JaysPOV.net: Petite Pigtailed Blonde Sage Rabbit Works Out And Works Me Over (2023)

by - October 04, 2023

Starring: Sage Rabbit // JayRock
Directed by: JayRock
Runtime: 28 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
The scene begins with a tease segment, in which Sage rabbit slowly climbs up onto the bed to tease us. She is wearing a multi-colored outfit. One that consist of a orange tank top, with matching orange and green hair barrettes. It all coming together with some high socks, black shorts and a purple thong underneath them. She would begin her teasing by easing down her shorts to reveal her thong underneath. Also, it wouldn't be long before she would also reveal her tits. She would next lose her thong to show off her pussy. One that is complete with pubic hair. This very brief teasing segment lasts a few moments more, showing Sage on her stomach. It prior to she being up on her knees to not only show a close up of her bush, but also a tattoo of a Bluebonnet located on her hip. One that's very fitting for a girl who is said to have "roots" in Texas.

Calling her the "brand-new temptress", Jay then gives us a little bit of an introduction to the 19-year-old, who he says has only been in porn for about a month. However, he does say that she has prior experience as a dominatrix. it's a fact that rather surprises Jay. But Sage confirms that it is true. Jay follows this up by saying that this makes her more advanced than most girls who are just starting out in porn. Sage kind of agrees with this by saying that she guesses that it does give her a little bit of an advantage. It's then that Jay wastes no time in getting Sage to get up on her knees and show off her body. Jay is quick to note that Sage is a petite girl, at just about 5'5", saying that she has a very "gymnastic" body. It's true that she does work out every day says Sage. This, as Jay would have Sage turn around to give us a look at her booty. It prompting the question of whether or not Sage does a lot of squats. However, as she tells it, she doesn't. Saying that she actually tries to avoid squats at all costs. Instead, opting for exercises that are more ab-inclined. So yes, her "fit booty" is a natural one.

This would prompt Jay to have Sage strip down very soon after. First, we would see her tits, which Jay says look very perky. Sage says that they are a size 32B, a size that she says is pretty small. But Jay counters this, saying that they are "small but supple". The next article of clothing removed would be of course her underwear. It is then that her bush is revealed to us. It's obvious that Jay likes what he sees, as he gives us a close-up view of it. He not only complements the bush, but also she for having a pretty pussy as well. He says that it looks pretty tight. Sage would say that she has been told that. Jay can't wait to find out.

The segment would finally come to an end, as Jay asks her one final question to which she answers that her favorite thing about being in porn so far - aside getting to fuck for work, are the people that she has met. Calling the porn community the nicest community of people.

Positions Seen //
- cowgirl (x2)
- reverse cowgirl
- doggy
- lazy dog

The Review // 
For this review, I once again take a look at another scene from JAY'S POV. It's a scene in which JayRock plays host to 19-year-old newcomer, Sage Rabbit. At the time of the scene, though only a porno pro for about a month, it's clear that this former dominatrix has come to leave a mark on the business. And when it comes to leaving a mark, it is clear that she left her mark on JayRock, as after shooting the scene, he took to Twitter/X, to give praise to the young starlet. In his words, he was "fawning" over her. Something that he says that he never does. It was a pretty big endorsement, and so it had me really looking forward to seeing the scene, and then offering my opinion on it.

First of all, Sage Rabbit is a girl that here, impresses right out of the gate. Not only is her outfit nice, she looks incredible to say the least. The teasing part of the scene, although brief, sets a nice tone and otherwise introduces us to an energetic young talent. I was excited to watch this rabbit go, you know?

Sage and JayRock begin the sexual fun with a blowjob, of course. Once she gets him into her mouth, her skill becomes apparent very quickly. I really enjoyed her deep eye contact with the camera, as she go to work. What beautiful eyes she has! If her gaze wasn't enough to capture our attention, the way that she would run her tongue along the head and shaft of the cock definitely was! Man, I loved this. So did Jay, only judging by his reaction to what he was receiving. To add to everything, Sage herself, just could not help but to mention just how much she loves having a cock in her mouth at one point, also. What a good girl! Jay says that she sucks cock like a true slut!

