HookupHotshot.com: Episode 238 - Nikole Nash ANAL (2021)

by - April 27, 2021

Starring: Nikole Nash // Bryan Gozzling 
Directed by: Bryan Gozzling
Runtime: 71 mins


Scene Breakdown //
The scene begins with Nikole Nash showing up at Bryan Gozzling's doorstep. When Bryan answers the knock at the door, he finds that Nikole has dressed up all nice and cute for him. Nikole is someone that Bryan met on the website "HookupHotshot.com". Which is why he is a little surprised, when someone as sweet looking as Nikole, shows up at his door. Nikole appears to be cute and proper. Which is why Bryan, just cannot believe that Nikole is the same girl that was sending him all sorts of nasty messages on the site, a little while ago. However, Nikole insist that they are one in the same. After all, she has appeared equipped with a chain leash around her neck. Nikole says that she is aware that the website hookuphotshot.com, is for people who like to fuck rough and hard. She says that, that is the way that she likes it. Bryan then takes note of the leash around her neck, as Nikole says that she wore it for "Daddy". This, as Bryan says that it is so he could walk her around like a little "sex puppy". Nikole confirms this, as Bryan says that today, Nikole will be an obedient dog, as she does what he tells her to do, such as, sticking her pussy in the air. Bryan goes on to have Nikole lift up her mini dress to show off what she has going on underneath. And what she has going on, is a pair of small, pink thong panties. Bryan likes what he sees, as he goes on to ask Nikole, if she always walks around, in panties such as these. Nikole answers promptly by saying that she loves these particular ones. After briefly pulling the front of her underwear down to get a look at her pussy, and also having she spin around, so that he may check out her ass as well, he has Nikole come inside. He then has Nikole, who promises to be good for him, shut and lock the door behind her, as he then instruct her to come into the front area of the house. This, as he has Nikole stand before him. Bryan once again stresses that he just cannot believe that she is the same girl who was so nasty with him on the website previously, but nevertheless the 21-year-old says that it is all true, as Bryan has she once again, turn around to show off her thong-clad ass. It's a welcome sight for Bryan, as he go on to first pull her right cheek slightly aside as, a small portion of her asshole is then visible, as it peek out from the underwear. He would eventually go on to open the ass up further, using both of his hands. This again briefly, as he goes on to say that, lately he has been fucking a lot of pussy. So today, he would like to fuck Nikole up the ass. It just looks too good for him to pass up. It would be then that Nikole would obey him, as she spread apart her ass deeply with both hands. As Bryan get a further look at Nikole's ass, his focus briefly switches to her face. He talking about just how pretty Nikole is, as he hold her gently under her chin, saying that she looks like a little doll. Nikole counters him, by saying that she is his "sex doll". Bryan then tells Nikole to turn around to face him, and he is quite happy that she obeys him once again. He saying that it is her job today to do what he tells her, and to be his "human sex doll". He again goes on to test her obedience, as he tells she to close her eyes as she continue to spread apart her ass. She does just that, as Bryan would next go on to inspect her body. First coming to her ass once again, as he then spread apart her ass on his own, while having she wink her tight butthole. Bryan says that it is all in preparation, as it softens up her ass for him. Next, Bryan would go on to strip Nikole out of her white, and yellow accented dress, to reveal that she is wearing underneath, a top that matches her tiny underwear. As Bryan takes time to look over her undergarments, he goes on to talk about how she is just a 21-year-old butthole to fuck, wearing such underneath her clothes, yet no one would know about it. Bryan then takes she by the leash before he would have Nikole repeat out loud, some lines. First he wants she to repeat that she is nothing but a "walking asshole to fuck". To which, Nikole answers gladly - that she is a "walking asshole for Daddy to fuck and use". It's after the first line, that Bryan comes to realize that saying such, happens to make Nikole's nipples hard. It's because of this, that he has her repeat things even further. She goes on to thank Bryan for not using her pussy today, while also saying that, she was born to let men jerk themselves off with her (pretty) asshole. The latter would bring a smile to Bryan's face at that time, because he did not add the word "pretty" in the line that he told her to repeat. That was all Nikole's doing. Nonetheless, he agrees with her. The final thing that Bryan has Nikole repeat, is to say that she is a little "street walking hooker". When it is not said loud enough to his liking, Bryan has she repeat it a couple more times, only louder than before the previous. It's after this, that he would kiss her on the cheek, for a job well done. The two of them would kiss with tongue, prior to Bryan having Nikole next, stand up straight, and stick her tongue out, as he go on to slap at her 32C sized tits. He would also scope out her pussy too, by squeezing her pussy lips between his fingers. Bryan next instructs Nikole however, to bend over the couch. It's there, that his focus is once again on her asshole, as he once more, has she push out, and suck in her asshole, to wink it. He has her push out as hard as she can, he even, going as far as to kissing, and tonguing at her butthole from here. This, following that Bryan would next, have Nikole then crouch down having her eyes once again closed at his instruction. From here, he would go on to place Nikole's right hand on his crotch. Nikole would be quick to take notice of just how hard Bryan is. This, as he would have her stare at his crotch. Nikole saying that she wants to feel his cock in her ass, while she calling him, "Daddy". Bryan eventually gets his cock out, and Nikole is quick to have it in, and around her mouth, as she begins by rubbing the head of it on her tongue, prior to she taking it into her mouth in full. This as the fun and games here commence.

