November #DPofTheMonth Review: Getting Down To Business (Blacked RAW)

by - December 11, 2020

November  #DPofTheMonth Recap:

 This poll's result just shows one of 2020's best examples of fan activation thanks to Jennifer White. She alerted her legions to completely take over last month's poll. We now stand here with her brand new Blacked RAW DP scene to be reviewed and I couldn't be more excited as a reviewer and admitted fan. Now does this say anything against the other performers that didn't activate their fans on Twitter for November's poll?  NO, IT DOESN'T! They have the right to not get involved in the #DPofTheMonth while still retaining the love and respect of fans and viewers alike (which I'm sure they already know). Matter of fact, besides the takeover of Jennifer's scene being chosen for review I noticed that the #DPBattle isn't as crazy for DAP as I thought they were. Normally double anal penetration scenes do very well in the polling which is very welcome as I'm one of those DAP lovers myself. But it is nice to see a change in trends everyone now and then. In case you're wondering this month's poll had a scene from Polly Petrova with her double anal filling happening for the new Legal Porno brand Yummy Estudio. The other scene wasn't just any regular DP and is just as colossal as Jennifer White's. The nomination of Chloe Amour from Jules Jordan's site graced this polling cycle.  Chloe's scene is also the most recently released of the three nominated for the poll that happened in late November. That scene came out on the 22nd of last month and was made readily available in 4K video for members of the Jules Jordan site. I can easily see it ending up on one of his major series down the road in DVD form. I wonder which one?

Polly had another update on Legal Porno's home network and was ready to be stored in your Porn Boxes back on November 16th.  That scene was without a DAP in it but some water sports (pissing) instead, this scene was not nominated.  Polly's DAP scene was released on the first of November making it the first nomination of the month and a day before the chosen scene for review. Jennifer White's DP scene is a healthy chunk of porno coming in at just a little over 50 minutes total and was released a day after Polly's DAP scene. Top studs Jax Slayher and Prince Yahshua provide the penises for this double penetration action. If you're a Blacked RAW member you can see this trifecta of top talent on the site right now. This is a scene I can see on a DVD one day so keep your eyes peeled for a Blacked Raw collection of it in the V-line. But right now I'm about to watch and review it for Black Halo Adult Reviews.  

Scene Breakdown:

The famed Blacked RAW logo reel splashes by just like with all of their scenes being the standard. After the sturdy logo fades you'll see the adorable Jennifer White on her phone talking to her significant other that seems to be canceling some plans with her. The Blacked RAW feel of night sex is about to take place as Jennifer White decides it is time to play after being let down by her husband. The three wine glasses she fetches signifies this further. In her tight yellow mini-skirt, she sits patiently as her two playmates appear in the background.  They eventually do in the form of pro-studs Prince Yahshua and Jax Slayer stepping into view. The darkness of the abode dims in the background save for the vibrant glow of the ring light-catching these performers moving in on each other. Soon enough Jennifer white is lowered to snatch the two swords that fall out of Prince and Jax's pants. A double blowjob starts right up as both Jax and Prince sit back and fully remove their clothes. Jennifer White crawls to them like a leopard ready for more meat to suck.

She bounces back and forth between them as two erect cocks wait for her to be slurped and sucked. The camera giving an over the shoulder point of view from behind the male performers as she takes turns inhaling dick.  Prince Yahshua urges her to strip off her tiny outfit so she can be fully nude for the double blowjob.  The camera goes in close when she starts sucking dick again with Prince Yahshua's piece being the one in her mouth. By the time she is with Jax she is double fisting his dick as she jacks it sensually this is right before she sits on top of Prince in cowgirl. The view is a great close up of the insertion before she is thoroughly piston pumped by the sexual athlete.  Jax steps right up to get his dick sucked while Jennifer is on top of Prince Yahshua riding his dick.  The camera hovers back and forth between Jennifer sucking cock and getting plowed in the pussy before she is swapped to Jax.

