Blacks on Blondes - Jade Valentine

by - December 02, 2022

 Starring: Jade Valentine // Isiah Maxwell
Directed by: 
Runtime: 38 mins.

Scene Breakdown //
Jade Valentine is horny. But unfortunately for her however, her boyfriend Isiah Maxwell currently finds himself far too preoccupied with an intense video game session to care. In fact, he is just about to reach the next level, when Jade approaches him in an effort to entice. But as she would find, it just won't work. She would try, and try again several times to no avail. This obviously building frustration in her. So much so, that she takes matters into her own hands - or should we say that she would let her trusty friend, "Barney" take over. "Barney" of course, being her purple dildo.

It would be then that Jade would venture on into solo masturbation. Jade, who is wearing a pink crop top, and a matching plaid skirt, lies back on the couch, lifting up said article of clothing, to move her red panties aside, shortly before sliding the dildo into her furry snatch. The act causing her to moan in pleasure. It's a sound curious enough to make Isiah take notice, and finally break from his all-important video game.

He would then join her in the room, slyly pulling up on the couch. However, Jade first teases, as she shows that she is more than happy by herself. But Isiah is persistent, already having his cock out. He hopes to convince Jade that no toy is better than the real thing. He even makes his dick do a little dance for her. His appeal works. Because soon, Jade would agree that his "joystick" is better, as the two would then engage in sex.

Positions Seen //
- doggy (x2)
- cowgirl (x2)
- missionary
- side fuck (x2)
- reverse side fuck
- spoon
- reverse cowgirl
- standing cowgirl

The Review // 
It is true that it has been a while, but I am back with another review. This review focuses on a scene from the DOGFART network. A network that was recently acquired by GAMMA ENTERTAINMENT. For this review, I take a scene from their highly popular "Blacks on Blondes" series, as they feature a "not-so-blonde", Jade Valentine. 

Jade is someone that I took notice of pretty early. Although, up to this point, I had yet to review, or even see any of her work. I was already a big fan. This girl is simply beautiful. Just stunning. I could not wait for this scene to come out. I knew that it would be the right one for me to review. I was right.

Here we have Jade as part of a scripted scenario. In the story, Isiah Maxwell is Jade's boyfriend. Well, when Jade comes to him, and she's horny, Isiah finds himself a little bit distracted. He's playing a video game, and yes, he's just so happened to have just about reached the next level, pending the defeat of the boss character. There is no way he's putting the game on hold. Not even for Jade. Long story short - she tries, and tries again, but unfortunately has no luck, and so she decides to go at it alone. She uses her favorite dildo. A dildo that she has affectionately named "Barney".

I have to talk about this. Now I'm not so sure whose idea it was to name the dildo, after everyone's favorite cuddly purple dinosaur, but it's brilliant. I love it! It definitely got a chuckle out of me. What would follow would be a single masturbation act, and in my opinion it was, and is fucking hot. Watching Jade lie back and pull her panties aside, and then proceed to plug away at her hole with the toy was such a turn on. I also really enjoy the fact that Jade grows out a "furry" for her scenes, as she says that she doesn't wish to be "100% naked". The storyline would also progress in a fairly hilarious way, once Isiah happens to hear Jade masturbating. Yes, when he hears the kitten purr, he comes running! Isiah's reaction was so funny. He's like "Baby, my game is over now...." Yeah, when just in the previous scene, he said that his game could take up to three hours. It's definitely well played by Isiah.

Well anyway, the scene would move on to the sexual material, when Isiah is able to convince Jade that his dick is clearly better than the toy she is using. It would appear that he would be correct. Because what would follow would be a no frills, bang-fest between the two of them.

