Bad Lesbian #12 - Ashley Wolf and Crystal Clark (2020)

by - December 12, 2020

 Starring:   Ashley Wolf // Crystal Clark 
Directed by: 
Runtime:  44 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
In this scene, we have a girl gang of taggers, who are led by Janey Doe. The other two members of the crew being Ashley Wolf and Crystal Clark. They have come with Janey to an upper-class neighborhood, and they are quite confused as to why Janey has chosen this neighborhood, and this house, specifically. Janey explains things, by saying that she has chosen this neighborhood because it is a lot more safe, having less homeless people, who could possibly "shank" them. And besides, these people work all day. It's soon that they reach their destination, which is of course a bare wall, that is just waiting to be tagged. The girls are very excited to attack their very first wall as a crew. However, it also brings up the topic of the girls having a crew name for themselves. A few names that are thrown around by the girls are; "Bi-Babes", "The Lezzies", and "The Pussy Posse", and lastly, "The Taints" - a name that Ashley, says sounds more like a band name, rather than a name for a tagging crew. None of the names sound good to them, so they quickly abandon the idea, proceeding to do what they came there for. However, before they can get started, Janey suggests that the three of them really be risk takers, by taking their tits out. They all paint some, using the colors; blue, red, and yellow, before Janey would again persuade the other two, to get extra naughty with her, as they pull their pants down, to expose their asses. Because, after all, no one can see their tits from the front as they tag. It's from there, that they do some real colorful damage to the wall; Ashley spelling out the initials of GIRLFRIENDS FILMS(GFF), Crystal tags the words, "Bad Bitches", while Janey would spell out the classic words(I was here!) It's at this point, that the three girls are having a good old time with their tits and asses out. However, the fun would be short-lived as they are soon interrupted by an unexpected knock at the window nearby. It seems as though, although she believed that no one would be home. that Janey was quite wrong. It's also during this scare, that the other two girls, Ashley and Crystal, come to recognize the person at the window as being the girl that always gets into it with Janey at the gym. They are quite upset at Janey for lying to them. However, there is no time for them to worry, as they must make their escape, as Janey commits to taking the fall for the group. The scene picks up, as Ashley and Crystal make it to Janey's house, and into her bedroom, after they make their narrow escape. The two of them agree that it was indeed a close call. They also agree that Janey seems to be just using them. But that's ok, because they were just using Janey for the thrill anyway, they say. It's at this point, that the two are still relishing in the adrenaline, brought forth by their suspenseful escape. Ashley says that she wishes that she knew of a way to keep those endorphins going. That's when Crystal says that she might know of a way. This, as things begin with but a simple kiss.

Positions Seen //
- face sitting
- piledriver
- tribbing

The Review //
For this review, I take a look at a scene from GIRLFRIENDS FILMS. It's the third scene of the DVD release, titled "Bad Lesbian 12", the series that of course sees girls doing bad things, as well as Lesbian things. In this case, we are presented with a storyline featuring Janey Doe, along with the two featured starlets, who we would see in the sexual encounter to come. Those two girls being Ashley Wolf and Crystal Clark. In the storyline, all three girls are collectively a would be tagger gang with no name. We find them, as they are on a mission to make their first tag as a crew. To do so, the leader, Janey has brought the three of them to an upscale neighborhood. It's a location that quite confuses them, as they were initially supposed to go over to the overpass and do the deed. But instead, they find themselves, in an "uppity" neighborhood, as Crystal would call it. Janey, however goes on to explain just why she has picked said location. She says that it happens to be a lot safer than other areas, as all of the rich residents are at work during the day. And after all, there are less homeless people roaming around, who could possibly cause them harm. Well anyway, the three girls finally reach their destination - a bare wall for their tagging. Although Ashley and Crystal were still a bit confused as to why Janey had picked the location. They still go along with it, as they cannot wait for the fun. It's during this that Janey convinces the others to first, show off their tits, and then their asses. It's after this, that the trio go on to finally lay some paint on the wall. They use a series of three colors - blue, yellow and red, as they scribble on the wall, different messages each. However, their joy would be short, as they would soon find themselves interrupted by a knock at the nearby window. The three girls panic, as they look to make an escape. Janey lifts the other girls over the wall, as she stay behind, thus taking the fall, and claiming responsibility. As the story would tell us, the house which they chose to tag just, so happens to belong to someone Janey knew from the gym. It had all been a revenge plot. The storyline would make way for the sexual encounter next, as Ashley and Crystal end up in Janey's bedroom, after escaping. The two girls are still feeling the rush from their narrow escape. It is a good feeling, that the two of them do not want to lose. This as Crystal takes the initiative, as she first go on to kiss Ashley. It's a kiss that would lead to much more, as the two of them begin to engage in a round of hot, and heavy passionate kissing.

