Melanie Marie Get's Her Shaved 19 y/o Pussy Creampied (2023)

by - October 07, 2023

 Starring:  Melanie Marie // Alex Jett
Directed by: Alex Jett
Runtime: 58 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
Taking place at a local park, Alex Jett meets up with brand-new, 19-year-old porn starlet Melanie Marie. Initially, Alex can't believe that Melanie is just 19. However, she promises that she is a real 19 and not a "porn 19", as Jett calls it. Melanie says that despite only being in the industry for about a month and a half at this time, that she loves it, and that everyone has been so nice. She says that it has been a fun time for her. That she likes that she an opportunity to do things that she has not tried yet. Alex then continues the interview by asking her where she's from. Melanie says that she is from Portland Oregon. However, she does happen to enjoy LA, and plans to move soon. But she says that Portland definitely has its perks. After this. Alex continues his general line of questions. He first asks what kind of sex she likes to shoot the most? Her answer being group sex. This prompting Alex to soon ask her about shooting orgy scenes, as he ask her if she has done any of them. She has. She says that in her private life she enjoys the art of Shibari. A Japanese style of rope tying for sexual gratification. It would seem that, while only 19 years of age, Melanie is already quite experienced. Alex says that he is glad that she found porn. As now she has a safer environment to experience things sexually, in the hands of professionals. They continue on, as Melanie is then asked about her hobbies. What does she like to do outside of work? Melanie says that she likes to surf, and to travel. The former being a fact that actually surprises Alex. Alex also brings up the topic of cars. It seems as though the two of them were talking about cars on the way to the park, and as it turns out Melanie knows quite a lot about them. Alex saying that she even schooled him on cars. It's just something that she says that she picked up at an early age, having a general curiosity about the makes and models of different cars, and so on. Melody then goes ron to say that she has worked as someone's "sugar baby", also, looking to know more about what a sugar baby is exactly, Alex asks Melanie to explain it to him. Melanie would explain that it is basically when a younger girl forms a bond with an older man. Whether it be friendship or more. Melanie says that she was dating a man for about a year. However, it became too much for her to bare when she wanted to get out and continue to explore more sexually. However generally, when it comes to being a sugar baby she says that she loves it. She says that it's nice to have someone older to do things, such as taxes and the like. And who knows, she says, you also might get to enjoy a vacation with them. Alex likens it to having a mentor who respects what you are doing as a job. To Melanie, that would be a correct assertion.

It would be after this that Alex would get curious, as he would want to know what Melanie has underneath her shirt. In other words, he wants to see her tits! it would be then that Melanie pulls down her lavender top to reveal her breasts. They are a good size, and perky. Alex likes what he sees. This, as Melanie would rub them. And speaking of rubbing, it would be next that she would go on to show off her pussy to the camera, as Alex brings in underneath the table, in order to be discreet. However, no matter their actions, they still almost get caught by onlookers. Because of this, the two of them would find a more secluded area by a tree to conduct further business.

Now behind a tree, Alex feels that it is safe enough to have Melanie remove her shorts and panties to properly show off her pussy. Melanie Marie reveals a closely shaven pussy, that is otherwise bare and smooth. Alex would have Melanie move on to spread her pussy for the camera. He also just cannot help it, but to get a feel of it for himself. It's here that he finds that Melanie is already quite wet from the sounds of it. This would be followed up by Alex having Melanie then masturbate for he and his camera, while she remain safely concealed behind the tree. She rubs her pussy quietly, as Alex looks on, and later instructs Melanie to spread her ass and pink wide for the camera, as well. It's again that Alex must like what he's looking at, because he again can't wait to get a touch. This time, even going as far as to finger Melanie for a time.

Following this, there would be a little bit of tree climbing. After a little trial and error, we see Melanie, ascend up a tree, only to do more dirty. While in the tree, Melanie once again masturbates. First, with her ass facing the camera, as she vigorously rubs her clit. It would finish out with she facing us.

The scene would next pick up at Alex's place. The conversation opening up with the two of them talking about their adventures at the park. Alex and Melody both agree that they have never done something so daring outdoors before. It would appear that the two of them had a very fun time doing so. However, it is with this said, that they wish to get to the main part of of the video. The sex. Alex says that he has been waiting all day for it, while young Melanie Marie says the same. They are all set for a sexual encounter.

Positions Seen //
- doggy
- missionary (x2)
- cowgirl
- reverse cowgirl (x3)
- side fuck
- missionary/piledriver

The Review // 
After such a long time, I finally review a new scene from BANG! For today's review. For the review, I take a scene from their very popular series titled "Real Teens". A series usually featuring young and bubbly performers, who are, or appear to be teens. Well truth be told, is that most of the time when it comes to them being such, they are not exactly as they seem. They just look young, and could definitely pass as teenagers. I bring this up, because when it comes to this particular scene, this time we actually do have a genuine teenager in one 19-year-old Melanie Marie from Portland. Yes, she's the real deal. She's young and she's hot. And most of all, she is horny!

This thorough scene begins things with a way to introduce us to the talent. This, as the director Alex Jett, who remains behind the camera, has a little day out at the park with young Melanie. Of course, it's then at the park that we get to know her a little better. Where she's from. What she likes when it comes to sex. And what she does in her free time. All bases are covered here when it comes to that kind of stuff. While at the same time, giving us a hint at Melanie's personality. This would be especially true when later she climbs up the tree and masturbates. It's so hot! We would also masturbate once again on Alex's couch. This, just because he wanted her to. Who can blame him?! She's young and hot, and she's right there on his couch! Good job, Alex. And speaking of Alex, he would prove himself to have become quite the master of POV with the sex that would be upcoming.

