Jamie Jett Gets Dicked By Dad's Friend (2020)

by - January 05, 2021

 Starring: Jamie Jett // Brad Newman
Directed by: 
Runtime: 33 mins.
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Scene Breakdown //
In this scene, it's the final Wednesday of the month, and  Brad Newman is setting up the table with snacks and poker supplies. It is that time of the month that he and the guys get together at 9:30 for their monthly poker night. Brad however, is a bit surprised when he receives a knock at the door. Initially, he thinks that it's the guys, who are simply arriving early for the get together. However, that is not the case. Instead, it is Jamie Jett, Brad's daughter Lisa's friend. She has come to connect with Lisa, after she has failed to answer her calls. However, Lisa is not there. Jamie says that she must be with her new boyfriend, which prompts Brad to say that he no longer keeps up with Lisa's affairs, following her last boyfriend. Jamie and Brad, then proceed to talk about the table set up, and more in particular, poker itself. Jamie asks Brad if he fancies himself a card shark. This, while saying that she herself is pretty good at poker as well. But Brad of course, blows it off, as he says that he is sure that she is great. However, she is a girl, and girls don't make good poker players, as they are too emotional, according to he. Jamie sees this as Brad challenging her. However, Brad says that it isn't true, and that Jamie is just his daughter's hot friend. Jamie, is of course surprised by Brad referring to her as Lisa's "hot friend". Brad says that he simply heard a friend refer to her as such, while giving reason. Jamie is of course flattered, as she goes on to ask if that friend too is hot? Brad says that he doesn't know, because he is of course, a guy. And besides, he is just far too old for her. Jamie takes this lightly, as she goes on to say that she may like older men. The look upon Brad's face in this moment says it all. It is then, in an effort to escape the awkward moment, that Brad attempts to usher Jamie out. However, Jamie stops he in his effort, as she goes on to ask about the proposed challenge. Brad has some time in between the guys arriving, and so Jamie goes on to take the initiative, by challenging he to a few hands. Brad is initially hesitant to take on the bet. However, the pressure is on for him, as he would soon take she up on the offer. Just as long as they do not tell Lisa. Little did he know however, that Jamie's bet would be far more than he ever imagined. Far more risqué. This, as Jamie goes on to explain that she is 20 years old with no money, and so, she usually engages in a good game of strip poker. In fact, she says that she and Lisa, Brad's daughter, have even played together on occasion. After all, it was during a game of strip poker that Lisa happened to meet her boyfriend in question. They soon move ahead, as it is then that the two next go into the game of strip poker. Brad first gives a hand, as the two players quietly look over their cards. It would soon be a hand that Brad goes on to slam down on the table, as he declare a "Full House". This, of course making him the winner of the first dealt hand. As Jamie is the loser, she must go on to lose her first article of clothing. That being her tied crop top. This, revealing a nice black bra underneath. Brad can't believe it, as he gets together another hand of cards for the two. It's another round, and another win for Brad, as he gets a royal flush. Next, Jamie loses her bra. However, not before she blowing Brad's mind when she reveals that it was via strip poker, that both she and Lisa, learned to suck cock. It's shortly after that, that the two players go into a third, and final round of cards. And it is yet another round which Brad proves that he just cannot lose. This, As he ends up with four aces. Jamie's black denim shorts are the next to go, as Brad is declared the winner. Jamie is then fully nude, spare for her black panties, before the eyes of her friend's dad. This, as Jamie ponders how to reward the victor, while also teasing him. But of course, she cannot fight the urge of temptation, as Jamie asks Brad what he's going to do, now that he has his daughter's naked friend in his Poker den? He soon answer, by going on to suck upon Jamie's nipple. The simple sucking, then leading into passionate kissing. This, as Brad says that he is going to do something that he has wanted to do for a long time, as things continue between them.

Positions Seen //
- cowgirl
- titty fucking
- reverse cowgirl
- doggy(x3)
- modified standing side fuck
- missionary

The Review //
In this scene, which is incorrectly titled, "Jamie Jett Gets Dicked by Her Dad's Friend", we have a fun little storyline, involving Brad Newman. Brad has a monthly routine of having a poker night with his boys, on the final Wednesday of each month. We join him on such a night, to which the poker night would be this time, extra special, as Brad somehow stumbles into an impromptu situation in which he is fucking his daughter Lisa's hot friend. That friend being newcomer on the rise, Jamie Jett. Yes, although the title of the scene indicates that she would be fucking her dad's friend, she is instead fucking her best friend's dad. When it comes to the storyline, I thought that it was fun, as I said above. I felt that it was a storyline that progressed rather nicely, as we would see Jamie go on to challenge Brad to a game of strip poker. However, Jamie sort of underestimated just how good Brad was at the game. This, as she go on to lose three straight hands of poker. It of course, resulting in she soon having to strip down. It's a situation in the end where everyone wins. This being as Jamie would soon come on to Brad, and as they say, the rest is history. That's because we are soon led into a round of post game sex. And it's a round that escalates rather quickly.

