Newbie Shakes Her Natual Tits (2020)

by - January 12, 2021

 Starring: Ava Sinclaire // Leo Valentino
Directed by: Big Lou
Runtime: 42mins.

Scene Breakdown //
The scene begins with the director, "Big Lou", meeting up with today's featured starlet, the petite, 4'11" Ava Sinclaire. After he complement she on her beauty, he goes on to bring up the fact that Ava just so happens to be brand-new to the industry. Ava says that it is true, and that she is only done eight scenes so far - with the eighth being today, actually. She says that she in fact, loves porn, and feels that she has found her calling. But she is then asked, just what it is that she enjoys about porn? She playfully says that it is the ability to have sex with beautiful people for money. She says that it has been so good that, she sometimes feels as though that she should be paying them for the sex that she gets to have. When Ava is asked what made her want to get into porn, she says that she danced for a few years, and tried camming, with the latter not being for she. She says that she thought about joining for a year, prior to actually doing it. She says that besides the great sex, she enjoys meeting all the new people, saying that she is surprised by just how open everyone is. She says that it is in contrast from where she's from, back in Ohio, saying everyone there is very conservative. Lou, then says that no one in porn will judge her, except for maybe judging just how amazing her boobs are. This, as he zoom in on them, with his camera, as they nearly burst out of her bikini top. Lou then says that he is ready to head to the house. But before they do so, he convinces Ava to quickly flash her tits.

We then pick up back at the house as the two are out by the pool. Lou goes on to explain that this is the reason why he had she dress in a bathing suit. Lou again attempts to pick up the conversation, as he goes on to ask Ava about her hobbies. What she likes to do sexually or otherwise. Ava says that she happens to enjoy cooking and recently learned to make vegan stir-fry. Lou follows this up by saying that he isn't vegan, and that there is a reason why they call him "Big Lou". Ava says that she also enjoys hiking. This, as she says that she has hiked all over Ohio, and has hiked on Mt Charleston in Las Vegas, as well as, Ginnie Springs in Florida. Lou goes on to ask she if she could remove one boob from her bikini top, and she asks him which one? He lets she be the one to make that decision, as she first go for the right one, before finally opting for the left. It's from there, that a short time later that Lou, also gets she to peel off her denim shorts to reveal not only matching bikini bottoms, but also, a nice round booty. Something that Lou finds himself very impressed by. She soon gets both boobs out, as Lou surprises she with a bottle of oil, which she uses to oil up both her tits, and then her ass. As he has she get on her knees in the pool. Ava then is asked if she enjoys the acting part of porn. She says that she is looking to improve, and that she is already done a stepbrother and stepmom scene. The latter prompting Lou to question whether or not she genuinely likes girls. She says that she does, and that usually, she is the giver, rather than the receiver. She says that she is not a "pillow princess". Someone who merely just lies there to receive it. It's with that, that she also says that she enjoys guys. Because after all, she wouldn't be here today for BANG BROS, if she didn't. Lou continues to complement Ava on how beautiful she is, and she continues to thank him. Ava then would continue, by removing her bikini bottoms to show off her plump backside, as she Is on all fours, prior to she turning on her back, to sit with her legs spread. It's from here, that Ava would go on to splash water onto her tits, as the camera zoom in. She would then go back to showing her ass in a doggy position prior to she, soon being back on her back, as she playfully moans, while touching and caressing her tits. she would then go feel between her legs lightly, prior to once again returning to touching her big tits. This, as she says that doing so makes she horny. It's a fact that Lou, readily capitalizes on, as he have she spread apart her pussy using her fingers, as we view it from an underwater view. Following this, it isn't long after, that Lou asks Ava if she is ready to fuck, prior to the two of them heading inside to get things started.

