True Lesbian - Just Spend The Night (2020)

by - May 12, 2020

Starring: Khloe Kapri // Gia Derza
Directed by: Bree Mills
Runtime: 32 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
Things begin with Charlie standing over the sink in the bathroom. This, as she vigorously scrubs away the word, "Lez", which has been scrawled across her forehead in lipstick. Charlie, with a look of distraught on her face. It's in that moment that Charlie finds herself approached by Eden(Gia Derza), who is quick to apologize for her friends, while quickly taking no blame of her own. However, Charlie is still upset about what has occurred in looks to leave. That is when Eden stops Charlie, urging her not to go.

The story then goes back to the beginning, to show  just how it happened to unfold. It all begins, when April(Mackenzie Moss), Charlie's sister, somehow convinces a reluctant Charlie to go along with her to a friends house to participate in a slumber party, with she and her high school friends. Charlie, one year removed from high school, dreads the thought of doing so, but April is able to convince Charlie, under the guise she wants to spend time with her before she herself goes off to college next year, at UNB. Once the two arrive, Charlie finds herself isolated, as she is caught in the middle of a rowdy scene. The four High School girls, all 18; There's Samantha(Scarlett Sage), Mia(Brooklyn Gray), Eden(Gia Derza), and of course. April. The girls eventually begin to look for things to do, when the topic of makeovers arises. However, instead of doing makeovers on themselves, they look at Charlie as he ideal subject. Charlie is just not having it, as she quickly shoots down the idea. Nonetheless, the girls steadfastly continue to attempt to get Charlie involved in their girly shenanigans. The next topic of discussion between them involving Charlie, sees her becoming a would be Instagram photographer, as one of the girls, Samantha asks Charlie to shoot some pictures of the group with her phone. Charlie is again reluctant, but soon gives in. Unfortunately though, it is at that point that the girls, just so happen to tap into something that Charlie holds in secret. Or so she thought. That's because, the girls go on to essentially tease Charlie about the fact that she likes girls.  As they then tease about removing their tops. It is something that makes Charlie upset, as she wants to leave. However, she is met by her sister, who begs her to stay. It is at that moment that Charlie finds herself once again giving in. Steadily changing their minds about what it is that they want to do for the night, the girls finally collectively decide on watching a movie together on Samantha's laptop. It is a night, that grows long for Charlie, as she slowly drifts off to sleep. Something that would prove to be a mistake. That's because she awakens to find the girls surrounding her. It would seem as though they were waiting for the moment that she would wake up. It is not until she steps in front of a bathroom mirror, that she knows exactly why. As said before, it is at this time that Charlie finds herself upset, when she sees what the girls had done while she was sleeping. Poking fun at Charlie's sexual orientation, the insensitive group of high schoolers, had written a term that cut Charlie like a knife.  The term "Lez". As Charlie scrubbed herself clean, coming into the bathroom is one of the girls in Eden.  Eden, is of course quick to apologize, saying that she had no part in what Samantha and Mia had done, while at the same time, accounting for her sister, April, whom she says was asleep. As the upset Charlie once again looks to leave, Eden stops her, as she asks her not to go.  Eden, then finds herself quick to confess, that it is she that has wanted Charlie from the moment that she walked through the door. It is a moment that does not stand still, as the girls are thrown into the heat of passion. 

They engage in a round of passionate kisses, as Gia pull Khloe in.  Things progress from here.  We soon see Khloe go down on Gia, as she pulls her shorts down to tongue at her pussy, she further takes charge next, as she reverses Gia's position shoving her against the wall. It's from here, that Khloe continue, as she goes on to shove fingers into her pussy. However, Gia would next return the favor, as Khloe is then seated with her legs spread. From this position, she is on all fours, as she first licks Khloe's pussy, prior to sucking vigorously upon her clit. It's after this however, that we see Gia then saddle up on Khloe's lap.  It's here, that we see her grind against Khloe's pussy for a time. This, followed up by Gia then being bent over, as prop up her left leg up on a counter. It's from here that Khloe goes on to again go down on Gia, working her pussy with both her fingers and tongue from behind. Following this the two of them go into kissing once more, before the scene soon comes to an end soon after.

The Review //
For this review, I take a look at the story-driven "Just Spend The Night", written and directed by Bree Mills, for her all girl series, True Lesbian.  In the story, Khloe Kapri portrays "Charlie".  Charlie is a loner, who is seemingly content on being just that.  Freshly removed from High School, Charlie is seemingly content in her ways.  She keeps to herself, which is why the invite from her sister "April"(portrayed by Mackenzie Moss), has she feeling all sorts of awkward. Charlie likes what she likes, and yes, I am eluding to her sexuality.  Something that she keeps closely guarded.  It is a fact that is well known by all the girls at the slumber party, which is why Khloe is met with a feeling of relief, when seemingly, one of the girls, Eden, played by Gia Derza, seems to have some compassion for her.  Seems to understand her. However, this is Bree Mills that we are talking about.  One who is known to deliver some very sharp, and painfully realistic storytelling. This, as we soon find that all is not as it appears, as the story holds one final revelation in the end. This, as things end up exactly how Charlie hoped that they wouldn't. This, as I said the story is one that is truly realistic. Said to be inspired by a true experience, the story here shows just how mean-spirited teenage girls can be, as they act with malice and not a care in the world. Here, the character of Charlie has her guard up, as she is thrown in the middle of this cheer squad sleep over. It is an environment that soon finds her humiliated. So when one of the girls seems to be not so like the others, Chloe cautiously, and slowly let's down her guard to let her in.  It's an experience that, to her shock only has her later wanting to crawl back into her shell, so to speak.