The first sexual position would be that of cowgirl in POV. The view from here is an incredible one, as Sage climbs on. Her legs are spread wide, and her pussy is right in our faces. Yes indeed! That bush looking super nice. From here, she bounces on the dick, all while expressing her pleasure from it. The pacing of everything quickens over time, as she bounces on it even harder. Jay himself would even reciprocate, fucking Sage at a quick pace. It's great stuff. What else can I say but: that view!

They would follow this position up with a reverse variation of the previous. Now with her ass facing the camera as she continues to bounce. Like before, the view is nothing short of divine! That round ass of her's is just exquisite! We also get a nice view of her butthole too, as the cock moves in and out of her pussy quickly. I just loved the way that her pussy sucked in the cock. Squeezing around it. There is just no way that Jay was not struggling at this point, as he try to keep it all in. Again, from here we have various pacing when it comes to the fucking, as well as the essentials - a whole lot of nice looking, natural ass!

Next, we have a change of angle, as we get an overhead view from the camera. This, as the two switch to doggy. In doggy, the pussy catches dick quite nicely, while it continues to grip the hard cock. Later, Sage would have her own authority, as she throws it back. This looking great on its own. Did I mention that lube comes into play too? It only allowing Jay to pump into her even harder. Additionally, I really liked the fact that Sage can be seen here looking back at the camera and again engaging with those eyes.

From the doggy position, they would then go straight into the lazy dog variation. Sage holds her legs tightly together, as Jay straddles them. Thus creating a tighter space for Jay to pummel. It's no secret that this position is one that I thoroughly enjoy seeing, and it looks great here! It's a position that Jay would start with a very quick pace of in and out, as Sage's hole takes a pounding. It would continue even more, as Jay introduces more lube. He would have her reach back to massage it all in, spreading her ass cheeks deeply in the process. It would be during this, that we have a close-up overhead view of the action from there, and it's just amazing. This, as Jay punches that pussy deeply, with Sage giving her approval with her pleasure-filled moans. You just gotta love the way that Jay stops mid-way to jab his cock in hard. Shit, it looks good!

It would then come to the final position of the scene, when a return to the cowgirl position is made. Only this time, it is at a distance from the camera, and from behind. From this position everything is at a quicker pace. Jay fucking harder and faster, with Sage matching it, with her bouncing. Nonetheless, it all lasting until Jay finally come to quick climax, when he gets to go-ahead from Sage to cum inside of her. Yes the scene comes to an end with a creampie finish. One that I didn't necessarily expect, yet gladly welcomed. I for one could not have thought of a better conclusion for this one. However, I am just a little disappointed that the evidence wasn't presented to us on screen. But with that said, it's only a tiny gripe for an otherwise excellent scene!
This was a great scene in my opinion. It all came together quite nicely. From the tease segment, the conversation, to the sex. All is good here. First of all, I have to say that I really liked the wardrobe choices for Sage Rabbit. The bright colors were almost sort of "Easter-y", and with her chosen surname, It all correlates. While this may not matter to some, for me, I always pick up on little details like this. For example, the colors of her hair barrettes are yellow, orange and green - the colors of a carrot. And what likes carrots? RABBITS. Was this all a coincidence or was it planned this way? Either way, it's a nice touch. This along with her overall personality, made Sage all of the more endearing. This was before we had even seen her have sex, and even that would be quite the spectacle overall. While watching the scene, I got the sense that Jay knew beforehand that Sage was a different kind of girl. A different kind of breed. He obviously anticipated having his cock in her mouth, and inside of her beforehand. Because when these two finally get off and running, the sex between them is pretty passionate/explosive. Explosive, especially during the end, during the lazy dog position. There is Such good footage shown there. The close up of Sage's butthole, as she spread her cheeks, was again just perfect! Again, this was a great scene, and when it comes down to it, I would even likely call the scene my favorite scene from JAY'S POV in some time. The only real complaint that I have again was that the scene, which ends in a creampie, has no cum visible in the end. A visual that would have been sort of an exclamation point, I feel.

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