Anal & Atm Fun with Nikole and Sera (2020)

by - December 15, 2020

 Starring:   Nikole Nash // Sera Ryder // Mike Adriano 
Directed by: Mike Adriano
Runtime:  1 hr. 10 mins.

Scene Breakdown //
The scene begins with Mike Adriano, welcoming both Nikole Nash, and Sera Ryder to the scene. When asked how they are feeling, Sera answers that she is "super good", while Nikole is "amazing". The 20-year-old Nikole says that she is going to be fucked in the ass today. While Sera, on the other hand, says that today she is going to be licking the cock that was in the ass, as well as licking Nikole's butthole. Something that she is really excited about, obviously. Nikole says that she is from California, while Sera, says that she is from the opposite side, coming from North Carolina. From there, Mike goes on to ask Sera in particular, if she does happen to enjoy ass to mouth. She says that it is one of her favorite things to do. However, she just does not do enough of it. At one point, he goes on to have Nikole explain to the audience what exactly ass to mouth entails. It's after this that Mike has them reenact some poses that they did for the stills earlier. They both pose, standing side by side, as well as on the couch, soon after. It's after this, that Mike has the two of them come to pose, as they bend over, and stick their respective asses out toward the camera. However, it is just not enough for Mike, who soon has the girls remove their shorts, one at a time, along with their thongs next. It's after this, that he of course, wants to see their assholes as well. They both comply, bending over, giving their ass cheeks, a deep spread. This is followed up by Sera explaining what is going to happen today when asked. This, while she caresses Nikole's ass. She says that Nikole's ass is going to get pounded by a thick cock, while she, Sera will follow, by sucking it all off. Mike then has the girls do one final pose side the side, as they finally get their tits out for the camera. This, before Mike asking the rhetorical question. That is, if they are ready to get started. Of course they are.

Positions Seen //
reverse cowgirl(anal)

The Review //
For this review, I take a scene that is presented by Mike Adriano, and ALL ANAL. It is an all anal free for all that features, one Nikole Nash, and along for the ride, is Sera Ryder. For this scene each of the girls have but one duty. For Nikole she is to be fucked in the ass, while Sera, is meant to pleasure with her mouth and tongue. This, as she suck cock, and lick ass. Two duties that, as we would find, she relishes in.

The lead-in to the sexual material of the scene is brief, as it is merely, just an introduction to the two ladies, along with basically establishing, what is going to go on in the scene to come. We get the names, ages, and their confessions to just how much the two happen to enjoy the acts of anal sex, as well as, ass to mouth. After the girls also do a number of poses for Mike's camera, we then quickly move into the main course. The butt sex.