She lays on the ground as Jax mounts her for an ass smacking and pussy filling session.  Prince is sitting down in the background observing his buddy bang into this prime porn star that is flat on the floor being smashed. Jennifer White then is stood up to be moved to a table that is close by. She is placed on top of the table so Prince can start to pound her in missionary.  During this missionary is where the anal insertion takes place with Prince easing his penis into Jenn's asshole. They pull out of anal so Jennifer can lay down on the table to access Jax's wiener waiting for her. It is now Jax's turn to take Jennifer's ass in missionary. Jennifer White will rub her pussy while Jax is jabbing her asshole with this dong. Jax Slayer lifts her off the table for a sudden stance in standing cowgirl. While being hoisted up by Jax Jennifer reciprocates with pecks of passionate kisses.  They move close to a large glass window that catches the reflection of the standing cowgirl.

Prince then urges Jennifer to be laid back down on the table so that his "dinner" can be served. Jennifer White crawls atop the long dining table to reach two hard dicks at the end of it waiting to be sucked. Jennifer White is the one that is feasting as she has cocks stuffed down her mouth by these two erect male performers. Jax reaches over and voraciously plays with Jennifer's pussy while his cock is deep in her throat.  The camera then moves to a direct view of this double blowjob on a dinner table where Jennifer is hungrily dining on dick.   They then offer Jennifer transportation in the form of a piggyback ride to a couch a few steps away. This is where she mounts Jax Slayer in cowgirl as they both land on the couch for more penetration.  Prince is close-by ready to start the double penetrating as Jennifer begs for it. He inserts himself into her asshole while Jax is anchoring her pussy in this DP that is about lift-off.  While being double penetrated she gets a fishhook to the face with the camera close by to capture it.

Meanwhile, Jennifer is praising this DP that is happening to her since her husband could never deliver her such an experience. The camera pans out to reveal these three bodies interlocked in a fast-moving DP session on a couch.  The transition to reverse cowgirl is next with Jax still anchoring but this time logistically in her asshole. Prince is pumping full force into the pussy in this reverse cowgirl setup of double penetration.  Jennifer watches intently as her holes are filled in this fast-paced DP with Prince holding her head by the hair so she can get a good look.  Good looks continue especially for us viewers as Prince breaks out of the reverse cowgirl to let Jax fuck some ass. The camera moves in close on the penetration during this.

Next, a trademark move is about to be set up as Jennifer arches her ass out with her hands on the couch. Prince then gets on top of her with his legs around her waist to get ready for his signature sex move called the "F150".  This allows him to roll with Jennifer White in a sort of wrestling maneuver that has them both on the floor as the result of her pussy and ass in his face. This advanced sex position is in total benefit of the female partner as it elaborately sets up pussy eating and rimming for Prince's writhing tongue.  A spit roast in doggy is formed as Jax steps into bang-out Jennifer as she arches out for him while sucking Prince off.  They move fast into another sex position change with Jennifer riding on top in reverse while Prince is outstretched on the floor. Jax is feeding his cock to Jennifer as she is sitting on top of Prince continuing the spit roasting. 

 They'll flip-flop with Jax on the floor and Prince feeding dick to Jenn. This is where he'll jack to pop into her mouth giving her a snack of cum. Jax is close by jacking himself off on a couch. Jennifer prowls to him to aid him with some soft sucking but Jax wants her to get on top of his dick again in cowgirl. She complies with a smooth and steady ride to allow him to milk his load into her pussy. The riding starts to raise in energy eventually leading to the climax of cream-filled pussy with Jennifer White on top in cowgirl. The view of the semen oozing out of her cream filled twat will fill up the screen before you see Jax fucking his load back into her pussy per her request.  Jennifer does a great job of getting every drop of cum even the globs on Jax's abdomen that fell out of her vagina.  The scene concludes with Jennifer showering herself off after this satisfactory encounter. She reveals to a  voice behind the camera that this was all possible due to her husband's sudden business trip that left her alone for the night.

This scene isn't as DP focused as say a DAP-infested Legal Porno scene but it makes up for that in star power and theatrics. The story setup is that of a long-distance cucking as a husband has his wife unwittingly handed over to two horny men. The wife in the equation is a top female adult star that is matched by the male talent to boot. And with top talents, you get the top sex moves to match. The Blacked RAW brand helps with its standard of production values capturing this energetic sex that has Prince displaying a signature move and Jax filling up a pussy with cum. Whether you like double penetration or not this is just a good porno scene that is Highly Recommended from the #DPBattle.

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