My Step Sister's First Time (2021)

by - January 08, 2021

 Starring: Madi Collins // Jay Romero

Directed by: Mike Quasar
Runtime: 25 mins.
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Scene Breakdown //
In this scene, it's nightfall and Madi Collins is awake in what is, a seemingly quiet house. Madi moves cautiously, in an effort not to make a sound. She gets out of bed and then retrieves some clothes from her closet. A denim skirt. A green crop top, and a leather jacket, to be exact. She gets dressed, and then goes over to the window, as she proceed to open it. It is clear at that point that Madi is looking to sneak out. It would seem as though she would be well on her way in doing so. However, there is just one problem. The petite redhead has some difficulty climbing out of the window, when she somehow become stuck and is unable to climb over. It is in the midst of her struggle, that she unfortunately is caught red-
handed by her stepbrother Jay Romero. Jay, who was left in charge by mom, when their parents went out for the night, wonders what his sister is up to. However, as he take note of her clothes, it does not take him long to connect the dots - she's sneaking out. This would of course, prompt Jay to then question her reason for doing so. Madi, initially comes back with the answer that she is to go to a party. However, just as Jay threatens to tell their mom, it's revealed that Madi was actually, planning on spending the night with her boyfriend, and that this was no ordinary occasion. Because in reality, this night was meant to be the night that the two of them have their "first time" together. Madi is pretty bummed out about it, saying that she even shaved her pussy for the first time, for said occasion. Madi, who's never shaved down there, wonders if she even did it correctly. This, as she quickly proceed to remove her panties to ask for stepbrother Jay's opinion on the shave job, much to his surprise. Jay is of course hesitant, but Madi says that she is going to have her first time at some point, and the least that he can do is help her out, and tell her if she did it right or not. Jay is quick to answer, that by appearance, it looks as though she did a good job. But for Madi it is just not good enough for her, as she wants more of a hands-on approach - literally. This, as she places Jay's hand on her mound, telling he not to worry because they aren't related, and that it is just simply "skin". She urges he to touch her further, as Jay somehow finds himself rubbing his stepsister's pussy. It turns she on so much so, that Madi goes on to soon get Jay's cock out to suck. This is as a sexual encounter between step siblings does take place.

Positions Seen //
- missionary
- reverse cowgirl
- cowgirl
- doggy

The Review //
For this review, I take a look at a scene from the website PRINCESS CUM. A site from the NUBILES PORN NETWORK, PRINCESS CUM, presents to us, scenes that tell stories that feature petite young girls getting creampied. In the case of this scene, we have a fun little scenario, involving newcomer Madi Collins, in addition to Jay Romero, who plays the part of her stepbrother. He, who just so happens to have been left in charge of her, while their parents are away. Yes, young Madi, looks to challenge her brother's authority. when she plans to quietly sneak out during the night to see her boyfriend. Madi gets out of bed, gets dressed, and than she is almost out. That is until she runs into "short girl problems", as she attempts to climb out of the window, for her escape. Her short stature, just will not allow her to climb over. And it is in this compromising position, that her stepbrother Jay unfortunately discovers her. He of course, pulls her back in, where he would go on to question what it is that she is doing. He is in charge, Jay says, as he wants to know what her plans were. It's obvious to him judging by what she is wearing that she was planning to sneak out. But to do what?. Madi quickly comes up with the excuse that she was going to a party. However, that soon changes to she going to meet her boyfriend. This, as Jay threatens to tell on her. Madi goes on to explain that, the night was meant to be special for she and her boyfriend. This, as the two of them were planning to go all the way. Have their first time together. Initially, Jay isn't quite sure what she means, so Madi attempts to make it obvious for him. It finally dawns on him, especially after she eventually tells him that she even shaved for the occasion. Every little detail has Jay weirded out, as he go on most definitely, axe Her plans for the night. The storyline goes on to even have a little bit of humor to follow, as Madi would go on to ask Jay to give her his opinion on her shave job. She has never shaved her coochie before, and wants to know how she did on it. It's innocent enough! He wants no part of it, and even tells her to put it away, but as he comes over to her, as she is on the bed, she manages to place his hand onto her bare muff, urging he to get a feel saying that it is just skin. Jay attempts to once again, pull away. However, Madi assists him in rubbing Jay's fingers over her pussy. She even goes as far as to follow up by getting Jay's dick out to suck. This is of course, when the action begins. However, we would soon find that the storyline would continue very cleverly; both in the middle of the scene as well as the end of it.