The action of the scene, beginning with Brad simply sucking Jamie's nipple. This, shortly before the two proceed to kiss passionately. It causes Brad to come up out of the chair, as Jamie would next push him up against the wall, as their kissing continues. This was rather hot, as we see Jamie hike up a leg as Brad is against the wall. This would see Brad, eventually placing Jamie up on the table on her back, among the poker chips, cards and snacks, which are placed about. It's something that amuses Jamie, as she can't help but giggle, as Brad soon go down in between her legs, to go to work on eating her pussy. It's here that we see Brad go at Jamie's clit with his mouth and tongue. It's work that is soon applauded by Jamie, who goes on to say that she didn't know that he was so good at eating pussy. After this is said and done, it is then time for Jamie to service Brad, as she go on to unzip his pants to get his cock out to suck. It's at this moment, that Jamie goes on to display very nice cocksucking skills. What I really liked here, was the fact that Jamie was somewhat focused on the head of the cock, first and foremost. She also go at it, by having a no handed approach, as she open up her mouth wide, to swallow down the cock, as glucking is heard here. This, continuing for a time, as there is also some slobber seen streaming down from Jamie's chin as she continues to do the deed. This also including sucking on Brad's balls. The action then would progress to the next stage, as Brad would go on to have a seat in a chair. This, as he invite Jamie over to straddle, and ride him. First, in standard cowgirl. For the most part here, during this position, we see Jamie leaning forward, while grabbing a chair for support. This is as Brad steadily slam her down on the cock, while gripping her ass with both hands. In this position, what I enjoyed, was the fact that Brad was able to maintain a steady pace, although his cock slipped out numerous times. He was just able to reinsert and continue on without a hitch. There is a break after this position, as Jamie return to sucking dick. It's like before that she handles things with skill. Licking along the shaft, and slurping the head. Brad loves it. Jamie, would also go on to slip the hard cock between her tits at Brad's request, as we have some brief titty fucking. However, it's back to straddling next. This time around, Jamie finds herself reversed, as she sits on the cock. Brad from here, fucks Jamie's pussy at a steady pace, while slamming her down hard. Eventually, things would progress, as Brad would hook one of Jamie's legs for leverage, as he fuck more deeply. I particularly enjoyed the leg under-hooking. It's positioning that I have to admit, looks sexy on camera. But it's after this, that Brad says that he wants to fuck Jamie from behind. This, as she takes to being on her knees in a chair. The view from here is a nice one, as Brad continues to slam his cock into Jamie, mostly on effort of she attempting to spread her ass with her hand. But things would continue here, as we would next be in for a little bit of a surprise. Yes, the doggy continues. However, the difference is that Jamie is opened wide, as Brad take things into a modified version of the standing side fuck position. Here, Brad continues steadily, as he drives his cock in deep. This, as Jamie struggles to keep a position. However, with that said, the positioning is real eye candy. It's just really nice seeing Brad bang hard, as the legs are wide open, and the pussy, fully visible. Following this, the action then goes back to the standard formation of doggy for a brief moment more, until Brad then stand up with Jamie. He would continue to fuck she from behind, while he pull at her arms, positioning them behind her back. This, as he continue to plow deep for another brief moment. It being brief, as the action then would return to the table. Only this time it is for missionary to take place. Jamie is on her back with her legs held open, as Brad would proceed to go in and out of her. It's during this position, that we are treated to some very nice close ups of the ongoing penetration by the camera. This, as Brad would go on to employ a pace that would only get quicker and harder over time. And speaking of this, as the position nears it's end for both itself, as well as the scene, Brad picks up his pace to absolutely nail the pussy, good and hard for a time. He keeping this up until he must cum. This resulting in he quickly pulling out to then jerk his cock to shoot a load. And what a load it was. I have to say that I absolutely loved the way that the scene came to an end. Brad just went for broke here, as he fucked Jamie as hard as he could in the end. So hard, that we could hear the poker chips in the background. It was like an explosion kinda. And speaking of exploding, that's what comes to mind when talking about the popshot. Brad's load was huge. I was actually quite impressed by it, to say the least. It all making for a very great ending to a scene, that only got better as it progressed.

With this scene, I have to be honest with you. Initially, I was not feeling the fact that most of the sex seen here consists of Jamie being fucked in a chair. My opinion is that, it just feels a bit repetitive. However, I must admit that I ended up quite liking things more, after going back and watching the first half of the scene over again. In doing so, I was able to notice Brad Newman's consistency in the way that he fucked. And also, just how great Jamie's body looked throughout the scene. And then of course, we have the ending portion of the scene. One having great energy, as it bring the action to a very strong finish. And when I say "very strong", I do mean exactly that. The ending moments of the missionary were especially incredible. Watching Brad fuck Jamie's pretty pussy hard before eventually exploding, was just so hot, in my opinion. So with that said, any doubt that I may have been feeling in the beginning was dashed by the time that I reached the scene's finish. I really liked it. When it comes to Jamie Jett, for this review, I introduced her as a newcomer on the rise, and that is what she indeed is. While she may be a newcomer to the industry, it is clear that she knows exactly what she wants to accomplish during her time. Not only that, but the girl iz absolutely gorgeous. She's just beautiful. From her enchanting eyes and smile, to her perfect natural body, she is definitely a sight to see. She's destined to become a fan favorite. And when it comes to fans, she can already count me as one! And so in closing, this is a scene that I would readily recommend. Once the scene finally reaches it's footing over time, it's one that is actually quite solid. So, with that said, be sure to head over to NAUGHTY AMERICA to check it out!

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