First Anal for Bubbly Teen Chanel Camryn (2023)

by - April 04, 2023

 Starring: Chanel Camryn // Ramon Nomar
Directed by: Maestro Claudio
Runtime: 40 mins.

Scene Breakdown //
The scene opens up with Chanel Camryn being introduced by Maestro Claudio, who is behind the camera. Chanel is bubbly, as Maestro says that he is familiar with her, saying that they have met before. The witty Chanel then jokes that the two go "way back". This getting a laugh between them, because the two have not known each other for long. Claudio has Chanel stand and pose for the camera next. She's happy to be there, as Claudio goes on to mention that it marks a special day for her. She happens to be shooting her 100th scene on that very day. Chanel is a very "hard" worker, as the occasion comes just a little under a year into her fast rising career. Claudio would then introduce Ramon Nomar, her scene partner, as they have Chanel pose and show off her butt - first with her denim shorts on. Chanel answers Ramon, saying that she has never done anal, aside from finger play. She's ready for Ramon to stretch her out. Claudio then mentions how Chanel appears innocent. This, as she assures him that she's a dirty girl. Nasty in fact!! Ramon goes on to check out her perky tits, and he can't wait to get a taste of her pink nipples. They then go on to scope out her ass. Ramon is eager, as he moves her pink panties aside to finger her butthole - which he confirms to be very tight. After this, the focus becomes Chanel's pussy. Ramon is mesmerized by Chanel's bush, and rightfully so - it's pretty! He squeezes on her puffy pussy, prior to she doing the same for the camera, as her sharply visible clit protrudes. Ramon would then progress things by saying that at PERV CITY, they like feet. He massages Chanel's feet from over her fishnets, prior to going on to admire her pedicure. Chanel would, at that point, begin to massage his cock from over the pants with her foot. However, this isn't enough, as Chanel is ready for Ramon's cock. This, as they begin things with a footjob.

Positions Seen //
- footjob
- cowgirl
- cowgirl (anal)
- side fuck
- side fuck (anal)
- sidesaddle
- sidesaddle (anal)
- reverse cowgirl (anal)

The Review // 
Today, I am finally back with a new review, for which I return to PERV CITY, as they not only host the beautiful Chanel Camryn's first anal scene, but also her 100th scene overall (How did The Maestro get so lucky?). Yes, it's a special occasion for her. It's also one that I can assure you that many fans have been looking forward to as well. Myself included! Personally, I think that Chanel is one of the sexiest young newcomers to come along in awhile. Not only is she fit in all the right places, she's got a personality that is second to none. And let us not forget that bush. Oh, that bush! It, in addition to Chanel's puffy pussy, make for a sweet combination!

Speaking of sweet. Sweet is the way that this whole encounter gets underway. After Chanel poses a bit for the Maestro's camera, it is her tight body that entices the boys to quickly progress things. This, as Ramon would soon have his cock out, while an eager Chanel would have her feet wrapped around it! I do have to say that there could not have been a better way to begin things than with a footjob featuring a pair of feet like Chanel has. Now I would not call myself the biggest of footjob fans. But boy, oh boy the way that she works a cock with her feet is truly a spectacle.

It's following this, that we see Chanel works the cock with her mouth for the first time. What follows is a nice looking slobbery affair. Yes, lots of spit applied to the shaft. It flying, and stringing along, the more it piles on. Chanel does great work, deepthroating, as well as focusing on the head of the cock. Ramon, would also do a little face fucking as well. This is as the camera treats us to a view from the side, as well as Maestro's now famous view from underneath (good on him for going back down to Chanel's luscious bush a handful of times during the course!). The act would see Chanel first on her knees, but then in doggy as she suck, and where Ramon also finger her asshole. I liked the way that The Maestro, was able to capture this very nicely.

The first instance of penetration would then be seen, as Chanel sits on the cock, as it fills up her pussy. Chanel is full of energy, as she go up and down on the dick, with her nice, round and fit ass bouncing, looking ever-so glorious already. This, as she encourages Ramon to fuck her tight hole. So hot!! I also loved the way that Ramon gripped and spread her ass apart, as she trembled and shook with orgasm. Holy shit!!

Things would soon progress to anal, as Chanel herself calls for it. Ramon's cock goes in, and it's a tight fit. In fact, Chanel's asshole is so tight, that it barely goes in! Nonetheless, Ramon manages to get it in soon enough. Her ass is now taking dick for the first time ever, and Chanel loves what she's feeling! This, as she is soon taken to orgasm. Ramon from there, continues to pump her ass full of cock. Chanel's pussy would continue to get wet, as Ramon switches holes. He fucks the pussy, going deeper, as Chanel gets up on her feet. The focus would again be the ass, as they would again give us one hell of a view!! Ramon would switch between holes a few times, before Chanel would get her first taste of ass to mouth.

The action would then take to side fuck from the couch, seeing Ramon, further exploring both holes with his cock. It prior to he opting for the doggy position.

Doggy would see Ramon further plow the ass. He maintaining a steady pace of in and out, as Chanel is loving it. She encourages Ramon, as she tell him to "train her". and to make her into an anal slut! Chanel, at this point was embracing it fully, and it's a beautiful thing!!

The anal would continue following this, from a nice sidesaddle position. Initially, the two of them have some trouble making it work, but soon, they come to a nice rhythm. Ramon, again switches between holes, before having Chanel prop her right leg over to give us a full view of everything. Again, it's great. Chanel is wide open for the anal penetration, with both her pussy and bush in view.

From here, things go directly over to reverse cowgirl. The two of them continuing from here. They don't miss a beat! Ramon steadily plugs the ass, while Chanel, jams her pussy with her fingers. It's enough to soon cause double orgasms for her, and to eventually bring Ramon to a climax of his own.

The scene, would come to and end then, with Ramon and Chanel hurrying to position. Ramon is then over Chanel, as he jerk his cock to shoot his load, aimed at Chanel's mouth. Chanel is happy with the prize. So much so, that she wastes absolutely no time in swallowing the majority of it right down!!

This is a scene, that during which, Chanel Camryn's excitement, and eagerness went a long way, as both translated to a high energy scene. Chanel was ready to celebrate her 100th scene with anal sex, and Ramon Nomar, in this case, was the right person to give it to her. He handled her with care, while making sure to still stuff her full!! This, as he was not only going for her ass, but her pussy as well. In fact, I really enjoyed how frequently Ramon alternated from pussy to ass. He uses both holes equally. It giving the scene a nice, healthy balance. In addition to this, and as always, The Maestro serves us with great camerawork. The angles capturing every curve, and quiver of Chanel Camryn, as best as can be, during this, her first anal scene. Chanel's well toned, bouncing booty, is quite the sight! With this in mind, I say that this is one anal exploration that I readily recommend checking out!

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