Positions Seen //
- rimming (x3)
- missionary (anal)
- doggy (anal) (x3)
- lazy dog (anal)

The Review //
For today's review, I review a new scene from HOOKUP HOTSHOT. Yes, after months away with no new content, producer/star, Bryan Gozzling and the website are back to serve you more hookups. And to start again, they could not have chose anyone better than one Nikole Nash. One of the brightest young starlets in the porno universe.

Sticking to what works, the scene presents itself under the guise that Nikole just so happens to have been browsing along the website Hookup Hotshot.com, when she came across the profile of one Bryan Gozzling, himself. While some of the previous scenes in the past, first began with the two of them exchanging a round of text messages, as a way to facilitate the meetings between the two, in terms of storyline. However, this one on the other hand, omits such a setup, in favor of something more standard, as it goes with a mere description, instead of a visual display. Here, as Bryan meets up with Nikole, who has come to his door, he goes on to explain that the two of them have been chatting on the website, and it takes off from there. Bryan soon invites her inside, and that's of course, when he has she submitted fully to him soon after, with she doing only what he says. And as he says, she is essentially, his human sex doll for the day. If you're familiar with the scenes from HOOKUP HOTSHOT, then this is all too familiar, as we have seen it all before. However, Nikole Nash is just cute as pie, as she obeys "Daddy". She even comes wearing her own collared chain leash around her neck!  The first quarter of this 71 minute scene, has to do with the preparation. Including Bryan having Nikole, stick to his rules, etc. the preparation part of the scene is somewhat fun. Because after all, I just like Nikole. Anytime I get to look at her, is not time wasted, in my opinion. I especially enjoyed the moment where Bryan had she repeat all of those outlandish things about, such as she being a "walking butthole", and a "street walking hooker", simply because you could tell that both were having fun with it. Bryan smiling more out loud, if you will. While Nikole herself, trying her hardest to be the most serious, and obedient human fuck doll. However, after this time, we would finally arrive to the true start of the scene, as Nikole eagerly gets a cock in her mouth.

