LesbianX.com: On the Floor and Soaking Wet (2023)

by - November 28, 2023


Dharma Jones 
Violet Starr
Review by: Jon Cradle

Directed by: Mason


Is it fair to say that LesbianX is the quintessential leader in gonzo productions of high art lesbian pornography? With a master director like Mason at the helm, it’s hard to imagine many other companies or directors that can compare with her vision, style, and end product. After all, great directors like Mason are intrinsically associated with exemplary scenes, such as XEmpire’s latest release “On the Floor and Soaking Wet”.  This masterfully shot scene features Dharma Jones and Violet Starr, who are two of the most vibrant and naturally beautiful performers in the industry today.  Here, they are magnificently woven together in purely raw and stunning lesbian sex with no script nor silly storyline.  It’s a sensational feast for the eyes, as well as a vibrant tour-de-force to watch such a wonderful lust-filled and unforced performance from both remarkable talents here.  Moreover, this scene is so incredibly rapturous that even Martin Scorsese might watch it and say “This is cinema”.  

From the word go, you are completely captivated as you watch Dharma slowly and seductively sway to the overlapping music.  Her wardrobe is fairly basic as she wears only a blue denim jacket and black panties.  This choice of attire is fairly clever as it contrasts Violet’s outfit of a black bra and blue jeans.  Speaking of Violet, she makes a powerful yet understated entrance into the scene as she descends from a set of stairs to meet Dharma. The two stunningly beautiful and barefoot women come together, swooning like a biblical vision of angels that Jacob had witnessed in the book of Genesis. Both women embrace and tantalize one an other with soft sensual tongue kisses and soft teasing petting.  There’s already a true sense of sapphic romance immediately budding between the performers, even before they disrobe and their passion goes full

throttle.  The set-up is so very well crafted by Mason, and the anticipation of what lies ahead is so palpable. 

As the soft background music slowly fades, Dharma removes her jacket to reveal her beautiful breasts and torso.  She looks absolutely perfect as Violet continues to lavish her in soft yet steamy kisses. As Violet caresses and tongues her nipples, Dharma lets out small guttural moans of approval and aids Violet in the removal of her bra. This leads to Dharma licking, playing and sucking on Violet’s supple breasts before continuing their sweet kissing.  It’s at this moment when Violet reaches down to touch Dharma through her panties, (and Violet removes her jeans to her knees), that the scene escalates into full blown lesbian erotica. 

As she provocatively spreads her legs, Dharma invites Violet to taste her.  At first her panties are pushed to the side to reveal Dharma’s bush and puffy labia.  Violet relishes this moment as she tongues and teases Dharma’s clit. We then hear Dharma tell Violet to “take them off” just before Violet playfully shoves the panties into her mouth.  Dharma then lies back while Violet continues to lick and finger Dharma’s wet pussy until she reaches her climax. With her juices fresh on her lips, she kisses Dharma giving her a taste of her own nectar. 

By this time, it was Dharma’s turn to reciprocate by going down on Violet.  With a swirling tongue on her clit and lips, and vigorous finger-fucking with all four fingers, Violet cums while Dharma stares into her eyes with her mouth agape, sharing in the joy of making Violet climax.  The overall eye contact and expressions of pure lust and joy shared by these two women is, for lack of a better term, POWERFUL! Also, the continued kissing is absolutely sensational, particularly as they position into scissoring.  Both women grind up against each other in a manner that simply cannot be embellished.  The energy and passion they share is simply just too fierce during their wild tribadism to be anything but authentic.  

The women then move into a 69 position, as both hungrily bury their faces into each other’s pussies.  Dharma adds to Violet’s pleasure as she again finger fucks her. While doing so, the sounds of how moist they are flood through your speakers…or better yet, headphones.  Violet then begins grinding her voluptuous ass against Dharma’s pussy just before treating Dharma to more of her tonguing. They then shift into side by side positions allowing for each to kiss and suck nipples while one plays with the other’s clit.  

As we reach the final act, we are treated to a moment of pure beauty.  Violet cradles a prone Dharma in a way that is so romantic, it could befit a Shakespeare tragedy.  With Dharma posed like a fallen soldier in her arms, Violet again fingers Dharma as she stares up at her.  It’s as if Dharma is given new life by one final orgasm!  With both women satisfied, the scene fades to black in a final rapture of soft kisses and a shared warm smile. 

This scene works on so many different levels. Both performers were sensational in their passion, affections, and love-making.  They shared joy and pleasure in a way that was purely magical and incredibly gratifying. It’s not simple to match the wisdom and mastery of Mason’s direction in this, or any other scene she helms. However, when you have stars like Dharma and Violet giving a performance that is so very believable and undeniably pleasurable for both, it makes for a scene that is nothing short of a masterpiece.  It’s an art that a number of studios and directors don’t dive headlong into enough, and this performance could be used as a “how-to” tutorial to the benefit of other directors and performers. 

It goes without saying that Dharma and Violet play off each other’s sexuality so perfectly here. You can’t help but feel every touch, every kiss, every orgasm. It is one of the finest crafted girl-girl scenes any studio has released in 2023.  It would be a sin if this incredible pair do not share the screen in future studio productions.

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