Teen Blonde Emma Rosie Enjoys Rough Anal Fucking (2023)

by - October 29, 2023

Featuring :
Emma Rosie
Tommy Pistol 



Review By: Jon Cradle

Maestro Claudio is easily one of today’s finest directors and videographers in adult film. Whether he is shooting for DpDiva, Bam Visions, or PervCity, his scenes are always great works of art.  Much like a Scorsese film, his incredible work captures the beauty and the passion of the performers doing what they do - giving the very best performance that a viewer can enjoy! 

There is neither a script, nor a silly storyline in his scenes.  No step-family scenarios or women stuck in the dryer for Claudio!  His work is best suited for purely gonzo style,  allowing for him to craft and weave his magic camera work and direction magnificently.  In addition, his scenes always remain fresh as he always books a variety of the very hottest female talents in the industry today. 

A prime example of this is the recently released scene for, featuring Emma Rosie.  She’s a beautiful 19 year blonde spinner who is still relatively new to adult film, but completely ready to shoot anal here. She opens this shoot by looking ever so cute in her denim cut-offs and Pervcity branded t-shirt. Claudio works his camera up and down on her, surveying her exquisiteness, making Emma smile and feel more at ease.  She then strips off her shorts revealing a cute pair of pink panties with white lace trim, emblazoned with the word “CUMSLUT” scrawled across the front. Those panties however, don’t stay on for very long as Emma strips them off to reveal an incredibly beautiful shaven teen pussy.  She just loves teasing the camera with it for us, rubbing and teasing her pussy lips and clit, moaning in delight as she does.  Claudio captures every moment here perfectly. It’s only a couple moments into the scene and it’s already incredibly hot! 

Emma’s scene partner here is Tommy Pistol.  Many of you who have seen Tommy know he likes things quite rough, and Emma seems game for the challenge.  As she turns around to show us her small but gorgeous ass, Tommy spreads her cheeks so we get a fantastic glimpse of her cute asshole. He then begins to rub and finger her ass while Claudio capture Emma’s wonderful facial reactions. Moments later, she removes her shirt to reveal her cleavage tattoo and awesomely pierced nipples.  This is where the scene’s tempo truly picks up!

After measuring Tommy’s cock against her forearm, the slender teen sits back with her legs spread for him to finger-bang both her holes. As she takes delight in Tommy stretching and fingering  her, she moans and rolls her eyes into the back of her head. She even gives his fingers a nice licking too, tasting herself as she does! This then leads to some very hot foot play - rubbing his cock between her toes, followed by a full on footjob. 

The oral in this scene is explosive! Emma gives teasing licks on Tommy’s head before absolutely gobbling his shaft. He fucks her face while she takes him to the back of her throat as deep as possible. Things get really messy here as she sucks his balls and he continues the deep-throating.  By this time, her chin and cheeks are completely covered in her own spit.  

Tommy is then treated to incredibly pleasurable rimming by Emma.  Her face is still covered in her saliva as she devours his asshole and tongues his taint.  Moments later, Emma is begging for Tommy to fill her ass with his cock.  He sits back on the couch as she rides him in reverse cowgirl.  Slowly, yet easily, she takes him in an inch at a time. She joyously continues to bounce on Tommy’s dick, even taking a moment to show us her most impressive gape.  They stay in this position, switching back and forth from vaginal sex to anal. Then Emma, being incredibly filthy here, does a very hot ATM, stating “I taste so good straight out of my asshole” while sucking his cock. So very nasty, but wow!! 

The fucking continues, this time in cowgirl, as Emma takes Tommy in her ass again.  They repeat the gape and move onto vaginal, then  back to ass-fucking again.  After another ATM, Tommy picks her up to continue slamming into her ass after lifting her petit body up and holding her mid-air. She is so small and light that Tommy does this with ease. 

We all know every good anal scene always includes great doggie.  This is definitely included here! Emma kneels on the couch as he begins to drill her ass behind her. By this point, she is so stretched out that he slides inside her with ease.  With the climax nearing, Emma takes Tommy in her mouth again while squeezing his balls.  When he’s ready to cum, he  jerks and explodes all over her face in a way that would make Peter North proud!  She happily licks up and swallows what she can, confirming to the camera her love of being a “cumslut”. 

To no one’s surprise, Claudio manages to direct an incredibly hot anal scene here.  He captures every single moment of the action with various fantastic shots for each position and act. His angles are perfect, he always captures those important and incredible facial expressions, and his cinematography is on another level.  But, his biggest attribute to all his scenes is his ability to draw out an amazing performance from everyone in any given scene. Speaking off, both Emma and Tommy do a simply amazing job here!  Tommy maintains the standard rough play we are familiar with, and Emma happily  takes his domination with sheer pleasure, and is obviously comfortable in doing so.  

Claudio isn’t called the Maestro for nothing.  He is in prime form and on top of his A game. He is passionate about his scenes, even  once tweeting: “I always strive to give you the best pornography in the world”.  Maestro, there is no argument here! 

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