It would be from there, that we would see Nikole deepthroat it. However, the true highlight of the opening blowjob, is the fact that we see Bryan go ahead and cram it in as far as he can. He would go on to fuck the face too, which would soon enough cause Nikole to puke a little. And speaking of this, the puke in question, would get on Bryan's black jeans. It's remains that later, Bryan would demand that Nikole lick it up, and she again obeys. Honestly speaking, puke/throw up, whatever you want to call it, isn't exactly my favorite thing in the world to see. But I always appreciate when stuff like it, happens to be left intact. Why you ask? Because censorship fucking sucks, and destroys art, as it is originally intended by the creator. The face fucking from Bryan would so continue, as he positions Nikole on the couch in a way, which sees she on her back with her head hanging upside down. It's from there that Bryan would go on to straddle her face fully to fuck it. It's here, that he make her gag on the dick, and it's so much so, that Nikole happens to puke again. Only this time, the amount is much more, as it drain down her face. It's from this, that we are still a ways away from the beginning of actual penetration. That's because next, we see Bryan go on to further test out Nikole's gag reflex, as he force his hand and fingers down her throat. This, as she simultaneously stroke his cock. As this continues, we would see Bryan proceed to rub the spit, and whatever else, all over Nikole's chest and face. Next, we would see Nikole, once again sucking Bryan's dick, and he also fuck her face. This, while he has his right leg, propped up on the arm of the couch for leverage. It would be next that, we finally arrive to the "meat" of the scene. as the focus is then Nikole's  butthole, and the subject is anal sex. It following Bryan having Nikole again suck up some more puke from the floor. It would happen with Nikole on her back, as they take up the missionary position. Bryan would take the time to well-lube the situation, before he attempts to penetrate Nikole's ass. In fact, he would let her guide it in with her hand. She does so slowly until, they reach the point where Bryan is able to push it in a little further. I have to admit, that I did really enjoy the view here, as Bryan is in her ass, while Nikole herself play with her pussy at the same time. I just really liked the visual of her well-manicured, electric blue painted fingernails, as they lay upon her skin(Yes sometimes I'm all about visuals.). Bryan would come to increase his pace, as he says that Nikole's ass feels just like a pussy. He even having Nikole thank him for turning her ass into a pussy, as well. Altogether, this is truly the only moment iwhich the action was sort of fast paced, and showed any amount of true energy. After all, it is the position which contains about the only true noteworthy moment, a moment which sees Nikole waving to the camera, as she is being fucked in the ass(People have already made video clips and gifs of it.). The position in question, would continue on, showing Bryan applying a choke to Nikole, as he keep going. It's following this position, which saw Bryan do good work, that we next have the two of them sitting on the couch, side by side. Nikole stroking Bryan's cock again, while he rub at her clit. It's during this that Bryan has Nikole attempt to say "please, send me home with my clit rubbed useless". It takes Nikole several times to get the phrase out fully, as it just feels too good for her. This was kind of hot. Kind of. After this, we finally see Nikole being bent over the couch, and taken from behind in doggy. Bryan again, taking the time to prep everything, as he lube up before easing it in. We would see him go on to fuck Nikole's ass, at a pace that doesn't change or alter. Even between two stops, as it's ass to mouth for Nikole. The pacing here is honestly very slow. During this is finally a hint of promise, when we see Bryan reach forward to stretch open up Nikole's mouth, as he has fingers on each side of it. Now we have seen this particular doggy setup with pried mouth open, where we see Bryan go on to fuck hard, and also improve his pace to a much quicker one. However, unfortunately in the case of this scene in particular, we simply continue on with the steady and slow pace seen since the beginning. In fact, Bryan pretty much abandons the idea of stretching open Nikole's mouth while he pound her. This, as we go on to return to the side view of doggy. It's after doggy, that Bryan opts to continue things in the lazy dog variety of doggy. From here, Nikole lie flat on her stomach on the couch, with her legs closed tightly together. This, as Bryan proceed to straddle her legs, to penetrate, the now tighter space. I will admit to liking this setup. In fact, it's probably my favorite moment of the scene. Again, it's something that tried to cook up some excitement in me. At that point, I had only hoped that things would get better following the lazy dog. Unfortunately however, I would find that it would not pan out in the end. Next up, Bryan would come around to the other side of the couch, as Nikole remain on her stomach. It's again, that we see the combination of sucking and face fucking. This being before Bryan forces Nikole to eat his ass. Nikole from there would bury her face in, prior to Bryan having a reverse half straddle. It's a set up which also would see he fuck Nikole's face, as she is soon on her back from there. It would be after Nikole proves herself to be quite good at eating ass, that Bryan, would want more of it. He then positioning himself on the couch. He being on his back, with his legs held high up in the air. It so that Nikole could have easy access to his asshole. From here, Nikole just dives right in, eagerly burying her face in. She going in hard, as we basically seeing she wash her face with his ass. It would be after this episode of major ass eating, that would come the time for Bryan to cum. He first, once again shoving fingers down Nikole's throat, prior to he going on to jerk his dick steadily. It being until he blow a big load, aiming it at Nikole's mouth and face. Personally, I felt that it was an okay finish. This, as in story, Bryan doesn't even allow Nikole to clean up before he asking her to leave.

Well, when it comes to the scene, it is one that I really wanted to like. Because, truth be told, I love HOOKUP HOTSHOT. On top of that, Nikole Nash is one of my most favorite people in this whole world. But as a critic/reviewer, I am one who has always been completely honest with both my readers, as well as talent since the beginning. Coming away from the scene, I could not help but feel as though something was missing here. Because, honestly speaking, if you were to cut away most of the filler - the setup, the blowjobs, and so on, all we have here are basically two positions seen for the entire scene. Those positions being missionary and doggy(with the lazy dog being just variation of one of the two). Yes, we have multiple go-arounds with doggy seen here. But those really do not count. If you take everything into consideration, this is a scene that is extremely lacking. The scene moves slow, and lacks energy. It's a steady pacing, all the way though. I have seen Bryan completely rail girls in the past. But here, I'm sad to say that, that stuff is absent. Never mind the lack of variety seen, as I said. In saying this, I don't think that I would ever fully dismiss a scene that HOOKUP HOTSHOT has done. As everything from them has some value. But here, I have to say that I felt that the scene was just ok. I waited for something big to happen here, and it just didn't. There was so much more left to be seen. More to be done, I feel. But instead, we are limited to basically, the positions of missionary and doggy. In closing, though Nikole Nash may be my favorite, unfortunately a favorite doesn't make a scene. This scene is a good example of that.

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