JaysPOV.net: My Step Sis Dresses Like A Slut (2020)

by - November 05, 2020

 Starring:  Sera Ryder // JayRock
Directed by: JayRock
Runtime: 38 mins.
Check it out here: Jay's POV

Scene Breakdown //
The scene begins with Sera Ryder coming into her stepbrother Jay's room, and waking him up. She has just returned back from the mall. Sera tells Jay, who really can't be bothered, that she has purchased a few new outfits, and would like his opinion on them. Of course, Jay is at first hesitant to do so, as it is his stepsister. However, soon he gives into her request, as a way to shut her up. It's then that Sera goes on to model each of the three outfits purchased. She begins with a peach colored ensemble, that is complete with a crop top, as well as matching shorts. Jay tells her that she looks good in this outfit, prior to she going on to the next one. The next outfit consists of an orange, tight fitting tank top, as well as a short black skirt. Although Jay does like this outfit, he sort of questions she being able to wear it to school, mostly due to the length of the skirt, which almost shows her ass. Sera goes on to stress that the outfit is only for the occasions when she goes out. The next outfit, which consists of a purple tank top, as well as a pair of cut out Daisy Dukes, seems to be Jay's favorite. It is upon having she turn around, as she show off her ass, that he says that there is no way that she could wear this particular outfit in public. He says that the outfit is just too sexy. This, while also stressing for Sera not to take it the wrong way. That she is his stepsister. Though she only really asked him for his opinion, she goes on to push the issue of he thinking that she is attractive. Jay continues to attempt to brush it off. However, what lies beneath his comforter, would tell Sera otherwise. That's because, underneath the blanket on his bed, Jay happens to be hiding a raging boner. By this, Sera is equally surprised, and delighted. Jay though, continues to make up excuses. Sera, however seems to be ok with it. She even goes as far as to offer to help him out with it, if you will. It's of course with that, that the two of them end up in a sexual situation between steps.

Positions Seen //
- cowgirl
- reverse cowgirl
- lazy dog
- missionary

The Review //
For today's review I have a scene from JAY'S POV. It is of course in all POV vignette scene, which presents a storyline, featuring starlet, Sera Ryder, as she portray JayRock's annoying stepsister. It is a simple little storyline, which sees Jay's stepsister coming home from the mall, having bought several new outfits. It starts rather innocently, as Sera simply wants her brother's opinion on her new clothes. Already annoyed to the core, because his sister woke him up from his sleep, Jay eventually agrees to give his opinion on them. When it comes to all three of the outfits shown, not only does Sera find them cute, but also Jay as well. In fact, there would be evidence later, to show that he REALLY did enjoy seeing his sister in such risqué clothing. This would even be the start of the impromptu sexual encounter between the stepsiblings. This, is of course, because as we know, Sera soon comes upon Jay's hard cock, which is hiding beneath his covers. Once Sera comes to find it, she isn't exactly seem to go after him, as she offers to help her brother out with his "morning wood", as Jay claimed.

It would be soon after that, Sera and Jay begin their sexual encounter. This, as Sera first go on to of course, treat his cock. It's during this act, that we see she go on to demonstrate tremendous cock sucking abilities. Not only does she tease the head of the cock, with her tongue, her throat is also ready to take it all the way down. It is also during this, that we see the spit just pile on in glorious fashion. I mean, there is a lot to behold during this. The amount of spit on the cock, not only produces bubbles, but also actual ropes of saliva. Sera is almost like a magician, with the way that she plays with it. After initially sucking Jay off nice and good, Jay would have Sera, go on to remove her entire outfit, prior to she once again returning to sucking for another brief stint. Finally, after getting the cock nice and wet, we would next see Sera go on to straddle the dick to ride it. This, as the camera gives us a straightaway POV view in close-up, as Sera's pussy is essentially right in our face. It's from the position that we see her go through stages of steadily bouncing, and then in between for a short while, slowing things down, to ease the cock into her pussy, and also grind. What a view this was! Views like this are a real treat for the viewer, as they put us right in on the penetration. I loved watching Sera bounce on Jay's dick, all while having a smile on her face. The real standout element here, were the times that she would slow down her pace, and eventually come to grind, as she move her hips, and the cock go in and out. Just how much more sexy can you get? It's following this position, that Sera would briefly go on to taste herself for a time. This, before the action take up in reverse cowgirl next. This, as Sera's ass is then seen front and center, in the POV view. It's from here, that we see Sera and Jay trade off, as it is a combination of heavy bouncing and hard fucking. Again, a worthwhile view is seen here. I loved the way that Sera's ass cheeks clapped, as she either twerk, or was fucked. Such a nice looking butthole! And speaking of her butthole, we would see more of those sweet spokes, as they next go to the doggy position. The view from here, is fantastic, as we have one view, that is kind of positioned at the side, as Jay hit Sera from behind. The position, giving us a great show, as Jay's cock go steadily in and out of Sera's pussy. This, as her ass is spread. The look of her ass is nice and round. There is a moment in between this, during which, Jay repositions the camera directly behind Sera, as we are right in on the penetration once again. It's from here that Jay continues at a steady pace, by also gripping Sera's left ass cheek, for a slight spread. The view from here is also a winning one. However, we would soon return to the side view to finish things out for this position. For this variation of it, anyway. That's because next up, Jay has Sera lie flat on her stomach, while closing her legs tightly together. He then go on to straddle her, to reinsert himself, as he there go on to penetrate Sera's tight little pink. It indeed is a tight squeeze, but boy does it ever look amazing! Personally, I found this particular set up to be the best of the entire scene. It just looked hot as fuck. Not only do we have the tight pussy, but also Sera's tight butthole, as Jay steadily take it deep into her. It is especially sexy during the moments in which Jay has Sera reach back and spread her ass cheeks wide. Her nicely decorated nails, also truly added to the visual as well. After an extended stay here, it is on to the final position of the scene. That position being missionary, as we see Sera on her back to continue taking the dick. The position, first beginning in an overhead view, as Jay keeps a steady pace up. However, soon Jay would take the camera, as he then give us a straight POV view of the ongoing penetration up close. It's from here, and then also as we return to the overhead view, that Jay is able to maintain his pacing. He keeps this up until he eventually has to cum. This, soon prompting him to pull out quickly to jerk it, and unload on to Sera. Sprinkling his jizz all over her stomach, for the finish. In my opinion the combination of both the lazy dog position, as well as the missionary made for a really great, highly enthusiastic ending for the scene.

When it comes to this scene, I have to say that in my opinion I found it to be pretty fantastic in the end. It began with a nice showing of cocksucking skill from Sera, before she went on to ride cock in cowgirl. I'll be honest, when I say that I think that it took a short time to really get up and going. But, once it did, this was a scene that only got better as it progressed. All of the viewing of Sera's nice, tight ass from behind, was just fantastic. I especially enjoyed the lazy dog variation of doggy, as Jay's camera put us right there on the point of entry. It was definitely a beautiful thing to see. This, as that led things to an ending that I felt to be very strong. These two performers brought a copious amount of both energy and enthusiasm, therefore making it an effort that is highly enjoyable. It's with that said, that I highly recommend checking this one out. There is a lot of great visuals to see here, and besides, Sera Ryder herself, just so happens to be pretty damn sexy! 

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