HookupHotshot.com: Episode 335 - Rissa May

by - August 31, 2023

Starring: Rissa May // Bryan Gozzling
Directed by: Bryan Gozzling
Runtime: 1 hr. 38 mins.

Scene Breakdown //
 Our scene begins with a little tease segment from Rissa May. She is truly a stunner, who is wearing an all pink ensemble. This, spare for a purple thong, a blue collar/handbag, and a leopard print over coat. Her outfit includes a pink tube top, a pink skirt, along with some matching shoes. During this segment, Rissa, is playful, pulling up her top to show us her big natural tits, prior to pulling down the front of her panties, to flash her clean-shaven pussy.

Next, Bryan Gozzling can't believe who stands before him. He says that the all-natural Rissa, must have skipped in from the mall food court. Bryan introduces Rissa to everyone at home, as he says that he can just tell when a girl is so horny, that she just doesn't care about anything else that is going on. Rissa is that, as Bryan bets that she just cannot wait to get her 18 year old face fucked. She agrees with this by saying "Yes Daddy". Bryan says that Rissa found him on the website, HOOKUP HOTSHOT.COM. A website that she says is her favorite. She says that she enjoys it, because she likes the roughness of the sex featured on the site. She likes it rough, and agrees that she likes being fucked like a whore. Bryan then asks Rissa if she likes to have a her tits slapped around like a piece of "big titted fuck meat". She does. he calls her a milk cow, on account of her 32DD titties. After this, Brian goes on to show everyone Rissa's pussy and asshole as well. Bryan, vows to fuck her pussy, but he also promises to fuck her ass more. He then has she show off her tits. Rissa says that she has been getting attention for them since the age of 14 or 15. Bryan mentions that Rissa thinks that she has been pissed on, maybe once. Knowing that this is something that he is accustomed to, she says that she would like to try it today. After this, he tells her to put her gorgeous tits away and to "make herself decent". This, before he steps into the frame, and the scene begins.

Positions Seen //
- missionary (x2)
- upright doggy
- reverse cowgirl
- doggy

The Review // 
For this review, I take a look at one of the latest scenes from the website, HOOKUP HOTSHOT, and it's man in charge, Bryan Gozzling. For this scene, he welcomes fresh-faced 18-year-old Rissa May, who here makes her debut for the site. Let me tell you about Rissa May, she is stunning. I actually first saw her on Youtube, on some kind of chiropractic video, and ever since, I have been intrigued. I couldn't wait to check out some of her work, and it's with this scene, that I was finally able to do that.

It's here that she joins Bryan for some fun, and she is visibly eager. Gozzling even takes note of this, after the introductory tease segment, This is why it doesn't take them long to get into the action at hand.

The scene begins with lots of passionate kissing between the two. Bryan can't help but to feel up Rissa's young, stacked body. And who can blame him? I mean she looks incredible. This would also lead to him fingering her pussy and it is so hot. Also hot is what happens next.

Bryan, would then go on to shove Rissa back on the couch, as he positions her with her legs spread wide. Now here, I really love the fact that Rissa keeps her bright pink shoes on the entire time. There's just something about her legs being in the air, while having those shoes on, all while getting her pussy eaten by a pro. Here, we see her pussy both eaten and fingered, and it's great. The end result is Rissa squirting everywhere. Something that she says that she does not normally do.

Next, we would see Rissa get her face fucked by Bryan. Face fucking is something that she loves, according to her, and it shows. This, being as her face takes a sloppy and heavy pounding by Gozzling. She is even able to fully deepthoat him, as her nose is soon resting on his pubes. it would be during this, that Bryan would have her spit down onto her titties, before, he would lend her another hand, once again finger banging her hard to another orgasm.

However, we would see Bryan, finally go on to fuck Rissa's pussy. it would come by way of the missionary position. Rissa, positioned on her back in a chair. It would be here that Bryan would briefly go down on her again, prior to finally penetrating her. The action would start off slow, with no more than the tip in. But soon, the pace would increase to the point that Bryan is banging her good. This was great stuff! Not only were Rissa's tits bouncing, the whole chair was moving. Gozz was fucking this girl so good, that she was eventually thanking him for making her pussy red and swollen!

To follow this, it would take some time, but Bryan goes on to then next piss on Rissa, exactly how she wished to be in the beginning. It comes when Bryan is standing, while Rissa is squatting down and holding a clear plastic bowl. To make things even better, Rissa's tits are also held over said bowl(Boy, did this look good!). Anyway, Bryan pees, and its a steady stream. One that would hit Rissa's tits, and then her mouth, as she hold it open. Yes, Rissa is quick to mention how warm it is as well. It's after this that Rissa would have her face fucked again for good measure.

Bryan, then for a time would take Rissa from behind for some upright doggy. This would be the perfect position to show off her big bouncing naturals. Gozzling makes sure to stay in this position for awhile to showcase them. We have both side, as well as frontal views from the camera.

They would next be back on the couch for some more face fucking. Rissa would once again be able to display her ability to take a cock all the way down her throat. Bryan, from this position, would also be seen drilling her head hard. It's nice and sloppy!

After, things would then naturally transition to that of reverse cowgirl, as Rissa saddles up and climbs on top to ride. This was yet another great position to show off her natural 32DDs. They bounce up and down freely. That is until Bryan has fun with them, grabbing them for some good leverage. Eventually, he once again bangs her hard. I loved it.

 They would return to the couch, and return to missionary next. All would be brief though, as Brian would go down on her again, prior to fucking her pussy. It would all be before we see Rissa next with her face down and ass up on the couch. This,  giving Bryan the opportunity to tongue at Rissa's tight little asshole. It followed up by Bryan going on to cock-slam her pussy, nice and deep. This was an excellent position, showing great detail. Rissa's pussy was indeed very swollen!

 We would see more face fucking next. However, it was only set up For Rissa to eat Bryan's ass. Bryan assumes the position, with his legs in the air, as he's ready to take it. Luckily, Rissa is more than willing to give it to him good. Rissa definitely buries her face into it, lashing at the butthole with her tongue. It's enough to build Bryan up to the verge of climax.

So, next is when it happens. The scene finally comes to an end when some light face fucking is followed up by Bryan, jerking his wet cock, until finally shooting a nice load all over Rissa's pretty face. You just have to love that even after the facial, Rissa never loses her smile! This was a great looking facial, I must admit!

When it comes to this scene, I have to say that I am impressed with Rissa May. She is just beautiful, and I love her attitude about everything. I do have to say that this was a very good introduction to her. I definitely think that she will soon be a much regarded fan favorite. After all, she is already a new favorite of mine. You just have to love that adorable face, and that divine body. She is a must see performer!
This was such a solid scene all around for both Bryan Gozzling and Rissa May. some very nice action is seen throughout. I loved the thorough pussy eating, and the subsequent squirting. Although, he didn't really go for the ass, as he promised, there was some very nice rimming(from both sides), and when it came to fucking the pussy, Gozzling absolutely nailed it good and hard! Rissa May is so hot, and she's only 18! I do hope that she'll soon return to HOOKUP HOTSHOT, only next time for a round of anal! What can I say? Her asshole just looked so tight! As far as this scene goes, yes I do recommend it!

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