Jade Reign Is Down For Fun (2020)

by - January 06, 2021

 Starring: Jade Reign // Codey Steele
Directed by: 
Runtime: 21 mins.

Scene Breakdown //
The scene begins with a slick tease segment, involving starlet Jade Reign. The segment involving footage showing Jade walking into a living room, and then towards a hallway, cut with footage containing the tease. When it comes to the latter, the camera pans up to detail Jade's long legs. This, as she go on to shyly raise up her long black skirt to reveal that she has nothing underneath, as her bare pussy is exposed. The camera is then close up on her face, as she is all smiles, when she shakes her long hair. After, we get more detail of her long, tan legs, as well is her perky tits, as she go on to raise up her long-sleeved crop top. Thus, revealing that, not only does Jade have her navel pierced, but also her left nipple. The camera is then, also at close range, as we see Jade, pinch her nipples in a very playful manner. We then have more further looks of this beautiful girl, as she casually talks, and laughs. It's audio that we do not hear however, as the footage is overlaid with a musical beat, instead. Things would continue with Jade once again, raising her shirt to tease with her pierced nipple, as she then wet her fingers with her mouth. This, just prior to she blowing a kiss to the camera. This being as the footage then cut to she finishing her walk down the hallway. It's from there that we are taken into the bedroom where the scene with Jade and Codey Steele, would soon get underway.

Positions Seen //
side fuck

The Review //
Today, I review a scene for CHERRY PIMPS, and it is a scene taken from their series called FRESH. A series showcasing talent. who are new to the industry. In this scene, the featured starlet is one, Jade Reign, a tan skinned beauty, with a very sensual look about her. A look that includes various sexy piercings. For the scene, Jade is paired with male talent, Codey Steele. However, before we get to that, the scene opens up with a  brief, musical accompanied tease segment, so that we the viewer can get a look at the beauty that is Jade Reign.