The sexual material would of course begin with a blow job. It is the starter of it all. During this, Melanie would prove herself to be quite good at the act. Alex would even say so himself. This, as she licks along the head and shaft, prior to taking it deep into her mouth, and then attacking it at a nice pace. I love the moment here which hears Melanie ask Alex if he likes it sloppy. He answers, and of course he does! It would be after this, that Melanie would proceed to give him it exactly that way. Nice and sloppy. Before the end of it, not only is Alex's cock drenched in Melanie's spit. She also has it all over her face and running down her chest and legs. It's all over the place!

After this, Melanie and Alex go into their very first position, that being the position of doggy. It's here, that Alex would slide his cock in easily. We have an overhead view for the insertion, and it is a beautiful sight. As Alex begins to pump away at the young snatch, we have an overhead view, as Melanie looks back at us. It continues on for some time. Alex would be told to give it to her deep and hard. This was truly amazing. For most of the position, Alex finds himself balls deep. Nice and hard fucking is what I like to see!

We would next see missionary, as they return to the couch for some action. Here, we have a nice overhead view and POV, as we witness Melanie take the dick at a steady pace. It's another good view from the camera via overhead, focusing on Melanie's entire body, as we get her reaction verbally. I would think that it is safe to say that she really enjoyed the cock!

The next position would be standard cowgirl, just off the edge of the couch. It's from this position that we have Melanie Marie's legs spread wide while she faces us to take the dick. For the most part, the pace is steady as Alex is in charge. He would also continue to rub her clit in the mean time. It's another position that looks great in my opinion. It's nicely framed, and Alex even keeps the penetration in mind, giving us a nice and even close-up at one point.

Shortly following the cowgirl however, the position would switch to the reverse variation. Melanie would have her back to us now, with her ass becoming the focal point of the camera. From here that Melanie has her feet planted, as she firmly bounces down on Alex's hard cock. In my opinion, this is only one of the best looking positions of the entire scene(we will get to the other one later). I mean just look at that young, round ass - watch it bounce up and down. Hear the noise that the contact makes. It's all hot shit! And if that isn't enough, the doggy would continue some more, with Melanie repositioning in her legs, placing them underneath his. Believe it or not, this giving us a different view than before. This time Melanie's asshole and pussy are even more close up. It's a view so good that Alex would have Melanie spread it beforehand. This was for a time, before the two of them would go on to the next sexual position.

That sexual position would happen to be reverse cowgirl from the couch. It's from this position that we see Melanie spread out good, as she take the dick deeply. It would be a position which Alex would eventually pick up his pace to go harder and faster. What I liked about the position, is that there came a moment which Alex had Melanie lean forward all the way, and look directly into the camera while she's being fucked. This was just great stuff. We have her reaction right there in front of us. It's at that point that we knew that Alex was deep into her. He was fucking her good.

It would be after this that Alex would have Melanie taste herself on his cock. It prior to they resuming things from the couch with side fuck. From here, Alex would begin with a steady pace as he fucks. However, it wouldn't be long before he would pick up his pace to go faster, harder and of course deeper - just the way that Melanie prefers it. This is another position that sees Melanie's legs spread wide for Alex's taking. Another position that looks good.

However, nothing would be nicer than what would come next. That would be a position that I have come to call, "The Jackhammer". I don't know what else to call it. It just looks cool. It's difficult to explain in words. It's a position that sees the camera positioned at the female subject's ass and pussy, as she holds her legs up high and The male counterpart straddles her front, simultaneously to pump his cock into her. Again, I don't know how to explain it. It's somewhat of a piledriver position. It looks beautiful on camera. I love seeing it every time. We get a nice, nice view of not only the pussy, but also the butthole, as Alex pumps the former. Not only that, he also toys around, rubbing that little asshole with his cock, as he does a little in and out a few times. It just looks amazing, and Melanie seemed to love it too!

Then we come to the scene's final position. Finally! To set things up, Alex lets us know that things are going to end things with a cream pie. Yes, he is going to fill that 19-year-old pussy with his load! It would happen in the missionary position. Alex would continue at a steady pace. One that would pick up soon after. Until he builds himself up to a climax, letting it all go inside of Melanie, without any hesitation. The sex coming to an end, with Alex pulling out to reveal the prize that he left inside. It being as Melanie attempts to push out the remainder.

What a fucking fantastic scene all around! A most complete scene indeed. Yes, the scene is almost an hour long. But it is entertaining for that duration. The opening interview segment, and otherwise introduction to Melanie Marie is great. I loved the stuff at the park. Especially the tree climbing, and then subsequent masturbation. And then it was onto the main course, and let me tell you, it's a banger from start to finish. Alex's camera captures everything to perfection and perversion. The angles seen here are just insane. One after the other. Especially the jackhammer, something that has become sort of a trademark position for the young porn producer known as Alex Jett. Also, can we talk about Melanie Marie for a second? Wow, this 19-year-old firecracker, is definitely something. You just have to love her energy. Her overall enthusiasm for the sex? I mean, wow. She must be a damn good surfer as well, if she attacks the waves in the same manner in which she attacks a dick! The action that she got was pretty much deep and hard for her for the majority. This girl is nothing short of amazing, and I feel that Alex came away knowing that as well. He will definitely probably have her back for his Hucow website sometime as well, I'm assuming. The two of them have definite chemistry, and the scene definitely shows that to it's utmost authenticity. This is something that I would definitely recommend without any hesitation at all. In fact, it is pretty much one of my favorite scenes, out of the ones that I have seen in recent times. Definitely do check this one out. Melanie Marie is a young star who is definitely going to go far within this industry, I do believe!

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