However, before they can even do so. The man behind the camera, is just so fascinated with Ava's big, bouncing breasts, that he just cannot help but to showcase them a few minutes more. He just so happens to love the way that they bounce, as Ava was running into the living room from the back. So much so, that he has she turn around, and do it all over again. She does so. This prior to she having a seat on the back of the white couch. However soon enough, he has she come down on to the couch cushions. It's an instance where her boobs, once again, gloriously bounce. And so, as you could probably guess, he has she do it again a second time. It is something that she happily obliges to. It's from there that she would go on to shake and bounce them for the camera's viewing pleasure. But it isn't long after that, that Ava does find herself approached from behind by her scene partner for the day, young Leo Valentino. He is of course, quick to get a feel of her natural tits, prior to the director having Ava sit in between Leo's legs, as he go on to continue to feel her up. This would even include, he feeding she her own tits briefly, as she suck on them. This would move on however, with the director then asking Ava if she is ready to suck some dick. And Ava is indeed ready. This, as she get Leo's cock out to suck, as everything gets underway between them.

Positions Seen //
- tittyfucking
- side fuck
- doggy
- reverse cowgirl 
- cowgirl
- reverse piledriver
- piledriver

The Review //
For this review, I take a look at a new scene from BANG BROS, as they introduce to me, quite the brand-new talent to the industry. That being the small ball of cute, that is the 4'11" Ava Sinclaire. The scene begins with a question-and-answer, as the director whose known as "Lou", meets her at a local park, prior to the two of them reporting to the house where the scene is set to take place. We get the usual questions, and the usual answers. What made she get into porn? What she likes about porn? As well as, her hobbies outside of it. This question-and-answer would actually be in two parts. The first part taking part at said park, and then at the shoot house, among a pool. It's after we learn that little Ava enjoys both cooking, and hiking that Lou just cannot help himself, as he would eventually have she strip down out of her baby blue bikini, and pose, and otherwise tease in the pool. Ava is quite game to do this, as it takes her back to the days that she used to be a camgirl, as she would put on a show. I have to admit that the shots of Ava's prickly shaven mound, look quite fantastic during the underwater shots. Especially in the time that she would bring her hand down to spread the pussy. It's after seemingly a long opener, that we finally go inside, as we come closer and closer to the scene ahead. After Lou would have her once again show off, and tease with her bouncing boobies, we finally soon get started. This, as her scene partner Leo Valentino joins her. After he get a feel of the tits, things begin with Ava first on her knees to suck cock, as Leo stand. It's from here, that we see Ava concentrated as she, start by slowly sucking on the head. However, Leo's fucking of her face, soon makes way for she to deep throat him, and also go for his balls as well. I did like the fact that no one had to tell her to go after them, as well as the fact, that we would next see her slurping back a string of saliva off of the shaft. Unfortunately however, just as the blowjob was getting properly sloppy, I feel as though they moved to the next thing far too soon. That being Leo having a seat, as Ava crawl between his legs to continue the sucking. This, as the camera has a POV view. It's from here, that we see she continue to work on the dick, and eventually the guys convince she to slip the cock in between her tits to fuck them. But, it would be soon that the newcomer would stop in the middle of the action, saying that she wants to try something. She asks for permission. Something that the director Lou, tells her that she does not have to do. It would be next that Ava would go on position herself on her side, as she lie along the back of the couch. It's here that Ava begs Leo to fuck her in the side fuck position, as her muff faces the camera. It would be from this position, that Leo would do exactly as she asked. This, with he putting in nice work, fucking the pussy at an increasing pace, that only gets harder over time. It's action that in particular, makes Eva cum on the cock. And it is cum, that she would soon go on to quickly slurp off of the dick. It's after this fact, that Ava goes on to ask Leo how he wants her next. He wants she in doggy. This being as, she lie flat with her right leg still propped up on top of the back of the couch. It nicely leaving her wide open for Leo's taking. It's from here, that he maintains the steady pace as before, soon going harder. Ava from here, would eventually find she face down and ass up. This, giving the camera a better view of her asshole. Leo, would follow this up by grabbing she around her neck and pulling her back. This, in order to slam himself deeply into she. The next position would be reverse cowgirl. However, not before Ava gets a taste of her pussy off of the cock. She would follow up by going on to straddle it from there. She would begin by slowly bouncing. However, soon enough, Leo would take charge to slam into her good, after she plays with his balls, and begins to touch herself very briefly. The reverse cowgirl would continue with she then leaning forward to take the dick deep. It's during this, that Leo goes on to smack her ass, however she wants it harder. And speaking of harder, Leo would next give her the dick harder, as Ava lean back a bit, placing her hands on his chest. The position would then reverse to that of standard cowgirl. It's from this position, that we see Leo straddled, as Ava then have her feet pinned back. I have to say that there was a very nice moment during this position. One that saw Ava leaning forward, and deeply spreading her ass, and her pussy, while Leo continues to plow her. It's next that we get quite the surprise, as Leo says that the two of them are going to try something new. We next see Leo lying back on the couch with his legs hung over the back of it, as he is bent back for the all-too-familiar position of reverse piledriver. It's from this position that Ava says that she is going to "fuck the shit out of Leo". This is indeed great stuff as we see Ava come around the back, and over the back of the couch as she straddle him. She begins things from here, as she work with some nice circular grinding, prior to she finding her rhythm, and bouncing steadily. This, is before long that she is actually able to work up a nice even pace as the dick penetrate she deeply. Truly adding to things, would be what would occur next, and that would be Ava assuming the position after, to receive some piledriver fucking of her very own. It's from said position, that Leo would go on to work up a steady pace, and before the end of it, Ava would then go on to nicely spread her pussy hole wide with her hands, as Leo would last just a moment more ,prior to he having to unleash his cum load onto her. For this, she gets on her knees, positioning herself underneath Leo as he jerk his cock. As a result, Leo would empty himself, as his jizz would pour down on her chin, and her mouth like some hot white gravy. Personally, I found this to be a very nice finish for the scene. Especially, when taking into consideration that the scene's final two positions are both reverse, as well as standard piledriver. It's not every day that we see those positions one after the other in a porn scene.

