Climax Clicker (2021)

by - February 03, 2021

Starring: Allie Addison // Tommy Gunn
Runtime: 36 mins.
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Scene Breakdown //
The scene begins with Allie Addison outside, walking along and splashing inside the pool, while the footage is accompanied by a musical bass track. The petite cutie, who is wearing a sheer white bathing suit, teases us in a playful manner, as she get wet in the pool. This including, she bending over to spread her ass, as her bikini bottoms remain on. Overall, it is a tease segment that is very brief. This, as she is soon approached by her boyfriend, Tommy Gunn, who is quick to tell Allie that he has she a new sex toy. That toy, being a small pink vibrator, which was designed to be placed inside her pussy. Not only that, it is a small toy that just so happens to be controlled by a handheld clicker. One of course, giving Tommy full control over Allie's orgasms. All with a click. Addie is indeed intrigued by the idea, as she is quick in her desire to put on a show for Tommy.

It's soon,that we see Allie out of the pool, as she sit with her legs spread wide. She rubs between her legs, prior to she pulling her bikini bottoms aside. It's from there, that she goes on to rub her clit with the vibrating toy. It isn't long before she graduates to inserting said toy into her pussy, to fuck it in the manner which she would use a dildo. She would then continue to fuck herself, as she then, bend over, with we the viewer, having view from behind. It's after the masturbatory session however, that Allie says that she is really wet and wants Tommy's big cock, as she suggests that the two of them go inside. But first, she is sure to again reinsert her new vibrating toy into her pussy, prior. It is then, once the two of them are inside that we see Tommy go on to use the vibrating device to his advantage. We see him go on to catch Allie off guard several times during the day, and in several places in the house. There's the bedroom, the living room, a dining area, and the kitchen. Each moment catching she off guard, and with each moment Tommy seeming to stop the vibrator, just as Allie is about to cum. For Tommy and Allie it becomes the ultimate game of "edging". After Allie finds herself on the end of boyfriend Tommy's proverbial string, we finally find the two of them going into a sexual encounter, as they make a return to the bedroom.

Positions Seen //
- missionary
- cowgirl (x2)
- doggy
- reverse cowgirl

The Review //
For today's review, I take a look at another scene from the PORN PROS network presented website, GIRL CUM. Yes, the self-proclaimed, "world's greatest orgasm site". Previously, I have reviewed several scenes from the website dedicated to the act of the female orgasm, and I have to say that I had quite a lot of fun doing them. This being because, all of those scenes featuring well captured squirting on screen. I loved it. With this scene, we just so happen to have one which features the cute, petite, and curly-haired starlet in Allie Addison. The scene itself, begins with a very brief tease segment. One that is accompanied by a backing music track. This, as Allie looking cute, as she tease us, while being in and around the pool, on a hot sunny day. While the tease segment itself features wet splashes, along with a wet see through white bathing suit, Allie soon would be in for a whole lot more wetness, as the scene itself then take on somewhat of a set up. That set up being that Allie is soon approached by her boyfriend Tommy Gunn, who comes bearing gift. A gift in the form of a new sex toy for the two of them to try out. The sex toy being a small, pink vibrating bullet, which includes a small, pink clicker. The object of the toy, being that the bullet goes into the pussy, while someone else controls the clicker. Thus giving them control over the other person. Allie likes the idea. However, before the two of them can give it a try, she decides to give Tommy a show. A show of masturbation. It begins with Allie being out of the pool, with her legs spread wide. This, as she eventually goes on to move the toy in and out of her pussy. And it's following that it would continue, with she standing and bending over to do the same. But for Allie, it is just not enough, as she says that she wants Tommy's big cock instead. This, as she asks that the two of them go inside. They do so, but before they do anything, we see that Tommy has more than a little fun with the new vibrator. The footage shows he zapping her via the clicker at various times throughout the day, and in various places. Now we can't be so sure that this footage was Tommy really getting her with the toy, or not. Or if it was simply all an act. However, I will say that there was one instance relating to the idea that things may have been all real. That time being as Allie goes to retrieve a water bottle from the fridge, just as she gets it out, and is about to leave the kitchen, she's hit with vibration, then and there. The jolt being so strong, that it causes she to drop her water bottle. I'm not sure, but it looks like the real thing to me. It's another thing that, with each and every instance of using the clicker, Tommy stops it, just before Allie is about to reach climax. This, as he essentially tortures her(albeit in a good way).