When it comes to the acting performances by the cast, I felt that everyone did phenomenally well. This is especially true, when talking about the leading lady Khloe Kapri, who portrays the character of "Charlie" with realism.  For a movie that runs that only 33 minutes in length - this including the story, as well as the sex. Khloe somehow manages to create a character, who is real. Is believable, and ultimately one who we sympathize with. The character is deep, without having to explain much.  We just feel for her. As for the rest of the talented cast, they do well by creating an environment in which these characters live. The cheer squad, minus Mackenzie Moss' "April", Charlie's sister, are basically your everyday mean girls. This supporting cast, which includes Scarlett Sage, Brooklyn Gray, and Gia Derza, really embody that spirit in this movie. Quite frankly, they are the type of girls that just piss you right off. You know the type.  They are it. So with that said, yes the movie has a twist at the end. It is one that I am trying my best not to spoil for those who have yet to see the movie.

Now, on to the sexual encounter. Here we have girl/girl action between Khloe Kapri and Gia Derza. A spontaneous romp occurring in the bathroom. It is an encounter that is pretty heated. Lots of sexual tension here. Initially, the girls get right into it, as they go into a round of passionate kissing.  I just loved this, to be honest. In the beginning, I liked the way that Gia held Khloe's head so delicately, as the two of them kiss. Things however soon take a turn, as Khloe turn the tables on Gia, handling her with authority, as she turned Gia around to shove her against the wall. Personally, I found this expression to be a trait of Khloe's character. In fact, I believe that both of the characters here are represented in the sexual content. Gia's character, Eden, more delicate, while Charlie is more rough and rugged, which may be a sign of she having more experience with girls. That is just how I saw things. Anyway, it was from here that Khloe went on to finger Gia at an increasing rate from behind.  This was also a good look, as Khloe gradually increase the speed of her fingering. After this, Gia was once again take over, as she shove Chloe back on a bench in the bathroom. It is from here that we see Chloe have her legs spread wide for the taking. And take Gia does.  Here, Gia puts on a very nice display of pussy eating. This including lapping her tongue up and down Khloe's clit, prior to sucking steadily on it.  Honestly, the sucking was my favorite part. And speaking of favorites. What would occur next, has to be my favorite moment of the entire scene. It goes down when, from this position, Gia goes on to straddle Khloe. This, as she proceeds to then, grind away on Khloe's bare lap. This, part of the action is so damn hot.  Gia's big hips and booty, just gyrating in Khloe's lap as she stimulate her pussy. Need I say more? The action finally finishes up, as Gia goes on to bend over, and subsequently prop her left leg up on the counter. This leaving her wide open. Chloe then goes down on her, administering a good licking, and fingering from behind. And it is her actions that soon bring Gia to a climax.  And not long after, the sex to a finish.

When it comes to the sexual content of the scene, I felt that it was truly passionate. Not only is the action hot and heavy between the two ladies, as a sex scene it is one that progresses very well. It has a nice flow to it, as one sexual act moves to another. When it comes down to it, the key feature of the sex here is indeed, the cunnilingus. These two girls Khloe Kapri and Gia Derza, are really good at eating pussy! Aside from that, I have already mentioned my favorite moment of the scene.  The cowgirl riding by Gia. It just looks great on camera, and the eye contact made by the two ladies during the act is just priceless to say the least. There truly is not much better than great eye contact during a sex scene. It is simply one of the key ingredients to any scene, in my opinion. My only real complaint about the sex scene here, is that it basically ends with no true "finale". No hard climax, just the two girls enjoying another round of passionate kissing. But then of course we do have the finish of the storyline portion. It is something that I felt was handled very nicely. It is a moment where you truly feel for Charlie. What she feared would happen, does happen - and you feel bad for her.

Overall, I felt that this was a very well-rounded scene, in both story and in sex. The story of course, presents us with characters who keep our interest, especially one of them, who we sympathize with in the end. Everything in the storyline is well played by the The selected cast. As for the sex, for the most part all is good, as we see Khloe Kapri, and Gia Derza go at it, as they seem to truly enjoy one another. It is with all of this said, that I would not hesitate to recommend this story-driven scene to you. As per usual, when it comes to the work of Bree Mills, it is a scene that is humanly thought provoking, and effective.

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