees the rarely seen inverted piledriver position. In which the male talent is positioned off of the couch, as opposed to the female. Yes, it was definitely Queen shit, as Jordan demanded that Leo position himself in this matter, as she took it upon herself to do the fucking. It was extremely hot to see, and was an excellent way to wrap things up, when it came to the action. I enjoyed this scene, especially when speaking about this strong finish, involving the scene's final two positions. It's because of this, and all else stated, that I would recommend this scene. It's definitely a fun MILF offering from those at BANG BROS, for sure! 

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