It all begins with Sera and Nikole lined up side-by-side, as they are on all fours, and bent over for the taking. Mike, goes to one, and then the other, as he tongue at their assholes. However, for me it was like a dream come true, as at one point here, we happen to see Nikole have a try at Sera's asshole, as she go on to tongue-punch it. Seeing Nikole plant her wet tongue into the ass of another girl, is just so fucking hot. This scene could have ended right then and there, and I would've still been happy with it! However, it would continue for a whole lot more. As it is after this, that we see the two girls then go to work on Mike's lucky cock. It beginning with Nikole on his dick. This, as Mike and Sera are busy tongue-jousting, prior to they passionately kissing. However, it is following that, that the two of them would go on to double up on Mike's cock. Nikole sucking on Mike's balls, all while, Sera is busy working on the shaft. Sera is doing great work at that, as she go on to spit on, and deep throat the cock. It's after some time with this, that the two girls switch places, as Nikole would take the cock down her throat, while Sera, of course, takes to the nuts. Mike encourages Nikole to further blow her wad of spit onto his cock, as then things become extra sloppy. After this, the blowjob session would continue on with Mike standing. Nikole is first to have it in her mouth. But soon, it is Sera, as the two of them play nice and share. This,as the girls trade off on duties. I have to say about this blowjob, that it was thorough and excellent work by the two. I mean, after the thing went down, they left Mike's hard cock smothered in their respective saliva. It was essentially like watching a human car wash in action, if you will. I admit that it was pretty amazing! The next order of business to go down, is of course, Mike testing Nikole's asshole. This, as we see she on her back with her legs held high, and spread, leaving her butthole in the clear. Mike proceeds, by slowly inserting his cock initially ,as he simultaneously, oil it down with lube. Sarah begin things for she here, by massaging Mike's balls,in the process. Eventually, Mike is able to pick up the pace, going nice and steady into Nikole's rectum. It's penetration, that soon opens Nikole up, as Mike pulls out and gives the camera the first gape reveal. This is followed up by Sera getting a treat, as she go on to deeply suck the cock, coming straight from Nikole's ass. She says that it is the first time that she has ever done ass to mouth on camera. Mike would then go back to fucking Nikole's ass, before again, feeding it to Sera. This would occur several more times over, as Sarah get involved by sucking Mike's balls, and licking the shaft. This, while he move in and out of Nikole's tight hole. Nikole's gaping ass soon would be wide open, as Sera would then go on to lick it, and punch it. She loves it. She and Mike would trade places, a number of times, following this. You just have to love that during this action, we have Sera being an endless supply of spit, as she drool on the cock, while Nikole is fucked by it, proving that natural lube, can be key. It was so hot, watching her strings of spit, just raining down on the cock, the way that it does here. As Mike goes back and forth between the girls, we notice at Nikole's butthole is ever-growing to a big gape. And it's a gape that Sera's tongue, gladly dives into soon enough. We finally have a position change, as Nikole would be seen riding the dick in cowgirl. She begins with riding hard, at a quick pace. However, Mike yields her, as this makes he almost cum. She would then continue at a slower pace of riding. As the cowgirl would continue. We would see ass to mouth, as the cock would come out, and go into Sera's cock-hungry mouth. This would also see she sucking on Mike's balls, as Nikole return to riding steady. Watching Nikole's big, round ass, just bounce on the dick, as it's packed full, as well as, Sera receiving ass to mouth, is just nasty excellence! This would continue on for awhile more, before things change up, and go to doggy after. It's a position that sees Nikole on her knees, with her ass pushed out. This, as Mike lubes up, and punctures her asshole, once again. Now, his dick going in much easier, as Nikole has achieved a nice looking gape. Sera would once again, supply more spit, in addition to the lube from Mike, as well as suck on a narrow dildo in the background. She would eventually however, go on to taste Nikole's ass, again moving her tongue in and out, as she punch it. She even goes on to drool directly into Nikole's gape, at the suggestion of Mike. And this does look good on camera, in my opinion. It's after, that the anal from doggy would occur a little while more, as we see Mike applying even more lube to said situation. Sera would also get her tongue involved, one last time before the position again changes. I have to say that in this doggy position, that Nikole's ass looked spectacular. However, with that said, her round booty would look even better in this position that was to follow. That position being reverse cowgirl, as Nikole's back faces us. Nikole just looks amazing from this position, as Mike has she hold her legs close together, while she push out her ass, while bouncing on the dick. Boy, does it look good! She definitely has some bounce in that ass of her's! As she would ride the dick from here, Sarah would of course bring the spit, and Mike again, the lube. Mike would even go out and in,between Nikole's asshole, as well as Sera's mouth, as she get a big serving of ass to mouth. All of this continuing on, until Mike says that he is about ready to cum. From there we see the two girls trade off on sucking Mike's cock, before it is to Sera sucking the dick, as Nikole swallow Mike's balls whole. It's enough to push Mike over the edge, as he soon comes to climax, shooting a nice load, aimed at Sera's face. Following this, before we see the scene come to a close, we watch as the girls have fun, as they swap the cum between one another, until each of them swallow half of the load, for the finish.

Man, this was one great scene! Truth be told, I had not reviewed for ALL ANAL prior, so I wasn't sure how the three-person scenario would play out. However, now that I have seen this, I have to say that I am a fan of the approach of the majority of the scenes on the site. Here, we have one female performer who is designated for one job while another girl, has duties of her own. In this case, we have Nikole Nash as the "catcher", if you will. She's the one who eagerly takes the dick into the ass. While Sera Ryder, on the other hand, is one designated to deal out oral pleasure to her two scene partners. With this scene, I found there to be an equal balance of sharing between the girls. The way that they just worked over Mike's cock with abandon, was just great. On that note, I am not quite sure that I have seen so much spit on a cock in my life! These two deserve to be applauded on this alone! However, with that said, there is more work than just that. We of course, have Sera taking lots of ass to mouth, with no hesitation whatsoever. Prior to the scene taking off, she went on to say that ass to mouth, as well as eating ass, are two of her favorite things. She wasn't lying in the least bit. And then when it comes to Nikole taking the dick, as well as riding it, as it pummel her asshole. What can I say about this? Nikole, is just fantastic overall, and this is just another example as to how. Watching her take the dick, as well as monitoring her facial reactions, are both two of the most enjoyable things to see here. At several moments in the scene, it was apparent that she was really loving what she was receiving, as she is seen with a cross-eyed look, as well as a single look of disbelief etched upon her pretty face. The riding on the dick, with it in her ass, is a spectacle in itself. Nikole's ass, just looked incredible, as it bounce on the dick in standard cowgirl, as well as reverse cowgirl following. The latter position, would bring things to an end. Thus, extending a great clinic of butt sex. With that said, this was a scene that I  really enjoyed, despite not knowing that I would, going into it. I actually enjoyed it a lot more than I could have possibly expected. Nikole Nash and Sera Ryder, are two performers that are simply great together, when working in tandem on one single cock. Here we have lots of spit, ass to mouth, deep fucking, as well as near premature ejaculation. It's definitely a great time, and it is because of this, that I would definitely recommend this one. It's a scene that is almost as packed as Nikole's ass, with wall-to-wall, wet and sweaty anal action. Be sure to check it out. I do have a feeling that you will not be disappointed!

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