It would be after the opening fun and games with the toy, that the two of them eventually go into a sexual encounter in the bedroom. It beginning with Allie on her back with her legs spread wide, as Tommy go down on her with his mouth and tongue. It begins at a steady pace of tonguing, prior to Tommy really burying himself in between Allie's legs to really dig in. We would also see Allie positioned in a piledriver position as Tommy keep focused, and at it. However, it's after this, that Allie would go on to return the favor, by sucking Tommy's cock. It's here, that the camera give us a nice overhead POV view of Allie doing the deed, initially. Allie goes to work, as we see her beautiful eyes look up at us, as she goes on to slurp, suck, as well as stroke single-handedly, and then with both hands, prior to doubling up using both simultaneously. She would also go on to tend to Tommy's balls, as well. The view from the camera would then turn to a close side view, as we see Allie continue on. It's after this, that the action then return to the bed, as Allie would again be seen on her back. This, as the action then go to missionary, as Tommy would continue with a steady in and out. It's as a result of Tommy's even plugging of the pussy, that we have a rather bizarre occurrence. As this happens, Allie is quick to declare that she's cumming. Tommy would continue a little bit more prior to he pulling out. But when he does, he's met with Allie's pussy gushing a milky liquid. Very in the fashion, as if Tommy would have creampied her. Yet he didn't, as he made no sign of he reaching climax. It is then that I thought to myself -- "this is the filmmakers attempting to fake squirting". Well, let's just say that it didn't work, because it's not even remotely believable, even a little bit. It's pretty comical, if you think about what they were attempting to do here, as they just failed miserably. It looks ridiculous. They may get away with this on their male orgasm site, CUM4K. But they just cannot do that with the female counterpart. Sure pussies may cream, but they don't do so, and then literally pour out like a waterfall. Give me a break! The action would continue on then from there, with Tommy keeping up his pace, going deep for a time, which soon causes Allie to come to another orgasm, as she shake and tremble. However, that would not stop Tommy from continuing, as missionary would continue on as the camera changes view to an overhead one. Tommy of course, maintains a steady pace of in and out, with Allie eventually being verbal as she says, "give it to me!". This is followed up by the action finally going to that of cowgirl. From the position we first see Allie upon her feet, as Tommy slam her down. The view seen here, being excellent, as Allie's little round ass, slam up against Tommy, as his cock plunge deeply. Tommy would soon go even harder than before, and we would also see a moment, in which Allie would slam herself down, thus dictating the pace. It being before the cowgirl would continue on, with Allie leaning forward, to continue to take the dick from Tommy, who is consistent. It would be followed up by cowgirl continuing on, only this time Tommy's back would face the camera, as we get a frontal view of Allie, as she bounce. It's here that we see she bounce at a quick pace on the cock. However, it is next to the doggy position. It beginning with a very nice look. This, as the camera is seen at a distance from the performers, as Tommy fully straddle Allie from behind, as he drop his dick in, to continue at a steady pace. The view from here is indeed fantastic, and well captured by th camera. It's from here that we see Tommy's efforts soon make Allie cum once again, as her legs shake a great deal. This, as Tommy would fuck even harder. The doggy would continue, with the view being overhead, and then one that is more traditional. It's from the latter view that we come to notice a puddle on the bed sheet. Of course this would indicate that Allie had squirt. But seeing as the camera cuts to the view in the quick, I would go on to say that I believe it is yet another attempted fake. They probably used a spray bottle of sorts, as  we see both the puddle on the bed, as well as water droplets on Allie's pussy. Now there is the time during the doggy as it continue next, that Allie orgasms hard, and pulls away, and as she does so, she does seem to squirt a little. I'm going to go on and say that this particular instance of it was probably real. The action from there would finish out, going to true reverse cowgirl, as both Tommy and Allie face us. It's more of the same as before, as Tommy goes on to be consistent, as he slam Allie's pussy down on him. She would also once again cum, before Tommy would have to do so himself. This, as Allie would go on to administer another blowjob, as we have that overhead POV to start, as she would work the cock over well again. It's the view from the side that we see, as Tommy eventually go on to jerk his cock to shoot into Allie's mouth for the finish.

When it comes to the scene in particular from GIRL CUM, it's a scene that begins with a gimmick, and happens to have a gimmick in between. However, it isn't the gimmick that it began with. Yes, we begin with the idea that Allie Addison and Tommy Gunn have a new sex toy to play around with. That, being one that Tommy is able to control using a little clicker device. In the beginning, we would get the sense that in some of the action that we would see in between, would have to do with using the toy itself. Or at least that is what I thought I would be seeing, I was more than prepared to hate the scene for including this little toy far too much. However, in the end, I find myself wishing that it could have featured the toy instead, rather than the fake squirting orgasms. Geeze, is it ridiculous. Both in thought, and in appearance. I mean why do it? Why tarnish a completely good sex scene, with such a stupid idea? You're a website that focuses on the act of girl's squirting. Well, suddenly you have someone that you want to feature who just doesn't squirt in the amount that the site has made its name on, so you just simply decide to fake it? Not only does it look bad in the eyes of the viewer, it also makes the model look bad to an extent, as well. However, what I am getting at here, is that when you advertise one thing, and then begin to not feature it in the quality that you should, you're simply not giving people what they pay for. I really like GIRL CUM as a website, which is much more than I can say for their other website CUM4K, which is just pure and simply bullshit. I hate to see this site go down that same road where all of the content is faked(their site BBCPIE features the fake creampies as well. But at least the scenes are sometimes decent). On the surface, and beyond the fact that some things might not be what they seem, the good thing here is that, the action itself, the action on its own, is fairly good in my opinion. Not only here do we have a very cute, and lovable Allie Addison. We see she fucked very well by Tommy Gunn, whom here, is able to remain consistent for virtually the remainder of the sex. My favorite positions here, would be both variations of cowgirl. Starting with the standard variation. It's here that, Allie's bouncing ass just looks amazing, as it slammed down, while her pussy, at the same time hug around Tommy's cock. I enjoyed the reverse variation also, as we also get to see Allie's beautiful face, as she continue to straddle and ride the dick. These are positions that are captured very well. Also, I admit to liking the moments during which it would seem that Allie was truly experiencing orgasms. These moments being, where she just lost control over herself, as her legs shake, sending a shiver through her body. With that said. on the basics, as I mentioned, the sexual material here isn't too bad. As a matter of fact it is quite enjoyable for the most part. But then again, you come away from the scene feeling as though you have been lied too. And as a reviewer knowing that the majority of the people seeing it, would be paying customers, to whom the operators of the site would be lying too, I feel real uneasy about the whole sexual charade of faking this, and faking that. With that said, I feel that no matter how solid the sex may be here, it is unfortunately dampened by all of the extra amount unnecessary trickery thrown in. With this in mind, the scene is ok as is.

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