The kissing, being the start of the sexual encounter between Ashley and Crystal, it was really great to see - at first. I say "at first", because it is in my opinion, that the kissing just went on a little too long. Yes it's hot in the beginning, seeing Ashley tongue at Crystal's mouth as this go on. But that's just it. It seems to go on, and on, and on, some more. Personally, I just could not wait for it to move on. Luckily, after quite some time it would, as things would get better and better as the scene progressed. The kissing would soon see the girls going on to worship each other's bodies, as they kiss upon each other's respective nipples. Crystal would even go on to worship Ashley's feet a bit, as she kisses the arches and makes her way up. More kissing after that, would lead to the next stage of the scene, which was Ashley, actually going down on her scene partner, Crystal. She sitting, with her legs spread, for Ashley to go down in between her legs, to treat her clit to a nice looking tongue lashing. It is one that builds in speed over time, as Ashley seems to be determined to get Crystal off. And soon enough, she successful in doing so. The consistent lapping of Ashley's tongue on Crystal's clit, soon sends she into an orgasmic tailspin. This would actually occur for a total of three times. We also have some great camera views during this action, too. Such as a brief moment in which we see Ashley lying with her legs at the side, while lying on her stomach, as she continue to go to work on Crystal's pussy. It's a nice view of Ashley's pussy from behind. It would all come to an end as Ashley, go on to utilize her hand, and fingers, as she quickly rub Crystal's pussy, as she eventually force out an orgasm. At that point, her hardest one yet. It was pretty hot to see it, I have to say. It's following this however, that Crystal go on to return the favor, as the two girls switch places. Initially, Crystal goes down on Ashley slowly, as she tease the clit with her tongue. However, it isn't long before Crystal goes on to show us that she actually excels in the act of cunnilingus. Her work here on Ashley's pussy, was pretty amazing. Here, not only do we see her lap her tongue on, and around Ashley's sensitive clit. We see that she actually goes on to full on suck on not only her clit, but also her pussy lips as well. The camera does nicely capture this footage with a close up view of everything, being absolutely key. It's with these close-ups, that we see each and every detail. It's a position that Crystal would come to finish out, by not only, lashing her tongue onto Ashley's pussy, but also going on to briefly jab fingers within it also. After a little more licking, Ashley says that she loves the way that Crystal does that to her. This, as she suggests that the two of them do it for each other. This, then setting the stage for the position of 69. It's a position, that we see Ashley on top, and Crystal on the bottom. From the position, Crystal has a face full of Ashley's ass, while she, Crystal's pussy. The two of them, spending time here to pleasure one another. Personally, I found it okay. But little did I know, what was left to come for the scene, would more than make up for it. The action would continue, as we see Ashley get on her back, as Crystal, does the right thing, as she decides to go on and ride her scene partner's face. Can't you sense my excitement for this?? What can I say, it was fucking great to witness. In this position, things of course, get off to a slow start, but they have a steady build to them, and soon enough, we are rewarded. That's because eventually, we have Ashley going on to suck on Crystal's clit, as she continue to ride Ashley's face. It's also simultaneously, that we see Crystal reach back and finger Ashley's pussy. This, soon leading to Ashley bringing Crystal to climax. This, as we see she twitch and spasm in pleasure. The big thing here is, that as Crystal is orgasming heavily, she still manages to jam fingers into Ashley. There is a lot of things going on here at once, and it is absolutely amazing to watch. This for another brief moment would continue with Crystal planting her feet, spreading her legs wide, as Ashley once again, go on to tongue at her pussy, this then leading them to do something else. It's following this that things would continue to be on the upswing, as Crystal would go on to do the unthinkable next. I did not expect to see the piledriver position in this scene, but here we are! This, as Ashley would be folded up on the bed, with her legs pinned back, as they are up in the air, thus leaving her pussy open for Crystal's taking. Crystal takes to it immediately, as she goes after Ashley's clit from the position. She tongues and sucks, which would eventually lead Ashley to a hard orgasm. The view from here, is just incredible. As Ashley is bent over with her legs over her head. Camera views give us nice detail of the proceedings. We begin with the overhead view, which is the close up on the penetration. Then we have a view from the side, which is more full scope detailing it all from the penetration to Ashley's ongoing reaction. It all just looks great. It is then that the two of them go to one final position. That being the act of tribbing, or scissoring, if you will. It's a position which sees the girls' positioned across from each other with their legs open wide as they go on to rub their pussies together. It being a position that lasts until the two girls each get their "nut". It's after this, that the scene comes to a close, with the two ending things with a nice cuddle.

Overall, when it comes to this scene, it is one that I pretty much enjoyed in the end. However, as I said above, I felt that it got off to a very slow start. In fact, and to be perfectly honest with you, at the start I was pretty convinced that I would end up giving the scene a rating of being just okay, as I had started to get bored with it rather quickly. This, as the opening build up for the scene, was just entirely too slow for my liking. Luckily, I would find upon waiting it out, that things would only get better, as the scene progressed. The action would go to the two girls being determined to pleasure one another. First, is Ashley Wolf going down on Crystal Clark, and then it's on to Crystal, returning the favor. And it is during this, that she go on to impress. Prior to this scene, I was not at all aware of Crystal Clark. However, it's via her actions here, that I became very aware of her fast. Not only does she begin her work here by going to town on Ashley's clit, as Ashley sit back and enjoy. She would escalate things later on, by going on to ride her face as well. It would be here, that Ashley treats her pussy right from there. We have this, as well, as Crystal soon having Ashley in the piledriver position. A position that, in my opinion, saw the action at its peak. I had originally set out to see the scene as it involved Ashley Wolf. Because let's face it, she's fucking hot. But little did I know that I would be just as impressed with Crystal Clark as well. Again, as I said, this was a scene that, at the start, took me a while to really get into. However, the good thing is that I did over time, as the scene did manage to do a turn around. It would be completely redeemed. It improved upon itself as it progressed, ending in a way that is both, fast paced and passionate. In the end, we see both performers give a lot to the scene. And it is because of this. that I cannot help but to recommend checking it out! 

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