October #DPofTheMonth Double Anal Creampie, Lady Gang Vs 2 BBC, Balls Deep Anal, DAP, Gapes, and Creampie Swallow GIO1607

by - November 11, 2020

 October #DPofTheMonth Recap:

 Lady Gang took October's #DPoftheMonth poll that recently wrapped up on Twitter. We here at the #DPBattle just LOVE DAP, the voters in the polls have shown that before and they just revealed that again here in October’s polling. Lady Gang's scene was the only nominated DP scene that contained the act of double-filling an asshole. Although I thought Lana Sharapova's DP from Young Anal!  was going win the poll I overlooked that obvious love affair with double anal penetration we have here at the #DPBattle. Lady Gang’s scene is taken from a Legal Porno update from back at the beginning of October, on the 3rd  to be exact. It is called “Double Anal Creampie, Lady Gang Vs 2 BBC, Balls Deep Anal, DAP, Gapes, and Creampie Swallow GIO1607” with that over descriptive titling that LP is known for. The major network is a double anal producing machine with DAP scenes being released almost daily. It caters to hardcore hunnies like Lady Gang that shine for the likes of Giorgio Grandi’s camera. The scene is a little over 50 minutes and stars both Tony Brooklyn and Dylan Brown as the solid swords that fill Lady Gang’s butthole up.

As I stated before Lana Sharapova’s DP scene from Evil Angel was nominated for this October scene menu as one of the three possible candidates. I also nominated another Legal Porno scene for the third possible nomination slot. It was with a beautiful Brazilian babe by the name of Tina Fire containing only regular DP and no DAP. Tina’s scene dropped on the massive euro network on October 8th.  I was personally rooting for that scene but the DAP obsessed #DPBattle have spoken with 122 votes in this poll. Giving almost half of the votes to Lady Gang’s DAP scene.  I’m just as excited as they are to watch and review this Lady Gang DAP scene.  It is with a Czech fireball of a performer that still has scenes coming out for the Legal Porno conveyor belt even as I write this.


Scene Breakdown:

 Giorgio’s voice introduces the female performer in front of his camera as “Lady Gang”. They briefly break down her stage name defining that she is indeed a lady and the “Gang” part of her name refers to her love of gang bangs. The camera scans this Czech beauty that stands erect in a white dress that is already being pulled down. Her boobs spill out as Giorgio’s hand reaches over to touch them after receiving permission from the starlet of the day.  Her skirt is hiked up to reveal white thong panties. Then Lady’s ass is smacked by the hands-on director celebrating her presence for today’s scene.  As her cheeks are spread her butthole is revealed and verbally greeted by the cameraman/director. Lady then strips off the tiny white dress she is wearing so that she can sit back on the couch and peel her panties off.  She sits back and spreads herself open even more for the camera and is urged to "blink" which I'm sure is meant as "winking" her asshole. Lady complies with a few quick winks of her sphincter for Giorgio.

Next, a massive sex toy, most likely from the director’s Wonder Toys line, is brought out to penetrate Lady’s asshole.  This is after some lube resembling cum is plopped atop her pussy. She eases the oddly shaped dong into her asshole as Giorgio holds it for her.   A solid gape is the result of this protruding sex toy being methodically fucked into Lady Gang’s asshole. She then is eased into sitting on the multi-colored sex toy as it plugs her ass full.  She leans back on the couch behind her to get leverage as she is anally impaled by the dildo.  Giorgio is encouraging her every move as she fucks herself for his camera. After some more anal winking as a result of the toy warping her open hole Tony Brooklyn and Dylan Brown walk into the scene.

Dylan Brown steps in and goes right for Lady’s asshole in the first form of anal fornication happening in a missionary setup.  He produces some gaping as he pulls in and out of Lady’s butt. He then steps aside to let Tony Brooklyn poke her asshole with his erect member. Dylan is leaning next to Lady’s face to get his cock sucked as Tony porks Lady’s butt.  She pulls herself open even wider as the male talent steps out of frame to let Lady’s gape take center stage.  With Lady's booty hanging off the couch Dylan steps to penetrate it in an interesting lock of an anal sex position (reverse side fuck). The anal acrobatics continue as Lady leans her head back to suck on Tony Brooklyn’s cock.  An alternative form of a spit roast ensues as a result of this.  The male sabers rotate from penetrating her asshole to her mouth as they switch places in the spit roasting.  

Cowgirl is eased into as Dylan Brown coaxes Lady Gang to mount him instead of sucking his cock which she drops down to do at first. She sits on his dick as Tony stands up on the couch to feed Lady Gang his cock for a cowgirl variation of more spit roasting. While Lady Gang is still on top of Dylan Brown in cowgirl getting fucked in the ass, Tony steps in to start the first motions of double anal.  As Lady arches her ass out you see both cocks bash into it at the same time.  The camera holding a steady shot of two wieners inside of a butthole during the DAP in cowgirl.  Lady then pulls off to stuff both of the massive cocks into her mouth for an oral break out of the DAP.
The return to DAP is with Lady sitting back in reverse cowgirl letting both dicks slam into her butt. Tony Brooklyn switches spots with Dylan Brown as the anchor. The reverse cowgirl variation of double anal is now in process. A light spin into some slap-play occurs during the double ass filling in reverse.  Lady Gang with legs in the air watches intently as she is double-stuffed. Dylan pulls out of Lady Gang's ass to stuff her face in a spontaneous burst of a spit roast as Brooklyn is still in her anus banging it.  He goes back after fucking her mouth setting up double anal in reverse cowgirl again.  Lady Gang is pulled away by Dylan Brown to start up a session of down doggy anal. He pounds her relentlessly as Tony steps out of the frame for these flings of open penetration in down doggy to be focused on.  

Tony Brooklyn then steps in to get his blasts in down doggy as Lady Gang is fed Dylan’s cock in her mouth.  A great shot of a Lady gaping occurs because of this intimate pounding in doggy style.  A great position for gapes to pop out in and they indeed do as Brooklyn plows into Lady’s arched asshole.

When Dylan steps into the regular doggy with anal Tony is back to getting his cock sucked by Lady thus instituting yet another spit roast.  Soon enough Tony Brooklyn will pound himself to completion as he inseminates Lady Gang’s ass while in doggy style.  She then brilliantly farts out the residual cum leaking from her asshole into the palm of her hand.  You’ll see Giorgio moving her hand a bit to get an angle of a great shot of the white birth fluid ejecting from her anal cavity.  Lady Gang will lick the cum that was farted out of her ass off of her hand.  It is Dylan's turn to inject Lady’s anus with oozing results as the seepage comes out of a pulsating gape. She has one final blast of a cum fart for good measure. Also going the extra mile to lick it off the couch she farted it on. This seals the deal of this being an awesomely hardcore scene as Giorgio signs off with a few more questions for the cum drunk tart. It is a great gooey finish to a Hard as fuck double anal entanglement that needs to be watched

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