HobyBuchanon.com: Hoby's Hotties Performer of the Year Rebel Rhyder Returns (2020)

by - March 10, 2020

Starring: Rebel Rhyder // Hoby Buchanon
Directed by: Hoby Buchanon
Runtime: 1 hr. 18 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
For this scene, Hoby Buchanon welcomes back his Hoby's Hottie's 2019 Performer of the Year, Rebel Rhyder, who at the start of the scene, wants to take a bath.  But, in order to do that, Hoby says that Rebel must "clean her master's cock".  Rebel obeys as she soap and sponge his knob, prior to Hoby having she clean it with her mouth.  This soon going to Hoby throat fucking Rebel.  Here Hoby makes sure that Rebel gets every inch of his cock down her throat, this has he even goes as far as  half straddling her face. He then go on to fully straddle, this as he forces rebel to eat his ass. There is soon a moment of doggy from the bathtub. This would continue outside by the bathroom counter. As Hoby goes on to fuck her deep and hard at a fast pace. Cocksucking follows prior to cowgirl as we see Rebel  climb on to ride the cock. It's from this position, that we see her bounce steadily on it, before Hoby take over to fuck hard. The position is then reversed for a time as Rebel has her legs spread and planted. Hoby then go on to again fuck her face. This, prior to things moving into the bedroom. After, we see Rebel once again administer a good blowjob before things go to anal from missionary, and then to doggy.  Doggy would then continue with Rebel lying flat, as she is pounded deep by Hoby from behind. Following this, Hoby, again goes on to straddle her face as he does cock push-ups as he fucks her face. He then returns to fucking the pussy, keeping things deep and hard before it's back to rebel sucking his cock deep. This lasting for a time until he must cum. It's then that Hoby. eventually go on to unload into Rebel's mouth for the finish to the action.

The Review //
In this scene, we have Hoby Buchanan welcoming back Rebel Rhyder, one of his most prized students, as she continues her slut training.  This, as part of her fourth scene with the amateur pornographer, as it also coincides with her celebrating her win as the site's 2019 performer of the year as voted by the fans. With this visit, it is all about seeing just how much Rebel has improved when it comes to her skills at being a cock hungry slut. Here, we see Hoby not only use Rebel as his own personal face fucking toy, he also uses her pussy as well as her ass. Each instance having in common one thing, and that is Buchanan is relentless as he goes to town on each tight orifice.

This rough sex scene, oddly enough begins in the bathtub, as Rebel first says that she wants to take a bath. However, her master Hoby, just will not let her get off the hook that easily, as she must earn what she wants. And in order to do this, she must first wash, and then subsequently suck his cock clean right there in the bath. Here, it is after we see Rebel, soap and suck his cock clean, that Hoby takes it upon himself to take charge as he goes on to fuck Rebel's inviting mouth hard in a variety of face fucking techniques. Now, in my five years of reviewing porn, I have of course seen a lot of it, which means I have seen many a face fucked. However, after seeing this video from Hoby Buchanan, I have to say that he is probably one of the most well versed performers when it comes to facefucking that I have seen. Here, it isn't just cramming cock down ones throat, we have Hoby half straddling, and full straddling Rebel's face during this.  In addition to going ahead and straddling over her, and demanding that she proceed to eat his ass. Following all of this, it is also from the bathtub that we see, our first look at penetrative action, as for a moment Hoby goes on to pound Rebels pussy from behind in doggy. Before long it is something that would carry over as they go over towards the bathroom sink, where rebel continues to have her pussy slammed deep and hard.  We then move on to a different location, where a moment of cocksucking is followed up by rebel going on to climb on in order to bounce on the dick from cowgirl as her back faces the camera. Here we see her ass bounce on the cock at a steady but quick pace following this it is of course to reverse cowgirl after. And it is from this position that we see Hoby take charge to fuck at a quick and hard pace of his own.  We have a brief moment of 69 after this as rebel continues to choke on the dick so much so that she eventually pukes on the dick, in very nice view of the camera. Hoby then follows up by again fucking her face. This being prior to the two of them moving again to a different location, this time to a bedroom. Hoby begins things here by picking up and throwing the petite Rebel back on to the bed as he goes on to continue to fuck her face the camera switches to a good POV view of Hoby straddling over Rebel, as he feed her his cock. It is from here that Rebel takes it like a champ, and surprisingly she has a smile on her face the entire time. Spare for a humorous moment which sees Hoby attempt to press a pillow against Rebel's face. It is then that Rebel quickly alerts Hoby that she is feeling claustrophobic. It is then that the camera quickly cuts as the two had obviously taken a break in the proceedings. Hoby then switches ends and says that he wants his student Rebel, to show him just how much she has improved at sucking cock. Rebel gets right to work on the cock, worshiping it, just as her master had asked. However, it is after this well skilled blowjob that Hoby feels that it is the right time to finally reward his student for a job well done. And how does he reward her you ask? Well the answer is simple, and that he fucks her in the ass! Something that Rebel is more than willing and ready to do. The act of anal sex, first begins with Rebel on her back, as Hoby pulls her to the edge of the bed for some anal play in missionary. Here, from this position Hoby continues at a steady pace, while also for a time going on to finger her pussy deep. We would also see him improve his pace to go much harder, as Rebel's tight butthole is drilled. It is an act that would continue next in doggy before the two of them are on the bed.  I really liked what happened next, as Hoby continued his butthole assault.  During this moment of the scene, we see Rebel up on her knees with her legs held close together as Hoby goes on to straddle fully to pound it deep.  With the action continuing, as Rebel lie flat on her stomach, and prone. This was a great looking position, even somewhat from a distance, you could still see in great detail, as it was occurring. This showing Rebel's asshole as being ultra resilient, being able to endure a heavy pounding. After some more brief cocksucking, Hoby is back at it again. as he drills rebel hard, this time however, his hole of choice, is instead her pussy. Hoby from here, is even straightforward, as he thrust into her, this prior to going on in pounding in deep as he pins her legs back. We come to the last position of the scene as we once again see Hoby on his back, as he serve up the cock nice indeed, as it reaches the back of Rebel's throat. It is here that Rebel goes on to once again show off tremendous deep throating skill, devouring every inch of dick. This feeling so good to Hoby that he soon can no longer hold it in, as he goes on to launch a big load directly into Rebel's throat, which she immediately swallows upon impact, just as her master demanded. However, just because the cumshot has blown does not mean the fun is over just yet.  This is because, after the closing segment of the scene, we see Rebel washing off the remains as she shower post scene. But it is here that Hoby decides to give his good student another surprise. A surprise in the form of a golden shower. This being as Hoby goes onto relieve himself directly into Rebel's mouth after this, Rebel is a happy camper and she is more than willing to swallow it all down just to she had done was Hoby's cum earlier.

