Tushy.com: Heating Things Up (2021)

by - July 06, 2021

 Starring: Jessica Ryan // Mick Blue
Directed by: Derek Dozer
Runtime: 45 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
 The scene begins with Jessica Ryan taking the time during a rooftop dinner with her husband overlooking the skyline of the city, to confront him about the state of their relationship. At the present Jessica, finds herself just simply bored with she and Mick's relationship. She stating that the two of them used to try everything, but now they are simply complacent and dull. Jessica's revelation is sort of a surprise to Mick, who doesn't exactly agree with her. However, he is willing to listen to Jessica's suggestions, when it comes to what the relationship needs, to be for the better. Instead of stating what the relationship needs in particular, Jessica decides to give to Mick, a physical example instead. This, as Jessica go on to strip down of her tight red dress, right before Mick. just prior to she taking a dive into the rooftop pool, fully nude. As Jessica gets all wet, she says that she feels as though the relationship needs a type of spontaneity like this. To just go for it no matter what the consequences may entail. She obviously wants the two of them to take more risks. It's from there, that we would see Jessica go on to pull Mick into the pool, clothes and all. However, this does not deter Mick at all, as he fully embraces the situation. This, as the two of them passionately go at it, in said pool. The two of them kiss passionately, while Mick makes his way down to suck on Jessica's tits. They even additionally include some simulated thrusting in the water. It's an occurrence that has obviously sparked a fire inside both of these two characters. A rekindling. It's shortly after they exit the water, that we find them back at their hotel room. It is here that the two of them briefly discussed the experience in the pool, and how great it was. It's a conversation that prompts Mick to come to confess, that he seems to fully agree with Jessica, saying that he understands where she is coming from, and that he also believes that the two of them should be more "spontaneous". It is in the spirit of that notion, that MIck would shove Jessica down on the bed, as he go on to mount her. This, of course being the start of a hot and heavy sexual fling for the two lovers. It would be during this, that Mick would go on to say that he wants to do something that the two of them have not done in a while. Initially, Jessica does not recall what Mick is referring to. However it would not be long before she quickly find out!

Positions Seen //
- doggy (anal)
- cowgirl (anal)
- reverse cowgirl (anal)
- spoon (anal)
- missionary (anal)

The Review //
In this scene titled "Heating Things Up", from TUSHY, we find a couple in Jessica Ryan and Mick Blue, who look to do just that. Jessica in particular, feels that the relationship is at a standstill. She feels as though they have plateaued, and that things with them have just gotten quite stale in recent times. Because after all, they used to try, and do many new things. Especially, when they were sexual in nature. The scene begins with Jessica showing Mick exactly what she means. She feels as though the relationship needs more spontaneity. This as, as we would see her go swimming in the nude,as she dive into the hotel's rooftop pool. Mick can't exactly believe it. However, nonetheless he would find himself in the water too, as he is unexpectedly pulled in by Jessica, who seizes the opportunity. It would be then, that things would get quite steamy. It proving to be the catalyst to what was to come, once the two of them find themselves later, back at their hotel room. Mick finally comes around to the idea that the two of them need more excitement, and yes he says that they need to be more "spontaneous". The setup of the scene is quite non-linear. It's not told in a fashion that is such as "Point A to Point B". We simply have Jessica stating the problem with she and Mick's relationship, and subsequently what they need to spice it up. It simple, as we are soon wisked into an anal scene. Honestly speaking, I found myself not being a big fan of the whole setup here. Personally, I felt that it was lacking depth. When it comes to me, there was not exactly anything here that reeled me in. I was not invested in these characters, nor did the setup itself build up the anticipation for what was to follow. I discovered that it was fairly simple and hollow. It could have been pretty much cut out completely, with us just having the sex scene, and it would have the same effect overall.