Overall, when it comes to this scene, when it was all over and done with, I did get some enjoyment from it. Ava Sinclaire a new porn girl in town, is absolutely, adorably, sexy. Man is this girl a petite little cutie, not to mention at 4'11" in height, she is indeed stacked. Not only does she have nice tits, she also has a great ass as well. It's with that said, that I make mention that the director took full notice of this too. And it is one of those things where it is both a gift and a curse. That's because it's in my opinion, that too much of a focus was made of Ava's tits, as well as the director "Big Lou" flirting with her. Due to this, We have a 42 minute scene, with only about 15 minutes of that being dedicated to the sex. Yeah, so that means that we have 27 minutes devoted to a question-and-answer as well as Ava teasing for the camera. Though I liked all of it, I felt that in the end, that it was just a lot of wasted space. Space that could have been dedicated to much more sex involving our babe. So that's my major complaint when it comes to the scene. After all, in the end as Ava sit with the cum on her face, it's even she who says that she enjoyed the scene, but wished that it could have been longer! It could have been! If the director would have cut back on his nonsensical flirting. So with this in mind, the 15 minutes of sexual material, that we do have here, is actually quite good, I will say. It takes Ava a little bit to get comfortable in the sexual environment. However, when she warms up, one could tell that she began to have fun. I liked the way that she was ready and willing to take the initiative in each and every position. She knew exactly how she wanted it, and let Leo know just that. As for Leo, he himself delivers a somewhat solid performance. Working up a nice and hard pacing at times, as he nail Ava's pussy. But, with all this being said, I also have to revisit the fact that the action itself finished off with not one, but two different variations of the piledriver position. I absolutely love that, and felt that they really added something special to the scene. To wrap this up, I'll say that this is still a scene that I will go ahead and recommend. As here, most of us will be seeing Ava Sinclaire for the very first time. And she is for sure a sight to see. She almost reminds me of a kid sister version of one of my favorite performers, Penny Pax. I cannot wait to see her more. When it comes to this scene, the real problem is that there is far too much wasted time, and far too less sex. Don't we all hate when that happens?

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