Feburary #DPofTheMonth Review: Tiny Polly Petrova swallows anal creampie after hardcore fucking with DP, DAP, & Triple Penetration YE069

by - March 16, 2021

February #DPofTheMonth Recap:

 I had my sights honed in on Yummy Estudio for quite some time. As a fan of anything anal or DP, I was excited about their existence. This is especially since it is in the right hands, from a South American studio that just entered their hat into that ring of quality (run by a regular Legal Porno director named Luis). This new brand fits the Legal Porno network like a glove focusing on extreme double penetrating acts. Double anal penetration seems to be the norm under the Yummy lens. So it is a natural progression to reach the level of triple penetration. This is why I had my eye on the Brazilian flame known as Polly Petrova. But the process of choosing the performer wasn't what the poll was about. I may have had her in mind as a possible nomination this year (I’ve nominated her before) but I needed to consult the #DPBattle if they wanted to see a pairing of female talent per scene from Yummy Estudio or nominate one female talent per scene. This of course has each instance with a varying amount of male talent doing the double penetrating depending on a scene-to-scene basis.  This was the main variable for the February polling that added the differentiation of how many girls per scene.

 The poll asked the members of the #DPBattle if they would have rather a "paring" or just "one female talent" in the poll I set up on Twitter.  They ultimately voted for just having one female talent getting banged for Yummy. It was a small turn out but the goal was achieved by factoring in outside input besides me already nominating the studio and performer with a February update keeping the scenes nominated as current as possible. Plus, Polly is in her fair share of paired scenes as a wing-woman on various Yummy updates ( as of this writing she just released a scene paired with Cris Bathory in YE074). She was the perfect nomination for this type of poll from the start.
The February #DPoftheMonth scene updated on Porn Boxes back on
the 20th of that month. Coupled with a meaty photoset of s that accompany a scene that is over an hour long. This is standard fare for any purchases added to your Porn Box. If you're wondering what a "Porn Box" is, it is an on-demand/cloud service attached to the Legal Porno network. After paying my 12 dollars I had the scene sent to my Porn Box to stream and download at will. I have over 324 GB worth of scenes I purchased from the massively DP-focused network and this latest Yummy Estudio update called “ Tiny Polly Petrova swallows anal creampie after hardcore fucking with DP, DAP, & Triple Penetration YE069” is a welcome addition. This is lucky number 69 of all of the Yummy Estudio updates so far. Add this to your Porn Box for good luck as soon as you can!

Scene Breakdown:

 A clean intro starts right up with little Polly Petrova modeling her tight frame. It is packed tight under her gleaming red bikini. The couch behind her will house her arch as she speaks phrases in Portuguese while modeling with no music behind her.  She pulls the bottom half of her bikini through her butt cheeks to reveal a tasty starfish. This is before she sits down to speak to the camera some more as she starts to play with her pussy.  The camera zooms close into her vagina almost as if it is about to go inside of it for a moment but pulls back out to reveal Polly's adorable smile. She smacks her ass before she stands up to show off her butt hole.  She starts to finger her holes while filling the room with her pleasurable moans. Licking her fingers as the camera moves close to her face before reaching for a large red dildo.

 The phallic device that matches her outfit in color is used thoroughly as Polly even sits on it and rides it in reverse cowgirl, both feet on the couch with heels still on. She is facing the camera as she stabs her asshole with this large red toy.  Ed Junior steps in next and goes right for Polly pulling her off the toy and tumbling her in an impaling anal pile driver motion. This produces the proper gapes as two other male talents step in close to get their cocks waxed as Polly gets her pooper penetrated by Ed Junior. One of the other performers is Vinny Star with the other being an unnamed male performer.  Double penetration is started up instantly as two dicks piston pump each of Polly's holes while she jacks off another cock with a free hand. With legs spread, dicks are interchanged out of her holes with gapes warping open as a result of this.  Her mouth isn't left out in this penetrating equation as a cock is flung into her mouth while she is being pumped in her asshole. This rotation is instituted once more before the double anal is dashed into. Vinny Star and Junior's cock gets stuffed into Polly's tight ass in the early stages of triple penetration that is about to erupt. The third cock leaps into the pussy as two dicks are in Polly's ass hole for this triple penetration display.

 Her phrases of Portuguese sound off as the screen is filled with these moments of triple penetration by the Yummy Studio brand. Gaping holes are a result of this tripled penetration. They go back into it for a few more moments after we get a peek into Polly's orifices that are gaping open thanks to all of the fucking.  Regular DP is now slamming into view as Polly gets pried open for more pounding.  Some face slapping occurs as they trade off her asshole in anal missionary with DAP starting up again. Back to triple penetration as Polly has two cocks in her butt plus one in her pussy again.  From triple penetration to a bout of hard oral, this is the pace of the scene so far. Polly is surrounded by the dicks as they poke into her mouth causing her to puke up a bit of bile. A trio of dicks is slapped on her face as a result of this surrounding of erect members.

 She is laid back in reverse cowgirl as Vinny anchors in her asshole. The other studs step in to fill all other available slots. This causes an airtight DP in reverse cowgirl as the next formation of extreme fucking for us to see.  They slip back into DAP with the top stud in the reverse cowgirl position joining Vinny in Polly's asshole. Next Junior switches spots with him as he takes the pussy on top and the nameless male talent gets his dick sucked in the airtight DP occurring. Junior then gets his turn at DAP as he and Vinny stuff Polly's asshole.  Triple penetration returns as the stud on top will get back into the vagina with both Vinny Star and Ed Junior double stuffing the asshole of Polly.  A rewarding shot of gaping occurs after that TP blasting. They hop back into normal DP after that with Polly's legs pulled apart to show all forms of penetration done to her in reverse cowgirl.

 Back to triple pen, with double anal as the anchoring position with two studs firmly tucked into Polly Petrova’s butthole.  Once that breaks off they arch Polly into doggy as she gape-farts. This has been set up for more double anal action as two studs mount her.  Ed Junior fills her mouth so that she can give him a blowjob during DAP. Expect thunderous ass slaps as she is slammed into in doggy with some gape-fart producing ass fucking.  This doggy DAP segment is extensive as two dicks share her asshole while she sucks cock.  The guy getting his cocked sucked joins Ed Junior in Polly's asshole as Vinny Star flips over to get a blowjob while Polly is DAP’d again.  She gets thrown into regular cowgirl DP as the thundering studs continue the fast pace of this hole-filling scene. DAP happens once more for a few blasts before the third member of the troupe of male talent inserts himself to start the amazing display of triple anal.

 Both Vinny Star and Ed Junior line their cocks up so that Polly can split herself open on both of them in a frontal version of this mounting. She claps with glee as they set this up showing how excited she is to being DAP’d thoroughly. She then takes a seat on two hard dicks ready to penetrate her ass in unison.  They attempt triple penetration in this maneuver but the other male stud is warded off as it wouldn't make a good shot. They continue the DAP at that consistent pace with a huge gape from Polly. She is laid out in missionary so Ed Junior can leap between her ass and pussy.  This sets up the anal creampies to finish up this scene. Each of the male talents pumps their load into her asshole while catching the loads that ooze in a small glass cup to collect them. Each of the three loads that are farted out of Polly's pounded asshole is downed by her as if she were taking a shot of liquor. She does this while looking at the camera.  She licks the cup clean to get every last drop of nut that seeped out of her asshole.

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