As for the action, the opening segment leads us to a bedroom setting, as Jade and Codey begin things with some deep and passionate kissing between them. This is as Codey has a hand around Jade's neck. He would then briefly go on to kiss said neck, before he return to kissing. Codey would then follow up by sucking on Jade's nipple, as he initially rub at her pussy from over her skirt. However, this would go on to show him, not only rub at the pussy after her skirt is raised, but also finger it deeply for a time. This next, would lead to Jade being on her back, as the two continue their passionate kissing. Codey would then however, raise up her shirt to suck on her tits, once again. Codey would apply a choke, prior to he spitting into Jade's open mouth. Codey would kiss her stomach, as he make his way down on her. He would also suck and tongue at Jade's clit, before then inserting fingers, also. From here, I really liked the way that Jade held under Codey's chin, as he do his work. It was just so passionate and cute. It's something that she would continue, as things progressed. This, as Jade would prove to be a very passionate performer. The two would begin kissing after that, as the passion is back on between them. We would see Jade pull Codey in, by wrapping her arms around his neck, as well as clutching his face, while kissing him deeply. Next up, things would take up in the 69 position, as Jade face the camera, as she is tasked with sucking Codey's cock. And, it is a task that she is up for. It's here, that we see she spit on the dick, as she attempt to take it down, all the way to the base. It's from here, that we have a combination of both deepthroating, and also face fucking, as Codey fucks her back. It's after this that Codey takes things into missionary, as Jade is then on her back to endure. It's action beginning nice and steady, as Codey and Jade look deeply into each others eyes. However, Codey soon would have a hand around Jade's throat once again. This, as he go on to increase his pacing significantly, as he go hard into her pussy. This would next see he position Jade's legs at her side, as they are held closely together, as the next position would be side fuck. From this position, he continues his quick and steady pace. Initially, it's action that sees Jade clutch at the blanket on the bed for dear life, and also, use it to muffle her moans, as she is fucked hard. This, as the camera is close up on her face, as its surveys her reaction to the pounding which she is receiving. Eventually however, Codey would slow things down a bit, as he go in and out of Jade's pussy at a slow pace. The camera begins with a close up on the penetration, as we get a good look at Jade's beautiful, fat labia. Codey, would from here, continue things, as he go on to kiss Jade. It progresses things naturally, as next it's the position of spoon. From the position, Codey would continue on with his quick pace, as the two continue to kiss. The camera would switch back and forth to a nice close up of the penetration, and then back again at the two performers exchanging kisses. Codey would however, once again resume hitting the pussy hard, shortly before slowing it down again, while he simultaneously shove his fingers into Jade's mouth for she to suck upon. This, in an effort for Jade to taste her pussy. In addition to this, Codey would continue things, as he also reach down, and rub at Jade's clit at the same time. This, all before he once again improves his pace, with eventually he telling Jade to look at him, as he is fucking her. She does so momentarily. However, the sensation is just too strong, causing her to break her concentration. This would be followed up by Codey saying that he wants Jade on top to "see what she can do". It would then be that she would climb on top to ride in cowgirl. It begins with she first bouncing at a steady pace. However, Codey would take over to fuck at a quick pace. This, prior to we seeing more bouncing, briefly. It being brief, because next we hear Jade beg Codey to fuck her. It's to this, that he responds by giving it to her hard. This was a nice position, however I have to say that my biggest complaint was that the director did not give us a long enough view from behind. I wanted to see more of the penetration. However, instead we are given more footage of the reaction, as the two performers look into each others eyes, once again. This is of course nice, but I wanted to see the banging instead! It is immediately after this, that Jade returns to sucking Codey's cock, this time making it extra sloppy. Jade goes on to spit on, and slurp around the shaft. You just have to love the way that Jade sucked up all the spit, not only as she move along the shaft, but also as she sucked on Codey's balls. She also would be seen rubbing her tongue piercing along the head. So hot! Things next see Jade positioned by Codey with her face down, and her ass up, as things go to doggy, with he taking she from behind. It's here, that he begins with a quick and even pace, as the camera details the penetration in close up, from the start, before it occupying a side view, as well as one showing Jade's reaction to the hard pounding. It would not be long however, before the camera would go on to treat us to the best looking view of the entire scene, in my opinion. That being a deep view from behind, with Jade's legs spread wide, as Codey just continuously slam each, and every hard inch of his cock into her pussy. The view being just perfect, as we watch, as his balls smack against her clit. The view would then revert to the previous, as Codey continues to go hard. Codey next would have Jade position herself up on her knees, as he himself, stand up on the bed. Codey has Jade first spit on his cock, before she moves on to sucking the balls. All while Codey vigorously strokes himself to climax. This, as he lets loose a load into Jade's mouth. After the fact, Codey has Jade play with the jizz, as she follow up by sucking the cock. This, all before swallowing the evidence to end the scene. Personally, I felt that the final position of the scene was just great stuff. The action from behind was just hard-hitting. As I said, it's a position that presented to us, the best view of the scene. One having Jade's legs spread wide, and her pussy nailed hard. All with it in clear view for the camera. However, with that said, as I praise good camera footage, I have to say the opposite when it comes to the scene's finish. More specifically, the ending popshot. It's a cumshot that just was not captured very well. In fact, initially, I even had to play it back, just to make sure that it actually happened, as I didn't see it the first time around.

Well. when it comes to this scene, I feel that it is one that is pretty good. It is of course, meant to be an introduction to a talent, who are fairly new to the industry. And truth be told, Jade Reign, is a talent that I could not wait to be introduced to. As it turns out, not only is she beautiful to look at, she is a passionate performer as well. I just really loved the various moments, which she was passionate with her scene partner Codey Steele. This, as she could be seen touching, and caressing his face as they kiss, and even holding he under his chin, as he eat, and finger her pussy. It's not always that we see such gentle passion in porn scenes. And not only this, I felt that there were times that she picked the perfect time to make eye contact with the camera. All of this just making me wish that I could be held by Jade Reign! Anyway, this is a generally solid scene. There's the mentioned passion, which is matched by some hard fucking, brought forth by Codey Steele, who here puts in good work throughout the scene. This, as he mostly keep up a steady, hard pace the entire time. It's indeed some good sex for our two performers. But with that said, aside from the camera being in the wrong place at times, my major complaint would be that the scene itself, is just far too short in length. Not including the introduction, the scene itself runs about 19 minutes in length, total. For the time given, it's a really good scene, which manages to pack a lot into such a short amount of time. But, the worst thing is that, in the end, it leaves the viewer wanting more. To be honest, I wanted much more of Jade Reign, who is just beautiful! I liked that here, CHERRY PIMPS, essentially allowed she to be herself, as she was able to keep her various piercings in for the scene. I for one, can't wait to see more of her, for sure! But for now, I recommend that you check her out here, in this scene.

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