Rim Like You Never Rimmed Before (2020)

by - December 08, 2020

 Starring:  Bailey Base // Jimmy Michaels 
Directed by: 
Runtime:  30 mins.
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Scene Breakdown //
Jimmy Michaels has a problem. The problem just so happens to be his stoner roommate Bailey Base. Not only is Bailey a stoner, she is also a bit of a slob as well. This is the fact that Jimmy unfortunately comes to find after being away from home for a week. He comes home to find that things are a mess. Especially, when it comes to the kitchen. Dishes strewn everywhere, he just cannot understand why Bailey seems to be comfortable with leaving the things as they are. Jimmy had already planned to study with a friend, but unfortunately now he must stay behind in order to clean up Bailey's mess. It's during a conversation with that friend, as Jimmy explains the situation, we see that simultaneously, Bailey who has been sleeping all day, wakes up, only to masturbate until she cum. However, it would not be the end of her horniness. That's because, sometime later we see Bailey come up behind Jimmy as he is washing dishes. Bailey surprises him by pulling his pants down, and it is of course at that point, Jimmy is more than a little confused. However, he would soon come to realize what Bailey is up to. This, as as she go on to plant her tongue up her roommates ass, and proceed to rim him good. Initially, Jimmy finds this weird, as he just cannot believe what is going on. However, as things progress from here, Jimmy basically comes to submit to the pleasures given to him by Bailey's wet, and horny tongue.

Positions Seen //
- rimming
- cowgirl
- reverse cowgirl
- missionary
- doggy

The Review //
When you have a roommate, you're both supposed to split the workload when it comes to housework - right? Unfortunately, that is just not the case when it comes to Jimmy Michaels roommate in this scripted scenario, Bailey Base. Here, Bailey is basically a hippie/stoner type chick. She's living free, while sleeping and masturbating the day away, all while in the kitchen, the dishes pile up. Jimmy has a rude awakening, when he returns home to find that his careless roomie, Bailey, has failed to clean up behind herself, for the entire week that he's been gone. However, he is not shocked, as he soon go into cleaning mode, putting his studies on hold. Well, while the mess might not have been surprising to young Jimmy, what would soon occur would be, as Bailey would soon approach he from behind, pull down his pants and proceed to give him a surprise rimjob. I definitely wanted to talk about this moment in the scene, beginning as the catalyst for the sexual encounter, that would follow. I felt that the way which this was captured, was absolutely brilliant, and also unexpected. Here, as we see Bailey go to town on Jimmy's asshole, we see the standard footage of Bailey's tongue traveling in and out, enthusiastically. However, it's additionally, that we have another point of view, as the camera would cut to awesome, fish-eye camera type footage, which represents the inside view of Jimmy's anus, thus showing the presence of Bailey's tongue, as it go in. This was just great stuff. Sure, they could have just said "this is porn", and went on. However, they chose to add some artistic flair to the proceedings, and as someone who pays close attention to detail, I appreciated it. And that is not all, as things continue from here, I was also one to take notice of how Bailey also treated Jimmy's cock and balls from behind, as she stroke the former, and suck the latter. It's after Bailey get in a good rimming on Jimmy, that her sexual craving, next switches over to Jimmy's cock, as she soon then administer a blowjob. It's from here that we see Bailey handle Jimmy's dick with skill. Not only does she spit on and lick the shaft, we also see she take it all the way down to the base, as she deepthroat it. I liked the way that Jimmy was here, quick to notice just how nasty she is. This as he say that her blowjob is "sloppy". After this, things progress, as we see Jimmy place his apron on the floor, as he then position himself on his back. It followed up by Bailey straddling to ride him. Here, things are slow to get started, but soon they do, as it's a combination of both bouncing and grinding from Bailey, and fucking back from Jimmy. I liked the moment during this, that we see Bailey just grind away on the dick, as well as how Bailey would sometimes look back at her gyrating ass, as she does so. It was hot. And speaking of "hot", hot would also be what would occur next as the position graduate to show Bailey's legs spread wide, and her feet planted firmly on the floor, as then slam her pussy down hard on the dick. This, as it takes it balls deep. The next position would be reverse cowgirl, as we see Bailey go on to literally spin on the cock next, as she reposition. It's from the position that Bailey's pink panties remain pushed to the side, so that her pussy can take the cock. It's from this position, as she continue to bounce steadily, while Jimmy himself, also eventually come with a steady pace of his own, prior to the action then moving on to the next set up. That set up being on the kitchen counter. This, as Jimmy, while in character, asks Bailey if she wants to be fucked on the mess that she's made. Bailey is game, of course. The is a position is missionary from here. It's this position, that would see Jimmy, going on to finally put forth his best effort and work, during the scene. This, as he go on to work up to an increasing pace, eventually going harder into Bailey's pussy. This, as she pleadingly urge he to pound her. And that he does. This particular position would be an extended one, as the camera not only capture the act of Jimmy banging the pussy, but also, Bailey's reaction to being plowed. I really love Bailey's expressive face, especially her eyes. Being honest, it is something that has got me to return to her work, as this is already my third time seeing her. After a nice showing of missionary from the counter. The two then return to the floor. This time, with Bailey on all fours, as she is face down and ass up. The camera approaches this position in a very nice way, with a good-looking overhead view of the happenings. It beginning with Bailey throwing her ass back on the dick, as we watch on, as her pussy swallows the dick. Bailey loves it. However, soon Jimmy would reciprocate, as he fuck her nice and steady. It's during this, that the camera go on to give us an excellent close up view of the penetration, As it's trained on Bailey's opening, as Jimmy continuously stuff it with his cock. From here, he would soon pick up a harder, and quicker pace, as Bailey would beg for Just that. It's with that however, that the scene would finish out, with Jimmy working himself up to climax. The scene coming to an end with Jimmy standing over Bailey, jerking his cock, and shooting a load into Bailey's cock hungry mouth for the finish. Bailey loves what she has just received. This, as she giggles, and gargles the jizz.