The action beginning with this blowjob. During which Mattie goes on to display very nice cocksucking abilities. There are a combination of things here. First, we see Madi take as much down her throat as she can. This, being met with some stroking. I also really liked how she sort of stroked the shaft with her mouth too. All of it, causing a lot of spit to accumulate, thus making things somewhat sloppy. We would also see Jay fuck her face as well from here. It's next in a clever turn, that the storyline would continue to play out as, after the blowjob occurs, they don't just go into the next position as we would assume that they would. No. That's because at Madi's request for Jay to fuck her, he's suddenly standoffish again, and refuses to do so. But this is when Madi cuts in to say that if he doesn't, she will tell mom about what they have already done. Jay of course, doesn't want that to happen, so at that point, he feels that he has no other choice, but to give in to his little sister's desires. A reluctant Jay agrees, as the action next go to missionary with Madi on her back. Initially they go with the idea that Madi's pussy is super tight. This, as Jay continue nice and easy at first, with an even pace. This, as Madi mentions that he is stretching her out. However next, it would go on to continue with a gradually quicker pace, brought forth by Jay. I really liked the sort of increasing pace, as Jay would eventually come to fuck her nice, and hard while going deeply. Following this, things continue right away, as Madi next asks Jay if he wants she to ride him. He then assumes the position on his back, with no questions asked, as Madi would follow suit, as she straddle to ride the dick, in the position of reverse cowgirl. With this, position the camera first begins with a close up view of the penetration. I really enjoyed this view, as it nicely showed the hard cock going deep into Madi's pussy, nice and slow. This would last for a time, before the camera would then go for a full frame view, as Jay soon pick up his pace, to once again hammer the pussy hard. Before this position is said and done, we would also get some grinding from Madi for a brief period. This being before the position would reverse to that of standard cowgirl, soon after. It's from this position, that we first see Madi take charge, to pop her pussy up and down on the dick at a nice, quick pace. It's a view that gives us a good look at Madi's nice, young bubble butt, as her pussy is punched by the cock. As this position would continue however, Jay once again picks it up, by going hard into Madi, as he maintain the increasing pace, as he did in the previous set up. The fourth, and final position of the scene would be doggy, as Madi is on all fours, with Jay taking her from behind. The action from here, first sees the camera take an overhead POV approach, showing the penetration up close. However, as Jay increase his pace to go harder and deeper into Madi's pussy, our view is then, one from the side. The action here is very nice, as Jay continues on hard. There must have been some really good acoustics going on in the room, because here we are accompanied by the nice sounds of skin smacking skin, as Madi's pussy catches dick. There is a time here during, that Madi would turn around and tell her stepbrother that she wants he to cum in her. Jay, who is shocked once again, reluctantly agrees. This, as he continues on for a moment more, until finally letting loose a load deep inside of Madi. It's after that Jay pulls out, that the camera rewards us with a very nice view from behind Madi, as she push out the load. Cum farts and all! This view was a particularly good one, showing off Madi's tight pussy and butthole, as the action come to an end. However, with that said, the storyline itself then would come full circle, as Madi, with a sly look on her face, stares at her brother, and says that their mom is going to be so mad, when she finds out that he got her pregnant. Jay is of course beside himself, as Madi goes on to reveal that she lied, and that she is not really on birth control. Jay is understandably panicked, as he go on to say that he will be the one telling mom on she first! Wow, what a finish. I loved the hard-hitting action which lead to the ending creampie, as well as the conclusion to the storyline itself. What a brilliant way to end things. Boy, did Maddie look sexy when she turned around and told Jay that she wasn't currently on birth control like she said she was!

This was a scene that I really happened to enjoy in all aspects. I am a sucker for a good storyline, and this is a scene that definitely has one of those. It's not an elaborate story. However, it is one that is well told, and sometimes that is all you need. The storyline with Madi sneaking out late at night to meet up with her boyfriend to fuck for the very first time, is just fun. Especially seeing as, we have two performers who committed themselves to their acting, and the roles which they were given. First of all, Madi Collins is so great with this, as her acting performance was on point, and exactly what you would want from her. She's cute, funny, and in the end, sexy. The way which the scene began with she attempting to climb out of the window, only to get caught up, because she is so small, was just priceless, indeed. And then we have she trying to plead her case to her stepbrother, as she explain just how special the night was to be for her, and given the fact that she had shaved her pussy bald for it. Her cuteness factor definitely came in, whenever she urged Jay to offer up his opinion on her freshly-shaven pussy. I loved her innocent eyes in this moment. And when it came to she being sexy. She was throughout the sex encounter, and especially, as I said in the end, as she break some news to Jay that is rather unfortunate for he. That look upon her face, was, and is just so hot. Not to mention, she being sweaty from just having been fucked, really adding to it. And when it comes to Jay Romero he too, brings a nice acting performance that plays opposite of Madi's rather perfectly. He's the brother that, is at first, interested in upholding his authority, tenfold. However, just like any other impressionable young guy, he is prone to caving under pressure, especially when it comes to pussy. He played all of it up quite well. Yes, even at the end. As far as his sexual performance goes, I felt that he performed great there too. He really brought it in my opinion, as most of the action seen here is nice and hard, as he give it to Madi good. I loved the hard pounding dealt, as well as of course, the creampie which finished off the scene, when speaking of the action. This scene is a good example of story and sex coming together, to create something that is really enjoyable and fun. It's with that said, that I would not hesitate to recommend this scene to you, as it is one that has a lot to offer in terms of fun, adult entertainment. Be sure to check it out!

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