Spizoo: Chloe Cherry Fucks A Big Cock With Passion (2020)

by - November 26, 2020

 Starring:  Chloe Cherry // Nathan Bronson
Directed by: Alan X
Runtime: 49 mins.

Scene Breakdown //
The scene begins by showcasing Chloe Cherry in a highly stylistic tease segment. One that has been intricately edited so that Chloe's movements are timed to the techno bass beat that accompany it. It's here, that we see Chloe model two different outfits of lingerie. The first of black and yellow, and the other, purple. The segment eventually comes to a close, making way for a sexual encounter between Chloe, and her scene partner, Nathan Bronson.

Positions seen //
reverse cowgirl

The Review //
For my review today, I take a look at a scene from SPIZOO, and it's director Mark White, as they showcase the delightful beauty of one Chloe Cherry, in a sex scene opposite male talent Nathan Bronson. It's a package that consist of both a glamorized tease segment, as well as the main course. When it comes to the introductory segment, I have to say that it is one that I was highly impressed by. Recently, it seems as though SPIZOO as a brand, has received a bit of an overhaul. Personally, I do really like the direction. Mark White, has always been a talented photographer, but he has really stepped up his game as of late. The opening segment here involving Chloe, is a shining example of that. Now, over my five years of reviewing for the adult entertainment industry, I have seen many of these types of segments. This consisting of various styles, music and what have you. But when it comes to this particular segment alone, I was highly impressed with, not only the photography, but also with the editing. The presentation is just second to none. I loved the way that the video was edited in sync to the background music, It was just amazing(Who edited this!?).

After Chloe Cherry has been properly introduced, we then go into the sexual encounter involving she and Nathan Bronson. It is a sex scene that begins with a slow burning progress. It beginning with Nathan approaching she from behind, as the two of them engage in passionate kisses. Nathan also kisses Chloe's neck, as his hand slowly travel down between her legs, to feel her up from over her purple lace panties. Nathan then whispers to Chloe, as he has she lay down on her back. This, as he kisses up her leg, up to her feet, on which he would kiss, prior to sucking on her toes. Here, I really liked the way that the camera would switch between Nathan sucking on the toes, as well as Chloe's reaction. The camera toggling in and out of focus, between its two subjects. It's indeed a very nice touch. It would be followed by Chloe returning the favor for Nathan, as she go on to suck his cock. I liked the way which the camera here, Would begin at a distance, with view that is at an angle, so that we could see Chloe sprawled out on her stomach, as she begin working on the dick. As things progressed from here however, we would have a close up of Chloe doing the deed. This, detailing her big beautiful eyes looking up at Nathan, making eye contact, as she does so. This would continue on until we go to the next stage. Next up, Chloe's panties would come off, as Nathan would soon make his way down below, in between her legs. It's from here, that we see Nathan work on the pussy and clit, with his mouth and tongue, during what would be an extended stay. It's here that we see Nathan show off his skill for giving head. He tongue at the pussy, and suck on the clit, before ultimately burying his face into Chloe's goods. It's the latter that would send Chloe over the edge as she cum. I did like this moment at the beginning of the scene, as it is a beautiful build to climax. However, it is a bit of a long process, and though I did enjoy, I'm thinking that maybe it could have been trimmed a little to keep things tighter. After this, it is finally on to the next order of business, as Nathan asks Chloe if she is ready to ride his cock. She indeed is, and so the action goes to cowgirl next, with she saddling up on the dick to ride it. This beginning with Nathan fucking at a steady pace. However, it is Chloe's dirty talk, that would urge him to go faster. This, as his pace is increasing. Chloe urges he to "fuck her little pussy", and he indeed does just as she requests. This action would momentarily slow down, before ultimately returning back to the harder, faster pace. There is a time during this position in which the camera gives us a closeup view of the ongoing penetration, and it is a very nice view. Especially, when Nathan goes on to spread apart Chloes ass, as he continue to fuck her pussy. The next position would be the reverse variation of cowgirl as Chloe would face the camera with her long legs spread wide, and her feet planted. Thus, leaving her wide open for Nathan's taking. This, beginning with he holding her up a bit as he run in and out of her pussy at a quick pace. It's again Chloe's dirty talk, which propels he to go hard. It's following this, that the next position is spoon, as Chloe is on her back, as is Nathan, as he go on to thrust his cock deeply into Chloe's hole. Again. it is a position that gages both Chloe's reaction to what she is receiving, as well as the penetration of Nathan's cock into her pussy. We have the traditional view, as well as a close up view of these happenings. I really enjoyed the close up view of the penetration, as we watch Nathan go in and out, all while Chloe is instigating as she keep urging to Nathan to fuck her "slutty" pussy. It's so hot. The doggy would be next, as Chloe is on all fours, for Nathan to take her from behind. Like before, this is a position which sees Nathan proceed at a pace that is increasing. He eventually working up speed, as he go even harder and faster into Chloe's pussy. It's action that would soon cause Chloe to cum once again. Again, this position is presented with a collection of reaction shot, penetration, and then close up. Following this, the fucking would continue, only with Chloe taking an upright position. It's after this is finished, that we go on to what would be the final position of the scene. The position of missionary. This was yet another position which saw Nathan, continue with an increasing pace over time. It is also a position to feature more close up camerawork. It's here, that we see Nathan begin with a slow and steady in and out. However, there are two separate occasions which he improve his speed, going harder. All of this, while he suck on Chloe's painted toes. This position was a strong one, showing Nathan drilling the pussy hard eventually. It's an effort that once again makes Chloe cum, and it's after the fact, that she says that now she wants to see he cum, as well. It's following this, that we see Nathan continue for a brief moment more, fucking hard, until he narrowly pulls out, just prior to he exploding. He doing so on Chloe's bush and stomach for the nice finish.

When it comes to this scene, artistically, it as a whole is definitely top notch. As I said above, the opening introductory segment was well conceived. From being shot, and edited, it is beautifully brilliant. The beautiful photography would carry over into the scene as well, as the look for the scene is one that is well polished. I mean the camerawork here, is just gorgeous. Not only in the full scope, but also, in its close up views as well. The editing never straying away from quality overall. The passion between the two performers Chloe Cherry and Nathan Bronson, is also well captured. But, I do have to say that I think that the action could have been edited a little tighter, as it is my opinion that each of the positions seen here, were just a little long-winded. We stayed with each position being just a little too long. I feel that in turn, it brought the pacing of the scene altogether, down a little. It could have moved a little quicker, I feel. For instance, in any given position here, we go from facial reaction shot, to full frame shot, to close-up shot and then back again, only for the cycle to replay over, going for maybe 2 more rounds. I mean, I liked seeing it, but I did get the feeling that things were dragging on. I hate to be negative in any sort of way, as this is a beautifully shot and well captured scene. And not only that, it features Chloe Cherry, one of my favorite performers of all. As well as one of my favorite people. The scene features her in a way just as it should - beautifully and elegant. However, it is on the technical side of things, that the scene lags a bit, and it is my job here to be completely honest with my readers, when voicing my opinion. The scene overall is  very decent, yet the slow pacing has me hung up. So, with this in mind, I believe that opinions here will vary, and this just so happens to be my take on it. 

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