And then we have the sex scene, This was a portion of the offering, where I felt things would improve drastically. But again unfortunately, I just found myself underwhelmed with the sex scene, as well. I mean, just because you have the added stipulation of anal, doesn't mean that it is automatically guaranteed to be a great scene. It's starts up well enough, with Mick first going at Jessica's tits, prior to he pulling her legs in the air and then going in between them, to tongue and suck at her pink pussy. I also liked when he would next flip Jessica over on her stomach, before burying his face deep into her ass, as he ready it for more. First would come his thumb, as Mick planted it deeply into her anal cavity. I have to say that this moment was very good-looking on camera. Us having both close-up and full frame views. It was during the full frame that I came to notice that, a foot job was also going down at that very moment, as Mick had slipped his cock in between Jessica's feet, and was moving it in and out, I thought that this was a brilliant look. Both Mick's thumb in Jessica's ass, as well as his dick between her feet. Of course, it would later be his cock that would replace his thumb, as Mick would go on to occupy the ass with it. This, as he would step over, to fully straddle the ass to dig it deep into her. Mick would begin slowly, as he fill the ass. However, after extended time, his pacing would improve to one of a more steady pounding. He  would go from the full straddle, to going to the straightaway. This, as Mick continues to plug it in. As I said, this was an extended time spent between the two in said position. Personally, I felt that things from here, were moving quite slow. The director was taking his time here in said position. Maybe some people like this, but I honestly started to get bored with it. Unfortunately however, this would only be an indication of how the rest of the scene would go. After the doggy position, we find Mick on his back, as Jessica go on to return the favor by sucking is cock. For a good while. Again, a lot of time is spent here in this position, again. The best thing about this part of the moment, is the eye contact made by Jessica, as she do the deed on Mick. Her big beautiful eyes were locked on Mick, to gauge his reaction when it came to what she was doing to him. Jessica takes it deep into her throat as she at times also toys with the head. It's eventually that she goes on to mention the how Mick just so happens to enjoy fucking her throat, yet nothing really comes out of this. I expected Mick to really fuck Jessica's throat at the moment. However, we give virtually nothing of the sort. Just an overlong deepthroating session. After this, things would continue with the two performers sitting upright with Jessica continuing to tug on Mick. This, as the two exchange passionate kisses between them. We would go on to see the anal continue on from the cowgirl position next, as Jessica would climb on to ride. It would be here, that Mick would continue at a pace that would be increasingly quicker over time. It's during this position that we see more lube applied to the situation, making everything that much more slippery. However, with that said, Mick is able to maintain his steady pace overall. The camera would alternate between a close up view that would pan up and down surveying the detail of both the penetration, as well as the reaction of Jessica. Personally, this type of camera work here, is kind of bland, if you ask me. The thought was more on the close up view. But me, I kinda preferred the full frame views that were from a distance. I don't know, I guess I just prefer to see everything in the full scope. As opposed to an extreme close-up every three seconds. After standard cowgirl is complete, they would move on to the position of a reverse cowgirl, after Jessica would have another moment of ass to mouth, as she go on to suck down Mick's thick cock. With this position, I felt that things begin to finally go somewhere. It's definitely my favorite setup of the entire scene. The front view of Jessica, is great, and also is the view of the penetration, as well, as Mick continues to plug away at Jessica's ass, Mick here, is seen going hard, and I felt that it was just more effective from this particular view. This is especially true when things continue with Jessica leaning back, while having her feet up in the air, as her ass continue to be fucked. Now this was something great to see. What a view. Not only do we have a straight-on look at Jessica's beautiful furry pussy, we also have her nice feet in full view, as well. It was a great from here. The good thing is that things would carry over for the next two positions. The positions of spoon and missionary, respectively. It's with these positions, that Mick keep up a nice pace of going in and out of Jessica's tight ass. Eventually, Mick not only would he make Jessica cum from the missionary position, he would finally do so himself, as well. After fucking her good and steady, as well as consistently, Mick would have to hurry to pull out, as he would go on to jerk his cock, and shoot his load. It's in this moment, when Mick absolutely explodes, as he aims at Jessica's mouth. This making for a pretty good conclusion, I will admit.

Going into the scene, the truth is that I really wanted to like it. Simply put, I love Jessica Ryan, and I am really stoked, as she makes her come back to the industry after some time away. In this case, I also like Mick Blue, and his performances most of the time. So, imagine how I feel coming away from the scene, not having fully enjoyed it, as I intended, and wanted to in the beginning. To begin with, as I said I really did not like the storyline setup of the scene. You could even tell by my description of it, written above that it was a storyline that doesn't necessarily follow the same pattern, as usual when it comes to a scene like this. It was extremely simple and to the point. I just found it not to be too interesting. Yes, the idea of a couple who is struggling, and who looks for something to spice up their time in the bedroom, it's a good idea on its own. But, it really cannot exist on its own. It needs a clever setup to incorporate it as an idea to be translated on screen. However, I feel that there was nothing to the story here. And then we go on to the anal sex scene, involving Ryan and Blue, next. My personal opinion, is that everything seen here, just moves very slow. The direction seems very heavy-handed. This as the camerawork seems to subscribe to a pattern that would repeat itself over the course of the scene. The zooms, the pans, and in the full picture. These things are seen repeated and repeated again. There are no surprises, no unique camera angles, or such. The direction just seems very, very strict. Maybe I'm completely wrong about this. But this is what I get from it, just as a viewer. There's a lot of time spent here, a lot of time spent there. All of it, just padding out the scene. There was a time that I actually found myself bored while watching this. That being especially true during the beginning portion of it. I would not necessarily recommend this scene. It's ok, only because it began to pick things up a little bit near the end. Someone is surely to enjoy this scene. However, in my opinion, I felt that the sexual encounter felt a little too restrictive, and "by the numbers".

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