JaysPOV.net: Gorgeous Body Kallie Taylor Shakes Her Ass And Shows Off Her Bush (2023)

by - September 16, 2023

Starring: Kallie Taylor // JayRock
Directed by: JayRock
Runtime: 28 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
We open the scene with the young and bubbly Kallie Taylor teasing us. The blonde Kallie crawls onto the bed, and begins to shake her ass. Both with, and without her blue jean shorts. She goes on to pull up her blue tank top as well, showing off her perky little tits. Also gone next, are her pink panties, as she display her very nice bush. The segment would come to an end, with she playfully jumping on the bed.
It is after this that JayRock conducts a little interview with his star of the day. JayRock says that Kallie, the 20-year old(now 21 to be exact) is from Nebraska. She says that she has been in porn for about 2 years. However, only part time, she says. JayRock says that this explains why he is just now finding her. This, as he complements she on her body. JayRock then goes on to mention that earlier, Kallie was showing off her skill in shaking her ass. He wants to see it again. It doesn't take long for Kallie to oblige, but only briefly. That's because next, JayRock wishes for Kallie to take her shorts off. He wants to see what she's hiding under there. He's surprised to find that she has a full bush peeking out of the sides of her pink panties. But nonetheless he's excited, saying that he'll be burying his face into it today. The panties then come off for some fully naked twerking. This being prior to JayRock asking Kallie the all-important question. Whether or not Kallie is ready for some dick in her life? Of course she is! This, as things would then get underway!

 Positions Seen //
- cowgirl
- reverse cowgirl
- missionary (x2)
- doggy

The Review // 
For this review, I chose a scene from JAY's POV, which features a young starlet that I have come to like recently. One, Kallie Taylor. What's not to love about her. She's young. She's fun, and she's blonde. She also happens to be a fan of professional wrestling. As am I. Lastly, and intimately, she loves sex, and has a pretty pussy. A pussy that sports a glorious bush!

  The scene begins with the typical "tease and interview" with the talent. In this case however, things are rather short. that's because things get to a quick start between them, as Kallie is soon seen sucking cock. And with this she does a great job of doing so, as JayRock would complement her many times on just how good she is at doing it. I liked the way that she not only throated the cock, but basically jerked it off with her mouth also. What skill!

  After a long working of the cock, Kallie would then ride the dick in POV cowgirl. This essentially gave us a front row view of Kallie's goods. She has a great looking pussy. Not only is there the, bush there's also a pair of meaty, pink pussy lips, that apparently have a very tight grip! Jay would go on to find out. For the most part he would allow Kallie to ride him. However, I really enjoyed the moments where he would fuck her back hard.

The same would be for the next position, as Kallie reverses herself for reverse cowgirl. The view from here is a great one. Kallie's ass looks pretty amazing bouncing on a cock. Not to mention that we also see that pink pussy of her's just stretching around that dick as it take it. I also must mention that you just have to love Kallie's dialogue during the sex. saying things such as "Oh yeah", or her trademark, "goodness". It's such a turn on and really adds something to things. But again, in this position I really liked it when JayRock fucked her hard, and even teased her butthole with his fingers.

After the reverse cowgirl, we would move on to what would be one of the scene's most visually appealing positions. Missionary. Starting with a view from the side, but then go to a close up view of Kallie's opening. Boy, was this a treat, just us and that pussy, as Jay move in and out of it. But while this may be great, the position runs a little long, with JayRock stopping to pull out and jerk his cock. Eventually however, we would finally move on to the next position, which would be doggy.

Again, this position offers a great view that showcases Kallie's ass, as it bounces on the cock. Jay from here, keeping things steady, having a moment of fucking fast and hard.

I was really disappointed when next, they would return to the missionary position. They spent so much time in the position before, yet here they are again. And so soon. We also find out that this is where the scene would come to an end soon enough. The exchange here is brief, as Jay fucks the pussy at a quick and steady pace. This building him up to climax, as he pulls out to sprinkle his load onto Kallie's pussy. Although it was repetitive I have to say that the scene did have a nice ending with a great looking cumshot.

When it comes to the talent, Kallie Taylor seems like a lot of fun, and moments during this scene do show that. Unfortunately though there is just something missing here. I mean, Jay didn't even bury his face into her bush like he promised to!
In my opinion, this was just an ok scene altogether. I thought that it was both rather short and lacking a bit. There are great moments in between, and I adore Kallie Taylor, but I just wanted more. In particular, it would have been great to have seen some lazy dog, accompanied by some heavy pounding of the pussy. But instead, we get an encore of missionary to finish out the scene. All looks good, and none of Jay's scenes are bad, really. But I'm being honest. There are good moments here. However I just wanted some more intensity.


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