The sex would begin with Jade sucking Isiah off deep. I liked the way that Jade would look up at him, as she was doing it. She has such pretty eyes. However, it would not be long for Isiah to get the urge to want to pound her pussy. He would do so first in the doggy position. Initially, it would be from the straightaway, and in between, Isiah would even have Jade throw her ass back on him some. The overhead of this looking great. The perfect picture of Jade's bubble butt, slamming back on the cock. The doggy would continue for some time more, only Isiah would make it far more exciting as he straddle Jade's ass, placing one of his feet in front, on the back of the couch. His new positioning, allowing him to drive his cock even deeper into the pussy. Jade appears to love it, as her pink pussy nearly swallows every inch of Isiah's long member. It all would continue with Isiah having Jade prop her left leg over the back of the couch. This leaving she even more wide open for his easy taking. Jade's reaction, as Isiah filled her pussy deep with cock is awesome. Isiah would even go faster than before. He was nearly balls deep! 

The next position would see Jade climbing on top for cowgirl. She start the position by bouncing on the cock most steadily. However, Isiah would soon take over, as Jade lean forward, and spread apart her ass, showing butthole. Here, Isiah would maintain a quick and steady pace, as his balls almost slap against Jade's asshole. The position would finish out with Jade planting her feet firmly on the couch to slam down deeply. This for sure was a good look. Jade's ass. My God! It's also for the fact that she nearly took all of Isiah again!

After cowgirl, would come the next position. This as we would see Jade on her back for missionary. Isiah would continue to go deep into Jade, as she spread her pink with her fingers. Isiah would eventually also apply a light choke on Jade, as he continue to plow deeply within her. It's good stuff, as the two performers do not miss a beat. I like the joy that Jade was getting from taking Isiah so deep into her pussy. A lot of smiles from her! Things would continue from here, with Isiah lifting up Jade's legs, as they are held closely together. It making for a tighter squeeze.

It would be then that Isiah would get a brilliant idea, when he positions Jade into a position rarely seen, and that is the position of reverse side fuck. This, as Jade's nice ass faces the camera. This position was beautiful. As I said we rarely see it, but in this case, it's a thing of beauty, Jade's pink asshole open, as her pussy takes the dick? Yummy. It lasts for sometime, but it would soon enough naturally transition to the spoon position.

It's a position where Isiah maintains his inner-workings of the pussy, going deep, as he have a steady in and out approach. He would even whisper into Jade ear, as he fuck her. The dude is a pro. It's also the position where their respective characters realize that they each are the best thing in each other's lives. Jade being better than Isiah's game, and Isiah being better than Jade's toy. Aww.

They would then go to reverse cowgirl, where Jade is first tasked with bouncing. She has a little trouble getting a rhythm down. However, Isaiah would soon take over to plug the pussy hard from various repositions from Jade. It would soon dissolve into a return to the doggy position from the middle of the couch. This time around in doggy, Isiah would fuck much harder, much to Jade's liking. They also briefly go to side fucking. What I liked about this scene was during the middle of it, Isaiah would have Jade put her head down deep, in order to watch his hard cock go into her wet pussy. Jade would mention how hot this sight was, and it indeed is! Fuckin' amazing! This would finish up with more straightaway action, as Isiah continue to fuck deep and hard. But it would soon carry over to the next position, as Isiah would prepare himself to cum.

First the two of them make a return to doggy. Jade would once again plant her feet on the couch to again, slam down good and hard. However her counterpart, would then do her one better, as she lifts her up for standing cowgirl. Here, he cups her ass cheeks with both hands, as he pumps her pussy full of cock. This being as the pussy clinches his dick, quickly taking him to a climax. 

The scene would come to an end with Isiah having Jade quickly position herself on her knees. It would be from there, that he can barely hold it in, as Isiah explodes all over Jade's eager and awaiting mouth for the finish!

A very nice end to a great scene. Newcomer Jade Valentine, really impressed me, with how well she took Isiah's dick. And she did with a smile the whole way through!

This was a scene that I waited a long time for. It seemed like it took forever to come out. But let me tell you, it's a scene that was worth the wait, for sure! First off, wow. What energy this scene has! Jade Valentine and Mr. Isiah Maxwell, are simply electric together. I could not take my eyes off of what I was seeing from them. Isiah in control, guiding things along, from position to position. Likewise opposite him, the petite Jade, taking everything given to her with gusto, with she wanting more. It's simply incredible to see! It's what I always want to see when I review a scene. This one is such a great one. Both performers here, are without a doubt, on point. This scene is one that I would not hesitate in highly recommending!

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