- July 2023 Flavor Of The Month Jade Maris - S3:E12 (2023)

by - August 27, 2023

Jade Maris - A Very Tasty Flavor! 


Jade Maris
Jayden Marcos

Review By: Jon Cradle 

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Nubiles Porn Network - "July 2023 Flavor of the Month Jade Maris"

Jade Maris might just be a massive star in the making.  She  is a relatively new addition to the porn world with so much to offer - a stunning and beautiful face, gorgeous sea-blue eyes, an absolutely killer body, a tempting shaven kitty, nice tits. and at 23 years old, an aptitude the industry.  Working exclusively for Nubiles at the start of her career, she was the company’s easy choice for “Flavor Of The Month” for July.   And watching her perform here, one can see exactly why she was a fantastic choice. 

Jade is featured in this scene for  “Stepsiblings Caught”, one of the sites most popular taboo-style series. The premise here sets up rather quickly as Jade and her ‘step-brother’ Jayden Marcos, are getting ready for school in their mandated uniforms.  Jayden isn’t very happy with the style of his, commenting that he  “looks like such a fucking dork”.  However, Jade looks irresistibly cute in her all-blue ensemble, even giving us a quick peek at her tits and ass as she dresses, with a mouth-watering up skirt shot.  While he sits on the bed lamenting over his wardrobe, she tells him he will have a hard-on all day looking at the other uniformed girls.  After a quick denial on his part, Jade the step-sister becomes Jade the slutty little seductress. 

“I bet you’re hard right now, for me”, she says to him with a devilish little smile.  At this quip, Jayden can’t help but stare at her, fantasizing about her pulling up her skirt to reveal her awesome shaven pussy, and then her shirt as she rubs her amazing tits. After a few moments of his imagination running wild, including some hot & sexy voice-over, he snaps to and again denies his very obvious lust for her. The first part of the scene concludes with an angry step-bro removing his uniform and declaring he is wearing something else. Jade has her own temptations at seeing Jayden remove his shirt and tie.  When he leaves her room, she touches her tits and her pussy over her uniform, knowing very well what her next move will be.

The second part of the scene shows a more mature looking and incredibly ravishing Jade.  She is still wearing her skirt, but now has on a white shirt that she ties in the front.  Jayden walks into her room to see if she needs anything at the store, and to his shock, catches her in her new uniform look while grabbing her tits. Telling him she “wants to be the best step-sister that I can be”, she pushes him back on the bed and gets on top of him. 

Jade leads off the sex with a simple quid-pro-quo - sex for her homework being completed by him.  She makes what appears to be an Idle threat of “telling dad” about their romp if he doesn’t comply with her deal.  She quickly changes her mind and starts to give a really great blowjob. Her smiles, eye contact and sloppy head are incredible! After sucking his cock, they move into various positions including doggie style, making her cum.  They switch into her riding him and then in reverse. She bounces on him, gyrates, and grinds his cock like a pro.  This leads into really good missionary as he slams into a moaning Jade.  She cums again and then begs for him to do the same.  With the last hard thrusts, he
takes out his cock from her wet pussy and she enthusiastically jerks his jizz all over her stomach and tits.  The scene ends shortly after, with a surprising little twist that fans of this series can really appreciate. 

The scene itself was relatively short, clocking in at under 20 mins, but they make the most of it.  The step-siblings having sex concept isn’t for everyone, but suspending belief to watch an incredible Jade Maris performance here is well worth the payoff. Recalling when she looked into the camera early into and stated  “I bet you’re hard right now, for me”, the answer is “Yes, Jade, we are!”

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