When it comes to this scene, it is one that was definitely fun for the most part. When going in, it was definitely a scene I was looking forward to. This, as I expect big things for Jimmy to come, in his still early career. That, and because, on opposite side him being Bailey Base, a young and fairly new performer herself. Jimmy definitely has the appeal with his undeniable younger appearance. He's definitely going to get a lot of work, and he already has, as he has already signed an exclusive contract with Brazzers. A feat that, you have to admit, is super impressive. And when it comes to Bailey I have become a big fan, and have enjoyed watching her work. Not only is she very nice to look at, the energy that she brings to the scene, is also great to. As I mentioned earlier, she has a very expressive face, and beautiful eyes. I loved during those times when she make eye contact with the camera. Whether she be while sucking cock, or rolling her eyes back in complete and utter ecstasy. In speaking of this scene, these two performers together prove to be a lively pairing. Especially, when it comes to the opening storyline segment of the scene. Though the set up itself is simple, it's approach and execution is what made it fun. the two performers acting-wise, seemed to be having fun with the scenario itself. This, as the two of them, delivering very good acting performances to move things along. Bailey is the always giggly hippie chick, who is seemingly, and constantly high, while Jimmy is the more responsible of the two roommates. The two of these very different personalities, of course soon clashing, all in the name of sexual intercourse. When it comes to the sexual portion of the scene. I felt that it is one that ended up being very good. Notice that I do not say "great". This is because, I felt that the action just got off to a slow start. While, we do have the rimjob which also consist of that excellent "from the inside approach", as well as Bailey's blowjob, from there, it is on to both standard cowgirl, as well as reverse cowgirl, in that order. Starting with standard cowgirl, it would appear as though the two performers had difficulty in getting going, as Bailey initially struggle to catch a rhythm. She does eventually. However, this slow start in my opinion, slowed down the momentum a bit, And also I'm not a big fan of panties staying on, and merely being pushed to the side. Sometimes they serve as a distraction, but ultimately they just get in the way. I would've much rather saw them off as Bailey rode. However nonetheless, they do remain on. Beyond this, it's in my opinion, that the strongest showings came by way of the missionary on the kitchen counter, as well as the deep doggy from the floor. This, as Jimmy's enthusiasm came to match that of Bailey's over the course of this action, as we see Jimmy go harder, and faster, as he continue to bury his cock deep into Bailey's pussy. The doggy, which serves as the scene's final position, brings it all together, as the scene, in my opinion finishes strongly. I was really happy to see the final two positions, as I was afraid that I would have to write critically about the scene. I was ready to label it as being limited. Unfortunately though, if you were to ask me, I feel that the action seen, was enough to redeem itself in the end. So with that said, I did enjoy the scene altogether, for the most part. It being enjoyable and fun overall, and it is because of this, that I would recommend, as it is decent. These two young performers are definitely going places, so I would not pass up opportunities to see them if I were you!     

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  1. Jimmy could be the new "IT" kid of porn, he has the look and the charm and the girls seem to love him. It remains to be seen if Jimmy is a flash in the pan or reaches super stardom? But I am rooting for this new guy.
    There are plenty of Super Star Milfs the fans want to see Jimmy with like Brandi Love, Cory Chase, Kendra Lust, Misty Stone, Isis Love and Dana Vespoli. If Jimmy does scenes with some of these stars and they come out hot, then we have a new Wonder Kid and his name is Jimmy Michaels!

  2. Well cross Cory Chase off the list, Jimmy worked with her today! Who is next Brandi Love? What about retired stars like Lisa Ann, Devin Deray and Monique Fuentes? would they come back for Jimmy?