When it comes to HOBYBUCHANON.COM, the first thing that you should know is that it is a website which specializes in a brand of homegrown amateur content, featuring Buchanan who has amassed both a following, as well as a wealth of content over the years. Yes, forget a glossy finish when it comes to the final product, which he offers his members. The footage is raw and sometimes featuring hard cuts in the editing, which are super noticeable. And though we have multiple cameras, they give us different views during the action, all of the footage varying in quality. In both visual and audio aspects. As we switch from camera to camera the audio is not at the same level for each, as is the clarity of the picture. It is just how it is. However, with all of this said, in my opinion it all just comes across as part of the charm. The changing of the audio is a bit of a distraction I will admit. But I am a person who likes to outweigh the bad when it is possible. In my opinion, the hard fucking that Hoby brings to the table, more than makes up for any of the scene's technical shortcomings. As I said above, I was really surprised at the throat fucking action here. I thought it was great. Here Hoby does not take it lightly on Rebel's throat, as he essentially makes her his living, and breathing fuck toy. He face fucked her in virtually every position available. Not only this, Rebel took all of it with a smile on her face. This girl is simply amazing! Of course whenever it went into the first formation of doggy from the bathtub, that is then when I knew what sort of hard hitting affair I was going to be in for. This type of hard fucking continued whether Hoby was fucking Rebel's face, pussy or ass. And speaking of face, yes, I did mention that there is an instance of puke. Rebel pukes right onto Hoby's dick, before we had even got to anal! And then speaking of anal sex, I have to say that it was really my most favorite aspect of the scene by far. Hoby, said goes on to reward his student for doing a job well done.  He also said that he was not going to take it lightly on her ass. And though he does start out steadily initially, he does not fail to go even harder. I loved this.  Not only do we have it in missionary, and in doggy, but we also have it in a sort of dead dog pose, as rebel lie flat, to have her asshole jammed full.  It just looked fantastic. Of course, I also want to talk about the inclusion of a golden shower, which comes after the scene is over and done, as Rebel is taking a Shower. Though golden showers may not be for everyone, with me as a critic, it definitely gets extra points for its inclusion.  As is simply just goes on to show us yet another thing that rebel doesn't mind doing.  It seems as though this girl is game to doing anything. She is a hardcore porn producer's dream! Not to mention, that she is super cute to begin with.

So with this said, it was my very first time seeing Rebel Rhyder perform in a scene after seeing and hearing so much about her, and I will say that this is a scene that ended up being very much enjoyable. While it is true that some porn fans may think that this scene runs a little bit too long.  Some moments do drag a bit.  However, I would say that the good outweighs the bad in this situation. If anyone would have a gripe about the scene it would be in the technical department. Things which I have outlined here already. However, when it comes to the action itself, fans of the hard variety when it comes to sex, should be more than pleased, as the action seen here is very thorough. Not only do we see rebel fucked hard, we see her slapped, spat on, and pissed on.  Though it may not be for everyone, there are those of you out there that will really enjoy this one as I did, and it is for this reason that I recommend it to you.

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